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Archive for the ‘Reichstag Fire’ Category

#123* – EUkip Before The Courts AGAIN!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 12/11/2008

#123* – EUkip Before The Courts AGAIN!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!



You will have read the build up to this shot across EUkip’s bows in the copy eMails I have published from my leadership contacts.

John West first of all queried the dishonesty and incompetence of the selection and election, he wrote with queries and complaints, expecting an honest due process since it was administered by Christopher Gill whose reputation led Mr. West to believe he could trust Gill – how wrong he was! I understand his Private & Confidential letters were widely circulated by Gill himself – I know the copies I was sent certainly were!!

Gill’s behaviour was beneath contempt as was almost every aspect of the corrupt process.

Those in doubt need go no further than to read EUkip’s own appointed Returning Officer’s report, which I have widely circulated and will be on this blog when I get time to post it as I’m trying to post in cronological order working back AND keep up to date (sorry I’m falling behind a bit, well a lot actually!)

Mr. West has made it abundantly clear that he did not expect to get selected merely experience and a fair chance in line with what was promised in the contract that EUkip entered into and acknowledged when they accepted his money.

You will have noted that not content with a criminal breech of the Data Protection Act, which the leader condoned – even it seems forcing his Chairman to sign a dishonest pack of lies in a letter which led to John Wittacker’s fortuitous resignation. I say fortuitous because it gave Farage the opportunity to parachute in his own unelected puppet bought and paid for. Nuttall quite clearly lacks competence, integrity or morality and so clearly lacks the respect of all of his NEC that he had to call the Police to restore order when he found himself chairing his first NEC!

Mr. West has asked in many ways and often for a simple apology and now it seems he is ratchetting up the pressure, as it is clear that he has no intention to knuckle under to the bullying, lies and distortions being levelled at him and his wife, by EUkip.

Nor even to the illegal kangaroo courts and contrived ambushes – EUkip is digging its way deeper and deeper, in its dishonesty and disgracefull behaviour, it is fast reaching an irredeemable situation esspecially now their corrupt ‘Reichstag Fire’ moment has been ‘spoofed’ and the manipulation of their own Constitution rumbled – it makes a ‘Kristall Nacht’ more difficult to orchestrate and large as they may look in their shaving mirror they are far short of a Wanasee Conference & Final Solution.

They may be that odious but they just ain’t that clever!

Hence this rather weak article in the local papers but when you think that Neil Puffet was unaware of the fraud, lies, embezelling and money laundering of Tom Wise as reported in the MSM or the fact that Tom Wise had been arrested and had just had his bail extended by some 3 months, for further investigations! This chappie seems a little out of touch as his sister paper in the same building has published the story – he failed to see the humour when I asked if he read the local papers!!

To be fair his sister paper did publish the drivel about Titford & Gulleford being cleared and the rumour has it that Mr. West made mallicious and unfounded allegations against Gollom & his handler – That Mr. West is likely to be prosecuted for wasting police time is utterly untrue, in fact I have spoken to the police and I can assure you that is a lie. However, one which I note the unwise in EUkip’s team have committed libelously to paper.

Perhaps the next round!

The Evening Star – Ipswich

UKIP taken to court by candidate

12 November 2008 16:17

by: Neil Puffet

AN Ipswich general election candidate is taking his own party to court following a row over the selection process for becoming a Euro MP.John West, who will stand for election for UKIP in the North Ipswich and Central Suffolk constituency in the next general election, is demanding a £500 deposit back after failing to get the nod to represent the party at the next European elections due to be held next June.

Mr West declined to reveal details of the dispute but told The Evening Star he has lodged the matter with Ipswich County Court.UKIP have around three weeks to respond and if the matter is not settled the issue could go before a judge.Mr West, who is also UKIP chairman for Ipswich and east Suffolk, said:
“I can confirm I’m taking legal action against UKIP over the MEP selection process.”A spokesman for UKIP said: “Mr West underwent the same process as the rest of the candidates.“Unfortunately on this occasion he was not successful.

“We gather he is looking for the return of his deposit and the party will look into this at a senior level as soon as it can.”

Ipswich County Court was unable to confirm if a claim has been made.The East of England constituency has a total of seven MEPs representing the area in Brussels – in 2004 two UKIP candidates were elected from the region.

It is clear that EUkip haven’t a leg to stand on as their own report from their own returning officer unequivocally admits their guilt – compounding this interim payments in liue of potential damages have been made as ‘doucers’ to Robin Page, Lyndda Robson and no doubt others wherein EUkip are in breech of contract, as outlined in the Returning Officer’s report. I gather payments so far are in the region of £250, presumably as they try to negotiate damages for breech of contract.

Astonishingly EUkip are still dishonest enough to ask people to vote for them despite the undeniable fact that they can’t run their own party!

This is a party which in 15 years has failed to run ANY training – how might they fare with the education brief?

This is a party with scant regard for Constitution – how might they be if called upon to uphold our Nation’s destiny?

This is a party that has let their administration & justice internall tumbrel out of control – how might they behave with the Home Secretary’s department?

This is a party where a senior spokesman said:

“We gather he is looking for the return of his deposit and the party will look into this at a senior level as soon as it can.”

Yest you will have seen elsewhere on my blog copies of the correspondence in which NuttAll – Farage’s bought & paid for puppet – stated that he had taken legal advice (he’s doomed if that is Oxley or Zucherman as it is increasingly clear the closest they have come to Silk is oggling it in a club!) NuttAll unwisely and briefly refused to either apologise or make good the payment.

It will be interesting to see, in Court, the provenance that every participant in the selection in discussion had personally paid, had provided a CRB, had provided their electoral role number and was a resident at the time.

Is EUkip alter its technique and stop digging but now try to fill the ends in – because it looks suspiciously as if their situation is terminal! In that it is quite clearly of their own making one is forced to wonder whether it is deliberate – as a false flag operation or merely on the childish basis of ‘I’m having a party & you’re not coming!’

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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#119* – The Betrayal Of The Branches & Democracy (02)

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 12/11/2008

#119* – The Betrayal Of The Branches & Democracy (02)

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!



shortly after I had written #118* – The Betrayal Of The Branches & Democracy (02) I received the follow up correspondence from an associate who had received it from an NEC member – in view of the current sordid Kafkaesque show trials following Nigel Farage’s orchestrated ‘Reichstag Fire’ moment of the last NEC meeting may I assure one and all that neither Dr. David Abbott nor Dr. Eric Edmond have EVER leaked confidential NEC material to me.

For those who will screech like banshees as they chase around their little play pens like the packs of, out of control, bullying children in William Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies’ – Consider ‘Time Lines’ and when they joined the NEC or for that matter the party – relative to my inside information from the NEC from well before Michael Holmes was ousted in a similar witch hunt.

Well back to the ‘Plot’!

It would seem that acting with scrupulous honesty and having not received even the courtesy of a reply from the NEC Martin Harvey called a further meeting for the 8th. November – invitations were duelly circulated with adequate time allowed and this time 20 individuals arrived for a further meeting.

It will be noted that the oleagenous Gollom had in fact sent to the meeting, just as were sent Hitler youth & Brown Shirts to disrupt meetings, this time it was the faintly ridiculous Ian Jonathan Smith (telephone number: 01842 – 861 980 chek with him if you like) supported by Herbie Hitt like Mutt & Jeff they set about their task but increasingly they showed they were ill prepared and hadn’t much of a clue what they were talkinmg about – the final straw was when Smith made a total pratt of himself by displaying his fantasist theories of how MI5 work – one born every minute!

It was shortly after this that they slunk off unable to answer simple questions.

Interestingly, although most of those present at the first meeting attended, the appologies received were all genuine save one and exceeded the number received at the first meeting. The one was from one odd ball who lacked the courage to admit he had been bullied but chose to claim he had been reading his tea leaves or checking the entrails or some mumbo jumbo as an excuse! PRATT!

Yet again the meeting was well organised and chaired, unlike NEC meetings and after Smith & Hitt grovelled off the meeting continued amicably – though disapointment was registered that the leadership & NEC were too self interested and ill mannered to even acknowledge receip to the earlier declaration and allthough there was a prety strong support for withdrawing support and actively campaigning against UKIP in the interests of British patriotism and values – moderacy prevailed!

Martin Harvey competently steered the meeting to a further approach to the NEC & Leadership though therein IS an implied ultimatum!

It is fortunate that we have friends in the NEC and leadership ‘team’ and even those who are a part of it. This helps greatly towards keeping members informed of the duplicitous and self serving behaviour of what can only be described as the scum that has seized control.

Just read their eMails and even if you wish to believe their lies and attrocious behaviour – perhaps YOU can justify the collapse in membership, activists, branches and votes not to mention the lack opf funds or funders, the near silence of 2 embarrassed Peers and the burgeoning number of Court cases and investigations by Police, OLAF, Data Protection & others.

—– Original Message —–
To: ; Massa Nigel ; Puppet Chairman Paul NuttAll ; Dr. David Abbott ; Alan Bown ; Delboy Young ; Jill Seymour ; Dr. Eric Edmond ; David Bannerman or his ‘claimed’ Daddy’s Desk! ; Rachel Oxley – legal adviser to the NEC & Leadership ; Ma Zucherman of Bent & Manure – idiot! ; Douglas Denny, serial liar and proven corrupt ; Christopher Gill who has brought shame on his name & reputation & should know better
lisa.duffy2@tesco.jet Lisa Duffy who has no place on the NEC having clearly cheated to get there – without morality or integrity.

Sent: Monday, November 10, 2008 7:58 PM

Subject: Newmarket Declaration.

Further to my e-mail sent to you at the end of September that included the Newmarket Declaration, a second meeting was held last Saturday, the 8th November, as had been suggested by those that attended the September meeting.
After considerable discussion, it was agreed to send to you all, the following request;

Newmarket 8th November 2008

Having submitted the ‘Newmarket Declaration’ to the Leadership with no satisfactory response, we formally request that before the 29th November 2008, we have a meeting with the UKIP Leader and other members of the Leadership, whereby the situation could be resolved properly and amicably.
We resent the implication that we are disloyal to the basic principles of our Party.


The above sent by e-mail 10-11-08 on behalf of the supporters of the Newmarket Declaration.
Martin Harvey.

Already lies, distortions and abuse are being put in place to destroy the honest men and women who signed this declaration.

Filth like Bannerman will scrape the bottom of the barrel aided by the chavs that are acting as bully boys and enforcers – it is all so similar to Germany in the inter war years but due to arrogance, hubris and ineptitude this shower in EUkip’s leadership played their hand badly and orchestrated their ‘Reichstag Fire’ moment when they had too weak a hand and insufficient competent crooks trained and are now reliant on idiots to carry it through motivated only by their own greed.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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#118* – The Betrayal of the Branches, The Members & Democracy (01)

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 12/11/2008

#118* – The Betrayal of the Branches, The Members & Democracy (01)

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!



This meeting called by Branch Chairman Martin Harvey, who I understand unequivocally confirmed that his associate Michael McGough who stood in the farcical selection scam corruptly orchestrated by EUkip’s leadership based on lies and dishonesty – Michael McGough clearly claimed in his election statement that he was the elected PPC for EUkip in Harlow which is a lie he failed both to appologise for and also to correct.

The notice of the meeting called by Martin Harvey in the Eastern Region was widely known and attended by around 25 people, I understand, however there were 21 eligible voters representing 21 different Constituencies.

The meeting was civil, well mannered, well organised and I understand well chaired

(not a bit like an NEC meeting then!)

The subject matter was I understand debated and a form of wording agreed for a clear message to EUkip’s leadership and NEC.

This has subsequently been named ‘The Newmarket Declaration’ and I have fortunately been supplied with a copy, together with a covering note, by a friend of democracy with access to a relevant EUkip computer.

I do hope that the friends of UKIP and the intentions of the Grass Roots of the party to campaign to leave the EU are making sure that they not only delete the copy of the eMail to my associate which is forwarded to me are removed from the >SENTDeleted< box – this will further make it difficult for the corrupt and venal leadership, NEC and their lakeys from confirming who are my intermediaries and also which members are supplying me direct from the EU.

Just a warniong as the level of lies being spread around about me are escallating to protect the guilty one must assume – even the Foul Mouthed slut Annabelle Fuller surfaced again this evening bobbing to the surface like something unwholesome in a septic tank.

I undersatand she is likely to be hauled in for questioning for the criminal breech of The Data Protection Act – implausible as her nonsense about taxi drivers and Morocco seemed to all but Wittaker who ill advisedly signed the letter – I wonder when he is asked to sign his witness statement in his defence as the then Chairman whether he will be as happy to attest to the version of events he put his name to originally.

