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Archive for the ‘Robin Page; John West;’ Category

#96* – Don’t study Maggots Without A Strong Stomach!!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 28/10/2008

#96* – Don’t study Maggots Without A Strong Stomach!!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership & NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!


Firstly may I take this opportunity of thanking Len Baynes for having the good grace and integrity to publicly appologise for having dishonestly made an accusation against me and when challenged and finding he was unable to substantiate his claim he had the wisdom and fundamental decency to withdraw his false and unfounded accusation and appologise.

Thank – you Len and as far as I am concerned the matter is not only history but is accepted as being an error that is as if it had never happened and may I wish you good luck in your efforts to clean up EUkip and make it electable for people of integrity in the best way you see fit.Unfortunately it would seem that Bruce Lawson is, unlike Len Baynes, a fool without integrity, short of morality and utterly untrustworthy as proven by his abuse, harassment and bullying threats which he was neither man enough to substantiate nor wise enough to apologise for.

Bruce Lawson is clearly a pompous self important self imprest pratt who whilst Treasurer of EUkip failed in his claimed intent, abrogated on his duty and has proved untrustworthy having published confidential correspondence written and received in a position of trust as Treasurer – a duty and responsibility he freely accepted yet betrayed by publishing confidential material on his wersonal web site under the guise of UKIP – Mr. Lawson you are no gentleman and not to be trusted even amongst the odious scum that would seem to have floated to the top of EUkip.

Having been proven a bully and dishonest you have clearly failed to have the integrity to appologise when proven in the wrong – may I suggest that you stick to impressing yourself in the shaving mirror for the standard of behaviour you have displayed impresses no individual or integrity or morality and falls far short of the behaviour any gentleman would have the right to expect.Both EUkip & UKIP are well rid of you and it is to be hoped you never bring your contemptible lack of morality to the body politic ever again as it befould the aims of liberty and the values we seek to re-establish in Britain.

On the matter of irresponsibility and EUkip being brought into disrepute one need look no further than a letter I received from the NEC late this evening wherein it is clear that in its irresponsibility EUkip’s leadership and NEC bring the party into disrepute by failing to act with decency, integrity and morality – this time in the matter of refunding the money quite clearly owed to John West – in as far as it was obtained from him and EVERY other EUkip candidate in the dishonest selection of those the leadership wanted appointed on their list of MEP candidates.

That the process was dishonest is clear in two very clear aspects:

Christopher Gill the ex Tory MP was appointed to oversee the application phase and he utterly failed to acquit his duty and then like a pussy cat rolled on his back to oblige the leadership – having dishonourably failed to acquit his duty both in deserting his post to suit HIS convenience supposedly/claimed on holiday and also displaying his utter incompetence by failing expeditiously to answer correspondence and failing in his duty of care under the law relative to The Data Protection Act or the control of the staff working for him.

Christopher Gill’s behaviour was nothing less than shamefull and a disgrace and any man of calibre would have had the integrity to tender his irrevocable resignation having brought EUkip into such disrepute.

We must consider the selection process as irrelevant and invalid as shown by The Returning Officer, the facts I have published and the mailings of Ms. Lynnda Robson & Mr. Robin Page.

Clearly the positions of such as:
Bannerman (a Fraud, liar and cheat employed by the EU!),
Tiny Tim Whatzit (Resident in Portugal and thus not fulfilling requirements),
Ms. Andreassen (an alien with no plausible interest in Britain beyond the money scammed from EUkip, a track record of being pro. EU, resident in Barcelona, Spain and having failed to comply with the rules)

WHERE WAS GILL? It was Gill’s DUTY to oversee a fair & just selection process – Gill FAILED as has been made very clear.


Letter 01:

Date: Monday, 20 October, 2008, 5:00 PM
For the attention of the Party Chairman
Copied to the NEC

Dear Mr Nuttall,

I am still waiting for the return of my £250 deposit. In a previous email to you I requested the return of this money as it was obtained under false pretences. The MEP selection process was clearly unfair, dishonest and rigged to benefit certain individuals. The report on the MEP section/ election process written by Piers Merchant, the Returning Officer, proves this beyond doubt.

Indeed, he recommended that a special committee be appointed to investigate the whole selection process in the East. The NEC’s failure to follow his advice is simply another example of how it has brought the Party into disrepute by failing to deal with the corruption and dishonesty that now threatens to destroy UKIP.

Unfortunately, rather than deal with the genuine concerns raised by myself and others it apparently now plans to conduct a witch-hunt in order to remove those of us who have had the courage to fight for honesty, accountability, decency and transparency. How very EU! If the Party should decline to co-operate I will have no choice but to follow the steps taken by Lynnda Robson and take legal action. I am now in contact with Ipswich County Court. Unless I receive a cheque for £250, plus £20 interest, within seven days I will instigate legal proceedings against UKIP.

