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Archive for the ‘David ICKE’ Category

#0568* – ‘The Fuller Brush Girl’ & Farage Demeans UKIP with Stunts!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 25/06/2011

#0568* – ‘The Fuller Brush Girl‘ & Farage Demeans UKIP with Stunts!

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!    
‘The Fuller Brush Girl’ also Lucille Ball in a seedy Publicity story!
Meanwhile Nigel Farage MEP Demeans UKIP with childish Stunts!

How can this level of coverage for UKIP be seen to other than demean the party or is the intention to appeal only to the juvenile mind set of a few fools?



The Fuller Brush Girl 

85 min  –  Comedy   –  15 September 1950 (USA)

Scatterbrained Sally Elliott gets a job as a Fuller brush girl and, as expected, her attempts at selling cosmetics door-to-door are disastrous… See full summary »

Also involving Lucille Ball:

The Affairs of Annabel (1938)

This story is of a seedy Publicity Man’s antics with Annabel!

Also Lucille Ball has featured on the squalid little forum owned by the underhand and dishonest Anthony Butcher and controlled by UKIP, as I recall. 

In a brief look at the members on the forum I note there is currently no listing for a ‘Lucille Ball’ however this Forum is deliberately censored to suit the lies of UKIP and its leadership and large tranches of factual material are removed.

Maybe of cource Lucille Ball is represented by CLICK HERE but even though I could not see an Andrew Bridgen MP as a member either 😉

Perhaps Annabelle Fuller is currently assisting the Police in exposing the self publicist who set out to agrandise herself at Andre Bridgen’s expense recently – let us hope she can specifically identify the ghastly woman for what she is and help the Police bring a prosecution for malicious behaviour and wasting police time.

As many will be aware I have a number of web presences specifically designed to assist those who are sexually abused or physically abused and NOTHING damages the protection of women and children more than those who cry wolf for whatever reasons.

The willingness of decent folk to step forward to denounce paedophiles or report abuse of children has hugely reduced as a result of the dishonest and false claims made surrounding the Hollie Greig ‘stories’ which though much promoted by gutter snake oil salesmen for their own gain such as Robert Green, Brian Gerrish, David Icke and their like is clearly founded on dishonesty, intimidation and abuse on their part. There being not one shred of admissible evidence of a substantive or credible nature behind the fabrication as shown at CLICK HERE

I do hope Nigel Farage, when he has finished his latest self serving and childish stunt, again dragging UKIP’s name into the gutter as comic fools and yet again on a sound principle they totally undermined:

Let us hope he will prevail on Annabelle Fuller to help the police bring the odious woman to book and that the police will prosecute for the sake of all women who are ACTUALLY abused and molested!

Having done that I presume Nigel Farage will take the rest of the weekend off before returning to the Gravy Train to dress up as a chicken or blow up children’s toys, or demean his otherwise valid comments by being caught with his hand in, if not the till, probably the equivalent of the TILLer Girls!

Not to mention endless special pleading to try to have tax payers pay his personally incurred liabilities and collecting money in unaccountable cash form in buckets – the latest stunt was with a claque of fools at Westminster – no doubt before soaking the tax payer for lunch!
. .

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate) .
to Reclaim YOUR Future 
Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
tel: 01291 – 62 65 62
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To Spread The Facts World Wide



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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 20/12/2010

Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  






PLEASE NOTE: This is blog entry commenced as a result of the blog entry re Anna Lindh‘s tragic death 7 years ago and is mostly copied from CLICK HERE which I shall endeavour to reasonably update and correct, when apposite.

The vile behaviour within UKIP relative to that death and their dishonourable attempts to exploit her family’s loss, whether as with the odious and untrustworthy Stuart Gulleford at the time or subsequently, this led me to write this blog entry – which I shall repeat on a regular basis and openly circulate wide and far until action is taken to CLEAN UP UKIP.

The aim of the blog re: Anna Lindh was to give an outline of factual information, not a forensic accounting, that would help people understand the funadamental dishonesty of those cowards who see fit to shelter their misrepresentation of that tragedy behind cowardly anonymity – again seemingly in attempts to TRY 7 years after the event to distort and defame, exploiting her tragic death duplicitously and dishonestly, as a weapon to beat others.

