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‘The EU ignores the people’ – say Nikki Sinclaire MEP and Mike Nattrass MEP!

You can’t ignore 686114 people, it says on an exhibit outside the European Parliament.

If only it were so…. the EU ignored 495 million Europeans by refusing them a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

The French & Dutch voted NO to the New Constitution as did Ireland so the question was dishonestly nuanced and The French & Dutch voters were completely ignored and they were forced to vote again in Ireland.

Only the Irish were actually given their say, and even then, when they voted NO they were lied to and propagandised by corrupt politicians and made to vote again in order to deliver the correct answer.

Just look at the mess Ireland is in financially as a result!

If Greece hadn’t lied about their finances with the help of Germany Greece would not have been destroyed by EUroZone membership – much the same goes for the rest of The PIIGS now that The EUro is effectively a busted flush.

I note The British Treasury and several major banks are currently dumping EUro to distance themselves from the expected collapse.