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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 20/12/2010

Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  






PLEASE NOTE: This is blog entry commenced as a result of the blog entry re Anna Lindh‘s tragic death 7 years ago and is mostly copied from CLICK HERE which I shall endeavour to reasonably update and correct, when apposite.

The vile behaviour within UKIP relative to that death and their dishonourable attempts to exploit her family’s loss, whether as with the odious and untrustworthy Stuart Gulleford at the time or subsequently, this led me to write this blog entry – which I shall repeat on a regular basis and openly circulate wide and far until action is taken to CLEAN UP UKIP.

The aim of the blog re: Anna Lindh was to give an outline of factual information, not a forensic accounting, that would help people understand the funadamental dishonesty of those cowards who see fit to shelter their misrepresentation of that tragedy behind cowardly anonymity – again seemingly in attempts to TRY 7 years after the event to distort and defame, exploiting her tragic death duplicitously and dishonestly, as a weapon to beat others.

As many have discovered, the leadership and those feeding at the table of UKIP are largely utterly and undeniably corrupt, beset with outright liars and efforts to protect them by funded filth that prostitute integrity to that end.

I appreciate that filth like Mark Croucher, Douglas Denny, Mike McGough, The Common Man and Skeptyk are too stupid to understand integrity, morality or duty and endlessly drag UKIP’s reputation into the gutter they inhabit, motivated by their personal gain – showing the depravity of the comments they are willing to make to desperately TRY to defame me and others.

To date – all they have achieved is to show the public yet more reasons not to vote for UKIP under its present leadership.

Were a serial murderer to set up a team of researchers, to keep his wife in funds whilst serving a life sentence, providing facts and data – the facts and data would be the issue NOT who owned the company!

By all means say what you like about me in an honest and moral way; it is liberty, my Country, just improvement and duty that motivate me;  you will have to go a very long way in childish dishonesty to do the damage to others that *** David Icke, George McKendrick. Steven Milne, Matt Quinn, Robert Green and similar filth have achieved in the similar manner in which they have consequentially managed to protect paedophiles and abusers by use of intimidation of those who seek to support the genuine victims and expose the genuine offenders whether within government, authorities, QUANGOs or beyond!

It is just so very sad that UKIP which was, many of us had hoped, our lifeboat has attracted such revolting and dishonest people.

One only needs to read their own Manifesto aims on Direct Democracy and then note the depravity of UKIP’s implementation of democracy in their own Party CLICK HERE

Just consider: IF UKIP EVER gained control of a Council (under its present leadership fortunately unlikely) would they implement a policy of dishonesty corruption, defamation and lies as they have in protecting their own income stream as MEPs – with attacks and lies on public Forum’s and sordid and clearly dishonest misrepresentation on squalid little obsessional blogs? UKIP’s very own SS with Kafkaesque show trials and sentencing defined prior to the hearings!

Could we expect such a Council to be producing poisonous and dishonest attack blogs, as with scum like Skeptyk or The Common Muck?

I call on UKIP to clean up its act and not just renounce these low lifes who bring such shame to the few remaining genuine UKIP members. 

Further to clean up UKIP I call upon its leadership to study my blogs once they have distanced themselves from filth like Denny, McGough, Croucher, Skeptyk, Stuart Parr and their poisonous ilk to appoint an outside honourable firm of Solicitors AND an independent firm of accountants to CLEAN UP UKIP, to make it electable. Clearly 3.01% in a General Election shows NO ONE trusts these spivs, charlatans and self serving self enriching low lifes. Out of 19,500 electable offices UKIP seemingly has had less than 30 individuals elected!

Once the independent Solicitors & Accountants are in place, make them openly available to supporters of UKIP like myself who wish to clear out the rats and other parasites that have infested UKIP leadership.

It is well known in the media and amongst honest and honourable individuals that I have NEVER deliberately misled, distorted or dissembled on ANY of my blogs.

Let us stick with those pertaining to UKIP and its members:

I have ALWAYS stated that any material error which I have made of ANY consequence will be corrected with the apposite apology if brought to my attention.

I have NEVER deliberately published a consequential untruth.

I have from day one provided full details of my identity and contact data.

NEVER ONCE has anyone EVER presented an example, from my blogs or web sites, of a single solitary consequential error requiring correction.

PLEASE BE ADVISED I will work with whoever UKIP appoints to clean up their squalid Party to make it electable, as soon as the vile defamatory blogs and lies emanating from UKIP supporters are  removed and letters of apology sent to all who have been dishonestly defamed and lied about, whether by direct lie or distortion and implication by filth like The Common Man, Skeptyk, Fuller, Croucher, McGough, Denny and the rest of the scum surrounding UKIP and seemingly acting on behalf of UKIP.

The letter will apologise to each one, regardless of weasel words and claims that it had nothing to do with UKIP, which are clearly implausible. The letters will be written and signed by hand by the leader, the deputy leader and not less than 2 other UKIP MEPs. These apologies WILL be in hard copy and electronic and made available on the internet.

I believe a posthumous apology should be made publicly by UKIP to Piers Merchant for the lies told about him by Mark Croucher and Douglas Denny immediately prior to his untimely death and subsequently.

