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Archive for the ‘COLLIER Geoffrey’ Category

#0102* – UKIP – EFD & PERVERSION IN/OF The EU PRETEND Parliament

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 09/09/2010

#0102* – UKIP – EFD & PERVERSION IN/OF The EU PRETEND Parliament   

Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!



as is obvious I rarely bother reading the posturing and posing of the anti UKIP leadership claque and their parasites on’s dishonest and squalid little forum as it dances to the lies and orders of the corrupt and venal leadership of UKIP and rtheir paid & rewarded parasites and praise singers.

Just as those who have proved to be liars such as Douglas Denny, Mark Croucher, Mick McTrough and others like them are on auto delete on my incoming eMail. They used to send me eMails denigrating UKIP by their behaviour.

One need only look in the archive of Butcher‘s forum to identify the liars and the self seekers – can ANYONE find an intelligent presentation of thought and reason by any of those three that does not either leap into the gutter and abuse or outright lie and sneer about UKIP members and critics of the leadership and opponents of corruption. They endlessly bring UKIP into disrepute as they are clearly uinable to rebut the facts led and whether naming the meticulous attempts of Geoffrey Collier to establish probity ‘Old Mother Collier’ because he keeps raising the fact that literally £Millions would seem to have vanished from the funds of UKIP Members seemingly trousered by the leadership or used to bribe their parasites, without accounting.

Or the denigration of Niall Warry‘s 24 years of Military Service and his belief in probity, a vision, a plan and the exposure of corruption for which he is attacked and sneered at by scum of the earth like McTrough who has a proven track record of childish behaviour and outright dishonesty Michael McGough is a proven liar.

I note the style of Skeptyk this evening emulating that egregious piece of filth Mark Croucher a grubby little tick who has openly boasted of having details on his phone of Annabelle Fuller’s graphic accounts of her sexual relationship with Nigel Farage, a matter of common discourse believed to much underpin the two pubs he took over and proceded to fail to manage. Returning to befoul UKIP once more and promote The BNP at every opportunity.

I note the rehashing of his story about Junius advertising in advance that the big day was to be the 11-Jan-2010 watch this space. Why does UKIP leadership employ such filth – perhaps the claims of the recording are indeed true as it could not be on merit!

May I remind the idiots determined to destroy UKIP that Nikki Sinclaire made it very clear in the summer break to those close to her that she was not prepared to sit in the EU Parliament with The EFD – well lets face it they really are scum – Racist, violently Xenophobic, sexually intolerant active supporters of The New Constitution Lisbon Treaty, anti Jewish, Holocaust deniers. Who can blame her!

Interestingly I know for certain that had there not been a Leadership placement forced on Farage by Stuart Wheeler Niki Sinclaire would have led Mike Nattrass and Trevor Colman out of the EFD and any who would have followed. Trevor Colman had prior to the EU election been negotiating to join UKFirstParty immediately after the election so as to give them an MEP if he was elected – it was only the fluke of UKIP becoming the dustbin for the protest vote against Westminster corruption that gave rise to his reneging on his undertakings. UKIP had expected 3 or 4 MEPs in their own right, even with the lies and cheating that is endemic to UKIP Leadership.

Clearly Trevor Colman was intimidated by the protest vote that gave UKIP 13 MEPs and the 2 BNP MEPs that Farage and Croucher had done so much to obtain by ensuring their profile was kept to the forefront.

Sinclaire, Nattrass and Colman decided to bide their time until after the leadership election in the hope that Sinclaire or Nattrass would be elected and could lead the Party out of the EFD retaining integrity on behalf of the members. Meanwhile Mark Croucher took up the position of media manager promoting the racism, anti Judaism and violent homophobia of The EFD  and after the leadership placement promoting the contradictory Zionist interests and Islamaphobia of the crass new puppet leader Lord Pearson.

Little did the members realise just how crass Lord Pearson was to be but The News of the World soon showed all and sundry followed by his lies and dishonesty regarding Sinclaire’s low key agreement to leave the EFD and then the imbeciles disloyalty to the members as he promoted other Parties in the General Election without consulting the members – Little wonder he ran away having made a fool of himself and of the UKIP members!

Interestingly for any but an idiot the outcome was as plain as day long in advance and I published that Nikki Sinclaire’s position would be clear and she would leave The EFD and sit as a UKIP MEP independently and it would be announced at the first NEC meeting in the New Year – I made that prediction in early December, even I did not realise the full extent of Pearson’s stupidity and dishonesty.