I digress a little.

To return to ‘The Newmarket Declaration’:
I append a copy below Martin Harvey’s polite request to the NEC members and Farage’s puppet chair – frequently to be sat upon no doubt!

Make of it what you will and when the answer comes to hand I will publish that also.

—– Original Message —–

To: ; ; ; ; ; ;

Sent: Monday, September 29, 2008 10:21 PM
Subject: UKIP 2008.

Dear Mr Nuttall, and NEC members,

Last Saturday 27th September, there was a meeting in Newmarket of UKIP Activists from the Eastern Counties, chaired by myself, Martin Harvey. I am chairman of the Broxbourne and Harlow UKIP branch.

The agenda was a positive one to do with campaigning for maximum effect at all elections. After the first two agenda items had been completed, I realised that the problems within the Party were dominating the discussion, and a vote was taken that determined that the problems be debated in order to clear the air so that usual business could continue.

The ensuing debate produced a declaration that received unanimous support from the meeting, and I set out that declaration below.

The Newmarket Declaration.

At a meeting of Eastern Counties Branch Chairmen representing twenty one Constituencies, Branch Officers and Members, at Newmarket on 27th September 2008,
The following points were resolved;

The Eastern Counties regional committee is constituted contrary to its own binding rules, therefore its decisions since its inception, including the MEP selection process, have been and `are unlawful.

The dissolution of the existing committee and the establishment of a new committee in accordance with UKIP rules, be effected forthwith.

That such election be overseen by an impartial independent body.

We note seriously the grave reservations of Piers Merchant, in his official capacity as official returning Officer about the conduct of the Eastern Counties Selection Proceedures.
Newmarket 27th September 2008.

Over a month later and after an NEC meeting EUkip’s sordid claque in leadership have NOT responded but I do hear that there is likely to be expulsion from the party of some who signed the document!

You will appreciate that Nigel Farage & his sordid claque of low lifes orchestrated their ‘Reichstag Fire’ moment at the NEC on the third and are currently following the example of Adolf Hitler this event has given rise to their equivallent of an ‘Enabling Act’ the achievement of which has been celebrated by several of the plotters by way of ‘washail’ and I understand that a celebratory dinner is on the cards as the plot rolls forward.

Already there have been limited Kangaroo Courts and ambush procedures – these have been reliant on abuse of the spirit of the Constitution – one is surprised as a Jew Michael Zucherman being a Practicing Solicitor (at the moment!) has been happy and enthusiastic in his persuit of this plot in the position of Party Secretary – a position in which he is woefully in remiss of duty – it would seem his orgasmic salivations at the very scent of rising up the prospective MEP list if he can engineer the ousting of Gerard Button & Ralp Attkinson during the ‘Kristall Nacht’ period has overcome him.

We understand that there will be a period of flagrant abuse of the residual constitution that was so evicerated by the inept OR dishonest actions of Michael Zucherman, already the Disciplinary Committee would seem to have been disenfranchised! Next no doubt the full benefits of the ‘Reichstag Fire’ moment will be exploited and the Constitution itself subsumed by the new dictatorial powers of the elite!

Draw your own conclusions since YOUR morality is a matter for me – however I have no need of Polls to tell me how to act with integrity, in a moral, fair and decent way. I stand by my morality and my judgement.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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#116* – Gollom’s Tarnished Pressssiousssss!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 11/11/2008

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

#116* – Gollom’s Tarnished Pressssiousssss!



Gollom, yet again, excels himself as he slithers around duplicitous as ever – an unpleasant and cowardly creep always ready to do something in his own interest.

He has proved in the past to have the honour and integrity of a snake and the personality of a stoat. Both untrustworthy and vicious in his self interest – willing to mislead and back stab along with the rest of that which has floated to the top of the septic tank of EUkip politics.

By the way – thanks to my source who mailed these eMails to me through a third party, after a brief conversation – How these eMails were floating around outside of Gollom & The Reeve’s Region is difficult to trace, fortunately 😉

Anyway – make of this what you will and I will, not un-naturally, interject 😉

It is to be hoped that this takes little clarification as on my first skim reading I was disgusted at the depths these odious people will sink to to stab each other in the back.

We MUST SOOOOOO HOPE they are never elected as their duplicity and willingness to corrupt common morality is so redollent of the methods of The National Socialist Movement of Germany – as they used witch hunts and intimidation – first interpreting their Constitution to suit their aims and seizing control of the levers of power – it was after Kristall Nacht that The Reichstag Fire was exploited, just as is the crass imitation so badly bungled by Farage’s evil claque of last Monday, is being used.

Right down to the flexing of muscles by his bully boys and the willingness of the old and the weak to fall in line.

EUkip’s own version of the horrors of the build up to war and the persecution of the honest is of course but a pathetic imitation but no less evil for all that!

Ladies and Gentlemen are you not ashamed that you stand by and permit this evil to take place under your noses and with your acquiescence?

Look closely at the tone of the eMails that follow and consider them in the context of Farage’s Reichstag Fire moment engineered with care last Monday – yet accidentally exposed by my earlier predictions and the astonishing fact that AllAboutUkip Blog posted the outcome of the NEC meeting seemingly before it commenced and The BNP had posted the details before the NEC meeting ended!

Even that early Clive Page from EUkip’s Press Office was spinning to keep up – TRYING to imply there was no connection between Farage’s corrupt dealings and the shoddy attempt to link his BNP based Reichstag Moment to the kangaroo Court dismissal of Dr. Abbott without defence or warning and Dr. Edmond who had been told that he was not allowed to defend himself, from 9 pages of trumped up drivel from the liar, cheat and fraud David Bannerman.

The old grass roots honest UKIP members must be so ashamed to be associated with such shamefull behaviour from the bully boys!

—– Original Message —–

From the unelected enforcer instructing Farage’s puppet Reeve how to distort Justice to dishonestly seize control:

Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2008 18:02:30 +0000
Subject: Open letter as discussed on phone – Should that read ‘PLOTTED’?

To whom it may concern:

However it would SEEM that the victim is even yet not informed, as clearly a kangaroo court functions best when the target is surprised by the events ‘PLANNED’ for them!

On 12th August, at a Committee Meeting of the Suffolk Coastal branch, a vote was taken to expel John West from all branch activities of the Suffolk Coastal branch.

The Committee Meeting was called without warning, only members likely to acquiesce to corruption were invited (Resignations were resultant from honest men of integrity!).

The victim John West was dishonourably ambushed by the corrupt Chairman acting in collusion with the bully boy Reeve – an individual without morality, integrity or value to our Country as he has no understanding of Justice or decent values – but favoured as one of the new crooks determined to form the new Brown Shirts!

The branch had the authority to do this by way of rescinding the agreement of the branch under Article 2.3 of the Branch & Constituency Association Rules March 2008, which states that:

Even the lowest of such scum does not pore over the rules AFTER the event to find duplicitous ways to justify their dishonest and corrupt behaviour.

Party members may, on request, become a member of another branch, subject to the agreement of the receiving branch committee.

Even having acted in this despicable way they are having to dishonestly go against the spirit of their own law to justify their odious actions.

Since John West does not reside in the area covered by Suffolk Coastal branch, rescinding this agreement required the appointment of a new temporary secretary for Suffolk Coastal branch. Mrs. Larter stepped into the vacancy temporarily.

I understand John West – who clearly has more morality in his little finger than is shared by the sordid claque that have by their actions brought EUkip into disrepute – Whitmore is, for his own gain, acting with liars and cowards like George Curtis and Andrew Smith who I gather will be used as the scapegoat for Farage’s crass handling, with him, that would seem likely to cost EUkip between £500,000 and £1,000,000 by their irresponsible and dishonest behaviour.

The meeting was unlawfully constituted, without agenda or notice. The claimed interpretation of the Constitution is bunkum on ANY interpretation of decency or Justice and counter any British values of integrity.

The reason given by the branch for taking this action was that it was felt John West had breached Article 4.5 of the UKIP Constitution, which states that:

“Members shall accept the Party’s constitution and rules made in accordance with this constitution and do nothing to undermine the reputation of the Party or to bring the Party into public disrepute. Nor shall they act in a manner intended to cause, or actually causing, damage to the Party’s interests including by breaching confidentiality.”

Thus these duplicitous bully boys show their dishonesty – he stands accused under one rule they managed to find, but is brutalised and ambushed under another – Shame on these evil people that are tying to hijack the Party.

This was in relation to public allegations that John West had made against the UKIP MEP for the Eastern Counties, which were proven to be unfounded.

This is to my certain knowledge untrue, false and a lie – as I have spoken with the Police Inspector. I also spoke with the Police Inspector regarding the breech of The Data Protection Act and also with The Data Protection Agency as a complainant. I understand from associates that Mr. West has also spoken with them in detail.

John West was not happy to accept this branch decision.

One can not be surprised that an honest man seeks to uphold honest principles in the face of corruption of any sense of due process.

Accordingly, the matter was referred to the Regional Organiser, who was present at the meeting of 12th August as a guest of the branch to discuss campaign activities.

Clearly a lie as he changed his own story twice and neither was in accord with the spin put about by Whitmore!

This referral took place under Article 7.1 of the Branch & Constituency Association Rules, March 2008, which states:

Let us hope there are enough honest members left in EUkip to see through this intimidatory twaddle.

“Instances may arise when differences within a branch threaten its proper functioning. Every effort shall be made to resolve these at the local level, either by the branch committee or at a full meeting of the branch. If this does not succeed, the dispute shall be referred to the regional organiser, acting on behalf of the Party Chairman.” In upholding the branch decision, Peter Reeve was therefore acting on the Chairman’s behalf.

Clearly Peter Reeve had driven some 100 miles to act as an enforcer in bullying through this duplicitous and underhand behaviour.

It is becoming clear that together with the lies and dishonesty of the leadership election, the dishonesty of the placement of Duffy & others on the NEC, the openly published Returning Officer’s report of corruption in the selection of candidates and the criminal cases being brought in the Courts by the Judicial Review, the Data Protection Agency, The Data Protection Commissioner, OLAF, The British Police and even claims in The Small Claims Courts.

John West further alleges that the branch has a duty to hold an Annual General Meeting, claiming that this currently falls due. Article 4.2.1 of the Branch & Constituency Association Rules, March 2008, states that:

“The Party’s year ends on 31st December. The AGM shall normally be held between 1 January and 31 March and between 10 and 14 months after the preceding AGM.”

Which clearly this abuse of the constitution has failed to take into account as we can be certain the manipulation by the Brown Shirts fails to address the period exceeding 14 months in direct contravention of the rules they seek to abuse.

Since the primary motivation in the rules for the date of the AGM is that it should take place after the end of the party’s financial year, it is the view of Suffolk Coastal branch committee that it is reasonable to delay the Annual General Meeting of Suffolk Coastal branch until January 2009.

It is clearly not the view of the Suffolk Costal Branch duely elected Secretary, whose duty it is to uphold the Constitution that the dishonest bully boys are seeking to kick down, to suit their grubby interests!

As Party Chairman, I am convinced that the proper procedures have been applied by Suffolk Coastal branch. Accordingly, I have made the following decisions:

As Farage’s Puppet it is clear that as so often stated EUkip like fish is rotting from the head down – this is the man who so badly chaired the NEC meeting that the Police had to be called to restore order last Monday (3rd.)!

A shaven headed Liverpool Scally utterly out of his depth unable to control the braying of his own immature and irresponsible claque on the NEC of EUkip.

1. That Suffolk Coastal branch has acted in accordance with the UKIP Constitution and Branch & Constituency Association rules March 2008 in removing John West from his position as Branch Secretary.

If this is your opinion Nuttall clearly you are unfit for office as it is the decision of a small time nebbish, dancing for his corrupt and discredited puppet master. Your action brings The EUroSceptic Movement into disrepute and nothing but shame on EUkip.

2. That the Branch secretary of Suffolk Coastal branch is now Mrs. Larter, acting in a temporary capacity until the next AGM of Suffolk Coastal branch.

So this is the first of the provincial show trials! Shame on the sad old Larter that she accepts the position, when better men have resigned it leaves only the scum!

3. That Suffolk Coastal branch should hold its AGM in January 2009.

Are we to understand that Farage’s hapless little puppet is acting as Gaulleiter with Dictatorial authority in breech of EUkip’s Constitution and any moral concepts of natural Justice?

Yours faithfully,

Paul Nuttall (UKIP Party Chairman)

Nuttall your low life behaviour and lack of morality may be acceptable in the gutters you frequent but in the real world you have sealed your fate and branded yourself as a dishonourable Chav on the make, for ever more.

