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Archive for the ‘EUkip; UKIP; corruption; Mounsey; Croucher; Denny; McGough; Andrew Smith; Tom Wise;’ Category


Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 03/01/2009


Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership
& NEC is
what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!



it is interesting to note that 2 years ago it seems young Chris Mounsey was seeking sufficient notoriety from trying to denigrate me to sufficient to get himself elected to the NEC – now in 2009 we note Bob Feal-Martiniz, Michael McGough and others are trying to follow the same course.

Currently we have the same problems with EUkip – beset with dishonesty and corruption and led by self seekers and the dishonest. Nothing new there then!

That young Mounsey’s naive posturing is as fatuous now as it was then is sad but it would seem that he has grown up a little having moved away from EUkip, though I am aware he is still as willing to publish without checking his facts now as he did then!

So let me hand over to Mounsey whose posting was brought to my attention some 2 years after he made it through a quirck of Google:

So, for your edification,

I thought that I would publish the latest email missive from Greg, who sends them regularly to a number of organisations.

This particular email is one of the less libellous ones.

(Fortunately as I have NEVER libelled anyone, Chris’ rather stereotype inferrence has as little credibility as much else he says! It is interesting that to currie favour whilst seeking election to EUkip’s NEC he felt a need to sink to the levels of dishonesty of the likes of Malcolm Wood, Douglas Denny, Mark Croucher and the rest who seek preferrment in EUkip by seeking to demean me and lie about me!

A means to achievement to this day as you will note from the corrupt behaviour of such as Anthony Butcher & his fellow moderator Brendan Padmore who so readily cow tow to the demands of EUkip’s corrupt and dishonest leadership, providing a platform to those who seek self aggrandisement at my expense such as croucher, McGough, Denny and their ilk.)

Oh, and the “UKIP Forum” that he mentions is, in fact,
The British Independence and Democracy Forum which, whilst it used to be called the UKIP Forum, was asked to cease using that URL some time ago since it is not, in any way, affiliated with UKIP (although several UKIP members post there).

Reply to


Having seen many lies, distortions and abuse on UKIP Forum by serial liars like Douglas Denny, Mark Croucher and others and also gratuitous abuse by the dishonest foul mouthed
Annabell Fuller aka ‘BellyTricks’, and her odious little friend the revolting and childish ‘Devils Kitchen’ (aka Chris Mounsey) – was particularly disgusted at the endless dishonest and ill informed attacks made of people who resigned from EUkip in their disgust at the clearly dishonest leadership team.

The sordid, ill mannered behaviour of those in the pay of the EU through EUkip and their endless deceipt, duplicity and corruption from the unarguable dishonesty and fraud of Tom Wise, clearly on a self enrichment scam, (as made clear by the media and now under arrest and on bail!)) the duplicty of the NEC (with its lies and fantasies of BNP infiltration to cover for its own dishonesty!), MEPs and the corrupt inquiry of Trevor Colman in covering up shows them all to have colluded in the fraud.

The willingness to distort and lie in such an EU style relative to the whistleblower and the duplicity and deception of Lindsay Jenkins repeating lies verbally and in written form regarding myself.

The lies of Denny, Malcolm Wood, John Moran, Graham Booth and others in fear of exposure by myself and finally the lies about the £363,000 make one sick at the thought that these revolting people have siezed the controls, so clearly for their own gain as useful idiots acting for the EU, of EUkip which held such promise for the repatriation of independence and sovereignty for its grass roots and the honest activists.

I was aware that Alan Bown had made donations to EUkip during a period when seemingly he had lapsed from the electoral roll – I had thought the contribution was almost £500,000 but seemingly I over estimated – I had assumed that Alan Bown had dropped off of the electoral roll for personal reasons as I knew he still had his house and other properties and I assumed he had done so to either avoid begging letters having sold his business, to avoid ‘old rivalries’ as his background was possibly unsavoury having made his money as a professional gambler with betting shops, or finally that having taken up with some woman now he had money he was elluding a spouse – who knows.

I DID know Alan Bown was not on the electoral roll and I spoke to the then treasurer John deRoeke (John has made public confirmation of this however it was during a transitional stage when the Treasurer had become Andrew Smith), David Lott and Nigel Farage advocating they regularise the matter to avoid being ‘zapped’ when they could politically least afford it!
This and other reasons combine to clarify why I always stated Nigel Farage was EUkip’s greatest asset and greatest liability – NF is clearly the only direct link wittingly between the illegal money and the present management since Alan Bown had no legal responsibility to know his payment was unlawful – it was the duty of EUkip to ensure ALL donations were lawful NF & others deliberately floutted the law even if it could be shown they originally acted out of incompetence.

To see the odious behaviour of Farage supporters and those seeking to keep their snouts, if not in the troughs at least clear of risk, prepared to berate, lie, denigrate and distort – particularly on UKIP Forum, is a sickening spectacle.