Shortly after Christmas as I recall I publicised that Farage had been having a temper tantrum and had used his gutter sweeper Croucher to dig in the sewers he lives in to build files on each MEP with which to blackmail and bully them. It was then that Croucher with great glee pronounced that Sinclaire was a bankrupt – overlooking the fact that I had published the full facts years earlier when it was at least 1/2 way relevant!

I published the full facts yet again showing Sinclaire had been fully reinstated years ago and had she not been working away from home FOR UKIP the event would NEVER have happened.

About then I announced that Farage was so intimidated by Nikki Sinclaire and so angry at losing the money he personally made on her as a member of his group he would force her out at the first NEC meeting – Junius checked this out and puiblished the 11th. Jan as the date for an announcement. Croucher wake up the members know what the truth is and your spin and lies achieves nothing but damage for the party. Your betrayal of the party and these United kingdoms and their values is beneath contempt.

Mark Croucher you owe the £8,500 by order of the British Courts and you are too dishonest to pay and UKIP owes me £12,500 and they are too dishonourable to pay – Today I issued instruction to my solicitors to issue service on Mark Croucher towards bankruptcy and attachment of earning for his underhand dishonesty, harassment and default.

Much is made of the fact that I support the actions of Nikki Sinclaire despite the fact that her homosexuality is quite clearly a perversion – since I have absolutely no interest in the sexuality of others and have all my adult life actively campaigned for homosexuals to be permitted to conduct their perversions in a fair and moral society in privacy for as long as those perversions are within the framework of law and do not harm innocent third parties and under no circumstances do I believe they should be disadvantaged, beyond the natural disadvantage of their perversion and nor should they be persecuted or criminalised.

I do NOT believe the age of consent for sodomy should have been reduced from 21 for males and females alike and I believe there should be a law to protect against predation such that it should be by debate in our own parliament with medical advice that an age disparity of more than ‘x’ should be unlawfull if either party is under 21.

I’ve always been outspokenly in favour of Nikki Sinclaire for her loyalty and integrity – I also think her courage and determination on behalf of the cause has been exemplary, that does not mean I endorse her every action but I have NEVER seen an instance of personal or political dishonesty meanwhile the scum around her ankles endlessly seeking to belittle and bring her down have been vile people like Farage and the filth he has gathered to the leadership of UKIP.

There are times when I look at UKIP leadership and I very seriously wonder if we would not be better off ruled by the EU Dictatorship but then I think of the other 60,000,000 peoples of these United Kingdoms and the mood passes rapidly but they have most obscenely befouled UKIP.

May I commend Mike Nattrass for having also distanced himself from the racist, violently xenophobic anti Jewish homosphobic scum that are UKIP Leadership. He has had a long journey to make as I am all too well aware of his simplistic understandings of politics and his difficulties in moral terms distancing himself from the corruption that is UKIP leadership – but full marks he has made the tradition all bar a little tidying up.

I must say I was quite impressed by Nikki Sinclaire’s courage in standing tall and speaking out on behalf of homosexual relationships, clearly not because she shares the perversion as she openly admits but because time and again I have when watching speeches in the EU Parliament I have noticed she speaks with integrity and with passion and principle.

It is NOT easy to stand up and openly state that you are a pervert and it takes courage to put yourself in the public eye when quite clearly you are disadvantaged by your stature and health.

Yes I admire what Nikki Sinclaire has done and achieved and I can honestly say I have NEVER been aware that she has not tried to help people less fortunate and less confident than herself as she did with the creepy little John Ison who I stated I believed one should trust as far as you could kick him – how right I was, but he has bought his position in Farage’s gutter I see.

There is never a wrong time to do the right thing and I will not be intimidated by the filth that is UKIP’s leadership – merely consider the source as they endlessly bring the UKIP of the members into disrepute.

This was excellent for an inpromtu interjection speech and you notice that even inpromtu Sinclaire slid the knife into the concept of membership of The EU.

So would someone tell that oleaginous, dishonest, corrupt, duplicitous little squirt Mark Croucher that is why I have a lot of time for Nikki Sinclaire and consider him to be less value than that I would scrape off my shoe in his self serving betrayal of my country and its values by his revolting behaviour.

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Reclaim YOUR Future   
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
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