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Archive for the ‘Brendan Padmore’ Category

#0291* – UKIP EXPOSED Accused of Being BRAINLESS!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 16/02/2011

#0291* – UKIP EXPOSED Accused of Being BRAINLESS!
Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!




for many years EUroRealist Forum, under its various leaders/owners has provided

a steady flow of information –

it was one of the first to start in the EUroRealist thought zone,

if not THE first, and is still going strong.

Here is an interesting posting from an ex Chairman of UKIP.

Peter Watson is one of the almost 100 known members who have quit UKIP
largely in disgust –
I must say I was quite pleased to list that many from memory and then find
I had only got ONE materially wrong and the other 4 or so corrections
were on ‘Hockey Cockey’ members –
who were in then out then in or just shaking it all about!!!

Such as Stuart Wheeler who joined then QUIT to stand against the party
& now because he can CONTROL the finances has rejoined –

OR Brendan Padmore who was a Branch Chairman with a little local branch
who announced he had had enough on a public forum.

OR Peter Baker who was the elected Regional Chairman until Derek Clarke
tried to kick out of the party aided by that slime Douglas Denny and a

pack of lies.

So all in all it was a starter but I’m sure YOU can think of many more to
add but I must pop over to the UKIP controlled Forum when I have a chance
and see just what fools they are making of themselves!

Thanks to those who phoned me with corrections and I gather the dishonest
Septyk hidden in shame behind their anonymity are leaping up and down
like fleas on Viagra with glee that I made a couple of minor errors –

WHAT did they think I was omnipotent!!!!

Top date they have never ONCE identified a single solitary material error
I have made in ANY of my blogs – despite their vicious and dishonest attacks!

I believe you will find Peter’s letter interesting:



    Nigel Farage is going to be coming out in favour of AV –

    he will be arguing the case for it on Newsnight either today or soon after.


    AV will get UKIP more votes but will not result in any won seats for UKIP.  
    UKIP will win NONE and the beneficiaries will be the Lib Dems and socialists
    and Britain will NEVER have a conservative or patriotic majority
    in Parliament ever again.  Government will be like Italy and the EU –
    they will have won.


    The worst thing about AV is that the lowest common denominator candidate
    may win. It is the worst of all worlds.  

    If a patriot supports AV either he doesn’t understand

    AV or he is stupid. Or both.



    If AV wins we can say goodbye to any hope of swinging the Commons to a
    NO vote against the EU if we have to go to 2015 or earlier if the Coalition
    breaks as it might – and we are getting there slowly yes, but movement is a
    good thing.


    The EU wants us to have any form of PR because it creates confusions with no possibility of clear leadership, law and government.


    UKIP is up the creek without a paddle on this one and I despise it.  I wish I had not wasted years trying to make a party credible when the leadership has its head so far

    shoved up its own backside.


    DAMN UKIP  is there no one left with a brain???????????????????   
    FPTP is the system that works – AV is for crooked politicians and you will,
    is AV comes through – never vote for a

    person, just a party and ALL parties will be controlled by the EU –
    WAKE UP YOU PATHETIC IDIOTS!  UKIP does not win at FPTP because it is
    not GOOD ENOUGH!  And it will not win under

    AV.   AV is a suicide note to freedom.

    Peter Watson

    Former  Chairman UKIP North Dorset.

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate) .
to Reclaim YOUR Future 
Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
tel: 01291 – 62 65 62
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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 17/08/2010


Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  



This move will give Malcolm Lord Pearson more time to pursue his anti Islamic agenda and he can chase more lecture tours for Zionists in America  CLICK HERE

I guess not only can he spend more time on his family, but yet more in Scotland with his barking mad neighbour Christopher Monckton – when not in hot pursuit of Zionist awards:

You will recall this blog announced, before the leadership selection farce that, that Farage had been forced to stand down in return for the financial backing of Stuart Wheeler and the hope of City interest and contributions – so desperate was Farage that he even went on TV and rubbished his own MEPs saying his leading MEPs were useless as he feared they might get more votes than the placeman Pearson.

