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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 17/09/2010


Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the trash on the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  

Leadership, Direction, Failure!


just a top up – there’s some more ‘stuff’ on Prof. Tim Congdon’s data blog CLICK HERE down near the end but make a point of making sure you know about this man, read the rest, as possibly UKIP’s last chance saloon leader before they are only a footnote in a history book.

& you may well like the latest article and links at CLICK HERE and it might help you understand why UKIP is just a self enrichment systen for its parasites.

Then I don’t believe you should be left out so CLICK HERE
 as there is a lot happening towards trying to leave the EU and it seems no one much trusts UKIP but hardly surprising when you realise the overwhelming majority of British people want out of the EU and a massive percentage want a looser structure with self determination, a referendum and a Europe of trade agreements and co-operation with decentralised Government with less laws.

UKIP got 3.1% of the vote not because their message is wrong but because no one trusts them and rightly so, they have no vision, cr@p leadership, no plan for exit and survival just endlessly bleating ‘The EU is nasty’ well we know that but in 17 years all UKIP has ever done is tell us what we know and squabble to get at the money!

UKIP Has Failed for absolute lack of competent leadership for 17 years:

1993–1997 – SKED, Dr. Alan
1997 (acting leader) – MacKINLAY, Craig (now acting full time somewhere I think!)
1997–2000 – HOLMES, Michael (MEP from 1999)
2000–2002 – TITFORD MEP, Jeffrey
2002–2006 – KNAPMAN, Roger (MEP from 2004)
2006–2009 – FARAGE MEP, Nigel
2009-2010 – PEARSON, Malcolm Lord (P) of Rannoch 
2010-2011 – TITFORD MEP(rtd.), Jeffrey
2011 – FARAGE MEP, Nigel (ExpectedScheduled!)

WITHOUT EXCEPTION they have been utterly incompetent with not an ounce of leadership quality between them and as a result they have both attracted and ensured the gutter sweepings as their staff and parasites – WITHOUT EXCEPTION – then they wonder why they attract only 3.1% of the vote.

Please NAME one single thing UKIP has EVER achieved by design, plan and execution.

Whilst you puzzle over that shall the rest of us list the £Millions that they have enriched themselves by, the total failures they have been involved in and the £Millions that seem to have gone missing.

Sad isn’t it when the Party had such huge potential and yet it couldn’t even get a single solitary item of sound publicity for their Annual Farage Feste and the ONLY national publicity like last year was a disgruntled EX employee trying to do a knive in the back job on the people who dumped them!

And UKIP believe they deserve more than 3.1% of the vote when a huge percentage of members appreciate they have NEVER run a free, fair and competent internal selection process and election NEVER!

Already there are members who know that the present leadership coronation is a farce – Farage is reported to be using the data base and staff to phone people, the NEC was a shabby hole in the corner joke, you have dribbling idiots like Douglas Denny, Mick McTrough, Elizabeth Burton and the like on the NEC need we go on – in 17 years UKIP has never, ever runa training course of any competence and the only pamphlet of any stature was a quick rewrite of The Pink Book by someone in Gerard Batten’s office – Harry Randall used to do that every 1/4 on EUroRealist for us it took him a day or so to knock it together.

WHAT has UKIP ever done to get Britain out of The EU?

See what we are putting together at Independent Leave-The-EU Alliance CLICK HERE
and at The Midnight Group CLICK HERE
Its a start!

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future   
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future   


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