Shame on you for such underhand behaviour being used like a throw away nappy by your master.

Your actions are yet again beneath contempt as you move towards the destruction of UKIP which was the hope of many honourable men and women.

—– Original Message —–

DCB ; andrew smith ; stuart gulleford ; george curtis
Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2008 11:50 PM
Subject: John West no longer Secretary of Suffolk Central.

For Info. We sent notice to the branch today upholding Suffolk Coastal committee’s decision to remove John West as their branch secretary. He had since that meeting sent a letter to all members calling an AGM on 25th Nov against the wishes of the branch chairman. Will keep you up to date on this as things occur.

Well done Mr. West at least one person is acting honourably – a course of action clearly that which has floated to the top of EUkip’s septic tank has no cogniscence of – it is interesting to note that a Branch Secretary has legal responsibilities – Just imagine if EUkip had someone elected to office in June 2009 just how they would betray these United Kingdoms.

Interestingly whilst the bully boys went around intimidating people one of my contacts in head office informed me that as far as they were concerned John West was still the Secretary and being mailed as such!

Do you think the chavs are out of control? Just like the Brown Shirts on Kristall Nacht!

I have been asked to contact every suffolk coastal member by phone to confirm our action and explain why they have received the false letter from John West. (as well as asking for donations! LOL)

If you want a lie spread about seek a weak man and bribe him! One wonders if your abilities to fund the Party will be commensurate with your ability to organise the meeting in Capel St. Mary!! Who would fund EUkip other than someone trying to buy position EUkip’s accounts stink and any money will most likely have to be used to pay fines and damages!

Do be minded that as John West has still not been notified (unless he reads my blog) of their filthy underhand coniving he was acting in good faith as Secretary and after many years as a trusted member he has his own list of members accrued whilst working WITH members not for himself and money!

(Note he is still currently Chair of Ipswich North & Suffolk Central branch. – but this at least should solve the problem for Ron Whitmore and get their branch moving forward again & out leafleting) There may be wider implications to John West’s actions in contacting these members as he had no right to use the database or the title. Will wait to see what fuss he makes for next step.

Be minded Reeve that unlike you Mr. West was elected you are merely a pawn in a filthy game – a prostitute to Farage & Bannerman’s dishonesty.

Pete Peter Reeve
Regional Organiser
UKIP Eastern Counties

—– Forwarded Message —-

From: Stuart Gulleford
Subject: Fw: John West no longer Secretary of Suffolk Central.

It seems that at least some action has been taken!

S (Slime perchance?)

Action that will no doubt please Gollom as he slithers around hated by many and deceiving others.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:LEAVE THE EU

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#113* – Eastern Region Septic Tank With Its Lid Off

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 09/11/2008

#113* – Eastern Region Septic Tank With Its Lid Off!!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!



Let us firstly clear the confusion of Peter Reeve the Regional Organiser who is presiding over the collaps of EUkip in the Eastern Region.Fortunately I spotted his eMail in the SPAM dump bin on one of my other computers – normally people who wish to contact me use MY computer rather than posture by mailing other computers.You will note almost all my eMails state my name, address, phone number and eMail address clearly just to give even the thickest of people a clue how to contact me!It seems Peter Reeve is puzzled – thus showing that in any sense of the word he is challenged as a reeve to EUkip!

—–Original Message—–
From: []
Sent: 08 November 2008 10:52
To: greg.glanceback@
Subject: Lisa Duffy

To Mr Watkins

Please can you provide we with the basis for your statement that Lisa Duffy dishonestly gained her seat on the NEC as in the quote below. This is a very serious allegation which you claim to have distributed to up to 4,000 people on this email alone and have repeated on earlier emails circulated by yourself. “Peter Reeve lives with Lisa Duffy & her children and I gather a few of his – you will note La Duffy dishonestly gained her seat on the NEC”
Quote is from email ref :
From: Glanceback greg.glanceback@
Subject: #1125 – Eastern Region Rises Against Corruption of EUkip Leadership It Seems!
To: greg.glanceback@
Date: Saturday, 8 November, 2008, 6:30 AM
Regards.Peter Reeve
Regional Organiser
UKIP Eastern Counties

Firstly may I point out that as the Regional Organiser of parts of the Eastern Region, having been de-selected by various branches, being the subject of complaints to the NEC of others and having shown your own duplicity, dishonesty and underhand determination to betray the UKIP members and the public at larger my inclination is to tell you to mind your own business and if one of your superiors wish to question the veracity of my statement it is up to them.

However being aware that Lisa Duffy is a cohabiter of yours may I suggest that you read the EUkip Constitution, crass as it is in many areas having been unprofessionally altered from the original – I appreciate you have scant regard for the Constitution or Party procedural rules, however be minded of ‘the spirit of the law’ when next you read The Constitution.

Be advised that Lisa Duffy obtained her position on the NEC dishonourably and dishonestly and has abused her position and acted dishonestly and dishonourably bringing EUkip yet further into disrepute by her behaviour and her actions.

Your position Mr. Reeve is unconscionable for a man of any integrity, morality or honour.

May I remind you that you are promoting and supporting the undeniably corrupt selection process in your region as shown beyond any possible doubt in the public domain – further you are supporting in office bringing into disrepute both EUkip and the body politic the fraud, liar and cheat David Bannerman.

Is it any wonder that in a society largely opposed to vassal status in the EU amongst an audience of the young and educated at Cambridge EUkip’s position was resoundingly rejected when it fielded the fundamentally flawed and dishonest Mr. Bannerman.Despite leafleting, widespread advertising and a great deal of promotion you will have noted that the EUkip Rally at Capel St. Mary was an unmitigated disaster – having hired a Hall and after all the effort you found out just how popular you are amongst members, despite a claimed membership of 1,770ish in your Region only 10 or 12 were remotely interested in hearing the opinions or views of the corrupt Bannerman or the scams you are paid to uphold!

Interestingly despite the liar and coward George Curtis publishing widely to prevent members meeting, with your assistance – it is noted that on a limited circulation and with little effort – despite yours & the odious George Curtis’s efforts and misrepresentations – some 20 branches were represented from your region.

I note that despite two liars in the audience seemingly planted by the odious Gollom (who has a track record of dishonesty and misrepresentation and is together with his employer Jeffrey Titford under investigation by OLAF with a pending situation by Essex Police).

I appreciate that the rather sad Herbert Hitt had come along to support the lies of Ian Jonathan Smith – but you will have heard they made complete fools of themselves and had to scuttle off with their tails between their legs when they found out they were inadequately and dishonestly briefed.

Peter Reeve your behaviour in upholding dishonesty, presumably for financial gain, is unpatriotic, dishonest, corrupt, dishonourable and damaging to the EUroSceptic movement – that you are unable to work out the ways in which Lisa Duffy dishonestly gained a position on the NEC and has acted dishonourably since comes as no surprise to me.

Whether Lisa Duffy and yourself are in the employ of some agency to work with Bannerman to destroy the EUroSceptic movement or merely useful idiots is of no interest to me – the facts speak for themselves and are clear and they are that EUkip has all but collapsed and the media takes no interest as they are clearly irrelevant – the build up of Court cases all but deliberately incurred by EUkip.

As with the Judicial Review currently reaching culmination with a possible £1,000,000 cost to EUkip and thus to the NEC as bankers of last resort, if Alan Bown refuses to pay having woken up and realised it was deliberately incurred by the lies and stupidity of Andrew Smith (of your Region) and the idiotic Nigel Farage.

I note that this collapse and catastrophic mismanagement, particularly in the Eastern Region is concurrent with yours Lisa Duffy’s & Bannerman’s involvement!!

This tends to speak volumes and it is pretty clear you are being used as useful idiots as I see no signs that you have the collective intelligence worth trying to train to do the job!

The damage done to the Eastern Region has largely been due to the seeking of self interest by the likes of Gollom, Bannerman, Wise, Agnew, Curtis, Smith and others who are clearly discredited and have done such damage making such justified and serious enemies on route.

One only needs to look at the main body of the party to see an example of how NOT to do almost everything political – it has been one long squabble by little men for their own gain and glory.

You have managed to drive off every serious backer, train no one, lose sight of the goal and now even try to blame you failures on the mythical invasion by the BNP – yet have proved completely unable to identify with substance a single straw towards Farage’s Reichstag Fire – the plot of corruptly shifting blame for the dishonesty and corruption and seizing absolute control as Hitler did with HIS Reichstag Fire has gone off like a damp squib making all concerned in your plot look foolish.

There was no match to light the fire and the only smoking gun was the trail of bullet holes in the feet of clay of Farage’s cronies.Keep reading my eMails and you will steadily see the plot collapse.

Read Mein Kampf and you will realise why Hitler succeeded and Farage & EUkip failed – the importance of training, structure, organisation, lines of command & respect ensured when his Reichstag Moment came Hitler had the right people in the right places to seize control and to this day there are those who believe the Fire might have been the act of a dissident – no such luck for Farage the fingerprints of he and his cronies are all over the alleged and engineered plot – right down to their having been predicted by me in written eMails and having got their time lines muddled by their gofers.

As I have said repeatedly – my contact details are readily available and I am happy to defend the patriotism of my actions, clearly showing my every word to be correct where fact is distributed and my opinions to be substantive and sound.

I have had one side or another seeking to smear me for years and beyond the childish level of lies of Ian Smith today on behalf of his puppet masters and dishonesty such as Gollom has promoted about me or the idiocy and lies of Denny & Croucher that have done so much to discredit them I have proved exactly who I claim to be motivated ONLY by the position I have consitently held and as for Croucher’s idiotic drivel about my anti Jewish stance or my affiliation with the BNP – NOTHING other than his own life and behaviour has made him look so stupid!

I repeat I am happy to attest to my every statement in detail and in outline and will willingly present at any mutually convenient public meeting to show my every statement about EUkip and the corruption of its leadership is correct.

I do not sabre rattle about libel & courts as any court would merely laugh at EUkip and dismiss the case as being unfair of me as to be libelled by EUkip is no insult as they are consistently dishonest and everyone knows it – hence they get 0.03% vote as in the recent by election.Well done EUkip – haven’t your leaders done well as your remaining gullible supporters mill around squabbling – turning up 12 at a time to hear your message.

£45,000 in the bank & staring down both barrels in terms of costs and forfeiture with a pre determined guilty verdict running to near £1,000,000
Then there are all the other Court cases piling up.
NO WONDER it is an open subject of discussion, particularly in Brussels that Farage will siphon ALL resources into getting himself re-elected and then jump ship – it is even rumoured that Kirsten is merely waiting for his re-election to get a better settlement! One can not blame her I guess with her £25,000 a year rumoured to have been hush money, Farage’s hush money bill must be massive!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62
Since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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#112* – Eastern Region Rises Against Corruption of EUkip Leadership It Seems!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 08/11/2008

#112* – Eastern Region Rises Against Corruption of EUkip Leadership It Seems!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!



I though we could get back to showing just how corrupt the management of EUkip is by mailing copies of a few eMails that are in circulation amongst certain members of the NEC & leadership of EUkip – some have come direct from the EU and some from those who are amongst or with access to leadership or NEC computers including their owners 😉

Sorry not to supply Mr. Farage and his corrupt cronies and Brown Shirts with further identities to add to his Reichstag Fire expulsion lists once he has enacted his Hitler style Enabling Act thereby dispensing with the Disciplinary Committee structure, deselecting those on the NEC who will not act as his puppets and muppets, suspending the Constitution and subsuming to himself and a few enforcers the right to expel people who will not go along with his lies, deceptions, duplicity and determination to at all cost get re-elected to the troughs on the gravy train.

It increasingly looks like: the only real funding will be siphoned to fund Farage getting his snout back in the EU troughs and then clearly the funds will be depleted – Farage’s idiot milch cow Alan Bown will have spent out – having been fool enough to pay for Nigel Farage & Andrew Smith’s unprofessional and irresponsible antics and lies.

Any Court cases will be brought against EUkip, where the duped NEC are bankers of last resort, and Farage will most probably jump ship.

He has already PROVED he is duplicitous, selfish, incompetent, without any leadership skills, unable to delegate, corrupt and dishonest. He and his cronies have also proved that they have no reputation to uphold nor have I ever wittingly misled or lied or they would have slapped a writ on me! However TRUTH is my provable defence 😉

Political Parties and men of integrity sue to defend their name not to make money!

I have ONLY told the truth – whether you like it or not.

