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The Times, The Police & OLAF Seem Interested In Nigel Farage!!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 15/04/2014

The Times, The Police & OLAF Seem Interested In Nigel Farage!!

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The Times, The Police & OLAF Seem Interested In Nigel Farage’s expenses there seems to be around £60K adrift that was paid into his personal account!!


Second story in The Times:
Leading article, page 26
Tucked away at the end of a country lane in West Sussex, an unremarkable red-brick outhouse could now be at the centre of an EU expenses investigation into the leader of Britain’s fastest- growing political party.
Nigel Farage claimed the small farmyard building in Lyminster as his constituency office after being elected as an MEP in 1999. Known as the Old Grain Store, it was provided to Mr Farage rent-free by John and Julia Longhurst, local Ukip supporters. Although the office measures only 625 sq ft, Mr Farage claims to have spent more than £15,000 a year on its utilities and upkeep — all paid for out of EU allowances automatically given to each MEP with no requirement for them to justify their spending.
A former office manager at the Old Grain Store has now said that the correct figure was closer to £3,000 a year, a claim that Mr Farage disputes and that has now been referred to EU anti-fraud investigators.
David Samuel-Camps, 69, who worked as political assistant to Mr Farage between 2002 and 2010, was responsible for keeping the accounts for the Old Grain Store since about 2005.
Mr Samuel-Camps said that electricity, heating, insurance and business rates at the office totalled less than £250 a month. In transparency reports posted on Ukip’s website, Mr Farage claims to have spent almost £1,300 a month solely on these costs, although he said that they covered his home office as well. “Every month I’d contact Nigel one way or the other and say can you send me a cheque, you know the monthly cheque for however much it was,” the former office manager said. “He would send me a cheque, which I recall was a personal cheque, which I would then put into our office account in Arundel.
And then I would draw on that, as and when, for paying invoices.” Last night, Mr Farage claimed that he transferred £1,000 a month to run the Old Grain Store, without specifying what costs this covered.
Mr Samuel-Camps said that Mr Farage wrote a cheque for £700 a month but that this sum covered the entire upkeep of the office including equipment, phone bills and stationery.
Mr Samuel-Camps’s duties are now carried out by Ray Finch, Mr Farage’s personal “fixer” who, with two Ukip regional organisers, Steve Harris and Chris Adams, is based at the Lyminster office.
All three are paid out of European funds, but perform party political work, in an apparent breach of EU rules.
Mr Finch, a former surveillance engineer who is hoping to become an MEP in next month’s European elections, describes his duties as including “communications internally and externally”.
He was in regular contact with the press during a by-election in Eastleigh, Hampshire, last year. As regional organisers, Mr Harris and Mr Adams are responsible for building up the party in the south east.
A Ukip spokesman said that UK-based staff paid from EU funds “are approved constituency managers in line with advice given to us by the members’ services in Strasbourg”.
Other current and former Ukip staff have criticised Mr Farage for what they claim is the secretive way he and other Ukip MEPs spend hundreds of thou- sands of pounds garnered in European allowances. Martin Haslam, Ukip’s treasurer in the South East in 2005, said that party members based in Britain were “never allowed to get involved” with the sensitive question of EU funding.
“You’ve got this mystery in Brussels over where the money originates from,” he said. “I don’t quite know where it all goes.”
Mr Haslam rose to deputy treasurer of the party, but still found his inquiries into EU funds blocked. “There seems to be talk of thousands floating around that no one saw,” he said. “It would be in everyone’s interest that there should be an independent audit of the whole national set-up.
” When he was working in the Old Grain Store, Mr Haslam noticed a distinction in status between Ukip and its European equivalents. “You had great sums at a European level that didn’t seem to filter through to what I was doing,” he said. “It was a bit feudal.
You had these chaps in Brussels apparently getting huge salaries and expenses, and there were the poor peasants over here doing all the work”.
A Ukip spokesman rejected the claims: “Mr Haslam never had any responsibility for EU money. He was, for a brief period, responsible for the Ukip southeast accounts.” MEPs can receive hundreds of thou- sands of pounds in “allowances” from the EU every year with little or no scrutiny.
Mr Farage, who in 2009 said that he received almost £2 million in EU expenses, made sure he kept tight control over his party’s finances, with other Ukip MEPs made to sign over rights to monies received as a result of their memberships of special EU groups.
Nikki Sinclaire, a former Ukip MEP who is on bail over fraud charges, said that Mr Farage asked her to sign away her rights to “communication” budgets worth £62,000, which she received each year from her membership of the EFD, a European political group dominated by Ukip members.
Ms Sinclaire said that when she asked Mr Farage where the money was going he shouted at her and slammed his fist on a table.
Ukip did not comment on her allegations.
I understand that it was not long ago that Farage was forced to repay around £50>60K of tax payers’ money which he had dishonestly funded Ray Finch with, the salaries of party individuals is not a responsibility of the tax payer whether as a goffer or a regional organiser! Paperwork on this sum seems well hidden but it is a matter of open discussion.




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