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UKIP supporters are very vocal on social media sites.  Sometimes, their comments descend into idiocy.

A couple of days ago, Amjad Bashir left the party.  This caused the party’s supporters to vent their anger (understandably) on Facebook pages.  Many comments however were bigoted remarks about Bashir’s Muslim faith; some were about his Pakistani origin.  All of the comments below were posted on either the official UKIP page or the official Nigel Farage MEP page. (The comments’ Facebook links are at the bottom of this blog entry.)

Bigoted comments on the departure of Amjad Bashir from UKIP, written on the official UKIP and Nigel Farage pages.

This comment is particularly bad.  Note how the commenter spells out the word ‘wog’.

A racist comment found on the official 'Nigel Farage MEP' page.

Some UKIP supporters sent comments directly to Bashir, by using his @AmjadBashirMEP tag on Twitter or posting on his Facebook page.  Here are some of the angrier remarks:

Comments aimed directly at Bashir.

So what else do UKIP supporters write on social media?  Some of them provide light relief – especially this one, who crosses the mall when she sees what she describes as a ‘militant Muslim’.  Do militants hang around in shops often?

She walks on the other side of the mall to avoid Muslims.

This poor fellow confuses the word ‘poll’ for ‘election’.


Rather helpfully, he then provides the result of his own poll.  (I didn’t ask for his methodology.)

UKIP: redefining sampling.

This UKIP supporter would vote for a serial killer, if the killer was in UKIP.  No, seriously she would.

UKIP: redefining blind loyalty.

Meanwhile on Twitter, this Ukipper assumes that Amol Rajan is Muslim.  Who knew that you could tell someone’s belief system from a picture of their face?  Rajan is in fact an atheist with Hindu parents.

Apparently, you can tell someone's faith by their appearance.

On a darker note, here are some UKIP supporters mocking mental health issues with tasteless comments, in response to a Labour pledge to improve mental health care.  One UKIP supporter claims that mental health problems are caused by political correctness!


And finally, Nigel Farage posed for a picture with a woman who writes of ‘Muslim no-go areas’.  Mind you, he shares her views.

Farage poses with a supporter who fears 'Muslim no go areas'.

For more on UKIP’s social media antics, check out Liberal Island’s ‘Ten essentials to being an online activist for UKIP‘.

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