You have my name, my address & my phone number – I have offered to be cross examined to establish I am telling the truth, at any mutually convenient time and place; before a public audience – those who I have exposed as liars, frauds, cheats, spivs and fools are more than welcome to cross examine me, to try to establish my details and opinions about them are untrue and or libellous, as I have NO wish to mislead or lie about anyone or anything.

How about these letters now 😉

Before you read them do be aware that George Curtis is a liar and corrupt – a coward, only too willing to curry favour by outright lies, as long as he thinks he will not be found out – he has been!

George Curtis has to my CERTAIN knowledge lied about me and also Robin Page & John West – I have read George Curtis’s weedling report to the NEC and also his eMail to the corrupt self appointed regional committee, which as we know harbours also the proven cheat and rascal Andrew Smith.

Smith acting WITH Farage and others looks as if he may well cost EUkip between £500,000 and £1,000,000 with his dishonesty and lies, in cahoots with Nigel Farage, David Lott and others.

George Curtis is a revolting coward and a sordid low life who when confronted on the phone was unable to give honest account of his grubby behaviour.

Anyway do read these letters from the NEC archives 😉

Dear All’
I would not normally interfere in another branch’s business, but in view of the contents and the fact that I have been copied in I will.
According to the rules as in force when this new committee first met, it was not elected as the rules then dictated. It was appointed by Tom Wise, which was not a legitimate means of ‘election’.
David Bannerman was given full\ documentation as to the illegality of the committee, and he repeatedly promised to sort it out. However he did not do this, and when he left the Party Chairmanship, the dosier was handed to John Whittacker, who maintained e-mail contact with me keeping me up-to-date with his progress in the matter. He replied to an e-mail of mine early this year with words to the effect that the problem had been sorted, because the new rules published in February 2008 would apply.
George Curtis’\problem now is that he has not followed the Feb 08 rules, so the committee is still\ illegal, and has been since early 2006. Incidentally he also illegally dissolved the previous committee.

George Curtis p.s. at the end of the invitation for the 29th Nov meeting is untrue, the activists who have been in regular contact and will be at the next meeting, meet for the good of UKIP and Britain, and` are fed-up with the rule-breaking at all levels of UKIP, not to mention the lies and deceit.There will be some senior UKIP members there and I strongly suggest that G Curtis sendsout a retraction of his p.s.

yours with many good reasons for fighting against the EU,


In a message dated 07/11/2008 12:03:49 GMT Standard Time, writes:

To Peter Cole.

Again your email is completely inaccurate and misleading. The email referring to ‘batches’ was sent to your home email yesterday.
06 November 2008 13:06:43
peter cole(home) (

Please also note that : Georges role as the Eastern Counties Chairman’s is legitimate. We have, on several occasions, checked with the appropriate people in the hierarchy of Party that there is no problem and all relevant individuals have been happy that both the committee and its officers are sound until just after the European Elections 2009.

Hope this helps. Pete
Peter Reeve
Regional Organiser
UKIP Eastern Counties

Subject: RE: meeting 29th Nov. & Len Baynes intention to stand against UKIP in elections.
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2008 09:13:40 +0000

Good morning Len,

To-date I have NOT been notified by Mr Reeve about ‘Batches’. I must agree with your last statement about Mr Reeve standing down but as Mr Curtis is a self appointed so called chairman of an unlawful committee I could not care less what he does as by UKIP’s own rules the position he states he holds does not exist!


From: Len Baynes []
Sent: 07 November 2008 08:52
Cc: Peter Cole; ;
Subject: Re: meeting 29th Nov. & Len Baynes intention to stand against UKIP in elections.

Peter again you get it wrong please read my E-Mail as it was intended I quote ” If this situation is not resolved preety damn quick I will become independant” That in your wildest dreams is not a statement of fact, I was in this party long before you had even been on the distant horizon and will not get out just to allaviate a thorn in your side. I am afraid I cannot make the 29th of November due to a family birthday in Enfield but I am confident I will be truthfully informed of proceedings by my chairman.
As for my name on the national list it will be submitted when and if my branch select me and my chairman approves, I honestly think that is the right proceedure. But under the present situation I feel my call for you and Mr. Curtis to stand down is perfectly justified.

—– Original Message —–
To: Len Baynes ; peter cole(home) ; jan baynes ; george curtis
Cc: ; derek norman ; ; john west ; martin harvey
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 2:46 PM
Subject: meeting 29th Nov.þ & Len Baynes intention to stand against UKIP in elections.

To Len Baynes, Thanks for your email (Copy below), which I have forwarded to George Curtis as requested. Your suggestion that I have not included Peter Cole in the circulation lists are inaccurate.

I have already explained to Peter Cole (and john West) in emails this morning that : (So the batch with ‘C’ in and the batch with ‘W’ in haven’t been sent out REALLY so what has and how come I know people whose name begins with both ‘C’ & ‘W’ that have received your grubby fiddlings?) “Because we have been very successful in recruiting a large number of candidates in the Eastern Counties the advert has gone out in several batches and will be completed by the end of the week.

I look forward to seeing you on the 29th Nov.”(Rubbish – you have the sum total of 1,770 members on your Eastern Region data base and of that 470ish have eMail addresses – Do cut the spin – EUkip’s corrupt leadership is FINISHED) I have also included a copy of the circular (below) for your and their attention.

However your stated intention to stand against a UKIP candidate in elections is interesting and could explain some of your recent activity.

Thanks for letting me know. Please may I remind you, your Chairman and your Secretary via this email, that only candidates on the ‘National Approved List’ may go forward to a Constituency to be considered for selection as a Westminster Candidate for UKIP.

You are currently not on that list as you have not applied. If I can help with any other matter please do let me know. Pete Peter ReeveRegional OrganiserUKIP Eastern Counties reeve@ukip.org07792 290434Circular :
Subject: FW: Sat 29th Nov – valuable meeting date for your diary!þ

To all Branch Chairmen, (That we haven’t dishonestly removed) Westminster Prospective Candidates (That we haven’t dishonestly removed) and Prospective Local Candidates (That we haven’t dishonestly removed) We are very pleased to invite you to a full campaign briefing & discussion (Propaganda and spin rally to tell you a pack of lies?

We will also provide the latest fantasies in the Reichstag Fire Ploy to seize control of the party – your help is needed to aid this corruption) There will be senior party members present (That we haven’t dishonestly removed) who will give us details of the campaign plans and provide plenty of time for question and lies.

We will also have a full policy Question and Lie session, to go through any part of the manifesto or specific policy detail that you wish to discuss and address. Will Bannerman be resigning having lied to the party and brought EUroScepticism into disrepute and will he resign from his EU job that involves promoting the EU?

The aim of this meeting is to be an interactive session where senior party members can listen to your ideas and thoughts as well as provide answers to any questions that you have. I will provide details of the venue and full agenda very shortly. Please will you keep free in your diary for this valuable Reichstag rally.

Please do feel free to invite your branch officers and activists’ to come along and participate. If you have any queries please contact your Regional Organiser on (I’m not here to advertise corruption) Regards George Curtis Eastern Counties Chairman (Self Appointed Liar)

PS : We confirm that this an official UKIP meeting on CUT. We understand that some people may be inviting some branch chairmen etc. to an unofficial meeting in Newmarket (around 8th Nov) designed largely to attack the Party (NO Mr. Curtis you will find it is to expose liars like you).

They are attempting to disguise this as a meeting for activists, but we stress this is not official, not authorised, and no senior members will be present (Well that is a relief it will prevent them having to listen to liars like you or the sordid little desk delivery man Bannerman the liar, cheat and fraudster working for the EU).

We do recommend you attend this meeting. If you have any queries please do contact *******..[THE PHONE NUMBER THE LIAR GEORGE CURTIS GIVES IS THAT OF PETER REEVE ONE TIME RO BUT DESELECTED BY VARIOUS BRANCHES AND SUBJECT OF NUMEROUS COMPLAINTS TO THE NEC.] Peter Reeve lives with Lisa Duffy & her children and I gather a few of his – you will note La Duffy dishonestly gained her seat on the NEC and will no doubt be voting on the matter of Peter Reeve and the subject of those who have lodged legitimate complaints against Peter Reeve.

George Curtis’s phone number is: 01206 – 322 3221 Do phone him up and point out he is a liar and a coward and the meeting on the 8th. is very much official as it has been openly advertised with due notice

Subject: meeting 29th Nov.
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 13:59:21 +0000

Peter please forward this to George Curtis. your actions in not inviting our branch chairman are at least diabolical and at best a downright insult.

I shall be standing in the local elections next year for Doddington and my name will go forward as PPC for NE. Cambs and I will do this with or without your sanction if need be as a independant. The actions of the present leadership and NEC, over the question of Mr. Abbott and Mr. Edmonds fill me with disgust and I am afraid if the present situation is not resolved preety damn quick I will become independant and stand against the official UKIP candidate and I know I have the following from the last election to make an impact.

I call on you both now in the interest of the party to stand down.

Then here is another letter the author of which I have removed as my NEC contact MIGHT not wish it to be known he had a copy of this 😉

Dear George Curtis

For one who has long been associated with an unelected “committee” to refer to the Newmarket meeting as you do in your postscript is laughably impertinent, in fact from anyone with any substance it would be slightly insulting.

The Newmarket meeting comprised grass roots members of the party most of whom have no political ambitions beyond the withdrawal of Britain from the E.U.. A number of us are members of long standing and of proven loyalty; far from wishing to damage the party we aim to strengthen it through the elimination of unconstitutional and undemocratic practises.

Nigel Farage has often said “This is a grass roots party.” and paid lip service to the debt owed to the “grass roots”. A modicum of leadership at N.E.C. level would have resolved our position long ago, instead we have been treated with condescension and disparagement.

This one is about the great arsehole of the East the liar, coward and general low life George Curtis and his dishonest attack on the meeting of the 8th. November – what a creep he is!
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 21:42:53 +0000The unelected chairman of an unelected committee has the nerve to attack an elected chairman for holding a meeting.

You couldn’t make it up.
John West

Subject: meeting 29th Nov.‏ & Len Baynes intention to stand against UKIP in elections.
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 14:46:17 +0000
To Len Baynes,
Thanks for your email (Copy below), which I have forwarded to George Curtis as requested.

Your suggestion that I have not included Peter Cole in the circulation lists are inaccurate.

I have already explained to Peter Cole (and john West) in emails this morning that :

“Because we have been very successful in recruiting a large number of candidates in the Eastern Counties the advert has gone out in several batches and will be completed by the end of the week. I look forward to seeing you on the 29th Nov.”

I have also included a copy of the circular (below) for your and their attention. However your stated intention to stand against a UKIP candidate in elections is interesting and could explain some of your recent activity.

Thanks for letting me know. Please may I remind you, your Chairman and your Secretary via this email, that only candidates on the ‘National Approved List’ may go forward to a Constituency to be considered for selection as a Westminster Candidate for UKIP.

You are currently not on that list as you have not applied. If I can help with any other matter please do let me know.
Peter Reeve
Regional Organiser
UKIP Eastern Counties
07792 290434

Circular : from The Curtis chappie [*CUT* BORING!!!]

Subject: Fw: Selection of PPC
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2008 13:29:15 +0000

Having been through this process twice ,I am certain the branch acceptasnce comes first and then the selection panel or maybe I am getting senile, or heaven forbid Mr. Reeve has got it wrong yet again

—– Original Message —–
To: Len Baynes
Cc: jan baynes
Sent: Friday, November 07, 2008 12:21 PM
Subject: Selection of PPC

Len Please let me clarify. BEFORE you approach a branch for selection you MUST FIRST be on the National Approved list. This requires you to first apply to the process, then have an interview (The selection panel is organised by and includes the regional organiser). You will then be informed if you are on the approved list or not.

If you get onto the approved list – Then and ONLY then can you make an application to a constituency Association or Branch. Tom Wise, John West and Peter Cole all went through the process with varying outcomes and may be able to help you understand. I look forward to receiving your application form. If you require a copy of the form to complete, please let me know. I have again copied the Fenland Secretary into this email to confirm she is aware of the appropriate process.
Peter Reeve
Regional Organiser
UKIP Eastern Counties
07792 290434

To: reeve@ukip.orgCC:;; johnwest81@hotmail.comSubject:
Re: meeting 29th Nov.‏ & Len Baynes intention to stand against UKIP in elections.
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2008 08:52:28 +0000

Peter again you get it wrong please read my E-Mail as it was intended I quote ” If this situation is not resolved preety damn quick I will become independant” That in your wildest dreams is not a statement of fact, I was in this party long before you had even been on the distant horizon and will not get out just to allaviate a thorn in your side. I am afraid I cannot make the 29th of November due to a family birthday in Enfield but I am confident I will be truthfully informed of proceedings by my chairman. As for my name on the national list it will be submitted when and if my branch select me and my chairman approves, I honestly think that is the right proceedure. But under the present situation I feel my call for you and Mr. Curtis to stand down is perfectly justified.