As many have discovered, the leadership and those feeding at the table of UKIP are largely utterly and undeniably corrupt, beset with outright liars and efforts to protect them by funded filth that prostitute integrity to that end.

I appreciate that filth like Mark Croucher, Douglas Denny, Mike McGough, The Common Man and Skeptyk are too stupid to understand integrity, morality or duty and endlessly drag UKIP’s reputation into the gutter they inhabit, motivated by their personal gain – showing the depravity of the comments they are willing to make to desperately TRY to defame me and others.

To date – all they have achieved is to show the public yet more reasons not to vote for UKIP under its present leadership.

Were a serial murderer to set up a team of researchers, to keep his wife in funds whilst serving a life sentence, providing facts and data – the facts and data would be the issue NOT who owned the company!

By all means say what you like about me in an honest and moral way; it is liberty, my Country, just improvement and duty that motivate me;  you will have to go a very long way in childish dishonesty to do the damage to others that *** David Icke, George McKendrick. Steven Milne, Matt Quinn, Robert Green and similar filth have achieved in the similar manner in which they have consequentially managed to protect paedophiles and abusers by use of intimidation of those who seek to support the genuine victims and expose the genuine offenders whether within government, authorities, QUANGOs or beyond!

It is just so very sad that UKIP which was, many of us had hoped, our lifeboat has attracted such revolting and dishonest people.

One only needs to read their own Manifesto aims on Direct Democracy and then note the depravity of UKIP’s implementation of democracy in their own Party CLICK HERE

Just consider: IF UKIP EVER gained control of a Council (under its present leadership fortunately unlikely) would they implement a policy of dishonesty corruption, defamation and lies as they have in protecting their own income stream as MEPs – with attacks and lies on public Forum’s and sordid and clearly dishonest misrepresentation on squalid little obsessional blogs? UKIP’s very own SS with Kafkaesque show trials and sentencing defined prior to the hearings!

Could we expect such a Council to be producing poisonous and dishonest attack blogs, as with scum like Skeptyk or The Common Muck?

I call on UKIP to clean up its act and not just renounce these low lifes who bring such shame to the few remaining genuine UKIP members. 

Further to clean up UKIP I call upon its leadership to study my blogs once they have distanced themselves from filth like Denny, McGough, Croucher, Skeptyk, Stuart Parr and their poisonous ilk to appoint an outside honourable firm of Solicitors AND an independent firm of accountants to CLEAN UP UKIP, to make it electable. Clearly 3.01% in a General Election shows NO ONE trusts these spivs, charlatans and self serving self enriching low lifes. Out of 19,500 electable offices UKIP seemingly has had less than 30 individuals elected!

Once the independent Solicitors & Accountants are in place, make them openly available to supporters of UKIP like myself who wish to clear out the rats and other parasites that have infested UKIP leadership.

It is well known in the media and amongst honest and honourable individuals that I have NEVER deliberately misled, distorted or dissembled on ANY of my blogs.

Let us stick with those pertaining to UKIP and its members:

I have ALWAYS stated that any material error which I have made of ANY consequence will be corrected with the apposite apology if brought to my attention.

I have NEVER deliberately published a consequential untruth.

I have from day one provided full details of my identity and contact data.

NEVER ONCE has anyone EVER presented an example, from my blogs or web sites, of a single solitary consequential error requiring correction.

PLEASE BE ADVISED I will work with whoever UKIP appoints to clean up their squalid Party to make it electable, as soon as the vile defamatory blogs and lies emanating from UKIP supporters are  removed and letters of apology sent to all who have been dishonestly defamed and lied about, whether by direct lie or distortion and implication by filth like The Common Man, Skeptyk, Fuller, Croucher, McGough, Denny and the rest of the scum surrounding UKIP and seemingly acting on behalf of UKIP.

The letter will apologise to each one, regardless of weasel words and claims that it had nothing to do with UKIP, which are clearly implausible. The letters will be written and signed by hand by the leader, the deputy leader and not less than 2 other UKIP MEPs. These apologies WILL be in hard copy and electronic and made available on the internet.

I believe a posthumous apology should be made publicly by UKIP to Piers Merchant for the lies told about him by Mark Croucher and Douglas Denny immediately prior to his untimely death and subsequently.

