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#Nigel_Farage & #Laure_Ferrari Feature Further, But Why? …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 01/04/2017

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#Nigel_Farage & #Laure_Ferrari Feature Further, But Why? …

Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins



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one wonders why the media are still thrusting Nigel Farage on the public despite the fact that his relevance has so greatly diminished – is it that they are offering the oxygen of publicity to this ex leader of the now largely irrelevant Ukip, is it that they know that there will be a big story on the horizon as a result of investigations into his role fronting Dark Money and featuring in Russia’s RT propaganda channel.

If the media let Farage plunge out of site they will have no story when the truth comes out, could well be the explanation because the fact that a man long estranged from his wife is or is not indulging himself elsewhere is hardly of great significance!

Still just ‘helping out’ your foxy friend, Nigel? Ex-UKIP leader denied having an affair with the chic French politician claiming he was only giving her temporary refuge – but look who’s popped out from his bachelor pad! 

  • Laure Ferrari was seen coming out of Mr Farage’s Chelsea home last weekend 
  • Mr Farage confirmed she sometimes stays with him when she is in London
  • Two months ago, he said the suggestion they were lovers was ‘crackers’ 

Think-tank head Laure Ferrari was seen coming out of Nigel Farage’s West London home, nearly two months after the Mail on Sunday revealed they had been sharing the property

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage today faces new questions over his relationship with a glamorous French politician 16 years his junior, after she was seen at his £4 million bachelor pad last weekend.

Laure Ferrari, the head of a think-tank at the centre of an investigation into alleged illegal funding of his party, was seen coming out of his house in West London – nearly two months after The Mail on Sunday first revealed that they had been sharing the property.

At the time, Farage told the MoS that suggestions they were lovers were ‘crackers’ and that he was just providing Ms Ferrari with ‘short-term’ help. He said: ‘She is someone I have worked with and known for a long time who wanted somewhere to stay for a week that wouldn’t cost her any money. It’s a working relationship. You can inflate it however you want to.’

Last night Mr Farage, who celebrates his 53rd birthday tomorrow, confirmed that Ms Ferrari had stayed at his home last weekend, and repeated his denial that they were having an affair. He said she was based in Paris, but sometimes stayed with him ‘when she is in London’, adding: ‘So what?’

Ms Ferrari, 37, who first became involved in politics as a result of a chance meeting with Mr Farage ten years ago while she was working as a waitress in Strasbourg, is the executive director of the Institute for Direct Democracy in Europe (IDDE).

Last November, the Electoral Commission announced it was opening an investigation into whether Ukip had accepted ‘impermissible donations’ from IDDE and the Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe (ADDE), the political party to which it is affiliated.

Mr Farage confirmed Ms Ferrari had stayed at his Chelsea home (pictured) last weekend and said he was based in Paris, but sometimes stayed with him ‘when she is in London’, adding: ‘So what?’

Mr Farage confirmed Ms Ferrari had stayed at his Chelsea home (pictured) last weekend and said he was based in Paris, but sometimes stayed with him ‘when she is in London’, adding: ‘So what?’

It followed an audit by the European Parliament which concluded that ADDE and IDDE used EU grant funding for the benefit of Ukip in breach of its rules, though the claims have been strongly contested by Ukip.

Last Saturday, Ms Ferrari was spotted at about 11am leaving Mr Farage’s rented home in Chelsea by a back door before being photographed buying newspapers in a shop a few minutes’ walk away.

She was then seen returning to the three-storey Georgian house, entering through the same door. About ten minutes later, Mr Farage was spotted going out the same way, hurrying into a chauffeur-driven Land Rover Discovery and being driven away.

Two months ago, Farage told the MoS that suggestions they were lovers were ‘crackers’ and that he was just providing Ms Ferrari with ‘short-term’ help

Two months ago, Farage told the MoS that suggestions they were lovers were ‘crackers’ and that he was just providing Ms Ferrari with ‘short-term’ help

In another twist, a porn star told a national newspaper that Mr Farage, who is married but separated from his German-born wife Kirsten, had ‘snogged and groped’ her during a flight from the US to Britain last month. 

The model, Valerie Fox, who has appeared in several adult films, said she found herself sitting next to him in the first-class cabin of a Virgin Atlantic overnight flight as he returned to Heathrow from Atlanta, Georgia, ten days ago.

The Sun reported claims they had flirted before he ‘smothered’ her with kisses and fondled her.

Ms Fox was quoted as saying: ‘He had absolutely no qualms about anyone else seeing us together. Our hands were everywhere. We even joked about having a quickie in the toilet but the cabin crew were constantly around. We thought they were genuinely checking we didn’t join the mile-high club.’

The paper said after the flight, Mr Farage gave Ms Fox a lift to her flat. Mr Farage said last night: ‘A person you meet on a plane gets overfriendly with you and you drop them off and that is the end of it. If you are well-known, people are coming up to you all the time.’

