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#0693* – Is Senility The Foundation of UKIP Sagacity?

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 14/11/2011

#0693* – Is Senility The Foundation of UKIP Sagacity?

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Stuart WheelerImage via Wikipedia
UKIP’s 76 Year Old Titular Treasurer

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Is Senility The Foundation of UKIP Sagacity?

We are assured by its Treasurer & current principle quoted backer Stuart Wheeler the average age of members is 72!


Ukip a dead cert?

The euro’s troubles have provoked excitable talk about the UK Independence Party’s electoral future. Stuart Wheeler, its treasurer, is, however, realistic about the present. 

The average age of a Ukip member is 72,” the former Conservative Party treasurer says at a party in the City. “Thousands of us are going to die every year. Having said that, we are getting a lot of new, younger members.“ 

Ukip was once dismissed by David Cameron as a “a bunch of fruitcakes and loonies and closet racists”. Wheeler, 76, appears to be warming to its eccentricities, if his neckwear at the party is anything to go by. He was wearing a tie decorated with brightly coloured frogs. 
I’m wearing this tie to prove Ukip are not anti-French,” he jokes.

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For a man who made a huge amount of money as a professional gambler who went on to lose much of it when he turned his wealth into business ventures and investments Stuart Wheeler seems deeply challenged when it comes to common sense and judgement let alone his clear inability to count much beyond betting odds it seems!

Stuart Wheeler states:
“we are getting a lot of new, younger members

There is no earthly reason to believe that UKIP Yooff is of any size – clearly not more than 100 and probably still less than 50!

Their web site is frequently long out of date, has little of political value and would seem to be, like UKIP Yooff the posing ground of a mere handful of aspirants to office on the gravy train with very little political nouse – even relative to UKIP!

It is probably for this reason that they are encouraged to comment only on the incestuous and rigidly controlled UKIP Forum where sycophancy and delusional greacy poll climbing is the order of the day!

The UKIP Yooff structure started out well under the guidance and promotion of Delroy Young who fell foul of the duplicity and ambitions of others seeking their place on the gravy train and one of the less competent members of UKIP Yoof was ‘used’ to remove Delroy Young and the far from credible Lisa Duffy presided over its subsequent demise – there is little reason to believe it has ever recovered!  

Despite the assurances of Stuart Wheeler whose own morality is deeply flawed as he willingly took on corrupt and corrupted accounts with complete indifference to probity or transparency but then again he is an Old Etonian and clearly with the same ethical indifference displayed by his fellow OE Hugh Williams, Darius Guppy, Hugh Williams and Malcolm Pearson – any one of whom one would be unwise to trust further than one could kick them!
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