Clearly amongst others owed apologies are Petrina Holdsworth, Robin Page, John West ALSO the staff and members of UKFirstParty which McGough, Skeptyk and others from UKIP have repeatedly and dishonestly bullied, lied and defamed on which I ran a supportive blog during its existence NEVER joining or donating to it and NEVER being officially privvy to ANY planning or details at any time beyond my own deductions.

Apologies for duplicitous and dishonourable treatment should indubitably be sent to Dr. David Abbott, Gregg Beaman, Richard Suchorzewski, Niall Warry, Nikki Sinclaire, Josh ONyons, ‘Fenboy’ and clearly others.

A letter of apology is clearly apposite from Douglas Denny, endorsed by UKIP, to Daniel Foggo for his having serially lied, defamed and insulted him.

A letter of apology from Nigel Farage on behalf of himself and endorsed by UKIP should be sent to Robert Kilroy Silk for having lied to him and having promised him the leadership of UKIP when it was not in his gift!

A separate letter of retraction should be provided by Annabelle Fuller and endorsed by UKIP for her duplicitous and outrageous lies in her official capacity regarding Richard Suchorzewski.

A separate letter of retraction should be provided by Mark Croucher and endorsed by UKIP for his duplicitous and outrageous lies in his official capacity seeking to smear Richard Suchorzewski.

A separate letter of apology should be provided by Douglas Denny and endorsed by UKIP for his duplicitous and outrageous lies in his official capacity in the corruption and dishonesty regarding his having been removed by vote of The NEC as Returning officer and the subsequent lies he has told seeking to re-write history.

A separate letter of retraction should be provided by Annabelle Fuller and endorsed by UKIP for her duplicitous and outrageous lies and behaviopur in her official capacity
in respect of John West.

A full and complete addressing of the corruption as manifest CLICK HERE with relevant resignations and reallocations in the light of fact and the truth, together with letters of apology where appropriate.

A full and complete letter of apology from every MEP unwilling to apologise and resign for having clearly and undeniably participated in corruption and lies.

A full letter of apology and a cheque refunding every single penny piece of PROFIT over and above his salary and legitimate declared costs as transparently and openly shown by him as at today – he having PROMISED when he originally sought election that ALL surplus in expenses would be paid to UKIP and no elected MEP would salary or pay their wives or family. Having had 10 years plus to implement this clearly it will be a simple matter to return the money he has stolen.

A full letter of apology and resignation from David Bannerman for having lied regarding his ancestry bringing UKIP into disrepute and criminally and fraudulently misrepresenting himself to gain public office.

The resignation of Malcolm Lord Pearson and Stuart Agnew for having brought UKIP into disrepute by acting fraudulently ultra vires to the law of the land to launder money and disguuise donors.

The refund of the money stolen from the public purse by Stuart Agnew and David Bannerman, as defined by The Sunday Times and admitted to on camera together with their resignations for having brought UKIP into disrepute – it will be remembered that Tom Wise received a custodial sentence of two years for having stolen a similar amount.

UKIP does not have a single solitary honourable MEP. Not ONE member of UKIP staff or current NEC has displayed a single reason to trust them as they have dishonestly and dishonourably feathered their own nests and supported the indisputable and undeniable corruption of their MEPs.

Should any UKIP MEP remain clearly that shall IMMEDIATELY disassociate themselves from the Racist, Xenophobic, Violent, Sexually Oppresive, anti Jewish EFD Group making apology for having smeared UKIP’s name with such an association and denouncing any and all relationship with these odious people.

I am told that Skeptyk even tried to make an issue to try to defame me with the comment that one should never speak ill of the dead – what bunkum. Please be assured that when Skeptyk dies I shall, as ever, meticulously ensure my accuracy, without the vile style of lies distortions and spin used by Skeptyk, and I will publish the truth just as I did in the instance of the revolting ex UKIP member at issue who committed suicide.

The world is better off without the type of filth portrayed by dishonourable scum like Mark Croucher, Skeptyk and what I know of the dishonest and corrupt Douglas Denny, Mike McGough, David Icke, Matt Quinn, George McKendrick, Steven Milne and similar – would any but their family other than rejoice at the demise of such low lifes?

