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Archive for the ‘BURTON’ Category


Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 06/09/2010


Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name! 



So it seems little is new – first the leaks about Eric Edmond which you will note this blog did NOT run with in detail as we could NOT confirm that the NEC had actually fired him as a UKIP member and actually doubted the leak passed our way!!

We now believe our instinct was right and Dr. Edmond has NOT been fired by the NEC – we understand that it has been decided that Dr. Edmond should be suspended pending a disciplinary hearing – Clever that as it means he is debarred from the leadership contest anyway and MAY feel a need for some constraint pending his hearing. I think their plan is much predicated by Michael Zukerman’s position but more of that in a moment!

I also hear that Elizabeth Burton was also commenting and there is absolutely no doubt she was opening envelopes at the count and no doubt discounting votes ‘according to the ruling on the day‘ which precluded more than one vote in an envelope, as from husband and wife, yet found it acceptable to count votes not just filled in in accord with Godfrey Blooms utterly corrupt instructions but even when they included his instructions in the envelope.

Clearly this vote was completely ultra vires to the rules, democracy and natural justice – not to mention common sense.

We note that Elizabeth Burton has refused to deny the fact that she was even counting her own votes in another room – we are expecting her eventually to leak a rumour that having helped smooth out a few votes in the main room she took a dog for a walk!!!! I doubt anyone on UKIP’s leadership or NEC to have the integrity to stand up and tell the truth as I do not believe there is anyone in UKIP’s leadership team and parasites WITH integrity – or we would have been told in an open and transparent manner why Michael Zukerman did not attend the count – more of that in a moment!

I see the timetable for the election is on the verge of leaking out without fanfare but more in keeping with UKIP like silent flattulence – so much that UKIP does is little more than malodorous and offensive – more of that in a moment!

The closing date is to be 27-Sep-2010 and the result will be announced on 05-Nov-2010.

I just couldn’t help laughing!!

Have you spotted the UKIPism?

Of course you have – there is absolutely no mention of a vote, how very UKIP and it may explain why people like Burton, McTrough, Curtis and the other completely useless NEC members are elected – in UKIP NEC stands for No Evident Competence!

The discussion regarding Michael Zukerman was interesting but as I have said from day one he had  No Evident Competence – more of that in a moment!

I hear that there is no truth in the rumour that for a fee Kirsten Farage is to act as Returning Officer for the leadership placement. I am however certain Michael Zukerman will not take on the task – he was an abysmal failure in the NEC election failing to present a trustworthy result and thus as Party secretary, Returning Officer and a solicitor seemingly colluding in undeniable corruption – more of that in a moment!

We also note that the liar and all round UKIP bad egg (malodorous?) David Bannerman is performing like a circus poodle and has jumped up to perform its tricks and jump through hoops for there is nothing he likes more than turning tricks in the ring – as with the last leadership selection David Bannerman dragging the corpse of someone’s long dead distant relative in his desk around the room (Maloderous? na, just tastless and dishonest!).

David The Desk has come into the leadership selection as a spoiler for Farage and when he loses, as is the plan, Farage will make him Deputy Leader de ja vu all over again. You will remember the last leadership placement when Farage was put in place there were all sorts of rumours that Farage & the liar Bannerman were not on speaking terms because Bannerman had attacked Farage in a speech – I gather usually when people are attacked by Bannerman the police are called but even the women eventually do not press charges and the Acton calls also tended to fall through I am told.

I wonder who will be their next puppet chairman – McTrough perhaps he has proved a reliable and consistent liar and endlessly brings the party into disrepute – more of that in a moment!

Sorry folks another task has just come up as a result of a call from Strasbourg.

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future   
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future   


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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 01/09/2010


Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their corrupt anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!


UKIP News: Elizabeth Burton, Hague & Bannerman, Clark & UKIP Liverpool

we therefore expect them to stand as clearly
UKIP’s new logo? It is certainly much more apt than the current pound symbol!

Elizabeth Burton counted her own votes in NEC election!
It just gets worse!

We cannot do better than quote from Dr Edmond’s blog:

Allegations that NEC candidate, Elizabeth Burton counted her own votes!
Whilst waiting to drive on the 8th hole this evening I received a tip off from someone present at the

UKIP NEC count shambles that
completely invalidates the whole process.
Please Note (insert by G.L-W.)
A fuller copy of the facts pertaining to NEC Status under the Constitution can be found as part of CLICK HERE 
However the pertinent rule would seem, unarguably, to be:

The Returning Officer shall appoint staff to assist in the count. Candidates and their appointees shall not be permitted to assist in the count.

I haven’t checked the other claim that head office staff may not conduct the count, which would in fact surprise me – AS LONG AS The official Returning Officer is present with registered scrutineers on behalf of adequate candidates.

