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#474* – ‘JUNIUS’

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 14/05/2009

#474* – ‘JUNIUS’


Not realising just howmuch respect Junius has from so many people who want to see EUkip exposed for its corruption and returned to its decent grass roots members the idiot and appologist for Tom Wise Peter Cole has been phoning people up to tell people that he should not be trusted!!!

No Sh*t Sherlock – well who with a brain cell would dream of trusting this odious little old man – we all KNOW he is a foul mouthed bully and an aggressive bear of little brain.

Recently he has been betraying his new party for his own personal gain!

Peter Cole’s latest stupidity is to phone people up and tell them that he was told in confidence that John West told him that he was Junius – John West may be experienced but if he was Junius he is not stupid enough to have trusted Peter Cole – no one else does!

Astonishingly Peter Cole has been phoning up members of UKFirstParty trying to do almost anything to denigrate John West – Peter Cole is, like his boss, desperate to get his snout near the trough on the EU Gravy Train and has cheated to move himself up the list.

Now the other eggregious piece of trash Bruce Lawson who is trusted by no one of experience or judgement and Peter Cole are squabbling and I hear Bruce Lawson is trying to blame Peter Cole for his dishonesty to others – the man is trash.

On an entirely different subject I believe that you will find this story on Junius CLICK HERE all too plausible.

I expect like me Junius is having more disjointed story leads and leaks now that our sources in Brusells and Strasburgh are back in Blighty, but there are still people providing us with plenty of information.

That Peter Cole has been telling people he can’t be trusted with a confidence and when found out inventing and spreading lies about John West he really is a joke – he threatened John West I gather that he would ‘Put his F****** head through a wall when he sees him!’ – What an idiot Cole is, who will hold his Zimmer Frame, well he is in his 70s with shot knees! Hey Peter – don’t trust Bruce with it and Len will need to check with his wife!

Since Junius team are still trying to clean up EUkip and for sure Peter Cole’s lies are a joke. Lets see what idiocy comes from Bruce Lawson & Peter Cole on UKFirstParty and how the decent supporters and list candidates for UKFirstParty push ahead in the East Midlands, South East & Eastern Regions in spite of Lawson, Cole & Baynes who are unlikely to last much longer.

Robin Page is back in Britain which will give the campaign a lift and the other candidates are pretty good compared with EUkip’s bunch of liars and low lifes (Do they want Cole & Lawson back? ‘cos there is no place in UKFirstParty for people like that with their EUkip behaviour.)

Enjoy the continuing saga!

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