IF UKIP CAN NOT BE CLEANED UP and such filth and their morays removed from the party may I submit there is no place for them in Politics befouling the name of UKIP itself and Britain which they pretend to represent as a vehicle for their self interest.

IF UKIP CAN NOT BE CLEANED UP and such filth and their morays removed from the party  then there is absolutely no benefit in keeping UKIP alive as it ONLY represents its own interest in remaining on the Gravy Train and absolutely no acceptable representation of those who voted for it or the interests of these United Kingdoms.

I CALL ON YOU to help Clean-Up UKIP and all genuine honest and decent supporters of the aims and principles that were the values of UKIP, and its members, until hijacked by the morally debased and reprehensible shower of scheisters currently enriching and engorging themselves for personal gain at the expense of Britain and the electorate.



*** Details of these unpleasant self serving folk can be found if you click on them:
David Icke, George McKendrick. Steven Milne, Matt Quinn, Robert Green
 and then look for their names individually under either >Dramatis Personnae< in the right sidebar OR as individuals in the convenient links also on the right sidebar.


You may also wish to seek out >TheGaggedTheMidnightGroup< both of which are set up to aid in improving both our democracy and our liberty and thus the standards of Justice and care for our peoples – come and help!


 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate) .
to Reclaim YOUR Future 
Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
tel: 01291 – 62 65 62
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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 23/09/2010

Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable!
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
 their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
But that it is false, inaccurate & defamatory is undeniable!

UKIP Nigel Farage – BBC Hard talk interview 2010 – Part 1 of 3

UK Independence party MEP Nigel Farage is interviewed March 2010 just before the UK General Election.

25 Responses to “UKIP Nigel Farage – BBC Hard talk interview 2010 – Part 1 of 3”

  1. Marleyites says:

    @mrbassman25 Even though I’m a lawyer, I didn’t go to college until I was almost 40, then I just paid attention to the technical aspects of business & law. Now I see that law education was bunk, bogus. But in grade school I didn’t pay much attention. I only went to high school 3 years & when I was there, again, I passed without paying attention. I’ve never watched-read-listened to main media. So I never got the full brainwashing. That’s why I’m asking – I really don’t understand mass-mind.

  2. mrbassman25 says:

    all that said…. the Liberal democrats were voted into power along with conservatives… so people have atleast started switching votes.

  3. mrbassman25 says:

    i don’t think people care to be honest. This country has been bred to either be a Labour or a Conservative voter, Conservative for the rich, Labour for the poorer.
    People can’t get out of that mindset, it’s one or the other and usually it’s drummed into them from birth, just the same as over there too i guess.
    from what i’ve seen is that any publicity UKIP get… it’s usually bad. as with other parties…. though im sure most parties are just as corrupt and fake

  4. Marleyites says:

    @mrbassman25 Thanks for the response! Sounds like the same story as here … someone who would help the people, bring liberty & justice for all isn’t given airtime so people don’t really know about them, except what they hear taken out of context or misquoted. There’s enough about what they say that is so suspicious & nonsensical that you’d think people would go looking outside of mainstream for answers & solutions. Would they switch if they could see these vids?

  5. mrbassman25 says:

    UKIP don’t get much airtime or good press over here, people tend to think they are another racist BNP, as we all know Nigel rightly has issues with illegal immigration but it always gets taken out of context. I guess it’s just cause there are so many sheep over here too !!
    Although the last election saw Britain divided in order for a coalition government meaning two party’s are ment to run the country together! and that goes into a whole new story!!

  6. Marleyites says:

    @mrbassman25 I’ve always wondered why UK citizens don’t ALL just love this man & the UKIP party? From here in U.S., it looks like he’d be The Man to run your country. Do you have any insight as to what the problem is with voters in UK that they aren’t in favor of this UKIP + Farage?

  7. TIMsmithconnor says:

    @TrueBlueJMS We need him here. He’s much better than Obama

  8. TrueBlueJMS says:

    We need to kidnap Farage, ship him to the US, and run him for president!!!

  9. codownni says:

    The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation is a disgrace.
    Nigel farage always eats them up!

