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Archive for June, 2019

The odious racist Gerard Batten displays his expertise as a leader of Ukip by causing its demise & then runs away! …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 02/06/2019

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The odious racist Gerard Batten displays his expertise as a leader of Ukip by causing its demise & then runs away! …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins



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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership,
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

000a ukip-025 count.png~~~~~~~~~~#########~~~~~~~~~~



Gerard Batten Ukip’s leader quits after his catastrophic leadership led them to abject disaster in the #EU elections.

Nigel Farage having left the party there were a series of utterly useless leaders who were clearly scraping the bottom of the barrel in a party that had no future and few if any members of any merit whatsoever.

Eventually they reached the very bottom of the barrel and appointed Gerard Batten as leader.

Batten took over after a lack lustre career as lick spittle to Nigel Farage – he had absolutely no discernible ability as a leader and displayed that during his tenure of office.

In Nigel Farage’s last EU election as leader of Ukip the party managed to elect 24 MPs, making them the largest British Party, but due to lack of leadership he soon began to lose them, some fell by the wayside due to corruption, many fell out with Farage whom no one of any sense was likely to trust once they had experienced him at close quarters, apart from a few scoundrels who for lack of ability rode his coat tails as sycophants.

Nattrass & Batten were examples, who had followed in his wake and become MEPs but when exposed to scrutiny without his protection soon showed their utter ineptitude – though Farage hiself had lost about half of his MEPs by the time Batten had eviscerated the party there were but Batten and 2 MEPs left to contest the election on 23-May-2019!

Batten had put the final kiss of death on Ukip, the outcome was inevitable – the party had collapsed from 24 MEPs to zero.

Nigel Farage’s bullying and duplicitous behaviour as leader was the start of the collapse which in her 18 days as leader Diane James did nothing to stem.

JAMES, Diane 06 Kiss of Death A

Clearly Farage stepping in again added to the confussion and his protégé Nattrass was indisputably a low life who became the laughing stock of the press and members alike with his fantasy CV and embellishment of lies.

The interim leader Henry Bolton who as disasters go was only outperformed by Batten.

BOLTON, Henry 03 + Jo MARNEY 04

Batten had a long history of utter ineptitude with his hate soaked superstition & extreme overt attacks on Muslims,

Charter of Muslim Understanding AUS TEXT

most probably driven by his Pilipino wife, who doubtless would have grown up as a Catholic under the aegis of Cardinal Sin. That latterly Batten had openly allied himself to extremist self-proclaimed Christians helped him not a Jot. His appointment of the convicted criminal & extremist racist Tommy Robinson as his personal adviser

BATTEN, Gerald 18 + ROBINSON, Tommy 02

was just another nail in Ukip’s political coffin and his own career compounded by having thus attracted some real scum as supporters, from the now largely defunct National Front & BNP and the relatively newly emerged EDL.

Clearly with Batten at the helm Ukip was doomed but to be fair there was absolutely no one of any probity or stature left in the party and definitely no one anyone of principles would wish to be represented by – even by the low calibre of those attracted to political office nowadays, Ukip’s offering were a very sorry shower!

Ukip has only ever seemed to attract those who had failed elsewhere be that Farage engaging in politics having failed in The City dallied with the National Front

FARAGE, Nigel 141A 1979

realised he stood no chance in Margaret Thatcher’s Tory Party he joined Ukip in its early days shortly after its foundation by Alan Skedd. He fell out with many in Ukip and seemingly explored the possibility of leadership of the BNP

FARAGE, Nigel 37 DEAVIN, Mark - LeCOMBER, Tony

prior to realising Ukip was his best vehicle for enrichment!

Ukip under Farage’s leadership attracted similar rejects, but never anyone of competence or stature, who remained for much more than a month or two – the party was not a nice place to be for anyone of finesse or ability then or now. A party which has largely attracted the gutter sweepings of politics as can be seen from those who have held office in the past.

I would contend to make ANY effort to resurrect the party now would be an act of tasteless pure folly, not just because trying to breathe life into a corpse is more suited to Mary Shelley, but that it carries too much malodorous baggage – the inability of Farage to build a sound structure over his 20 years of defacto leadership has been displayed most clearly by the absolute & abject failure under subsequent leadership, not even a structure remains.

It should be noted that even those who positioned themseloves with EU ‘Golden Parachutes’ and pensions abandoned the party, there is no sign of any ex Ukip MEPs making any meaningfull contributions to the party that elevated them – were ANY of them there for the cause or were they all only there for their own gain as seems likely.

Astonishingly in its entire existence Ukip has NEVER has a strategy that considered any sort of vision, as to how to protect Britain and the interests of the British peoples nor any vision or structure for our country as to how to take advantage of liberation from the malign control of the EU.

Farage in all his years in control, philandering, carousing & fiddling has never amounted to being much beyond the simpering child at the back of the class with the winning smile who makes rude noises and gestures behind the backs of the grown-ups to gain popularity amongst a claque of fools.

As for his recent foray with the Brexit Party he has clearly learned, with his two speeches, to deliver them ever better but even now he would seem to have no clear strategy nor credible plan in the best interests of those he has beguiled to vote for his masters, handlers who now keep him on a tighter reign.

Of all who have believed in self-determination and independence for these United Kingdoms it could self-evidently be said that not one has done more to harm the possibilities and opportunities the British people could have through BreXit and few did more to try to stall the process than Nigel Farage – right down to positioning an inept fool to lead Ukip to its demise as Gerard Batten has done, in his hubristic ignorance & utter incompetence.

Farage is and always has been a pawn to other influences, all be it a financially well rewarded pawn, be that of his earlier masters who manipulated him or be they those who fund him directly and indirectly to this day – to be fair as a political prostitute he has navigated the paying punters with some cunning – even duping the gullible to believe he had a major role in gaining BreXit, where the informed are well aware he tried to block it!

Be assured Batten on the other hand got one thing right – he said ‘if Ukip does badly in the EU elections his position will be untenable’ he was right and good riddance to the odious little creep.



Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
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