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Archive for the ‘EUkip;UKIP; Farage;Knapman;’ Category


Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 26/11/2008


Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!
Otherwise It Is Going NOWHERE?


I am often criticised for seeming negative. Of course I have answers or I would not see the problems, of course I understand the pragmatism of politics or I would not manage to reach the parts others don’t reach – they just quietly withdraw their support – which may explain that at the last shambolic NEC meeting it was apparent that EUkip was in such financial straits as to be risible.

EUkip recorded at its NEC meeting that they had £45,000 Yet they face a Court consideration of a Judicial Review – NOT of their guilt but of the size of forfeiture! This could leave EUkip facing a bill of £1/2 to 1 Million!! Then they have to settle the Court claim of John West and a separate claim at Court by Alison West – whether they settle or lose it does look as if that could open the flood gates for around £20,000 of claims as the point will set a prescedent!

There is much much more in the pipeline with regard to claims against the party funds and failing that against the NEC members jointly and severally.

Yes I believe that EUkip is finished but I do hope that if the rotten head that has betrayed us all can be cut off and the right cleaning squad brought in there is still a slim hope for UKIP.

In a question and answer presentation in response to some comments on Anthony Butcher’s Forum – I tried to put some building blocks in place and my reasons:

Also UKIP needs to recognise the following;
I believe you fail to make the very important differentiation between UKIP (the grass root members and real activists) & EUkip (it dishonest and untrustworthy leadership ‘team’ who have bought such shame on the party). The party needs a really good clean-up, new unimpeachable management and a really good telephone answering technique – as policy Nation Wide.
NOT Spanish practices book keepers!

the British people don’t like the EU, but it’s not an important determinant of voters choice of party at general elections. In fact voters consistently rate the EU issue about 13th to 15th on their list of priorities, way down on things like defence, NHS etc.
This is merely a measure of the failure of EUkip that after 50 man years of MEPs and a cost to the tax payer of around £65,000,000 they have TOTALLY failed to get the most important issue in Britain up the list and people are still supporting the single issue parties Lib.Lab.Con.Dim. who have much to say and no control over our country and whose single issue is to bend the knee to Brussels to get their snouts in the trough).

Wasn’t UKIP elected to get this message across? But they got carried away with self interest and went native overloohing & betraying their electorate.

Until UKIP acknowledges this fact
It is NOT a fact it is a misguided opinion as I have frequently shown. You merely reflect EUkip’s abject failure to explain the facts and the message, their lack of training, lack of vision, lack of strategy, lack of tactics and abject failure of leadership.

and produces full, coherent, budgeted, responsible and popular policies to meet the most important concerns of the voters UKIP will continue to get 1-2% of votes at GEs, with the odd blip at Regional Assembly and EU ‘Parliament’ elections.
I presume you are a political strategist for the EU as it is their intention to emasculate UKIP with this silly fantasy.

We already have 3 major one issue parties – the great novelty of UKIP at its zenith was that it wanted to make decisions by the British peoples for the British peoples by not wasting time on the foolish pastime of utterly irrelevant policies (though it may make the foolish feel important).

If you want a multi issue democratic party where we can make decisions first we must repatriate our democracy, restore our independence, reinstate our Parliament and start to work on our policies for the future WHILST we get on with doing the real job of dismantling and disassociating from the EU.

Plenty of time then to find the best brains to reinstate the very best written cconstitution for the modern world and put it to the peoples. Then we can consider pulling together the very best brains to formulate a Transport policy and put it to the peoples and so on. It has taken 60years + to get dragged into this evil mess and the utter economic iliteracy of

This, IMO, is where Roger Knapman went wrong after the 2004 EU elections; and never mind the RKS fiasco.
Roger Knapman had about the same lack of skills as Farage but in his case it was indicisive weak venal incompetence, in Farage’s it is weak, ebullient, ignorance and a willingness to invent solutions without the ability – he lacks even the skills as a leader to have defined his incompetence.

He failed to addresss this issue. I also have the sneaking suspicion that as an ex-Tory he might not have been too keen to see a successful UKIP deprive the Tories of votes at the next GE, and consequently sat on his hands.
No he was just very very dull, his wife had the brains and he wasn’t even much of a Tory, which is why having plugged at Lloyds and lost one of the safest seats in Britain the Tories refused to have him back.

The RKS debacle was entirely Farage’s he lied to RKS and promised him a position that was not in his gift – when he failed to deliver he lacked the manhood or integrity to apologise either to RKS, the NEC for whom he has ALWAYS had contempt or the members, whose sole use is for his glory!

There is a huge gap in the political market, IMO, and the “leadership” have failed to capitalise on that.
You are right, there is a huge gap in the political market, you are right the leadership have failed to capitalise on it and in my opinion both you and the leadership have even noticed it let alone structured training, vision, strategy, tactics and marketing to capitalise upon what with a little explanation some 90% of Britidhcitizens want and need.

Until I see evidence of that changing I shall not be rejoining UKIP.
If a new party espoused the aims you propose they may count upon my active oposition – we already have three one policy parties we DO NOT need another.

We need a multi issue party that is smart enough to explain to the British peoples that as they grow they will build on the determination to leave the EU until it is achieved and in the many years it will take us to disengage from the EU we have more than enough time to rebuild that land fit for heros my Grandfather stood at The Somme to defend, watching his friends fall injured to drown in the mud – for me.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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