The Full UKIP – NEC – ELECTION – RULES can be seen if you CLICK HERE
The UKIP CONSTITUTION can be read in full at CLICK HERE

I too have heard Burton was involved in counting!!! This alone must surely totally invalidate the entire election even in UKIP – it would in a banana republic!
I do appreciate UKIP has a long and well establish record of corruption in elections and selection processes.
This total scam with the open abuse of the data base by a party officer, party staff and an MEP in circulating members officially advising them how to vote and deliberately defaming an elected MEP by clearly linking them with the liar, cheat, fraudster and convicted criminal Tom Wise UKIP MEP who Farage ensured stayed in office as an MEP until his UKIP membership ran out shortly before the end of his elected term and prior to his trial and 2 year prison sentence. 
Farage took absolutely Zero action against Tom Wise to have him disciplined and took absolutely no action to remove him from his EU Parliamentary Group, and ZERO action to withdraw his membership and had his muppet Douglas Denny lie, lie and lie to dupe people into believing Wise was NOT guilty of bringing UKIP into disrepute!!!
Further Farage authorised Croucher to lie on UKIP web site and dishonestly seek to mislead the press, members and others that Tom Wise UKIP MEP had been exonerated by the EU of the crimes of which there was absolutely intontrovertible evidence which UKIP knew I had supplied to the Police).
UKIP under the leadership of Farage whether titular or defacto is a catastrophic morass of corruption – this is just another minor example – To UKIP the morality of the actions of their leadership is an absolute irrelevance as long as their leader his chosen puppets and their parasites can be kept swimming in the gravy boat!
It is time this filth was cleaned up, wound up and encacerated to make way for a pro British, patriotic, libertarian party actively exposing the malign corruption and lack of democracy of The EU – NOT scum like UKIP’s leadership and parasites acting out their self enrichment scams and wallowing in the filth that is The EU with such glee.

we therefore expect them to stand as clearly

My informant alleged that votes were counted by head office staff. When one of these staff pointed out to Challis, his boss and UKIP’s office manager that this was against the rules they were allegedly told by Challis to get on with it. The NEC appointed returning officer Zuckerman seems not to have been present. Who is his nominated deputy John Knotts? Why did he not enforce the rules banning head office staff from executing this count? Did he even know what the rules were?

Worse, at 3 pm on the afternoon of the count to speed things up, it is alleged Elizabeth Burton, a candidate was called in to help. It is alleged she was seated in a separate room from the other counters, in Trevor Colman’s old office, to do her part of the count. Was this Mr Knotts idea of how to conduct a count?

I wrote this morning that UKIP was degenerating to Banana republic practices but that if these allegations are correct it is insulting to Banana republics! Not even Robert Mugabe counted his own votes as it is alleged Elizabeth Burton did! I hope Elizabeth Burton can rebut these allegations.

Clearly these NEC results cannot stand and the whole voting procedure must be repeated as the integrity of the ballot itself has been clearly compromised. For God’s sake UKIP get the ERS to conduct the ballot rerun. It deeply saddens me that the UKIP ruling Cabal has resisted for so long using the ERS. If UKIP wants to be considered as serious political party it has to clean up its internal voting procedures otherwise it will remain a vehicle for pathetic media wanabees and the people of the UK will have no hope of escaping their enslavement by the EU.

UKIP is now a party dominated by a Cabal desperately trying to cling onto power. Fish and political parties rot from the head. UKIP needs a new leader and a fresh NEC. I will happily stand down in favour of Tim Congdon if Gerard Batten will do likewise. We need a leader untainted by the EFD group with its racist neo-Nazi associations . A leader based in the UK, who will work in the UK, to get us out of the EU
To see the original: LINK Also see: LINK

William Hague & David Bannerman

David Bannerman was once described to us as ‘UKIP’s William Hague’. We assumed that they were referring to Hague and Bannerman’s joint charisma bypass. However, it could be something else!

Derek Clark on gas guzzlers

The odious Paul Nuttall is still driving around in his EU/UK taxpayers funded car. See: LINK
Our story caused a bit of a stir in Brussels. One senior UKIPPER was even accosted in a bar and accused of being a hypocrite for “living like an emperor” thanks to his EU salary.

We were hoping that Derek Clark was going to give Nuttall a piece of his mind. After all, it was Clark who during a speech attacked BORRUSO for driving an environmentally unfriendly Volkswagen Touareg.

But sadly Clark has decided to remain silent when it comes to UKIP’s very own living tribute to Benito Mussolini. More double standards. Such a shame!

UKIP & David Bellamy
UKIP Liverpool is behind a crass attempt to use David Bellamy’s name to boost support for the party.