Much hissing and spitting came from all the normal scum in UKIP trying desperately to prove this blog & Junius wrong.

When Pearson was put in place – which seems to be the story of his life!
Put in place by his Dad at Eton – seemingly nil qualifications, thick as a brick!
Put in place with a part of his Dad’s insurance company with competent people to run it and told to go out for lunch.
Put in place by Margaret Thatcher for his lunch contacts around the City.
Put in place in The House of Lords as too thick to be an MP.
Put in place as leader of UKIP as Farage was known to be untrustworthy.

Looks like Pearson has finally, having been
Put in his place by his two previous wives is finally
Putting himself in the place we predicted quoting this blog when
he said he is “not much good at party politics”.

In December we stated that Stuart Wheeler was unlikely to stay with UKIP and you will recall he was so disgusted by Farage and his squabbling incompetent MEPs he notoriously stated after one session with them ‘why am I proping them up with my money when all they do is squabble and back stab each other’, shortly after he did as we had predicted and quit setting up his own Party to stand against UKIP.

We also let it be known Pearson’s opinion of the MEPs and their scum and riff raff parasites was:
‘If only they would all go to Strasburgh and never come back’

Also in December we announced that Pearson would stand down immediately after the General Election surrendering his titular position to Bannerman – we were half right – he did stand down immediately after the election but was talked into not announcing it due to Nigel Farage’s misfortunate foolish plane crash. Then of course due to David Bannerman’s corruption and fraud as exposed by The Sunday Times in Daniel Foggo’s article where Agnew, Pearson and Farage were exposed embroiled in fraud and money laundering and Agnew openly explained on camera how he and David Bannerman were involved in defrauding the tax payers for Peter Reeve’s enrichment!

This left Pearson with two problems – first he felt obliged to keep secret the fact that this blog had announced he was leaving immediately after the election – much spin and dishonesty took place regarding this blog and myself to desperately dispel the facts stated here the ususual filth was brought to the fore to lie about me and in passing Junius in a desperate attempt to discredit the facts we regularly present liars like Brendan Padmore & Anthony Butcher were mobilised to ensure dishonesty had a platform through their anything but British and clearly un-democratic Forum where they dance to the lies and tune of UKIP as presented by the likes of Croucher, McTrough, Clive Page, Richard Allen, Douglas Denny, Paul Nuttall and their various corrupt pseudonyms.

At least Brendan Padmore has admitted in his persona as BA Ware that I am banned for exposing him and Anthony Butcher as dishonest, corrupt and liars. You may recall I was banned for life for telling the truth when Peter Reeve was under investigation by Cambridgeshire Police for assault. Further factual postings I made were removed on the instruction of Paul Nuttall despite the fact that it was proved that Paul Nuttall was using lies to bully the unprincipled and gutless Anthony Butcher.

To return to the irrefutable fact that this blog was absolutely correct in its predictions, as was the team at Junius, when we said Farage had been removed because wisely City money could NOT be trust him, Pearson was PUT in place on City instruction.

Stuart Wheeler, as we predicted quit early in disgust.

Pearson resigned immediately after the General Election.

Pearson was talked into not announcing because of Farage’s crash.

Bannerman then became a liability as placeman for Pearson’s replacement due to fraud and an OLAF enquiry (ongoing).

Pearson desperate to leave nominated the village idiot from Rannoch as deputy.

The members were duped by the village idiot’s title and Christopher Monckton of ‘Much Barking’ became deputy leader to give Pearson a way out before he made even more of an idiot of himself backing Zionism, anti Islam and the corrupt and useless Tories.

If you missed our predictions going back to last November – which have ALL proved right – you can read it in the history sheets tomorrow or online as they play catch-up.

To date in well over 1,000 blogs on the subject of UKIP this blog has quite astonishingly not put a foot wrong it seems.

Junius has an equally sound track record as far as I can see.

Further this blog has NEVER deliberately defamed or libelled anyone trying as best we can to ensure every comment we make is accurate.