Clearly amongst others owed apologies are Petrina Holdsworth, Robin Page, John West ALSO the staff and members of UKFirstParty which McGough, Skeptyk and others from UKIP have repeatedly and dishonestly bullied, lied and defamed on which I ran a supportive blog during its existence NEVER joining or donating to it and NEVER being officially privvy to ANY planning or details at any time beyond my own deductions.

Apologies for duplicitous and dishonourable treatment should indubitably be sent to Dr. David Abbott, Gregg Beaman, Richard Suchorzewski, Niall Warry, Nikki Sinclaire, Josh ONyons, ‘Fenboy’ and clearly others.

A letter of apology is clearly apposite from Douglas Denny, endorsed by UKIP, to Daniel Foggo for his having serially lied, defamed and insulted him.

A letter of apology from Nigel Farage on behalf of himself and endorsed by UKIP should be sent to Robert Kilroy Silk for having lied to him and having promised him the leadership of UKIP when it was not in his gift!

A separate letter of retraction should be provided by Annabelle Fuller and endorsed by UKIP for her duplicitous and outrageous lies in her official capacity regarding Richard Suchorzewski.

A separate letter of retraction should be provided by Mark Croucher and endorsed by UKIP for his duplicitous and outrageous lies in his official capacity seeking to smear Richard Suchorzewski.

A separate letter of apology should be provided by Douglas Denny and endorsed by UKIP for his duplicitous and outrageous lies in his official capacity in the corruption and dishonesty regarding his having been removed by vote of The NEC as Returning officer and the subsequent lies he has told seeking to re-write history.

A separate letter of retraction should be provided by Annabelle Fuller and endorsed by UKIP for her duplicitous and outrageous lies and behaviopur in her official capacity
in respect of John West.

A full and complete addressing of the corruption as manifest CLICK HERE with relevant resignations and reallocations in the light of fact and the truth, together with letters of apology where appropriate.

A full and complete letter of apology from every MEP unwilling to apologise and resign for having clearly and undeniably participated in corruption and lies.

A full letter of apology and a cheque refunding every single penny piece of PROFIT over and above his salary and legitimate declared costs as transparently and openly shown by him as at today – he having PROMISED when he originally sought election that ALL surplus in expenses would be paid to UKIP and no elected MEP would salary or pay their wives or family. Having had 10 years plus to implement this clearly it will be a simple matter to return the money he has stolen.

A full letter of apology and resignation from David Bannerman for having lied regarding his ancestry bringing UKIP into disrepute and criminally and fraudulently misrepresenting himself to gain public office.

The resignation of Malcolm Lord Pearson and Stuart Agnew for having brought UKIP into disrepute by acting fraudulently ultra vires to the law of the land to launder money and disguuise donors.

The refund of the money stolen from the public purse by Stuart Agnew and David Bannerman, as defined by The Sunday Times and admitted to on camera together with their resignations for having brought UKIP into disrepute – it will be remembered that Tom Wise received a custodial sentence of two years for having stolen a similar amount.

UKIP does not have a single solitary honourable MEP. Not ONE member of UKIP staff or current NEC has displayed a single reason to trust them as they have dishonestly and dishonourably feathered their own nests and supported the indisputable and undeniable corruption of their MEPs.

Should any UKIP MEP remain clearly that shall IMMEDIATELY disassociate themselves from the Racist, Xenophobic, Violent, Sexually Oppresive, anti Jewish EFD Group making apology for having smeared UKIP’s name with such an association and denouncing any and all relationship with these odious people.

I am told that Skeptyk even tried to make an issue to try to defame me with the comment that one should never speak ill of the dead – what bunkum. Please be assured that when Skeptyk dies I shall, as ever, meticulously ensure my accuracy, without the vile style of lies distortions and spin used by Skeptyk, and I will publish the truth just as I did in the instance of the revolting ex UKIP member at issue who committed suicide.

The world is better off without the type of filth portrayed by dishonourable scum like Mark Croucher, Skeptyk and what I know of the dishonest and corrupt Douglas Denny, Mike McGough, David Icke, Matt Quinn, George McKendrick, Steven Milne and similar – would any but their family other than rejoice at the demise of such low lifes?

IF UKIP CAN NOT BE CLEANED UP and such filth and their morays removed from the party may I submit there is no place for them in Politics befouling the name of UKIP itself and Britain which they pretend to represent as a vehicle for their self interest.

IF UKIP CAN NOT BE CLEANED UP and such filth and their morays removed from the party  then there is absolutely no benefit in keeping UKIP alive as it ONLY represents its own interest in remaining on the Gravy Train and absolutely no acceptable representation of those who voted for it or the interests of these United Kingdoms.

I CALL ON YOU to help Clean-Up UKIP and all genuine honest and decent supporters of the aims and principles that were the values of UKIP, and its members, until hijacked by the morally debased and reprehensible shower of scheisters currently enriching and engorging themselves for personal gain at the expense of Britain and the electorate.



*** Details of these unpleasant self serving folk can be found if you click on them:
David Icke, George McKendrick. Steven Milne, Matt Quinn, Robert Green
 and then look for their names individually under either >Dramatis Personnae< in the right sidebar OR as individuals in the convenient links also on the right sidebar.


You may also wish to seek out >TheGaggedTheMidnightGroup< both of which are set up to aid in improving both our democracy and our liberty and thus the standards of Justice and care for our peoples – come and help!


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