From YouTube:

UKIPMerseyside 25 July 2010

Have you ever wondered why David Bellamy is not seen on your TV any more. If scientists don’t follow the political line on man-made Climate change, they get the chop. Join UKIP or email

We can confirm that David Bellamy was not asked if he minded being used as a recruitment tool for UKIP. We can also confirm that Mr. Bellamy is not a supporter of UKIP.

Next time UKIP Liverpool should ask celebrities before using their image and name for political purposes.

Here is the video.

It is quite ironic that Robin Page is mentioned during the interview. He left UKIP after being the subject of a dirty tricks campaign in order to prevent him becoming a MEP candidate. They also denied John West, Alison West and Christopher Hudson the chance to stand. All were extremely popular members of UKIP and would have easily beaten Bannerman and Agnew in a fair fight. Piers Merchant – the Returning Officer for the internal election – recommended to the NEC that the selection process be rerun. His recommendations were ignored because Bannerman and Agnew had been promised the top slots by Farage. Ironically, Bannerman and Agnew were later exposed by the Sunday Times as misusing their EU allowances to illegally pay Peter Reeve! See: LINK

Here are extracts from Robin’s former Daily Mail blog. Both date from 2009:

I have had enough. I expect political parties to be transparent, democratic and accountable. Sorry, it seems to me that UKIP fails on all three counts. It is a tragedy, and remember that after the 2004 European Elections UKIP thought it had achieved a great breakthrough. Now because of its own behaviour it is facing the great “break-up” amid accusations of rigged internal elections, tales of extravagance and high living in Brussels and an embarrassing stampede to join the European Gravy Train this summer And over all this rules UKIP’s Blair-like leader Nigel Farage, yet another ex-public school boy who appears to have turned UKIP into his personal fiefdom. It would appear that he has the power to appoint and to sack as the mood takes him. It is quite extraordinary and extremely sad.

After the 2004 European Elections UKIP rode on the crest of a wave with 12 Members of the European Parliament, 2.7 million votes, 16.8% of the vote and membership of 26,000.

UKIP’s MEP’s have dropped to nine through defection and expulsion. One, former leader Jeffrey Titford has left his East Anglian constituency to live in Sussex, without informing his constituents, and membership is down to 14,000 – sorry, 13,999. At the Henley by-election last year UKIP came sixth, behind the Greens and the BNP, polling just 2.4%.

Already some UKIP diehards are claiming that I have “stormed off in a rage”. Nothing could be further from the truth. It has taken me eight months to decide to resign – it must be one of the slowest and most laid-back resignations ever. In addition I liked Nigel Farage, indeed he was a guest at my wedding four years ago.

Warning signals about the state of UKIP first came to me some time ago with the dismissal of Richard North – the brains behind many of UKIP’s better policies and exposures. Together with Christopher Booker he has been responsible for some important EU exposures in the Daily Mail too. Even discussing his sacking with Nigel I could never get a sensible explanation of Richard’s sin. I can now only conclude that his light shone too brightly.

Then came my exclusion from the UKIP European Election List last year. The suggestion to put my election papers in late, and with permission, came from UKIP’s own officials – the Regional Organiser for the East and the HQ Office Manager. They required only a cheque for £250 and my CRB (police check) forms early – which they received. My other papers they suggested could be completed after I returned from a writing trip to the Scillies – or in UKIP’s case, very silly.

On my return (the first Friday in June), there was a letter from the Office Manager who had arranged everything, telling me that I had been excluded from the elections – for doing exactly what he had told me to do. Robert Mugabe eat your heart out!

I immediately contacted Nigel who assured me that he would put it to “the Political Committee”. He later phoned to say; “The Political Committee” had confirmed my exclusion.

At a meeting in Ugley on Feb 7th UKIP’s Chairman, Paul Nuttall (appointed by Pol Pot Farage), stated to an amazed audience of disillusioned UKIPPERS, that Nigel was the “political committee”, and there were no minutes or agendas of the meetings, when, presumably, Nigel met himself – it was then that I finally felt the dagger slowly passing between my shoulder-blades. At the meeting the Chairman told me that he would arrange a meeting between Nigel and me – no meeting was arranged. Resignation was my only honourable option.

I am sad about it, as I have met many good people at grass roots level within UKIP, but it seems to me that the Party has been stolen from the grass roots by its executive. Now all that executive seems to want is to board the European Gravy Train at all costs. Just under 2000 years ago Tacitus wrote words to the effect: “Britons are very good at being Roman. They like the baths, the forum and they think they are becoming Roman whereas in fact these devices enslave them to Rome.” Replace “Britons” with “UKIP MEPs” and “Roman” with “European” and the disintegration of UKIP is explained.