—– Original Message —–
To: Len Baynes ; peter cole(home) ; jan baynes ; george curtis
Cc: ; derek norman ; ; john west ; martin harvey
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 2:46 PM
Subject: meeting 29th Nov.‏ & Len Baynes intention to stand against UKIP in elections.

To Len Baynes,
Thanks for your email (Copy below), which I have forwarded to George Curtis as requested.
Your suggestion that I have not included Peter Cole in the circulation lists are inaccurate.

I have already explained to Peter Cole (and john West) in emails this morning that :

“Because we have been very successful in recruiting a large number of candidates in the Eastern Counties the advert has gone out in several batches and will be completed by the end of the week. I look forward to seeing you on the 29th Nov.”

I have also included a copy of the circular (below) for your and their attention. However your stated intention to stand against a UKIP candidate in elections is interesting and could explain some of your recent activity.

Thanks for letting me know. Please may I remind you, your Chairman and your Secretary via this email, t hat only candidates on the ‘National Approved List’ may go forward to a Constituency to be considered for selection as a Westminster Candidate for UKIP. You are currently not on that list as you have not applied.
If I can help with any other matter please do let me know.
Peter Reeve
Regional OrganiserUKIP Eastern Counties

It is amazing that with this sort of behaviour – the lies and dishonesty that was the scam to its cronies as PPCs for the EU where they were happy to fleece members for £250 to compete in a rigged election and then steal £1,000 from those they listed to do the hustings work with no chance, agreeing Farage can personally select the top candidates in each region in April.
and where did Bannerman scrape up £1,000 or has he sold the desk!

EUkip leadership & NEC have admitted they are corrupt and that is why they refunded the money for breech of contract to several candidates who demanded it (including Lynnda Robson, Robin Page and no doubt others – at the moment I gather claims have been lodged in the Courts by others!).

They KNOW that EUkip hasn’t a leg to stand on as their internal report by their own Returning Officer clearly stated the election was corrupt and should be re-run by a trustworthy body as the Leadership had proved untrustworthy – which is why I published the facts.

I hope the honest members who turn up to the meeting later today will be able to make forward strides to clean up the party in the East working towards removal of liars, cheats, the corrupt, the self interested and the crooks – the likes of Bannerman, Reeve, Duffy, Gulleford, Titford, Curtis, Smith, Agnew, Whitmore & similar pond life attracted by the troughs on the gravy train.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:LEAVE THE EU

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111* – Well Mr. Bannerman CLAIMS to be a Script Writer & IS Fuller on the Payroll?

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 08/11/2008

#111* – Well Mr. Bannerman CLAIMS to be a Script Writter & IS Fuller on the Payroll?

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!


Talk about setting it up for a night of the long knives – the transparency is staggering!

But as you all know David Bannerman is a fantasist, fraud, liar and wanabe script writer, who is DESPERATE to have a proper job after so many years as a serial failure & bag carrier for the Tories – he must feel such a pratt having made such a fool of himself in EUkip.

There is a fun blog on the internet – do have a look and it is so redolent of some sort of childish plot Bannerman might dream up as a wanabe script writer, of Croucher in a determination to do Searchlight’s work for them and bring EUkip into disrepute or perhaps Fuller to get her revenge for Farage’s failure to get her what she wanted!

Anyway do read it as it is quite a well dreamed up fantasy that Farage & his corrupt cronies just might think they can get away with it – cunning, duplicitous and dishonest they are but no one ever said they were much beyond stupid and we all know they are terrified they will get their snouts kicked out of the EU’s feeding troughs.

Hi,watching Farage self destruct is getting to be a bit like shooting fish in a barrel.Firstly may I remind you that Nigel Farage, David Bannerman and their entire crew of corrupt self seeking self enriching scum that has seized control of EUkip – whether liars like Malcolm Wood, fraudsters, liars & cheats like Bannerman, Duffy and their ilk, womanising self enriching drunkards like Farage, spivs and nere do wells like Moran, the fundamentally untrustworthy like Mickelthwaite, the foul mouthed like Zucherman, Denny & Fuller, the self seekers & untrustworthy like Trevor Colman, Gawain Towler, the infatuated and the self seekers like Seymour, Oxley, Andreassen, Blob Feel Martinis etc. etc.

Nor the various hopeless and hapless puppets and muppets like NuttAll, Gill, Reeve etc. etc.Please NOTE the EUkip NEC where Farage started to implement his Reichstag Fire speech with the fantasies of BNP infiltration, the need to dispense with the Disciplinary Committee as it might be infiltrated with BNP and suspend the Constitution to make control of the party central having dispensed with the NEC as it may have infiltrators & until the party suits the ‘Glorious Leader’ the poor man is becoming deranged & paranoid – next he will have a dog called Blondy and be bedding his youngest cousins!

One has to laugh when you listen to the tapes of the NEC where they are tring to remove the people they have branded libellously as BNP – whether this is a case of:’

The lunatics firing The Doctors from The Asylum’
What need has a party on the verge of technical bankruptcy with a Doctor of Economics and when in such bad health of a Doctor of Medicine – they are possibly making way for a Doctor of Psychiatry & an abortionist!’

With apologies to those who are libelled I am publishing this as it clearly libels and defames me and just to show what depths of depravity EUkip Reichstag Fire Plan will sink!

Favoured EUkip village idiot posted the URL for this blog site at 08:48hrs. 02-Nov-08.

The main Reichstag Fire Plan was outlined at 08:11hrs. 03-Nov-08
The EUkip NEC meeting commenced at 13:00hrs. 03-Nov-08

Fearfull that some may have missed the scam & details Mark Croucher republished the URL yesterday not realising those with knowledge of the facts had seen right through it.

By the way their GUESS that I might have a Criminal Record is quite right – it is well known and I have spoken openly of it for years – do phone me for details if you like – I have a Section One FireArms Conviction on two counts in 1981?
one for possession of a firearm (handgun, pistol, automatic)
the second for 50 rounds of hollow point drilled, mercury filled magnum rounds.
‘Guilty as charged’ 😉
it was shipped back into Britain from Africa by professional packers, in error.
WOW what a revelation!
Just how corrupt are these people? Having access, not just to spent convictions, but also 27 years ago!

I also have another conviction for having permitted the local prison bait (47 convictions – John Farley roofer and pro. Rugby Player) at a children’s party I had organised in Chepstow he threatened me and then hit me!
I warned him if he hit me again it would be self defence if I killed him – he took a swing at me so I layed him flat on his back stunned.

His defence in Court was that I assaulted him inept and corrupt magistrate Councillor John Parker found me guilty – at appeal to Crown the judge appologised to me for the miscarriage, issued a rebuke to Chepstow Magistrates Bench and refunded my costs for both cases without receipts!

Yes I have a criminal record of which I am not remotely ashamed which is why they probably didn’t publish it knowing I have dined out on both stories for ¼ Century.

Last heard of John Farley was in a high security prison for having killed his son’s wife!

It’s the rest that would scare them 😉

I am aware of the facts relative to the fantasy published and will be happy to present anywhere convenient to me (health & time) to prove this entire fantasy is no more than a dishonest construct – seemingly to provide a small group of liars cheats and the corrupt in EUkip leadership to create a Reichstag Fire moment to trump up dishonest claims and outright lies about EUkip members with integrity, who are standing in the way by telling the truth.


NIGEL FARAGE has surrounded himself with kindred spirits and gullible idiots, for his personal gain.

Enjoy the tale of fantasy and fabrication, which is Nigel Farage’s REICHSTAG FIRE moment.

REMEMBER – I am happy to appear on ANY public platform and confront the author of the following fantasy and will willingly dismantle and disprove every single solitary lie they have put forward to build their Reichstag Fire Moment – I would suggest Farage, Bannerman, Fuller, Croucher, NuttAll, Oxley, Zucherman & Denny bring their fantasies to the meeting with the identified author of the quoted blog
(suffice to say 78332211etc. who by law GOOGLE must identify to confirm my information – it is them upto those who have been libelled and defamed).

I shall NOT take legal action for three reasons:

1. Anyone of integrity or common sense knows the comments about me are largely lies with a large body of obvious lies built on one or two unrelated honest facts.

2. I have neither the time nor the money to prosecute criminals who will have dishonestly constructed themselves as men of straw, with no reputation or integrity to be besmirched.

3. I consciously set out on a patriotic basis to clean up a series of rat nests and septic tanks that they have tried to nip me and have thrown sh*t at me is nothing a good bath will not solve.

My Reputation, being founded on fact, is palpably strong enough over some 60 years of rigid integrity and indisputable honesty to withstand the onslaught of these sordid little people.

Enjoy The Fairy Stories: Monday, 3 November 2008

Edmonds, Lance-Watkins, Hockney, de Rook and Edwards

Stories reach the
Common Man of negotiations at a high level between the BNP and UKIP. Of
scurrilous e-mails from anonymous sources being sent to the membership. Of
shenanigans in the MEP selection process. Of attempts to rig NEC elections to
favour certain candidates. Of tapes of NEC meetings.UKIP 2009? No, UKIP 2004,
when almost the same scenario was played out. On the BNP team, the players were
the same: BNP leader Nick Griffin and his motley band of convicted criminals and
failed businessmen. On the UKIP team at that time were BNP mole Andrew Edwards,
standing in for Greg Lance-Watkins, and the Abbott/Edmonds double act of their
day, Damien Hockney and John De Rook. UKIP substitutes included one-time
Yorkshire chairman Michael Cassidy-Scutts, Tory agitator Martin Cole and the BNP
treasurer, John Brayshaw, parachuted into a defunct UKIP branch in Yorkshire as
chairman to lend credence to the plays. The BNP’s gameplan? Exactly the same as
this time around: an e-mail campaign calling for truth, honesty and integrity,
which accuses the entire leadership of more debauchery than Nero’s court,
culminating in an attempt to fiddle a list of BNP sympathisers, self-promoters
and ‘don’t care who helps as long as we win’ want-to-be’s to the top of MEP
lists and onto the NEC.Luckily in 2004, the plan was forestalled at the last
minute. The Common Man hears that Hockney managed to suppress the details by
issuing a writ for libel, despite using in his writ extracts from a tape of the
NEC meeting where the plot was exposed. The same tape would have defeated his
own libel action, because it was clear that the presenters of the NEC report
into the affair (then chairman David Lott and then communications director Mark
Croucher) did not accuse him of direct links to the BNP, only of being so
desperate to gain control of the party that he didn’t care who was helping him.
Edwards was thrown out of UKIP, as was Brayshaw, Cassidy-Scutts left, and Cole
disappeared without trace once his usefulness to the Tories in heading off a
UKIP advance ceased. Interestingly, Cole had worked with Alan Duncan MP at the
time his oil brokerage was breaking UN sanctions by selling oil to Yugoslavia.
The involvement of senior UKIP members was hushed up by the terms of the
politically expedient settlement of the libel action.The present day play bears
an uncanny similarity to the 5 year old one. This time, Mr Lance-Watkins’ is the
Mr Edwards, with his wide ranging leaks of NEC material supplied by Misters-
Abbott and -Edmonds. In a refinement of the BNP gameplan, which made up in
enthusiasm what it lacked in originality, long term infiltrators such as John
West and Martin Harvey were used to lend credence to the idea that there was a
problem with the MEP selection process. On this foundation, Lance-Watkins used
his extensive e-mail database, built up over many years interference in UKIP’s
internal affairs, to sow the same rumours that were used 5 years ago without
success, all leading to the appearance of Buster Mottram at UKIP’s NEC meeting
yesterday. Mottram was brought along by Martin Haslam, UKIP deputy treasurer, to
defend himself against charges of leaking information to the press, and
admittance for Mottram was gained by Misters- Abbott and -Edmonds using this
pretext. The trio then sat back and waited for the show to begin, having all
been party, with Mr Lance-Watkins, to the negotiations. Following earlier
experience, both Abbott and Edmonds taped the meeting, and immediately provided
the tapes to Lance-Watkins.The BNP’s offer was straightforward: ditch UKIP
Leader Farage, and enter an electoral pact, splitting the country between the
two parties. In 2004, it was the same except that the condition was to ditch
then UKIP Leader Roger Knapman. Then, the new leader would have been Damien
Hockney with Mr De Rook as deputy, while the current plan would have seen Mr
Edmonds heading up the remains of the party, with Mr Abbott as deputy.It all
began to fall apart when Mr Lance-Watkins proved unable once again to keep quiet
over the details and insisted on issuing an ultimatum at the end of the previous
week. In 2004, the end was very similar when Mr Edwards was caught out in a
similar way over John Brayshaw, allowing UKIP to expel them both before the trap
could be sprung. It is there that the similarites end, unfortunately. This time,
the BNP did have negotiations with senior UKIP figures in the persons of
Misters- Abbott and -Edmonds, and all those involved were aware of the others
and exactly what their game plan was. The ad-hoc nature of 2004 was replaced by
a much more determined approach with a concerted plan which, even though based
on the earlier version, shows that even the BNP can learn from their past
mistakes. The branch chairmen and ordinary members who fell for it this time
were as always in BNP plans expendable cannon fodder and useful fools. The real
changes were at the top. In 2004, Mssrs Hockney and De Rook were simply used
because they displayed enough naked ambition to not care where their help was
coming from. This time, the senior UKIP people were already closely linked to
the BNP, and were made aware of the other BNP pieces in play to avoid repetition
of earlier mistakes.Although the BNP appear the losers they have not really lost
that much. Abbott and Edmonds were about to be expelled as details of the
negotiations surfaced over the previous week or so, while Lance-Watkins BNP
links have become increasingly obvious in recent months to the point where even
his supporters are distancing themselves from him. The trick for the BNP now as
in 2004 is to try and turn the cleaning up process around, and make the
subsequent expulsions from UKIP of those who were involved in the negotiations
seem unfair and a part of a wider witch-hunt. If the game continues to play as
it did in 2004, UKIP members will see through such troublemaking.
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The Common Man at 08:11
Sunday, 2 November 2008
Beaman’s mysterious departure

