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#0714* – EU Membership (Economic Implications) Bill [HL] Committee

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 14/12/2011

#0714* – EU Membership (Economic Implications) Bill [HL] Committee

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EU Membership (Economic Implications) Bill [HL] Committee Stage reading `4-Dec-2011!!



I note from The House of Lords diary page that later today the:

European Union Membership
(Economic Implications) Bill [HL] 2010-11

I sbefore the HoL committee – this Bill which was introduced by Malcolm Lord Pearson has passed its first two hurdles:

so that is 2 steps completed out of the 12 required.

Let us hope Pearson can shepherd it forward successfully today to the fourth stage without it being unconvincingly and terminally altered:
I am sure that all genuine Patriots wish the supporters of thhis bill well but over the years such efforts have fallen during the first few stages time and again.
Let us not forget just how corrupt is our enemy within!
For example many of the committee members, Peers eligible to vote and MPs are utterly corrupted by undeclared bribes from The EU – they are not even obliged to state their income from the EU past, present or scheduled for the future – this makes such income nothing more than naked bribery and let us not forget many of the Civil Service are also subject of such bribes.
Minded that these United Kingdoms fund The EU to the tune of £50 Million a day and have virtually no meaningful say over the money it is little wonder that our democracy in these United Kingdoms is so debased.
You will of course be aware that both Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne are EU funded not to mention Nial Kinnock and his odious wife and a notable number of Peers and MPs ALL UNDECLARED working as our enemy within in response to bribes from The EU.
It is the low caliber of our political servants that has made the levels of corruption and greed an omni present feeder at the troughs! To listen to a self serving, unelected, ex communist from a failed dictatorship castigating these United Kingdoms for their refusal to jump through the hoops to oblige and fund The EU is distatefull as with such nobodies as Jose Manuel Barosso & von Rumpy. Worse still is to watch funded traitors holding forth against the interests of these Unmited Kingdoms at our expense and supposedly in our name when they have a clear record of treachery and actively campaigning with our enemies against our Government as with Cathy Asdhton is even more distateful!
Let us wish the few honest Patriotsa in Parliament good fortune and our support with ANY efforts to re-establish democracy, self determination, independence, sovereignty and our borders in these United Kingdoms.
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