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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 29/01/2011

Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!




I gather from a contact in The EU parliament that Nikki Sinclaire has been approached and offered a huge honour as a first term MEP – she has I understand accepted.

In the light of this I thought it appropriate to see if I could check out why only one British MEP was approached.

I gather that one huge plus point was that Nikki Sinclaire had had the integrity and courage to take a firm stance against racism, anti Judaism and sexual intollerance. Her prodigious workload minded that it was she who has fronted the campaign against unlawful Gypsy settlement particularly in her constituency of Meridan – a campaign that was the primary reason she made a point of standing in the General Election where having been betrayed by the lies of Malcolm Pearson and the duplicity and bullying of Farage, who saw his income stream as under threat within his vile EFD Group.

It was essential for Nikki Sinclaire as an honourable member of UKIP to maintain her presence for her constituents as an MEP elected by her voters for her UKIP principles – that she had been betrayed by the duplicity and dishonesty of a member of staff who had seemingly not just mismanaged her accounts from a position of trust but had both stolen money and for all his tears was unconvincing.

That Jon Paul Ison quit her service under a cloud was of little help nor was the pile of missing documents he boasted of to a chum, who he later betrayed circulating unfounded phone messages and scurrilous ‘e’Mails in return for which one can ponder which post he was seeking whether working with his close friend:

 He would have done well in Farage’s Party Allcock however failed to campaign for Jon Ison and got nowhere as a PPC.

Notably despite the betrayal of Nikki both by Malcom Pearson as titular leader and the abuse of the actual leader Farage and then having been betrayed by her own staff we note now that Jon Ison has licked adequate boots to be tolerated in Farage’s party though I would doubt he would be welcome by honourable UKIP supporters like Mike Nattrass & Nikki Sinclaire who have ethics and refuse to associate and assist racists, anti Judaism and violence.

A measure of just how debased Farage’s party is Jon Ison was appointed as a member of The Disciplinary Committee having not even applied – the position was it seems in the gift of Paul Nuttall – that is the degree to which Farage’s party has become debased but then again with liars and frauds like Mick McGough on the NEC, liars and fantasists by the proven corrupt Douglas Denny still tollerated on the NEC and pond life like Gawain Towler and Mark Croucher befouling their media relations with I understand the odious foul mouthed slut Annabelle Fuller still hovering around on FaceBook and elsewhere for Farage.

Is there ANYONE in Farage’s leadership and salaried claque of praise singers anyone in their right mind would want to employ? I can think of not one. The MEPs and NEC are without exception untrustworthy.

It would seem I am not alone in this belief in the light of the work load Sinclaire is getting relative to when she was in Farage’s group!

As I said above I had someone check out what she had been upto this week – obviously being unable to ask her outright it was difficult and we may have missed out on some items.

Here are some of the work items she has done not neccessarity in order:

Fly to Brussels to attend a committee meeting

Fly back for a meeting with a national Asian newsagency

Meeting at The MMoD with General Sir David Richards for a detailed and confidential briefing relative to Afghanistan and military commitments.

Full afternoon meeting with her Solicitors and Barrister relative to the employment tribunal she won & High Court case.

Visit Constituency Office

Meeting re Petition for an EU Referendum

Return to Brussels and meet up with Major National journalist team.

Attend Human Rights meeting.

Publication of article in EU Reporter after research on Spanish CLICK HERE

Attend committee re Tunisia

Holocaust Day memorial service.

Further meetings with journalists.

Fly back to UK & drive to constituency.

Meeting with Amnesty Int. scheduled

Brief visit to Meriden re unlawful gypsy encampment laterly meeting the attention of Caroline Spellman with whom a week ago Sinclaire shared key note status at a conference.

I’m sure there was more but this is what I have tracked down!

The key note of the week in my opinion is the fact that Nikki Sinclaire has received the honour of being asked to attend and assist as a member of a 9 man mission to Tunisia on behalf of The EU.

Sinclaire was the only British MEP asked as a result of her work on the Human Rights Committee and her work with Women’s groups and her increased credibility as an Independent UKIP MEP distanced from Farage and the extremist EFD he chairs.

I gather the advisory group will be in Tunisia from Thursday to Sunday this coming week where the aim is to meet the various parties and groups on all sides and report back to report on their observations ascertaining as much as possible with the support of the EU Secretariat. Sinclaire’s role is particularly relevant in terms of human rights and reportage to journalists relevant to the journalists she is scheduled to meet in Tunis.

Sinclaire’s particular relevance now that she is seen as an honest UKIP MEP is important having been invited as the EU will tend to seek to subsume Tunisia in embrouillment with The EU in the manner of its democracy – Sinclaire can do much to ensure that Tunisia is well aware that in adopting and nurturing democracy the only way it can make any sense of democracy is by vererating and respecting their own Sovereignty – a situation denied Britain.

Having taken part at this stage as an honoured guest there is every possibility that she can count on a key role in the supervision of the election and can show the obscene damage done to Britain by our being subsumed as vassals of The EU. We may thus derive benefit when the time comes for us to leave The EU as friends are always of value and the next potential friend is Egypt who will almost inevitably seek supervision to stabilise their volatile hoards.

Sinclaire’s personal experience organising The Petition since she drew up the concept just after Easter last year will stand her in good stead in terms of organisational skills and structure.

As for knowledge of Tunisia perhaps she could approach Caroline Flint as you may remember that Caroline Flint married a Tunisian waiter whilst on holiday there some years later – I understand two children later Caroline Flint divorced her Tunisian husband and I’m sure her status as an MP and the fact she had moved in with another must surely have had no bearing on her ex husband’s deportation!!

I’m sure Ms. Flint could give many tips on Tunisian society and I have my doubts that Sinclaire would be likely to marry a waiter in the hotel! Marrying the waiter might have seemed unwise at the time but Anglo Tunisian relations can hardly be seen as helped when it transpired when Ms. Flint was a minister that the man she deported was the son of a Tunisian Minister!

I doubt Sinclaire would walk into such a honey trap!

CONGRATULATIONS Sinclaire that you were invited to such a position rather than put yourself forward – that you were selected speaks volumes of the status she can now build liberated from the racism, extremism, anti Judaism etc. that are endemic in Farage’s party see CLICK HERE.

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