Now the dust has died down about Gregg
Beaman’s mysterious departure as both NW Regional Organiser and lead candidate,
the truth is beginning to out. Strange to say it isn’t found on Mr Beaman’s own
blog which gives his noble reasons for standing aside, and which has now stopped
taking postings from anonymous users because their comments were getting a
little close to the truth of the matter. Even libertarianism has its bounds at
the edge of untrammeled free speech.Sources close to the anti-UKIP movement
within UKIP tell the Common Man that the real reason concerns an NEC member, a
laptop and Democracy Forum. Users of Democracy Forum should take a look at
postings by user name ‘Rosie’, who wrote “I saw how hard Greg Beaman worked when
he formed the branch I was in, and two or three nearby ones”, “Greg Beaman was
certainly the popular choice when I left the North West over a year ago now, and
I hear he still is as he has a long and solid track record”.The same forum
spends some time discussing Mr Beaman’s departure and how it was a conspiracy by
the leadership to get rid of him because Paul Nuttall was the preferred choice
for the number one slot in the North West.It will be interesting to see how they
react to the news that Rosie and Gregg Beaman are one and the same, gender
confusion notwithstanding. This less than earth-shattering piece of news came to
light when Mr Beaman returned a borrowed laptop, forgetting to remove the
incriminating evidence first, and wasting all his hard work, time and effort in
climbing the greasy pole as a regional organiser to get to the top of the list
while at the same time attacking the leadership anonymously via a public forum
and a series of contacts with people who are decidedly not UKIP’s greatest fans.
The subject of his attacks included then UKIP Chairman John Whittaker MEP, who
was a staunch supporter of Mr Beaman’s attempt to gain the number one slot on
the list, and UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP, who was responsible for his
paycheques.The face saving formula of allowing Mr Beaman to resign quietly
clearly isn’t working, as the Common Man hears that his involvement with the
anti-UKIP cause continues just as his vaguely worded blog entry leaves visitors
with the impression that UKIP had done something wrong. How his opposition to
UKIP taking seats in the European Parliament squares with the effort he put into
gaining first place on the list is matter for others to discuss but there was no
point of principle involved in using an MEP’s allowance to send out a regional
newsletter which was little more than a campaign mailshot or in using an
alter-ego to sing his own praises.
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Saturday, 1 November 2008
Colman and foot in mouth disease

Much talk on Democracy Forum about TC
and an alleged smear campaign against him claiming he made racist comments.
Maybe, maybe not. It wouldn’t be the first time in his short career as an
MEP.News reaches us that at his welcoming meeting in Strasbourg he was enjoying
a chat with a fellow attendee, telling them how much he hated Farage, and how in
his days as a copper they knew how to deal with troublesome journalists who took
too much of an interest in such boring issues as police corruption – lock them
in a cell with a couple of burly PCs, and then beat the crap out of them.
Medecine to be repeated daily until cured. Other such indiscretions tumbled from
his lips, leaving a bemused European Editor of a national daily, for such was
his audience, wishing it had not been a private meeting because it would have
made a lovely front page.Not the first time such comments have been made by TC,
however. Another source tells the Common Man that he thought this would have
been an ideal way of dealing with Tom Wise, who he cleared, then smeared, then
cleared again shortly before Wise’s arrest.With friends like this to show UKIP’s
best face to the media, who needs enemies?
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Thursday, 23 October 2008
I see the
latest Greg Lance-Watkins rant has arrived in inboxes, including a significant
section devoted to the BNP. After republishing large parts of their website, he
thoughtfully finishes with a couple of lines about how bad they are, paying
special attention to how shocking it is that some of them deny the
holocaust.Strange that he should be so particular, as it was only two weeks ago
that he was fending off accusations that he himself supported holocaust deniers
after old e-mails from him surfaced praising organisations such as Al-Quaeda,
Hamas and the PLO, all of whom deny the holocaust.But as if that isn’t bad
enough, rumours also began to circulate about just how close his links to the
BNP were or are. Discussion on the Democracy Forum (formerly UKIP Forum) centred on how he apparently attempted to mislead a group of UKIP activists into
attending a political weekend at a local pub to which he had secretly invited
BNP leader Nick Griffin. His defence, amazingly, was that Nick Griffin had
phoned him and asked to attend – as if having the leader of Britain’s
blackshirts phoning up and inviting themselves around was somehow better than
having invited him.The actual cause of these revelations was a ding-dong between
him and former UKIP PR man Mark Croucher, who took umbrage at one rant too many
from the erstwhile Watkins. More apparently is due to come, as I understand
details of Watkins criminal record have recently come to light.
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Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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#110* – Did Mr. Mottram Provide Farage’s REICHSTAG Moment?

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 07/11/2008

#110* – Did Mr. Mottram Provide Farage’s REICHSTAG Moment?

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!


EUkip’s Ever Greater Shame


“He (NIGEL FARAGE) told the BBC there had been an attempt “over many months” to infiltrate and try to “demoralise” UKIP members into thinking there was no
future without a deal with the BNP.”We had worked out who those people were,
that had infiltrated UKIP, we were on the verge of getting rid of them, and they
began to panic so they thought they would play their trump card.”The party says
it expects more people to leave within the next few months.”**END**

There is every good reason to believe that this is a total pack of lies – I base this on the willingness of Farage and those around him to lie, cheat and slander to keep their snouts in the troughs.

Interestingly one of Farage’s most dishonest supporters his over paid spin doctor and ex press officer Mark Croucher, who has done such harm to EUkip in his odious bullying and repetitive dishonesty whilst a paid servant of the party and whilst still having access to official minutes and similar confidential material presumably controlled by The Party secretary has let slip that clearly he is working directly for EUkip.

In Croucher’s attempt to rubbish a EUkip senior member he concedes, one might say officially, that the NEC elections were corrupt and the leadership election was also corrupt (well we all knew that but he bases his confession on a lie!).

Now let us look at some factual history.Ms. Holdsworth resigned mostly over the issue of the refusal of Farage and his cronies on the gravy train to provide transparent accounting or responsible behaviour as they refused to let it be known to the NEC what staff the party had, or what their MEPs did all week.

She also refused to accept the abuse and childish behaviour that was prevalent amongst the self seeking MEPs who had seemingly abandoned the members and gone native.

Also having been thwarted in attempts to establish the truth of the criminality of Tom Wise as subsequently published in the media.Part of her final contribution to EUkip was to establish a more competent structure starting with a new and more professional constitution – which she did, working with the few competent members on the NEC.

Unfortunately after she resigned the constitution was tampered with by others damaging large tracks of its intent and its accountability to members. The demarcations between that which was professionally drawn up and the amateur alterations can be seen by the informed reader.

Subsequent to the Chairman’s resignation legal advice would seem in the main to have been supplied by The Party Secretary whose competence and professionalism can be seen by the fact that he signed off the shoddy alterations, has little or no control of either his personal ambitions or his mouth.

Further astonishingly as Party Secretary he is willing to act with undeclared and morally contemptible conflict of interest in allocation of legal work.

However one can tell the calibre of his professionalism as a solicitor and the calibre of his competence in terms of legal advice – surely only a fool of the proportions of Rachel Oxley or Douglas Denny would tender such low grade legal advice as to have EUkip found guilty in the courts rather than act competently and honestly – surely it was his duty to protect the party against the lies, dishonesty and clearly breeches of law by Andrew Smith as accountant when he deserted his position of trust leaving the accounts in a shambles having clearly been involved in dishonesty with Nigel Farage, David Lott and others.

Only a fool would ignore legal challenges and threats of substance such as tampering with internet eMails in trust, criminal breech of the Data Protection Act, rigging of elections, orchestration of a corrupt and dishonest enquiry by Trevor Colman who was so dishonest he refused to carry out his duty as a citizen let alone a retired police officer.

Then to further bring EUkip into disrepute Farage has failed to keep the lid on his garbage can Croucher, or the sordid behaviour he has been involved in himself.Similarly the fact that Bannerman who is a proven liar, fraud and cheat is deputy leader and in the employ of the EU is a measure of the manner in which EUkip would seek to lead or represent if voted into any office.

Farage must be cock a hoop if not in collusion with Mr. Mottram!For some months as EUkip has ‘milled’ all but leaderless with collapsing membership, near vanished activists, delusional half baked policies, lost and leaderless there have been endless criticism of the incompetence of the NEC & Leadership manifest in endless lies and cover-ups, profligacy with other people’s money, untrusted and clearly untrustworthy accounts, surrounded by spivs & parasites in Farage’s entourage of chavs and trash that brought nothing but shame to the party EXCEPT sycophantic adulation of ‘Our Glorious Leader’ whose competence is quite clearly limited to a series of sound bites, a few 90 second speeches and 3 tub thumping speeches we have all heard ad naseam – all 3 cigarette papers end on end they are now so thin!

During the last few weeks Farage and his cronies have desperately trying to blame their palpable incompetence on something ANYTHING other than their total incompetence – finally sickened by the lies he had to put his name to John Wittacker resigned and Farage put in a puppet – a measure of this shaven headed Liverpool scally’s competence was that at his first meeting as chairman the police had to be called to restore order.

Godfrey Bloom had to be restrained and finally the chairman himself surrounded by the foul language of the Party secretary, the childish Denny, the risible Clark in a tantrum, the meeting collapsed with the Chairman looking like a maggot on a spring bright red with anger reverting to his roots and threatening to attack Mr. Mottram.

The meeting and Farage’s subsequent idiotic comments about the BNP were such that it left Clive Page in the press office desperately trying to keep EUkip out of the courts phoning around to assure people that the comments about the BNP had no connection with the kangaroo court and unconstitutional and morally reprehensible abuses aimed at preventing John West, Dr. Abbott & Dr. Edmond from representing some 6,000 members who asked them to represent them and clean up EUkip and start by cleaning out the rats nest of corruption supporting EUkip’s catastrophic leader and the liar, cheat and fraud Bannerman.

The attempt to present a solution to EUkip’s impecunity with a mere £45,000 in the bank and pending forfeitures and costs that may run to between £500,000 & £1,000,000 from the lies of Farage, Smith etc. and the crass legal advice, presumably from the imbecilic Zucherman that has led to this position.

Realising that there is every possibility that before the courts come collecting on this the first calamitous legal action. Then there are the costs and fines that may well accrue from the various legal cases being brought by the police, OLAF, DPA and others – leading to probable subsequent cases founded on likely guilty verdicts such as any damages claims made by Robin Page, John West and others displaced by kangaroo court hijackings and unelected committees running out of control by excercising authority they do not have.

Of course there is every possibility that EUkip will be forced to act honestly and follow the advice of its appointed Returning Officer which would lead to refunding some £20,000 so far obtained by false pretences and then re-run the selection process honestly this time with it overseen by an outside agency that can be trusted as it was clear from the report that the NEC, Leadership and staff can not be trusted.

