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#172* – ANDREASSEN, Marta – More Chapter & Less Verse!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 30/11/2008

#172* – ANDREASSEN, Marta – More Chapter & Less Verse!

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further to the facts we have provided of THE Seemingly totally Discreditted Marta Andreassen at #157 on this blog – you may find this follow on with further data of help, in ascertaining the validity of Andreassen which can be located at and it was posted by an ex-member on The Democrecy Forum.

It was Anthony Butchers Forum at: where EUkip were making something of fools of themselves with a concerted effort to stiffle the truth and control FREEDOM OF SPEECH in a Nazi style as the party becomes more Fascist in its styles and methods.

[QUOTE=ex-member;564996]It seems that the background of Marta Andreasen is unravelling.There was always doubt hanging over her as she is said to be paid £36,000 plus expenses to be UKIP Treasurer, a job which was done for free in the past by ‘troublemakers’ such as John de Roeck and others.

We have long known she was sacked by the European Commission but it now turns out she was also ‘suspended without pay’ and then left her accounting job at the OECD.Most damaging is that the OECD claims it has ‘conclusive evidence’ that she misrepresented her CV and she claims she was not given a fair trial over allegations of ‘racism’.

The European Commission has stated, and it is not thought Andreasen has denied this, that she concealed the fact that she had been suspended from an accounting job at the OECD when she applied for a job at the EC. She also concealed the fact that she was – possibly wrongly – who knows? – accused of ‘racism’ by the OECD and she also concealed the fact that she was taking the OECD to Court.Both the OECD and the EC allege she misrepresented her CV.Unless she made a full and frank disclosure of these facts, it would appear that she has again misrepresented her CV to UKIP and for gain – the £36,000 p.a. plus expenses.

But was the current UKIP leadership aware of these facts when it agreed to make her the non-resident £36,000 p.a. Treasurer plus putting her on the list of MEP candidates.

When did it become aware of these facts?

What action is it going to take?

See extract below from article in Accountancy Age – full story at[url=]Marta Andreasen: A return to grace – Personal Computer World[/url]
‘Accusations of racism’ apparently – perhaps she’s not quite as saintly as she makes out.This article also describes her as ‘EC budget execution and accounting officer’ NOT Chief Accountant.Andreasen is no stranger to confrontation. Appointed head of the accounting division at the OECD in October 1998, she clashed with her then employer.

Her spell there ended with her bid to take the organisation to the European Court of Justice claiming her human rights had been violated as she had not been given a ‘fair trial’ following allegations of racism, and that she raised ‘undue doubts’ and unsupported ‘alarmist allegations’ in relation to OECD accounts.The OECD admitted that its accounting system was ‘archaic’ but denied Andreasen’s suspension only came as a result of the concerns she raised.

Also this article also from Accountancy Age:[url=]Accountant seeks damages from OECD – 24 Oct 2000 – Computeractive[/url]
Marta Andreasen, who was appointed head of the accounting division in October 1998, claims her human rights were violated as she was not given a ‘fair trial’ after being suspended following allegations of racism and that she raised ‘undue doubts’ and unsupported ‘alarmist allegations’ in relation to OECD accounts.

Andreasen claims allegations against her emerged only after she had raised concerns about the accounts. She is seeking damages and recognition from the OECD that the allegations are without foundation.

The OECD admits its accounting system was ‘archaic’ and in urgent need of reform but denies Andreasen’s suspension only came as a result of the concerns she raised. Arthur Andersen was called in to investigate claims made by Andreasen.

She says a first draft issued in November 1999 supported her allegations while the OECD maintains the Dutch authors of the report misunderstood the word ‘misappropriation’ when writing in English.A second draft supports the organisation’s contention that there is no missing money, according to an OECD spokesman. The OECD claims it has ‘conclusive evidence’ she misrepresented her CV, and says Andreasen has not yet exhausted the organisation’s own internal appeals procedure.

Also this article from Democracy Forum:[url][/url]Originally Posted by Wolfie Smith
I note that Marta Andreasen was sacked from the OECD. There were charges of racism made against her, prior to her making allegations relating to OECD accounting. The OECD have also alleged that she ‘misrepresented’ herself on her c.v.

She is said not to have divulged the racism allegations when she applied for a position at the Commission, nor the fact that she was taking her former employers to the European Court of Human Rights to seek damages.

She likes to sue people. She threatened to sue Lib Dem MEP Graham Watson back in 2002, after he questioned her credibility.

I also understand that she will only be a ‘figurehead’ treasurer, and that someone in Farage’s patch has been taken on to do the actual day to day work.
This is all a tad shady, to my eyes.

Also this article from UNICORN website:[url=]Corruption Info[/url]Marta Andreasen: Whistleblower Sacked by the EC In September 2002, Neil Kinnock, the European Commission’s Vice President, faced allegations of gagging a whistleblower who exposed EU lax accounting practices.Marta Andreasen, 57, staged a news conference earlier in the year in London in which she accused Mr Kinnock of failing to clean up the Brussels bureaucracy.

Mr Kinnock insisted her complaints about flaws in the EU accounting system were known about before she joined the Commission and that she had been hired specifically to help implement changes.Mr Kinnock claims that Ms Andreasen breached Commission rules by not using prescribed disclosure routes but instead talking without clearance to MEPs, the media and the EU’s financial watchdog, the Court of Auditors.

Ms Andreasen was also accused of concealing from the Commission at the time of her appointment the fact that she had been suspended from a similar accounting job at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. (OECD)The Spaniard was suspended five months after raising concerns about financial incompetence. She claimed that she had been followed in the streets of Brussels and that her e-mail and telephone calls were monitored – a claim rejected by Commission officials.

She was later sacked from her post as a senior EC accountant after declaring that corruption and misuse of public funds were rife within the Commission.

In October 2004 it was reported that the Serious Fraud Office in the UK was considering whether to investigate alleged misconduct within the European Commission after receiving a dossier of evidence from Marta Andreasen who argues that the SFO has a legal duty to step in because UK taxpayers contribute around £12 billion a year to the EU budget.

References The Observer [Publication date: 31/10/2004] ‘SFO called in to EU scandal: Whistleblower urges inquiry into ‘fraud dossier” [url=,6903,1339969,00.html]SFO called in to EU scandal Business The Observer[/url] [Date URL accessed: 16/11/2004 Source ID = 12638]

Sunday Telegraph [Publication date: 17/10/2004] ‘Fired whistleblower to take revenge on Euro commissioners ‘I have more than 100 documents that can bolster my claims of poor book-keeping,’ says Brussels’s former chief accountant’ by DAVID WASTELL [Date URL accessed: 17/10/2004 Source ID = 12421]

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH [Publication date: 14/10/2004] ‘EU whistleblower in pounds 130m case is fired’ [Date URL accessed: 23/11/2004 Source ID = 12423]

[Publication date: 21/10/2003] ‘Attack on EU missed the vital facts’ [Date URL accessed: 14/12/2004 Source ID = 12756]

Press Association [Publication date: 9/9/2002] ‘KINNOCK FACES GRILLING OVER ‘WHISTLEBLOWER GAG’ CLAIMS’ by Geoff Meade [Date URL accessed: 9/9/2002 Source ID = 7109][/QUOTE]

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