Yours sincerely,
John West
Chairman UKIP Ipswich & East Suffolk
Secretary UKIP Suffolk CoastalLetter

Letter 02:

Subject: Re: Legal action against UKIP

Dear John

After taking legal advice, the party has concluded that you have no right to ask for the return of £250.

Best wishes
Paul Nuttall

Letter 03:

Subject: RE: Legal action against UKIP
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 14:12:27 +0000

Dear Paul,

I am saddened that you are prepared to listen to misguided legal advice from, I presume, Michael Zuckerman.

You will be aware that your own returning officer’s report ( now in the public domain) expressed grave concerns about the selection process and recommended that a sub-committee be appointed to investigate the whole matter. The NEC, of course, ignored his recommendations. It is quite clear that the whole selection process was rigged to favour certain candidates.

What saddens me is your willingness to go along with this corruption and dishonesty. You did tell me upon becoming chairman that you would be ‘a new broom’. You forgot to mention that you would be using the same handle! You have already conceded your liability to refund the money by refunding Lynnda Robson’s deposit, plus costs. If the selection process had been fair the leadership would have contested her claim in court. You also returned Robin Page’s deposit for the same reason.

Paul, your response is wholly inadequate. May I suggest that you obtain competent legal advice from someone other than Michael Zuckerman as both my wife and I will be taking UKIP to the Small Claims Court.

Yours sincerely,
John West
Chairman UKIP Ipswich & East Suffolk
Secretary UKIP Suffolk Coastal

Letter 04:

Subject: FW: Legal action against UKIP
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 22:33:12 +0000

Dear Paul,

I have now issued a county court claim against UKIP.

You gave me no other choice.

Yours sincerely,
John West


I presume that John West has lodged a statement in full and also has lodged the supportive evidence of the rules AND the Returning Officer’s very clear report placed in the public domain.

It will be noted that to prove the process was fair John West is entitled to demand copies of the cheques paid by EVERY other member with proof their check was cleared, also the CRB checks for each and every applicant should be lodged in confidence with the Court together with proof of their residency and voter role entry.

I understand Lynnda Robson made such an application and it would seem EUkip leadership knew they would loose through the Courts for EVERY entrant in the failed process and not only refunded Lynnda Robson’s £250.00 but also have paid her expenses.

Similarly I understand that £250.00 was paid to Robin Page as the first acceptance of fault on their part and as the first stage in such claims for damages he will eventually seek! In that Robin Page was within 4 votes of election at the last EU Election and this only because it seems Tom Wise abused his access to the membership lists and self promotion in his EU employed capacity at the time. This time there is no competent candidate notable in the Eastern Region and thus it would be reasonable then, I presume, for Robin Page to make damages claim for the loss of potential income as an MEP!!!

This may be fanciful but you must be aware that the lead candidate will not be able to stand eventually as he has brought EUkip into disrepute as a fraud, a liar, a cheat having proved a failure in the Tories he came to EUkip based upon lies and dishonesty which befoul the reputation of EUkip – this he has compounded by taking a job with the EU with an undertaking to act in a manner directly contra his position with EUkip. As the realisation that he is beneath contempt in his exploitation of EUkip for his personal gain integrity will overcome pity on the part of EUkip and he will have no option but to resign – even based on his corrupt morality!

The number 2 is Stuart Agnew and he has openly made it clear he intends to exploit the job for his own gain and considers his absolute right to election claiming directly that he has bought the position. Further he is aware that he is taking advantage of dishonesty – a contemptible little bully of a man with no integrity and the bombast of a fool.

No. 4 in the Region is Andrew Smith who is on EVERY count unsuitable – it was his indisputable dishonest abrogation of duty that has led to a guilty verdict against EUkip for having endeavoured to cheat the Electoral Commission, it is his dishonesty that makes EUkip at risk of forfeiture and costs of around £500,000 in a Judicial Review. Further it was Andrew Smith who as Treasurer failed to acquit his professional duties and resign when faced by some 20+ questions relative to his duties which proved beyond doubt he had acted dishonourably and contra the simplest of professional competence as a book keeper let alone the Party Accountant/Treasurer – Andre Smith also failed to protect EUkip from the debts and liabilities of call centres considered by many members to be corrupt.

I would contend if EUkip were to have a candidate elected in June 2009 there is little doubt that had EUkip complied with democratic process, which the Returning Officer attests it was not – Robin Page would be an MEP in June – Just what do YOU believe will be the level of damages in the Courts minded of the damage to Robin Page as a journalist by the loss of this position?Interestingly having spoken with both the Police and the DPA there is every intention that they WILL be vigerously prosecuting enquiry and subsequent due process in the matter of the publishing of material of a confidential nature on YouTube with regard to John West.

The cowardly and dishonourable action of John Wittacker in signing the dishonest letter regarding the foul mouthed slut Annabelle Fuller (Those who feel I may be harsh in branding this sordid slut thus might care to view her pathetic and obscene childish Blog!).