One wonders if the NEC are aware that under law the NEC is the banker of last resort – let us see just how much of a fool Alan Bown is – will he pay for the bad advice, the lies and incompetence of Andrew Smith, Nigel Farage, David Lott and others?

Will he fund such legal costs as are mounting on other cases, will he pay the damages ALL incurred by Nigel Farage as leader and the utter incompetence of his team.May I presume to advise Dr. Abbott, Dr. Edmond & John West – make absolutely no effort to regain your rightfull seats on the NEC and I would advise Del Young to find a way to leave with haster.

The NEC has 15 members I believe however looking at those who are proud to accept liability for EUkip’s potential debts I note there are now 10 – so that will be debt divided by 10? Well no actually as probably you will find, since I understand the law states that the matter is jointly and severally!

So will Farage pay up? – well I doubt it as he always moans he has no money and is not recorded as a donor even to EUkip, anyway the money he has ‘acquired’ is recorded as off shore!

Then there is Bannerman and all he is worth after many years as a bag carrier of little significance and openly stated as desperate for the job of MEP, thus probably a man of straw – nothing there then.

Zucherman a different case and I presume together with Oxley responsible for the legal opinions seemingly of similar calibre but I would hazard a gues the courts are unlikely to persue Oxley considering her of little substance in view of how much may be owed!

Then consider the likelihood that it would be worth going to Liverpool to collect off of our puppet scally.

That leaves Denny, who although a serial liar I incline to believe his claim he owns nothing, Delboy was unable to provide a CV during the leadership election which was the only reason I campaigned to expose him, as there was always the risk with a chappie who was unknown and unwilling to state or show a CV that they MIGHT have just arrived from St. Quintin or Njemina Prison!

Duffy, well having had to lie and cheat to get on the NEC and with merely the talents to work on the floor in a down market store one would probably be safe assuming she would be unlikely to fund the debts especially with numerous kids and no husband! Her fellow MAY be liable under law but as an RO about all he could muster in clout was the ability to remove those who campaigned and provide contacts that may well get one’s partner electedto the NEC

Jill Seymour well I’m sure her husband will be happy to chip in and since it is jointly and severally it would seem that Seymour, Zucherman, Bown & Gill are the most likely to have to pay up in full or in part – as decided by the Court but I’m sure Denny, Duffy, Nuttall, Bannerman & Farage will be happy to stump up their share!

Perhaps Mr. Mottram’s rather lame suggestion of an electoral pact has played right into Nigel Farage’s hands as this would seem to be his Reichstag Fireshudder, wriggle, fear we are under attack by the BNP – so what!

Is EUkip so very weak that the vile BNP is really a threat! – have Farage and his gang so alienated the members of EUkip that even the revolting BNP may be a better option?

Now just a minute – the mere suggestion in the 5 minutes allotted to Mr. Mottram by Farage should have left EUkip with the upper hand as after 5 minutes a competent chairman could have stepped in and graciously thanked Mr. Mottram, asked him if he would care to remain as an observer or leave with his friend Mr. Hasslam.
A clear and unequivocal rejection by the chairman or Farage would have sufficed and a brief clarification as to why that was unacceptable and then just for clarity I believe a vote would have sealed the matter
– Further thanks, a 3 minute break before returning to constructively representing the interests of the remaining members.

BUT NO this was permitted to get totally out of hand with Zucherman making racist outbursts accusing a long term member invited to speak by the leader of being a ‘Nazi’!!

We also have this professional solicitor later on using the F*** word openly as representation of the members in a mixed meeting of EUkip’s management committee!

Similarly Denny & Clarke were near hysterical, Oxleys manners were those of the gutter and Bloom & Nuttall were taking it in turns to threaten to thump people!

Just as a point of interest, in view of the many thoroughly decent members I have met over the years – just where do you find these trash?

Do you really believe they represent ANY British Values of note – liars, bullies, foul mouthed, drunks, womanisers, cheats, frauds – how very proud you must be to be represented by such people!

How very very convenient for Farage to seek to blame his utter incompetence and the behaviour of his failed team on the BNP – I guess he believes in the tooth fairy too!EUkip is no more under attack from the BNP than it is ignored by the 2 main parties who like the media have discounted EUkip as an irrelevance in British politics since they have stuffed the filing draws of the media and filled their hard disks with enough stories to be able to produce them if need be during the election but of no interest at the moment.

Farage occupies the BBC’s 3 or 4 Question Time slots a year – you will note the BBC will be ale to leave EUkip out during the electoral period as having had their quota and anyway you only have one tried and tested performer and he has been on a lot last year!

Wake up and smell the coffee – Farage and his antics has destroyed any hope EUkip once had.

Then the lunacy of seemingly being unable to find an accountant of repute to do the books in Britain – or is this more Reichstag Fire – do we await the announcement of irresponsibility that in trawling the books around the continent just to hire some political prostitute who has tried to hire out almost anywhere to get her snout in the EU trough, seemingly Farage offered to ‘squeeze’ her in even though she does believe the EU is a good idea and just needs a bit of changing – too right she has NOTHING in common with Britain or the values of UKIP’s grass roots members.

Not a bad bit of ‘squeeze’ when it comes to it – a part time job without responsibility where the cheques are sent to you in Barcelona, Brusells, Strasbourg, Denmark or wherever the weather suits her, signed and then sent back for distribution! – it would seem to be obscenely over paid when you consider the organisation had £45,000 according to whoever actually does the books – the treasure gets £36,000+ and expenses we understand – not bad when you consider previous treasurers did at least claim to be interested in the cause and worked pro bono.

It could be argued in view of the professional incompetence & dishonesty of Andrew Smith and the disaster he has exposed EUkip to, EUkip should have paid a professional, but what is wrong with one OF REPUTE from Britain, or is Farage’s reputation such that no one wants the job?

I presume the purpose of Farage’s Reichstag Fire was to scream BNP or Tooth Fairy or some such, we are under attack (that’s politics idiot!), then he will set up his ‘Enabling Act’ set aside the Disciplinary Committee claiming they can’t be trusted and the Tooth Fairy might have invaded!

Next it will be for the sake of the Party because we are under invasion by the Viet Kong or Winnie The Pooh or something (more likely Pink Elephants in Farage’s case – delerium tremens may account for his shakes!), we must suspend the Constitution until after the elections and as the NEC can’t be trusted because someone made a suggestion (A MEMBER Nigel Farage invited to make a 5 minute presentation of his idea!).

Infamy Infamy he screeched like a latter day Kenneth Williams we must suspend the NEC, well nothing ever got done there! – Farage already has a corrupt and dishonest group called the Political Committee, hand picked yes men and useless puppets.

Beware The Reichstag Fire – well actually no this is more a bonfire of his vanity as he makes ever more of a fool of himself.Farage – YOU ARE A JOKE – quite a good performing monkey as I’ve always said, but as a leader totally out of your depth and you know what that looks like you watched your puppet Nuttall and your little army of useless muppets on Monday – what a Co** U*

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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#109* – EUkip Member Mr. Mottram NEC Report

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 06/11/2008

#109* – EUkip Member Mr. Mottram NEC Report

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!




“He (NIGEL FARAGE) told the BBC there had been an attempt “over many months” to
infiltrate and try to “demoralise” UKIP members into thinking there was no
future without a deal with the BNP.”We had worked out who those people were,
that had infiltrated UKIP, we were on the verge of getting rid of them, and they
began to panic so they thought they would play their trump card.”The party says
it expects more people to leave within the next few months.”**END**

I do not believe there is one word of truth in this statement from Nigel Farage.

I do not believe there has been an consequential efforts by BNP members.

I do not believe that the BNP has taken any but normal opposition to EUkip.

The only attempt to damage UKIP over the last 4 years has been:I believe Nigel Farage and various of his associates such as Denny, Bannerman, Croucher, Nuttall and others have acted as recruiting sergeants for the BNP.

01. The relentless incompetence of its leadership.
02. The lack of good publicity.
03. The corruption on the part of the leadership.
04. The lies told about members.
05. The dishonesty of the leadership.
06. The dishonesty of Nigel Farage.
07. The lies & Fraud of David Bannerman.
08. The Fraud, Embezzling & Money Laundering which led to the arrest of Tom Wise as published.
09. The Bailing of Tom Wise on the grounds of criminality.
10. The renewal of the arrest warrant of Tom Wise.
11. The extension of Bail incurred by Tom Wise.
12. The questioning of Lindsay Jenkins regarding her involvement in criminality.
13. The bullying of Del Young at NEC meetings.
14. The childish behaviour of NEC members.
15. The lies of Andrew Smith.
16. The identity of Bannerman being based on HIS lies.
17. The serial lies & dishonesty of Douglas Denny on public Forums.
18. The guilty verdict of the Courts in a Tribunal.
19. The fact that a judge did not find John Wittacker or his Regional Organiser to be honest.
20. The lies and serial dishonesty of Mark Croucher on behalf of Farage in public.
21. The dishonesty of Farage in paying his wife £25,000 against an edict NOT to pay family.
22. The fact that Smith, Lott & Farage acted dishonestly on purpose leading to a guilty verdict in the Courts.
23. The payment of Mark Croucher adequate to fund two pubs for the pathetic output as Press Officer.
24. The failure of the Leadership to denounce the activities of Tom Wise.
25. The dishonest and corrupt behaviour of Trevor Colman in abuse of his Queen’s Commission seemingly for gain.
26. The willingness of the leadership to dishonestly seek to pillory Dr. David Abbott having investigated and approved his historic relationship with the BNP.
27. The scurrilous behaviour of the NEC & leadership of permitting a known liar to trump up charges against Dr. Eric Edmond.
28. The use of unacceptable obscenities by Zucherman as Party Secretary at NEC meetings.
29. The lies in the dishonest letter from The Party Chairman.
30. The failure to fire Annabelle Fuller for apparent criminality.
31. The employing of Ms. Fuller who uses foul and abusive language when representing EUkip in public.
32. Press Reports of the irresponsibility of the leader.
33. Press reports of the greed, gross behaviour & dishonesty of Tom Wise.34. The dishonesty and corruption in the debarring of Greg Beaman to dishonestly favour NuttAll.
35. The refusal of the party to apologise to John West who has been criminally wronged by the party.
36. The dishonesty & Corruption of Gulleford & Titford that led to Police investigation now in abeyance pending further direct complaint by Kingscott, Holdsworth and perhaps others for their breech of the data protection act.
37. The passing of a Police File on Gulleford & Titford to OLAF who are to investigate to what extent they have been defrauded.
38. The Guilty Court verdict for Racism & Assault by an executive Officer of EUkip after drinking with Farage.
39. Outright lies to The Daily Mail by Farage bringing the Party into disrepute.
40. Bannerman’s LIES that gained him preference by FRAUD claiming relationship to a dead Liberal! In NO SENSE is Bannerman either a close relation or any kind of blood relation as he dishonestly claims – he is merely a liar whose ‘claimed’ parents own a desk!! He is a serial LIAR.
41. A Guilty Court verdict for receipt of unlawfull donations.
42. I understand Farage received excellent service from the waitress Bloom knew well in Brussels last Tuesday night.
43. The serial lies and dishonesty of Graham Booth regarding accounts.
44. The betrayal of Britain by Derek Clark advocating greater subsidiarity to the EU.
45. The obvious incompetence to manage a Party NEC meeting without calling the Police to keep order.
46. The utterly risible & inappropriate placement of a shaven headed Liverpool scally as Farage’s placement as Chairman (unelected).
47. The total disregard for EUkip Constitution by its leadership & NEC.
48. The failure of EUkip leadership to show ANY leadership abilities.
49. The admission of corruption of the leadership’s choosing of candidates by refund of deposits to those who were lied to.
50. The dishonest hijacking of branches in a corrupt manner by those aided by Farage.
51. The indisputable collapse of activist members.
52. The lies & libels of George Curtis in legal reports.
53. The corruption & dishonesty of Christopher Gill in his failure to acquit his duty.
54. The dishonesty of Christopher Gill in his lies to Robin Page.
55. The criminal abuse of the DPA by Farage, Zucherman, Gill, Page, Fuller & others.

I will happily provide at least another similar 55 items but I am getting bored and believe my point is made.


NEC 03-Nov-08 re: Mr. Mottram:

Mr. Mottram
– one time Tennis Player I understand and known as Buster Mottram – gatecrashed a EUkip NEC meeting and in a bad mannered and unacceptable way abused the invitation of his host Martin Hasslam.