The only serious mistake we have EVER had to correct and apologise for was that we made the not unreasonable conclusion that Richard Allen was Richard Allen 😉 but it seems there are two of them – there was the Richard Allen who was the other member on Del Young’s branch in a tree in Blaby – when it seems the serial idiot and supporter of the corruption of Anthony Butcher’s grubby little forum is a different person.

We do apologise to the Richard Allen of Blaby for accidentally befouling his name by association.

Finally it is clear that in standing down on 02-Sep-2010 Pearson is clearly favouring Christopher Monckton as his interim leader (a position that does not exist within the framework of the UKIP Constitution!) and we gather in complete disregard for the credibility of UKIP the clown wants the cuedos  and will take the role until a proper election (that would be a first for UKIP!) can be ‘ORCHESTRATED’.

On the 26-Aug-2010 UKIP will be announcing who they have selected to strengthen the cabal on the NEC (however as it has not been lawfully constituted as an NEC election I believe there is every possibility of a High Court challenge to the Selection being validated and they may have to have a legitimate election – another first for UKIP!) alternately we would expect the leadership election to be held, alongside the next NEC appointment scam which should be announced in the pre Christmas in house comic.

There is likely to be much raising of profile with many a statement in abuse of his position of Chairman by Paul Nuttall, to enhance his position to have a shot at leadership – however I believe he will have his work cut out bolstering the sad figure of Michael Zuckerman in trying to give validity to the NEC selection as it becomes apparent that the selection would seem to be invalid under law!

The more dishonest the manipulation by filth like Denny, Croucher, McGough and their ilk the deeper the mire in which the party finds itself – you will note the alacrity with which Farage works the smoke, the mirrors and the strings but uses his useful idiots to front his ineptitude as he pays them with money ‘obtained’ from the tax payers, which he corruptly manipulates for his own gain.

When will we see UKIP act ethically and in the interest of these United Kingdoms – date I state the obvious? NEVER.

Surely now is the time for UKIP, which has been an utter failure under a succession of useless leaders from Michael Holmes to date and back to its foundations it has NEVER had a leader of any competence whatsoever.

UKIP has been an abject failure from day one, if you count its achievements based upon its stated aim of campaigning to get Britain out of the EU.

UKIP has however been a huge but failing success in its hidden aim of enriching a claque of charlatans of little and no merit.

NOW rather than another rigged replacement of leader, hot on the foot of the rigged and unlawful NEC selection, would it not be the right and honest time to do the very British thing and show some integrity and close down UKIP, which stands between the British peoples and the emergence of a EUroRealist force to take us out of the EU.

The only likely upset to this would be if Bannerman, Batten or Nuttall (none of whom have the ability, intelligence, competence or integrity, being dishonest and liars, to hold the job) should they challenge over the next few weeks Farage will step in to block them – though for him to declare as titular leader AND continue as actual leader would be very unwise in his present parlous state of health.

Farage not only requires surgery over the next few months the crash coming on top of many years of his debauched life style has done far more damage than he is letting on both physically and to his confidence as he frequently, and understandably, wakes reliving the fear of that crash and its immediate aftermath. Justin Adams Nigel’s pilot on the day also did not walk away as unscathed as he might, having been back in hospital several times since and with consequential problems that have cost him 1.1/2 stone in weight loss for no immediately discernible reason.

There is more to the story of the crash than is currently in the public domain, sometime I’ll get around to doing a write up.

Farage is a fool if he takes on the leadership, but we all know just what a fool he can regularly be when he sees his ‘milch cow’ at risk. At risk his ‘milch cow’ clearly is because there is absolutely nothing but total dross likely to step up to the plate, for how else could one describe David Bannerman, Paul Nuttall, John Bufoon & Jelly Button – dishonest corrupt racist, anti Jewish, homophobic and before they all jump up and down and wet their nappies YES Corrupt and Dishonest – not one spoke out against the utterly corrupt process that put them in position on the selection list as MEPs CLICK HERE

Liars YES without exception as proven beyond any doubt.