Wittacker may well have lied as Chairman and subsequently resigned having felt he was forced to sign the lies by Farage but I doubt he would lie under oath in Court when the time comes – probably around April on next year.

Then after the guilty verdicts against EUkip and its leadership and NEC there will no doubt be the open and shut damages case that could run well towards 6 figures for reasons which will become apparent in the fullness of time!On the matter of LAW – I am given to believe that the Police have failed to let Tom Wise the EUkip MEP off the hook for fraud, embezzling and money laundering as a liar in abuse of his position of trust as made clear in the media.

I do not know as yet whether Lindsay Jenkins will be charged or whether they will consider her too irrelevant and merely a rather foolish woman impressed by a younger man! Tom Wise was I am reliably informed due to surrender to bail to the Police on Wednesday 29-Oct-08 – However I understand he has announced, confirming what I had heard previously, that The Police have had ‘words’ with him and have shown they have more than a passing interest!

The Police I understand have extended the Bail Period for a further 3 months.

I do NOT personally believe that this action indicates the Police do not intend to charge and prosecute in the long run – I shall therefore NOT publish the documentary evidence I hold at this stage copies of which have been provided to the Police – I believe that there is reason to believe that since the Police have evidence that they consider to make the case open and shut as we understand it – I believe the extension of bail is because they have as a result of this case opened the edge of a MUCH larger case which they do not wish to damage by moving too soon on the larger and more serious issue.

It I was Trevor Colman I would not sleep easy in view of the corruption in which he participated to use his status as a retired Police Officer to orchestrate a cover-up of the criminality of Tom Wise as made public and as a result of Trevor Colman’s shameful dishonesty it led to collusion in the criminality of Tom Wise as known by the leadership and NEC at the time colluding in the cover-up. I appreciate it does seem that Trevor Colman has benefited from his dishonesty, weakness, corruption and prostitution of his Queen’s Commission – both in the pecuniary gain of his partner/mistress Sue Palfrey and also in his seeming reward by being placed in the position of MEP – shame on EUkip that they see this as seemly behaviour for their representatives – though I do appreciate they are well off in having rid themselves of the liar and low life Graham Booth a man of very little merit who went so far as to try to parachute his clearly unsuitable relative into his job – I guess since her only notable claim was her relationship to the odious Booth and claims that her hobby of parachuting was any better or more relevant qualification than knitting or gardening!

The members of EUkip are well shot of the liar and all round nebbish Graham Booth but surely they did not deserve to have him replaced by the corrupt and bent copper Trevor Colman – surely even EUkip have SOMEONE of better calibre in the South West – the list is risible for next June.EUkip seek votes for election to run/represent our Country – what a shameful display of competence they have made of running their own Party – Clearly until EUkip is cleaned up and re-structured no individual of integrity would wittingly vote for them.

I call Farage DIRECTLY to account – on the hustings whilst his staff were cheating and publishing lies to keep they snouts in the trough as with the ex and much failed Press Officer a proven liar and cheat – Do you deny Nigel Farage that time and again you made the proud and dishonest boast that it was essential members voted for you as if you were elected there were various senior Tory MPs who had undertaken to join EUkip under your leadership and there were various individuals willing to put up big money to back the party the moment you became leader.Despite the many witnesses do you deny these lies?

Nigel Farage having lied to get yourself elected perhaps you would care to apologise for your lies and admit you are, as I stated at the time, incompetent to lead the party, without the gravitas and not trusted having gathered around yourself spivs, chavs, liars, cheats, frauds and failures it does not in fact elevate your position it shows the calibre of those who you can afford to buy.

Nigel Farage other than as a rather lightweight affable performing monkey can you identify a single solitary area of competence you bring to leadership other than as a rather glib and shallow barrow boy who trades on myths of success from almost 20 years ago in a City boom you rode briefly as a gambler.

Nigel Farage you have brought little but shame on EUroScepticism almost no publicity of gravitas and virtually no leaflets of calibre, no training, no credible structure and a collection of VERY low grade acolytes as praise singers. You have not eben produced sufficient men of stature to form an NEC risible puppets and parasites who would be unable to hold down a meaningfull position of power and stature.

By the way there has been so many letters leaked to me from the NEC in attempts to clean up EUkip that I do appologise to those who are sending them _ I regret I can not publish them all and also PLEASE accept my judgement as there are some that I believe would not help and may well unfairly damage so those I will withhold at the moment – there are lots more to come.

To come full circle – let us hope Farage and others have the stature and integrity of Len Baynes who was man enough to apologise when he made a mistake rather than continue to emulate the shabby and cowardly behaviour as displayed by Bruce Lawson who acted in a manner so redolent of EUkip’s leadership and MEPs – a coward, a bully, untrustworthy and with no political merit – merely an inflated opinion of himself as with the low lifes and nere do wells that sadly represent EUkip all too often! Follow Lawson’s lead and run away PLEASE give UKIP a chance!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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