  10. PureJockPureBrit says:

    I noticed on a google link that the CBBC website is very much biased in favour of the EU. There is literally no argument put against it, and false hopes and lies inhabit the so called “benefits” that are shown to young viewers. This is what the apparently “politically neutral” BBC is showing our children. Only last century did extreme regimes do the same to young children – albeit in a far more obvious, provocative and far from subtle manner – yet the BBC do the same nonetheless! Have a look…

  11. PureJockPureBrit says:

    Nigel is precisely right. What will save us in this recession? Taxing a damaged nation making it even poorer? Or lowering taxis to encourage the rich to invest here and giving young businesses a better chance? I know which one I would choose…

  12. jimmypubeface23 says:

    i’m poor and i totally agree with what he’s saying.

  13. SuperSuperfan says:

    @DreadLaw2 Steven Sackur the interviewer does get millions of complaints but its from the left and the right, he was specifically criticized for interview of Noam Chomsky last year. He’s not biggoted in any way he will attack an person that goes on his show and makes them prove their convictions. In all the time I have watched the show I have never been able to truly figure out what his views actually are, in oneinterview he seems like a clear conservative and in another a crazy leftist.

  14. cornwallgeezer says:

    The interviewer is a Prick with a capital ‘P’.
    BBC impartial, bollocks!
    That’s because they accept lots of money from the EU!

  15. 32GaugeSlug says:

    You have to remember, UKIP is controlled opposition. It’s supposed to be there to look stupid. Mr Farage knows he will never win anything.

  16. mrbassman25 says:

    it certainly frees the mind m8, youtube is brilliant cause you can choose what to watch, things that mainstreem tv networks would never dream of airing…
    it’s a pity more dont follow suit! good on you!!!! :)

  17. 32GaugeSlug says:

    A nice attack piece here. Listen to the language this interviewer uses. It’s like they’re trained in covert language.

  18. 32GaugeSlug says:

    @mrbassman25 haha same here!! Good job on the ridding yourself of the TV!! The last thing I watched was something on Steven Hawking about 3 years ago. It frees the mind!

  19. bimbo99 says:

    “Europe isn’t on the list?” Well, its on my list and I’ll be voting against the European stepping stone to World Government.

  20. 1henryw says:

    God the BBC dont even pretend to be neutral :( I’ll be voting ukip but if only they could actually win the election. UKIP’s policies are clever and well thought out. Just imagine how much money we could save just from leaving the EU! A UKIP government would put Great Britian back on its feet :)

  21. SODTHEEU says:

    I don”t know why nIgel does not emphasize UKIP are not a single issue party their website is chock fll of policies on the widest range of issues

  22. eldrak21 says:

    I know what you mean, me too.However, I would recommend watching the interview I suggested, very interesting information indeed. I am still not sure how to take the interviewee’s ukip comment, I am still keeping an open mind on the subject and until I see evidence to support his theory shall still be doing what I am doing. Thanks for commenting :)

  23. stuanemma says:

    @eldrak21 If I had a penny every time I heard this same story……

  24. kraftyknight says:

    @goingalt You have Ron Paul.

  25. CRAPCANNONS says:

    this interviewer understands nothing about economics and how to create wealth and prosperity.
    he’s simply a mouthpiece for tired lefty ideologies.

    Might it be worth remembering the source on this CLICK HERE

    Particularly when considering the libelous content and that WITHIN 24 hours of posting the material on their site they had some 25 comments and an unknown number of hits – one can only then consider just howmany hits a rather better known BBC may reasonably have had since March 2010 and there is in no situation a defence against repeating or republishing a libel – one wonders on howmany other sites this has appeared.

    That this long after the event it is being reposted and also featuring on Google must add to the gravity of the defamation but there is of course a year from that first showing relative to the BBC and sites such as  YouTube where UkipMedia have had over 5,000 viewings since they conciously posted it on 31-Mar-2010 and whose posting was yesterday – each has a year in which appropriate cease and desist letters and warning of further action can be issued.

    I find myself in a strange position as in order to publish the item of news I have no choice but to publish the libel my Farage and The BBC! I would hope that a Court would consider that an acceptable use as it seeks to redress the libel!