I have a personal assurance from Dr. David Abbott & Dr. Eric Edmond also from John West and also a second hand assurance (he was out when I called him) from Del Young that they had no prior knowledge or indication that Mr. Mottram was present at the NEC meeting for any other reason than to act as a witness of a conversation Martin Hasslam had had with The Independent newspaper.

Nigel Farage has conceded he had colluded with The Independent in a vile and underhand attempt at entrapment! via a journalist he, Nigel Farage, knew and was friendly with, in a corrupt and despicably underhand plot to entrap EUkip long term benefactor Martin Hasslam.

I am given to understand that Mr. Mottram is a personal friend of Martin Hasslam’s and he had no idea that he had any reason to believe that Mr. Mottram would so take advantage of that friendship as to use Martin Hasslam as a way to dishonestly gain access to EUkip’s NEC meeting in total breech of trust.

These circumstances being as I believe them to be, as I have stated herein – I totally repudiate as utterly unacceptable behaviour on the part of Mr. Mottram his betrayal and abuse of his friend and the embarrassment he has caused those who believed Mr. Mottram was only in attendance to defend Martin Hasslam and give honest testimony which would prove the underhand and despicable behaviour of Nigel Farage in trying by duplicity to remove a EUkip long term benefactor.

Nigel Farage’s behaviour was, as we have come to expect, that of a low life barrow boy – his loyalty to others is as ever ZERO, and it is increasingly obvious to the less informed that Nigel Farage is no gentleman and to be trusted as far as one can kick him.

It is increasingly obvious that Nigel Farage is untrustworthy in terms of money, in terms of women, in terms of alcohol, in terms of friendship.

Seemingly Nigel Farage has only one interest which would seem to be his own personal well being and his insecurity is such that he will travel to the ends of the earth (at anyone else’s expense) for a chance of praise and an opportunity to show off – the man is a sad caricature.

I have read Mr. Mottram’s report of the meeting which is in the public domain but I refuse to circulate anything from this man – not because of the apparent abuse of his friend and the undeniable exploitation of those he had led to believe he was ONLY in attendance to defend his friend.

I note that Mr. Mottram’s report confirms almost to the letter the details I have already published and those I have obtained independently.

I will NOT circulate any material from Mr. Mottram in the light of his past association with the National Front and manners aside his alleged suggestion that the decent people of UKIP might be duped into any kind of electoral pact with the BNP or any other racist, anti Jewish organisation that actively preaches hatred and opposition to either the superstitions and faiths of others or against British citizens and those legitimately in these United Kingdoms whatever class, creed, colour, ethnicity or belief within the law.

Until Mr. Mottram TOTALLY & UNEQUIVOCALLY renounces and repudiates his past association with The National Front & his present advocacy of the BNP I will have nothing to do with the man nor with any grouping he associates with.

I will implacably campaign against any organisation that is or has associated with the BNP and will actively campaign against any organisation which will not unequivocally renounce and denounce them – or any organisation which is willing to give them succour or support – including Mr. Mottram, unless he unequivocally apologises to the decent members of UKIP whom he has tarnished and repudiates his association with the BNP.

There is no man who can not change his mind and apologise for an error who should not receive forgiveness for their error.

A public, clear and unequivocal rejection, apology and repudiation is all I demand.

I have never stolen money, I have never wittingly lied, I have never intentionally told an untruth about anyone, I have never deliberately betrayed anyone, I have never been a racist, I have never wittingly associated with racists, I have no religious belief nor belief in God or Gods and thus accept all faiths beliefs, superstitions and religions as private (albeit I consider them to be bunkum), I do not seek to force my belief on others nor will I tolerate them forcing theirs on me.

I consider Tuesday 4th. November 2008 to be a great landmark in world history and I feel the pride of America in its people’s leadership who elected a man of white and black parentage without making great issue of his colour or that of his family.

Just 2 years since a Black Mayor was slaughtered in a car park in The American South, because of his colour, by associates of the BNP – members of the White Supremacist Movement of America.

Just some 3or4 years after associates of the BNP members of the White Supremacist Movement of America were sent to jail for the murder of young men because of their colour.

It is only a few years ago that BNP associates – members of the White Supremacist Movement of America, took a young man and put him in chains because he was black and dragged him until the colour came off urinating on the unrecognisable remains of no more than meat.

The White Supremacist Movement of America, which has helped create The BNP with its origins in funding The National Front, has ritually killed, mostly for entertainment, between 4&5,000 young men by hanging, dragging or burning just because they were black.

On December 1st. 1955 Rosa Parks took her seat on a segregated bus refusing to move to the black section where there were no seats – Rosa Parks took her seat so that Martin Luther King could walk with dignity and lead a sector of the peoples of America to freedom and Tuesday 4th. November 2008 a man of colour was elected President of America not because of his white Mother or his black Father, but because the majority of the peoples of America believed he was the best man in America for the job of leading them.

How dare ANYONE try to associate my Country with the racist scum of The White Supremacist Movement – How dare ANYONE associate my Country with the anti Jewish scum that are the BNP funded in its origins by filth like John Tyndall & Lady Birdwood.

Be advised the BNP leadership to this day are associated with those murders in America and with the anti Judaism and religious hatred of their founders and funders as they have refused to denounce them, have failed to repudiate them and have NEVER apologised for their inherent evil.

I call on any individual or organisation that expects my support and does NOT want me as an implacable enemy to apologise, renounce and repudiate the BNP.Much as I loath what damage Nigel Farage has done to my Country, much as I despise the sad little man, much as I resent the betrayal of UKIP by the scum that has seized the leadership & the placemen of the NEC – Credit where credit is due:

”I congratulate Nigel Farage for having rejected any kind of deal with filth like The BNP” – it is to be hoped that Mr. Mottram and others with a past in similar extremist politics including

Nigel Farage’s election agent or Michael Natrasse, Jeffrey Titford and others will step forward and publish their apology, their rejection and their repudiation of such organisations.

Nigel Farage – without a doubt that was your finest hour and now I call on you to resign at your zenith because for your other betrayals I intend to hound you and your sordid little claque out of office.I trust there will be others who have the integrity to step forward and support my statement – however if acting with integrity costs me every friend I have it is a price worth paying.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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#107* – EUkip Puppets Now On Chains?

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 04/11/2008

#107* – EUkip Puppets Now On Chains?

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!



I note the desperate mess EUkip are getting in unable to rebut a single fact I have published Nigel’s little goffer has had to troll through his searchlight records and hunt through Google and Mark Croucher hasn’t been able to come up with a single substantive item against me that hasn’t long since been kicked way into touch as unmitigated nonsense.

They are now so desperate that Mark Croucher has had to recycle old lies he has used before, I note he even repeats the same errors when before it was proved his understanding of English usage merely made a fool of him:
Do try to remember what EMPATHISE means Croucher!

Little Mark Croucher was too stupid to grasp the concept last time the nonsense he was spouting was shown to be absolute tosh.

Try not to keep making a fool of yourself though I do understand your need to be seen to be performing for your master – that you again make a fool of yourself with rehashed repetition of debunked drivel speaks volumes – I guess repeating lies is a hazard of being owned by another man and having to sing for your supper.

Croucher do go away and play with your drinks you are just becoming a sad figure of ridicule and pitied by all but a few gullible idiots, like ANYONE who thinks you were EVER value for money – you are just a figure of pity leaping up and down to earn your crust.

Back to the FACTS and let us try to ignore inadequates and their lies.

I have just received this from my EU contact, and had it confirmed, I understand it was sent out quite a while ago and you will note it endorses virtually every aspect of what I have stated about EUkip’s dishonest NEC meeting and the shouting, bullying and incompetence of those set up as puppets to control it.

The staggering thing is these liars and cheats frauds and spivs in the leadership are again and again proven to be low lifes of no credibility some even criminal and it is proven – there are numerous legal cases they have brought upon themselves and it is looking increasingly certain that they are about to be hit with a bill in the region of £500,000 to £1,000,000 and their only consequential backer is beginning to wake up and realise he has been taken for the mug he clearly is – just turned upside down by a bunch of self serving spivs to have his pockets emptied – laughed about behind his back for his gullibility and when it comes to the crunch cut adrift to face The Judicial Review alone!

I believe it would be an honourable action on the part of Alan Bown to refuse to pay for the dishonesty and incompetence of Andrew Smith and David Lott and the idiotic weenie waggling of the massively insecure Nigel Farage. The three of them having irrefutably personally incurred this debt.

If I was Dr. Abbott, Dr. Eric Edmond, John West or Del Young I for one would be consulting Councel for a sound ‘Opinion’ as to how best to ensure I was NOT on the NEC as the NEC are bankers of last resort and thus Jointly & Severally liable for the debts of The Party.

Does Brian Seymour know his wife’s ambitions with Farage’s corrupt crew could cost him £100s of £1,000s similarly the Weasle Rachel Oxley with her knickers stuffed with her legal opinions to glibly distribute.

I wonder will they pursue the shaven headed Liverpool Scally Farage has put in as his puppet or the undeniably corrupt Bannerman or perchance that other man of straw and liar Douglas Denny or the cheat and clearly corrupt Lisa Duffy or will the Courts and bailiffs go straight for Farage, Bown, Seymour & Zucherman as obviously sufficient for the funds and let them chase after the others for their cut!!

For what portion will The Treasurer be responsible as a foreign National who lives in Spain?

Well anyway here is the report from the NEC:

David Abbott’s ‘charges’ were sent at 7:30 pm on Sat 1st Nov so not a lot of
notice for the trial on Mon Nov 3rd at 1 pm. [Interestingly I
received my NEC copy before David who had only that day flown from Canada
for the NEC meeting – G. L-W.].

Neither David or I were able
to defend ourselves as the meeting had degenerated to an utter farce and both of
us we being subjected to tirades of abuse and I felt I was in danger of physical

Martin Haslam brought Buster Mottram who also wanted
to talk about donors to the party and also to act as his McKenzie
friend to reply to Fargage’s demand for Martin’s resignation as Deputy Treasurer
for the crime of talking to the press.

I challenged Farage on this
and he admitted that he, Farage, had set the whole thing up with the journalist
concerned to entrap Martin Haslam or as Farage put it to ‘test his

I told Farage I found his act desplicable as did David
Abbott and we both left along with Martin Haslam, Buster Mottram. Why should we
be judged in a kangaroo court by such a man and his placemen and women? We have
done no wrong. Del Young left a few minutes after us feeling the same

Farage is trying now to smear us as being BNP. Neither I,
David or Martin have ever been in the BNP or supported the BNP.

challenge Nuttall to produce with sources the evidence to back his statement
that I or David spoke in public against UKIP or its NEC

Haslam is one of the best and most honest men you could hope to meet and has
given around £15000 to UKIP that I know of.

I gather a tape
recording of the meeting exists so you should hopefully be able to hear for

I need scarcely add that Mottram’s expulsion from UKIP
gave him no hearing or right of defence as in the UKIP

Eric Edmond

Clearly based upon the sequence here, which bears out my earlier statement of Fact, it would seem that since 4 members of the NEC had left the NEC BEFORE the vote commenced – The NEC was ‘In Quorate’ to act as a kangaroo court and obviously Zucherman who had been speaking of the PLANNED outcome at HMS Belfast and Bannerman who has placed himself in litigation with an NEC member yet dishonestly drew up the trumped up charges and also is NOT a legal or legitimate member fit to hold office they also MUST in all conscience Recuse themselves.

Arguably Rachel Oxey should recuse herself as she lodged a dishonest complaint AND has published her legal opinion on these matters.

With certainty Lisa Duffy should be recused as she only gained her position on the NEC as did Bannerman by dishonesty and deceit.

There is absolutely no doubt the meeting was ‘Inquorate’ by ANY normal standards of Justice!It may dishonestly be claimed that a meeting can not be MADE inquorate by the departure of persons who were there at the commencement however as the liar Denny has put in writing this IS acceptable on EUkip’s NEC and the precedent was set when John Wittaker in a morally underhand way withdrew during a meeting to ensure his wishes carried by making the meeting inquorate at that time.

No challenge was heard from The Chairman (Nuttall – Farage’s puppet), The Party Secretary (The ridiculous Zucherman), The Deputy Leader (The farcical liar David Bannerman) or the Leader (why would Farage act when surrounded by his puppets?) at that time. Thus the precedent is irrefutable.

Thus I would contend that the proceedings of The EUkip NEC on Monday 3rd. November 2008 are null and void. Void and of no consequence: Let the minutes show with honesty that no decisions were reached at the NEC as it was unfit to vote.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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