Dave, sleep peacefully, UKIP is a Small Party Getting Smaller Politics and politicians – what a shambles. Dave you may be lightweight – about the same weight as John Major – but you are considerably lighter than William Hague, who stupidly accepted the leadership of the Tory Party when he was too young. In my view later on today would be the right time for him.

Never mind – you can still sleep peacefully as the UKIP implosion continues apace through the skills of disintegration being used so well by leader Nigel Farage, now called “Fuhrer Farage” by many who can see what is going on. He is supported in all this nonsense by a group of handpicked nodding donkeys and sycophants who have turned UKIP in to a mini-mirror image of the EU – which they proclaim to hate. So the Party promising to clean up the sleaze and corruption of Brussels and leave the EU has becoming a Party slowly disappearing beneath what appears to be its own sleaze and corruption, with most of the “leaders” – Farage and friends – desperate to keep on or get on the Brussels Gravy Train. Incidentally I was reprimanded the other day for using the term Gravy Train – I was told it is a “Gravy Boat”, as modern boats are so much bigger than trains.

There are many questions to be asked – but so far none have been answered. I have asked them directly to Nigel Farage, and have never even had an acknowledgement. As a journalist, I need them answered for accuracy. As an individual I ask questions because I want to get to the facts – and the truth. I don’t want to smear or cast aspersions – I want the facts.

Some time ago Nigel told me that UKIP’s call centres were making a lot of money. How much? And where did the money go? The answers should be simple.

There are people who claim that huge amounts of money are not accounted for. I don’t know – is it true?

Some people tell me that Nigel has an “Educational Trust” on the Isle of Man. My simple questions to Nigel were – is this true? What does it do? Where did the money come from? All unanswered – so I don’t know whether this is true or false.

I understand that one evening Nigel had been enjoying the falling down water and had indeed fallen over. It is then claimed that he said of a Tory MEP of Asian origin: “Get that … away from me”. It was apparently witnessed, and indeed recorded, by others – is this true? That is all I have asked, and answers from UKIP’s leader would help to clarify the situation. We all have lapses – I recorded one of mine the other day (What an Own Goal). I am told that British MEPs from other parties witnessed all this – but I was also told “You’ll never get an answer as they are all at it”. Whatever does “at it” mean?

Dave, are your MEPs “at it” in Europe, and what are you going to do about it?

But UKIP’s state is even more serious – now any criticism of the Fuhrer is regarded as blasphemy, and properly elected members of UKIP’s NEC have been summarily turfed off, and John West – a Farage critic from Suffolk – next in line for the NEC has been stopped from filling the vacancy that the nodding donkey firing squad created.

Can you believe that all this is from the Party horrified by the lack of democracy and rampant corruption in Europe?Now even worse – the gang that has stolen UKIP from its grass roots want to change the constitution making it even less democratic. On the question of democracy – one of the nodding donkeys – MEP Jeffrey Titford, has moved to Sussex – miles out of his East Anglian constituency – yet as far as I am aware he has not told his constituents, nor his East Anglian party members (of who I am one) and he certainly has not had the decency to resign. Titford of course was an undertaker, now unwittingly helping to bury UKIP. Interestingly too, when Bob Spink first resigned from the Tory Party, he was described as “UKIP’s first MP”. Bob Spink has confirmed to me that he is not a UKIP MP he is an “Independent MP”.

As a result of all this, a group of virtually all UKIP’s high profile members is fighting the centralising of power by the Fuhrer and his nodding donkeys. They include

Sir Richard Body – former MP and first member of the House of Commons who could accurately be described as “green”: also, one of the few politicians I would cross the road to meet.

Roger Knapman MEP, former UKIP party leader

Piers Merchant former UKIP chief executive, returning officer and former MP

Prof. Tim Condon – one of the few nationally known figures to have joined UKIP

Bruce Lawson – former UKIP Treasurer

Dr.David Abbott – despite being an elected member of the NEC he was recently thrown off by the nodding donkeys.

Ukip’s constitutional changes are astonishing. One abolishes the Party’s annual business meeting – taking away the right of members to vote on the Party’s accounts –well there’s a surprise.

Another will abolish the democratic right of members to elect a Disciplinary Panel and it will give the unelected Party Chairman (appointed by the Leader) – with the most inappropriate name possible – ahem – Mr.Nutall – the arbitrary powers to suspend any member for any reason without a hearing.

I say, I say, I say, yes folks – this is UKIP – the party that believes the EU is corrupt and undemocratic.

At a time like this, when Britain needs a political party of substance and honesty – doesn’t it make you weep?

Sleep easy Dave – sadly you’ve nothing to worry about.

I HAVE ADDED numerous links to enhance & substantiate JUNIUS’ Excellent post.


But Far More Significantly for These UNITED KINGDOMS:

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future   
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future   


2 x Pics. by Andrew EDWARDS formerly UKIP Branch Chairman

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