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Archive for the ‘EUkip; UKIP; Stuart Wheeler; Iain Dale;’ Category

#407* – Up HIM & DOWN DALE!!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 29/03/2009

#407* – Up HIM & DOWN DALE!!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership
& NEC is what gives the remaining 10%
a bad name!



it does rather look as if the author of Political Gossip UK CLICK HERE has seen straight through Stuart Wheewler’s position and Iain Dale’s also.

Stuart Wheeler has made it abundantly clear that by giving EUkip what amounts to petty cash in his book (rather less than £10,000 per Region!) he has received a huge gain for his stance in opposition to membership of The EU. On the Politics Show Stuart Wheeler made it abundantly clear he was NOT supporting EUkip and he even said MEPs had no effect whatever their persuasion – Stuart Wheeler has pulled of a positive Coup, he has put a shot across the bows of Vapid Cameron and bought more media space, column inches, radio coverage and TV time than many multiples of £100,000 could have bought him.

As spread bets go this must have been one of Stuart Wheeler’s best ever – it was guaranteed to be a winner – even EUkip do not realise just how demeaned they are by this, they are worth only the petty cash from a rich man’s pocket a mere bagattelle to influence the Tories!

Aware of the parlous state of cash flow in various regions this filippe will be welcome as even £10,000 per region will make a great difference – which is a sad reflection on the leadership relative to 2004 when the war chest for the EU election was running at £2,000,000+.

I am pretty sure the East Midlands is not alone in being near borassic with almost no activists other than those the odious Derek Clark has paid as praise singers – clearly no one will turn out to get that worm elected save those who hope to profit by it until the end of June. That there is so little in the fund and so few attend Clark’s meetings is hardly surprising in view of EUkip’s betrayal of the British peoples and every principle on which the party was founded and grew.

Who would want an evil dishonest self serving pond life as the doddering and dishonest Derek Clark returned a second time – once was more than enough damage.

To return to the comments of Political Gossip UK – as you read it do note his prescient comments about the olleagenous Iain Dale – he seems to have his measure!

What is Stuart Wheeler Really Up To?

Well Stuart Wheeler is donating £100,000 to UKIP and has urged Tory’s to vote UKIP at the Euro elections. However, he plans to remain a member of the Conservative Party and to vote Conservative at the Local and General Election.

So, what is he up to?

Well, watching him on the Politics Show today, he admitted that MEPs have no power (and therefore the vote is not that important to governance) and that all he wishes to do is to send a message to the 2 main Parties of how ‘important’ the issue of Europe really is, in the hope, that Cameron (in particular) changes his stance on Europe, moving towards a more Eurosceptic/withdrawalist position.

(Not forgetting he also mentioned that his family admit he is vain and garnishes publicity from time to time – where else could one get so much media coverage for only £100,000?).

So what does this say about UKIP? Well, the £100,000 will be useful (providing the Leader spreads it around the Regions and not ‘hog it’ for the South East only), but lets admit, this is no ringing endorsement for the Party. Rather than be seen a a ‘Real Political Party’ with ambitions for power to change the way this country is run, Wheeler sees UKIP merely as a ‘Pressure Group’ against the Tories.
So, despite his much covered media exposure, Nigel Farage has failed to convince any serious minded individual that UKIP is worth voting for, other than to act as a ‘Protest Vote’ – GREAT – well done UKIP – you’ve come far in the last 3 years. If the BNP were not so embroiled in a history of Racism, we are confident, the money would be going to them.

We are concerned nevertheless, that Mr Wheeler, allegedly a ‘man of principle,’ is prepared to support a Party like UKIP, so mired in allegations of ‘corruption and wrongdoing’ as reported in the media. However, he did say during the TV interview, that he regarded the issue of Europe as ‘more important than anything else’ – so perhaps he is happy to turn a blind eye. On refelction, this must be the case, as he was happy to endorse a Party embroiled in Cash for Questions and Minster’s infedility and ‘Swords of Truth’ perjury’s etc etc.

It’s a pity though that he is clearly not well read on the subject of UKIP’s actions -. Derek Clarke signing for greater subsidiarity in the EU and Nigel Farage calling for a ‘new approach to Europe’ – hardly a withdrawalist position.