He added that the advances had come from Ms Fox and that ‘it’s all a set-up, isn’t it?’

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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
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Laure Ferrari picked up in a Restaurant by Farage & Bloom …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 21/05/2014

Laure Ferrari picked up in a Restaurant by Farage & Bloom …TITLE

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Laure Ferrari picked up in a Restaurant in Strasbourg by Nigel Farage & Godfrey Bloom & despite no experience put on the UKIP / EFD / EU payroll as UKIP delegation Head of PR!
Now standing, after training by UKIP as an extreme right wing French candidate!
Yet UKIP makes a big fuss about the risk of Romanians taking British jobs – just look at their staff list of foreigners!



Profile: Laure Ferrari, the protegee of Nigel Farage

Laure Ferrari []

Laure Ferrari, EU election candidate for the far-right party Arise the Republic (Debout la République), entered politics after an unexpected encounter with Nigel Farage, the firebrand eurosceptic Britton. She is profiled in the third part of a series looking at the French election candidates, by EurActiv France.

Laure Ferrari decided to enter politics after an unexpected encounter with two famous Eurosceptic MEPs, Britain’s Godfrey Bloom (independent) and Nigel Farage (UKIP).

“At the time in 2007, I was working in a restaurant in Strasbourg. I met these two MEPs and we started talking about politics,” she told EurActiv France.

“The two Brits have no hierarchy and neither of them comes from a political background,” she explained.

There was a clear political affinity between the charismatic UKIP leader and the young woman, and what started as a by-chance meeting quickly turned into collaboration. Laure Ferrari started working with Nigel Farage in the European Parliament, where she was head of public relations for the British delegation to the Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group, EFD, which is co-chaired by Farage.

“Everyone says that I am Nigel Farage’s parliamentary assistant, but this is not true! I was head of public relations,” Ferrari claimed.

Stroke of luck

Laure Ferrari never thought she would have the chance to spend seven years in the European Parliament or run for the 2014 EU elections for the French far-right party, Arise the Republic. “Before 2005, I hadn’t a clue about politics,” she said. “For me, it was carried out by old men who sat around talking.”

Her total disinterest transformed during the 2005 French referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. “I said to myself: the EU is going behind the backs of European citizens here. I was always a bit of a rebel,” she said.

“What I find repelling about the European Union is that it imposes a vision that does not correspond to that of the European citizens!” she continued.

Laure Ferrari, from the northwestern French town of Épinal, studied English at the University of Strasbourg, and then spent two years doing a master’s degree in communications.

After her studies, she opened a cloths shop in Strasbourg called ‘Urban Flavor’. This surprising decision is explained by a longing to be independent. “I couldn’t see myself working for someone else. Therefore I set out on my own and got a bank loan to buy the business,” she said.

Ferrari ran the shop for two years. She soon realised that independence comes at a price. “I launched the business during the economic crisis and realised that working in this sector turned out to be…. quite lonely! “Financial difficulties pushed her to work as a waitress in order to “round off the end of the month.”

Ferrari has no family background that compelled her to join a Eurosceptic party. “I would say my dad was a gaullist and my mother… cannot be categorised, although she always considered herself a bit to the left”, said the young woman, whose family own a commercial road haulage company.

Close Franco-UK ties

Laure Ferrari discovered Arise the Republic whilst working at the European Parliament. “In 2011, I met Nicolas-Dupont Aignan, who I did not know at all! I was instantly won over by his personality and political programme,” said Ferrari.

Hereafter, she organised meetings between both Eurosceptic party leaders. “The ball started rolling. Now, they are like two peas in a pod!” she said. Since then, meetings and cooperation between the two political figures have grown.

“I have also tried to reach out to the German Eurosceptic party, Alternative für Deutschland(AfD). However, relations with them will not be possible until after the elections.”

Uneasy label: ‘extreme’

Despite her negative views of the EU, Laure Ferrari refuses to be classified as far-right or be compared to the National Front, France’s most popular far-right party. This frequent comparison makes her feel uneasy. “We must not forget that there are plenty of left-wing parties that classify themselves as eurosceptic,” she emphasised.

“When I was younger, I took part in protests against the National Front when Marie Le Pen made to it the second round of the French presidential elections in 2002,” she said. “Some of their ideas, like those regarding the death penalty and immigration, disgust me.”

However, their campaign ideas bear striking resemblance. “Even on Europe, the National Front bases many of their ideas on us, not the other way around,” claimed the want-to-be MEP.

Ferrari does not believe in abolishing the EU. Although Arise the Republic advocates an EU exit, the European Council is a positive component of the Union. Exiting the single currency and bringing back the French Franc also features in their political programme, but the Euro would remain as an “international currency”.

  • 25 May : European Elections held in France
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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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