Racist, anti Jewishand homophobic – yes irrefutably just like their puppet master the utterly corrupt Nigel Farage they have participated and colluded as members of the vile pan EU political party EFD grouping chaired by the undeniably corrupt Nigel Farage along with all of the UKIP MEPs except Nikki Sinclaire who refused to collude with such scum from day one and we note Mike Nattrass (dim but better late than never) woke up to the disgusting nature of his position and then finally quit and legged it on holiday to hide in Portugal – where I gather he is keeping an eye on our blogs.

Not ONE of the scum still in the vile EFD is fit to lead a British Party but in view of UKIP’s clear support for the NEC with Croucher and Farage endlessly recruiting for them and Denny, McTrough, and their ilk damaging UKIP and showing it has absolutely no principles, maturity or political wisdom perhaps Mr. Griffin or the faintly ridiculous Steve Uncles might care to take over – at least they have more integrity than the present leadership as they do at least state their case and try to carry it out unlike any of the weak wet self serving parasites in leadership and office in UKIP.

Grubby little Batten will be in there like a rat up a drainpipe the second he is back from holiday imn fact he is as we speak probably standing in line for a ‘standby’ ticket to get back early so as not to let David Bannerman or the ashes of a ‘claimed’ ancestor or his desk get the better of him and I note – as predicted the farcical figure of Paul Nuttall issuing announcements to raise his sad profile.

David Bannerman can be relied upon to stand with some standardised pack of lies, as ever – he would stand if someone was offering a janitors job, is it that he can not sit has his desk been sold off remember the one his Father acquired! – but is he eligible whilst under investigation for fraud when he is so clearly guilty as shown on camera by Stuart Agnew. He has never won a fair election and was the prime moover in the unarguable corruption that brought UKIP into risible disrepute based not just his lies about his ‘fancifull’ claims of ancestry that were a TOTAL lie but there was the liar Geoffrey Titford who tried dishonestly in conclusion with the slime Gulleford and then again the lies and dishonesty of the filth Peter Reeve and his doxy Duffy and of course the lies of Nuttall at the aptly named Ugly meeting!

There is absolutely no one in UKIP’s present herarchy that is fit to wipe the Rs of 80% of the sad beguiled old age pensioners and BNP members with hair styles and blazers, who know so little of the truth about UKIP who support and fund the Party and its lies.

In desparation some dullard advocated the political and international prostitute Marta Andreasen, who would just about sum up all of the achievements of UKIP to date – a farce, a liar, a cheat and utterly alien.

Surely now is the time to shut down this odious and corrupted Party that is now no more than a ticket on the gravy train for a few hand selected parasites.

It is in passing worth noting that other than Lord Pearson’s disgracefull treatment and lies about Nikki Sinclaire his leadership was only of any note as the predicted failure of a weak and venal hobbyist – who has a reputation for being the kiss of death to most projects he touches – For example ‘Global Britain’ which achieved the sum total of rock all save provide a platform for the humourless Ruth Lee who seems to be a pundit for much but never for long! Pearson then destroyed ‘Global Britain’ as even a think tank of any repute by using it for criminal Money Laundering as exposed by The Sunday Times in some detail CLICK HERE

We understand his move now is because despite his belief that he could raise money for UKIP as a safe pair of hands no one in City terms was prepared to touch any association with UKIP with Nigel Farage so much as in sight, which is hardly surprising as he has gathered around him liars and crooks like Douglas Denny, Mike McGough, Mark Croucher and yet more pond life as his personal body guard and has formed an extremist racist, anti Jewish pan EU political party EFD Group.

We understand that Pearson is likely to take with him James Pryor, who was absolutely useless to UKIP as we predicted last November and also the deeply unpopular Bridget (Death) Rowe and her foul mouth! The aim being, we understand, to set up a ‘Think Tank / Pressure Group’ with City money, primarily with a view to campaigning for an IN / OUT Referendum relative to The EU.

It will in my opinion attract a number of very worthy stuffed shirts, the normal aray of parasites and be a total failure doing a huge amount of damage to EUroRealism and maybe even sounding the death knell of the EUroSceptic movement until events overtake us and we see the EU collapse into the inevitable wars of disassociation – another of Pearson’s half baked hobbies that will never be followed through?

For other current comments CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future   
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future   


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