Consider the lies and distortions of the posturing and idiotic little Croucher where I have lifted his whole farago of lies from UKIP Forum and commented in text commencing >>> and ending <<Denny, Page, Croucher, Wood, Moran, Wise, Knapman, Batten, Jenkins, Booth and other liars, cheats and dissemblers will none of them be man enough nor have the integrity to apologise for the lies they have spread about me just as The Sunday Telegraph will clearly show my warnings have been right – to the detail!

We desperately need a strong opposition in Government as a Government is as good as its opposition – is it any wonder Labour are a disaster – just look at the callibre of The Tories to understand how they can be so dishonest and so incompetent – clearly apart from the sad old Ming and his team of s**t Eaters, drunk & perverts it would seem every British Party has a liar, a cheat and a fraud as leader, clearly EUkip is becoming more mainstream by the minute, they even have a couple of ineffectual passed over Peers now!

Britain desperately needs a STRONG EUroRealist Party Pressure Group acting politically to chuck the evil communist construct of a EUropean soviet and to redeem our democracy and the fundamental human right of self determination liberated from the undemocratic EU the communist Gaulleiters and the doctorine of Common Purpose so wrapped in the dishonesties and control of Political Correctness, new speak and false fears of SARS, BSE, F&M, Global warming, religious fears, fake terrorism and Climate Change which man does NOT cause and can not influence as we have almost no understanding of its causes cyclicly as we move from ice age to ice age!

I warned many years ago that UKIP was our lifeboat but sadly it has been seized by crooks, pirates and freebooters for their own gain and glory.

I warned against permitting the corrupt to seize EUkip and I said I would act if they did.

I am proud to say that I have participated in every exposure of the truth so far and I promise you aint seen nothing yet – we are inching ever closer to a possible series of prison cells but there is still time for the corrupt to apologise and resign – returning that which they have perloined as they depart.

I will continue to supply the media with material without fear or favour until UKIP is returned to the grass roots and the honest. People like Page, Croucher and their ilk serve their cause ill with lies and distortions to journalists.

Just as EUkip being in such a parlous stage that currently the press office referrs all questions to Farage! In view of the dishonesty and lies it is probably a good idea as that way at least only one ‘story’ gets spun!

Now to show just how serious are the lies of EUkip I will deal with EUkip’s Press Officer’s mailing minded that he is still contractually employed until April though seemingly on paid holiday in return, I hear, for his silence for which he will be rewarded!

END of Quoted Section From February 2007

It seems to me that this guy is just a wee bit unhinged, frankly.

It is entirely up to you whether you find Chris Mounsey’s self agrandising prattle of value!

However, The Times and The Telegraph do take him seriously, it seems. Which is weird because, having seen a goodly number of his lunatic ravings, I wouldn’t.

A measure of Mounsey’s veracity AND judgement may well be noted as the fact that I believe he is actually alluding to The SUNDAY Times & Telegraphs!

As far as I am aware, none of these stories have any real substance to them; indeed, whilst The Telegraph keeps on harping back to its story about lots of money not making it into the central accounts, one thing that the Electoral Commission’s report has shown is that the story is false.

It would be unwise to take Mounsey literally as do remember he was at the time seeking authority and no doubt a stepping stone to the troughs of Brusells! Thus he conveniently overlooks facts – such as those that brought Nigel Farage, Andrew Smith and others to a Guilty Verdict in The Courts and subsequently, due to their stupidity and arrogant hubris, to a Judicial Review, which could yet cost EUkip upwards of £1/2Million to £1M. in costs and forfeiture.

This does not even take into consideration what seem to have been as much as a further £1Million in unaccounted monies that may well have been fraudulently trousered!

It is clear from his subsequent utterances the young Mounsey is seeking to balance his way between understanding and the integrity of exposure and his own electoral benefit within EUkip!!

However, it would seem indisputable that UKIP’s finances could be run rather more professionally. The problem is that that would require a full-time Treasurer (rather than a Treasurer who has a day-job as an accountant, as they have had so far).

Oh how very observant of the lad – the great wen would seem to be providing lessons in ‘catch-up’. Clearly he has realised that you don’t get much of an accountant for nothing – and boy has Andrew Smith proved that in spades with his unprofessional laxity amounting to dishonesty in the hands of someone who CLAIMS competence! As backed by his little runner and serial liar McGough who tries manfully to cover for him, no doubt in hope and expectation!

It should be pointed out at this stage, that your humble Devil (Chris Mounsey) is running for the UKIP National Executive Committee and, if elected, will do his level best to ensure that these sorts of allegations cannot be made again.That is, if the party survives that long…

So openly Mounsey explains his bias but then seeks to justify it by promising to get honest IF he is elected!!

EUkip has shown it has NOTHING to offer the British electorate other than corruption, greed, self interest and betrayal. Liars – Cheats & Rascals.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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