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Archive for the ‘Downing Street’ Category

#0678* – Sinclaire + Petition = Referendum Debate at Westminster

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 20/10/2011

#0678* – Sinclaire + Petition = Referendum Debate at Westminster

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  
~Nikki Sinclaire + Petition = Referendum Debate at Westminster!

The Next step will be Westminster betraying the wishes of the electorate and the best interests of these United Kingdoms and our peoples!

This is only the beginning of the end of Britain’s unfortunate and unlawfull membership of The Failing EU – There is a great deal of work on the many steps ahead!



well we have the clarity of Nikki Sinclaire’s press release on the subject of HER Petition which has gained a debate in The House of Commons – just a crack in the ice and I do congratulate her for the achievement of over 120,000 signatures so far and growing and also for obtaining cross party support.

Here is her Press Release and then let us consider som e of the ramifications of the even she has driven forward to so hugely influience Westminster and highlight the fact that the peoples of these United Kingdoms by a majority, or so her recent You Gov poll sjhows would vote to leave The EU with a simple majority of 52% voting to leave and only 30% voting to stay!

More convincingly we note that 66% of Tory voters would vote to leave and 74% of Tory voters want an In/Out EU Referendum!

Press Release – House of Commons to debate British membership of the EU

The historic House of Commons debate on if the UK should be allowed a referendum on whether to pull out of the European Union is set to take place next week on Thursday the 27th of October 2011 from mid-day onwards in the main chamber. This follows the presentation to Downing Street of a petition calling for a referendum.

If MPs vote in favour of a referendum, David Cameron will come under huge pressure to offer the British public a chance to say for once and for all if they want to withdraw from the EU.

The Commons Backbench Business Committee met this afternoon to set the date. Nikki Sinclaire MEP who instigated and then delivered, along with a broad cross-party delegation of MPs and MEPs, the petition of over 120,000 signatures to No 10 Downing Street said “This is a victory for democracy, and for the common man whose voice has been ignored for too long. It has been a long haul, but gathering these signatures has been a great experience, and my thanks go out to all those people who worked so tirelessly to make this happen”.

The motion that has been submitted for debate is:

This House calls upon the Government to introduce a Bill in the next session of Parliament to provide for the holding of a national referendum on whether the United Kingdom

(a) should remain a member of the European Union
(b) leave the European Union
(c) re-negotiate the terms of its membership in order to create a new relationship based on trade and co-operation.

Nikki Sinclaire has vowed to keep the pressure on David Cameron and his government. “The signatures keep coming in” she said today, “and next Thursday we will be back at the door of 10 Downing Street with even more. The people are speaking out now, the government must listen.”

Sinclaire’s performance throughout has been professional and dedicated but be minded she has continued on multiple fronts to ensure she has provided the service and services her5 constituents nexpect bof her. She has supported the people opposing the illegal settlement of ‘so called’ travellers whilst campaigning for and obtaining the repatriation of a constituent in hospital after a serious accident in Greece and much more with frequent consequential input in The EU’s pretend parliament and participating in ajudication in Tunisia’s democratic dawn.

Probably the greatest displkay of professionalism has been her complete indifference as to who gets the plaudits for the petition she organised and delivered to Parliament – The aim is to work towards winning Britain’s liberty from The EU – leaving the self seekers and the guilty inadequates to try to claim the glory and win the medals.

When all is said and done it is clear that some in UKIP Leadership have ntaken every step they could to thwart and denigrate her efforts with petty jealousies and foolish lies displaying their inadequacies. Let’s leave the fools to posture and try to sieze her achievement as if they had some part in it.

One only needs to note the obvious panic on the part of the Government – such that they plan on a 3 line whip to crush democracy and have brought the date forward in fear of extensive lobbying being organised and to ensure that the biggest traitors in Britain can be in Parliament to issue their abuse of the electorate by FORCING opposition to the concept of the peoples of Britain leaving The EU’s malign and failing project.

Unable to risk a free vote we know the result will be rigged but that we have managed to bring this project to a head and using Parliament’s own suggestion have not just convinced several papers to support a Referendum but given rise to 3 other petitions following in Sinclaire’s footsteps and even the Government hosting a 4th. petition on its web site.

Newsnight earlier this evening showed just how great The Government panic is wioth Macmillan scott clearly telling lies about the petition to try to save face trying to claim a newspaper was behind it which is patently untrue as he knows and seeking to attribute it to UKIP which would clearly have debased its value – in view of their association with extremists, racists and violent xenophobes.

I see no likelihood of this debate leading to a referendum as the Government is foolish enough to cheat the public and nthe wishes of the public but the great benefit of this is that it is another exposure of the venal corruption of our politicians and their determination to serve their own interests – be it fiddling expenses, rigging debates and elections or paying their ‘close’ chums out of the public purse.

The EU project has clearly failed and it is now only supported by those it directly funds with money stolen from the majority. NO POLITICIAN has ever shown a clear benefit for Britain in membership – even Edward Heath had to lie to the public to dupe them into supporting an unlawfull referendum to ratify The Treaty of Rome.

NEVER have the peoples of Britain legitimately voted to be in or support membership of The EU and building this scam on a pack of lies and a raft of corruption is clearly coming home to roost – The Sinclaire Petition and the debate is a small step for a British Patriot but a giant leap for British Patriotism and liberty!

It matters not a jot who gets the medals it is all important that this debate goes ahead as yet another step that has to be made to Leave-the-EU.

If UKIP had built a reputation of integrity, probity, transparency and ethical behaviour this referendum might well have succeeded but due to the damage they have done this debate is just one of the essential steps forward towards Britain’s Liberty.

Well done Nikki Sinclaire and her collaborators and supporters. It is clear she has managed to do more since she was dishonestly removed as a UKIP MEP than EVERY UKIP member of the UKIP Leadership and its parasites enriching themselves at the expense of the genuine members over almost 20 years.

Every journey starts with a single step and obtaining this debate is a massive leap forwards!

Now the hard work begins and let us hope Nikki Sinclaire has the energy and can get the needed financial support to take the battle forward – I hope YOU will lend YOUR support as a patriot.
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