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future 

Posted in BBC, David ICKE, Defamation, Hard Talk, Libel, Nigel FARAGE, Steven Sackur | Leave a Comment »


Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 09/07/2010

Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER  

the NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

it is all very well peddling stories about lizards and poking fun at authority but David Icke has clearly lept into the gutter with this latest defamation and vile libel which has now materialised on Anthony Butcher’s sordid British Democracy Forum – formerly the UKIP Forum – as shown here:

To save you goung to the article cited at CLICK HERE
 Shamefully to prevent the publication of the rebuttal the moderators on the grubby little site have aidesd the perpetuation of the libel by removing the link to the facts showing David Icke to have morality, ethics and integrity lower than the belly of a lizard!
Read the article for yourself:

SK-H290 – David ICKE & others



David ICKE A PROVEN LIAR in collusion with others, as in view of the context and its indisputable linkage to other lies he has freely and openly published and broadcast as fact he has made it VERY clear that he is claiming that I Greg Lance-Watkins am the individual who he dishonestly, irresponsibly, maliciously and gratuitously has labeled, defamed and libeled.

There can be few libels more heinous than a false claim that one is a sexual pervert dismissed the army for criminal sexual offences and subversive comments.
David ICKE has clearly and irrefutably libeled me as has Butlin Cat by reproducing the libel as has the so called Justice for Hollie Greig FaceBook site by hosting the libel, as have others.
I clearly and unequivocally state that I was in The Green Jackets, I was an Officer Cadet at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst on a 2 year standard course to a Queen’s Commission – that I left the Army of my own choice, that I was NOT dismissed from the Army and that I have never in any walk of life faced charges or accusations of any sexual misdemeanour.
Mr. David ICKE is a liar and has very clearly defamed and libelled me.

>>Butlin Cat:
“from a solid-gold source:
From David Icke = about an hour ago · LikeUnlike · Loading…
very interesting about “GREG LANCE-WATKINS” “sexual preferences” = children?

‘Information from Ministry of Defence Army records reveals that a Rifleman Gregory Lancelot Watkins was born in Clifton, Bristol.

He joined what was then the Kings Royal Rifles in December 1959 as a clerk and was posted to Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in a clerical post until May 1960. The army reports state that Rifleman Watkins was discharged early from National Service in July 1960 as unsuitable because of his sexual preferences and subversive comments.’– <<

 I reserve my right under law to take such action as I may find expedient against all who have been party to this gross and defamatory Libel.
Now even Mr. Fruit Loop himself has jumped on Hollie Greig to get a piece of the publicity.
Let us look at the facts:

  • I was born in Frenchay Hospital in Bristol NOT Clifton.

  • I was born 26-Jan-1946

  • My Mother Winifred Beatrice Watkins nee Ferris, was registered at 10 Hedwick St., St. George, Bristol at her parent’s home.

  • My Father Desmond John Watkins was still on active duty as a fighter pilot in the RAF.

  • I was christened Gregory Lance Watkins NOT Lancelot.

  • I effected the hyphenation of my name on all legal documents from approx 1960 by way of differentiation as

  • I knew 3 or 4 other Greg Watkins.

  • I have maintained the style to date.

  • I joined The Regular Army in about 1964 NOT when I was 13 or 14 in 1959!!

  • I joined The Royal Green Jackets at Peninsular Barracks Winchester in the Ox&Bucks LI

  • I was NEVER a clerk in or out of the Army.

  • I went to The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, as an Officer Cadet, after completing basic and a course at Beaconsfield.

  • The course at RMAS was a two year course.

  • I was not Commissioned as I purchased my discharge on two issues of principle, primarily, immediately prior to my Commission.