However, we do see some Shinnanagins in the background. We understand that Ian Dale is callling for Stuart Wheeler to be ‘kicked out’ of the Tory Party for his ‘treason’. Mmmmmm. Ian Dale knows full well that all this is likely to achieve, is the driving of Mr Wheeler into the hands of UKIP – the Leader of which is a ‘close friend’ of Ian Dale.
After all, we were all confused in this office at Mr Dale’s effusive comments towards Nigel Farage – but we understand that a few meals and drinks together have placed these 2 individuals at a different ‘operating level’. According to a Nigel Farage critic, ‘Nigel was never fussy about the company he kept’.

However, Mr Wheeler, we at Political Gossip UK believe you are mistaken in supporting UKIP on the grounds that it is not the Party you think it is, and if you wish to send Cameron a message, then arrange a lunch with him and ‘thrash out’ your differences. Meanwhile, let’s all watch and see how well UKIP spends your money.

To view the original article on Political Gossip UK CLICK HERE

Has the crew at Political Gossip come to the same view as I and others in that Iain Dale would seem to have more than a reasonable interest in the well being of Farage. Could the stridency of Iain Dale’s dismissal of Stuart Wheeler be founded on Jealousy or spite? Clearly Iain Dale seeks to damage The Tories in the long run and is seeking to push Stuart Wheeler into the arms of Farage – I would presume that foolish as Stuart Wheeler may be with his petty cash he is not as dumb as Iain Dale would wish him to be to comply with his underhand behaviour.

Be minded that Farage stated that he needed £300,000 for the south Eastern Region and I hear that to date just short of £40K has been raise and spent on Bill Boards this additional £10K will help but still leaves a shrtfall of £260K coincidentally close to the amount that Farage deposited to Farage Educational Trust in The Isle of Man bank a/c, a sum similar to the £250K that was deposited from the Ashford funds to a personal banknote of an executive managing the original plant; similarly £211K went inexplicably missing in the region.

Could it be that this is all a Fiduciary investigative exploitation which has been engineered? Clearly under £10,000 per Region will do little for EUkip in real terms, as together with the £40K that would still leave the SW Region with in the region of £250K short and be minded that to use the nomenclature ‘short fall’ is eventually likely to become exposed for the understatement it is!!

There is of course the possibility that The Tories are colluding with Stuart Wheeler to effect a EUkip dead cat bounce, whereby righteous indignation is permitted giving rise to Zionisation of yet larger contingents of Farage’s Fan Club blind as they are to facts or details. As in a separation of the expansionist ambitions outstripping principles as in both EUkip and Zionism.

Time will tell!

Just what is Iain Dale’s motivation for the attack on Tory best interests, why is he seeking to alienate Stuart Wheeler? Is it that he has in fact been exposed by and thwarted by the Tories and is looking for new best friends!


What is the exit and survival plan for these United Kingdoms to maximise on the many benefits of leaving The EU. It is the DUTY of our Politicians and Snivil Cervants to ensure the continuity, liberty and right to self determination of our peoples they have a DUTY to protect against crime and secure both our food and our border.

NONE of these DUTIES has a single British politician upheld for 40 years. They have drawn their incomes fraudulently and dishonesty.

Politicians are failing to tell the truth, but so are almost all wanabe Politicians, the MSM and Snivil Cervants.

The fact is that even if EVERY British MEP wanted change in The EU it would achieve NOTHING.
Every single British Politician, of EVERY Party, elected since before we joined the EUropean Common Market, has promised to change The EU’s CAP – In 40 Years they have achieved absolutely NOTHING!

To try to put a value on OUR Freedom is as futile as floccipaucinihilipilification and as odious as the metissage of our societies, as we rummage in the ashes of our ancestors dreams, sacrifices and achievements, the flotsam of our hopes and the jetsam of our lives, consider the Country and Anglosphere which we leave our children and the future, with shame!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62


I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country. Deny the self seeking & meaningless wanabe MEPs the Mythical Mandate for which they clamour. Diktat is imposed from The EU but Law should be made at Westminster, for our Country & our Peoples.

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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