 Is it any wonder these little nurds all hide behind idiot names! Butlin Cat can’t be much older that 17 or 18 at a guess and is an inadequate little creep with a vocabulary like an open sewer.
I’ve taken the liberty of addressing the posting by the fools as a separate posting and in view of the despicable dishonesty of the filth that are posting such malicious lies like David Icke, Brian Gerrish, Paul Drockton, Belinda McKenzie, Butlin Cat Litter and their like I would appreciate anyone reposting my comment in full anywhere they can on the internet to show just what liars have gathered around promoting the lies surrounding the Hollie Greig ‘STORY’.
Thank You – to those who are decent enough and have the integrity to ensure my post is widespread.
  • I will set aside: 20% of my net compensation to reward those who provide NEW screen captures of the defamation against me with details making it actionable with a screen capture of each site on which they have posted this entire message.
  • 10% for a British Charity caring for abused children. 10% for a British Charity caring for abused women.
  • 10% in full or by proportion to anyone assisting in funding my case – they will be refunded all contributed funding by those who have defamed me when they lose as clearly they will.
We have at least a year in which to decide if we wish to act from the last date on which the defamation remained and I’m not entirely sure that that is not 6 years – I’ll check later today.
Thank YOU for your support. We set out to establish the truth and ensure Justice would be seen to be done – it is interesting that for all their self righteous and self promoting endless sordid religion we see people like Brian Gerrish befouling the internet with lies as is Robert Green, Anne Greig, Stuart Usher, Belinda McKenzie, Butlin Cat, Matt Quinn, Sandra Barr, Paul Drockton, Sandie Fox, Ian McFerron, Adam Alden, Christopher Harrison, Shauna McDonald, Keiran Marlow, Barbara Richards, David Icke and others!
Don’t forget you can get a part of the 20% for a screen capture of a new instance of defamation of me with details and a copy of a screen capture of your having posted this entire message on a web site or blog.
Thank YOU for YOUR help in shutting down the filth and lies on the internet surrounding Anne Greig’s ‘STORY’.
May I also suggest that individuals like Liam Ball, Gabe Nelson, Paul Phillips, Dawn? Westwood, Tom George, Susan Keenan, Lesley McLaren and others who have been defamed might care to contact me and I will retain their details and when/if I proceed I will include them in my claim using my very clear, open and shut case as the lead for the Lawyers.
PS: Now shall we return to establishing the truth surrounding the Hollie Greig ‘STORY’ and ensuring Justice is seen to be done and that Anne & Hollie Greig receive the hands on care and attention they clearly need to prevent their further exploitation.

SK-H291 – Mr. David ICKE & OTHERS Banged to Rights it would seem!
With regard to:

IF YOU have been Libelled, defamed or lied about on the internet, or elsewhere, by people YOU may believe you can not afford to sue do remember CFA.
For the full details of CFA CLICK HERE
 I am reliably advised, best to wait until you are defamed by someone of substance and once that case is proven ALL subsequent cases will fall under the same judgement at little extra cost, as you proceed to enforce against them.

9th July 2010

Dear Greg,

My attention was drawn, by others who knew you those many years ago, to an article on the website of David Icke.

The detail is very unpleasant and purports to come from a ‘solid gold source’.

You will remember that we first met at the Royal Army School of Education, Beaconsfield in September 1964. From memory you were in the Royal Green Jackets and I think the 43rd and 52nd (Ox. & Bucks.) which I believe became the 1st Bn. Like myself, you had only served a very short time before being sent to Beaconsfield.

Amongst others you will remember was David Purley who later became a well known Formula 1 racing driver. Mr. Icke seems to have confused you with a person who he says served in the KRRC and who was conscripted as a National Serviceman. National Service ended some 4 years before we joined. Indeed the last National Serviceman, a 2nd Lt, presumably after a Short Service Commission, left, I understand, in 1963.

Mr. Icke seems to think that you were posted to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as a clerk. When I know that you were my next door but one neighbour as an Officer Cadet in New College, Gaza Company, Intake 38.

Mr. Icke’s other assertions don’t bear thinking of. He seems to have decided to launch a vicious and malicious attack on you for no clear reason. His words appear totally unrelated to the headline under which they appear. What could have possessed him to make such ridiculous and unfounded but potentially damaging allegations?

Does he write this stuff himself or rely on someone else to get things wrong for him?

Regards and best wishes,

I trust the letter makes the case totally clear and will be happy to provide numerous retired Army Officers, with whom I served, to Court to attest to just how gross and how damaging this gratuitous defamation and libel has been to my reputation in circles that could well make Mr. Icke and his despicable pals a little dizzy!

‘Open the curtains, throw open the windows and permit the light of investigation and fresh air into family courts and sexual, emotional and physical abuse of the vulnerable – expose the abuse & the abuse of authority of those acting in OUR name!
No child asked to be or enjoys abuse, it is for the gratification of the inadequate‘.
To understand the Concept & Service of
StolenKids- where you can help yourself and others at:
StolenKids- GO TO

To See The Links Page

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