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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 11/10/2010

Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  

Tim CONGDON BACKS THE PETITION & FEATURES FRONT PAGE!!! <!–var googleUrl="/telegraph/template/ver1-0/templates/fragments/search/components/google/GAFSTransform.jsp?";function doneGAFShtml (htmlstr) { //alert(htmlstr); htmlstr = htmlstr.split("<").join("”).join(“>”).split(“&”).join(“&”); var parts = htmlstr.split(“[BREAK]”); var slot1 = document.getElementById(“gafsslot1”); var slot2 = document.getElementById(“gafsslot2”); if (parts[0] != null) { slot1.innerHTML=parts[0]; if (parts[1] != null) { slot2.innerHTML=parts[1]; } }}function initGoogleWS () { var ajaxgws = new AJAXInteraction(googleUrl+’q=%22tim+Congdon%22&ua=Mozilla%2F5.0+%28Windows%3B+U%3B+Windows+NT+5.1%3B+en-US%3B+rv%3A1.9.1.10%29+Gecko%2F20100504+Firefox%2F3.5.10+%28+.NET+CLR+3.5.30729%29&ip=’, null, doneGAFShtml); ajaxgws.doGet();}initGoogleWS();//–>

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Tim Congdon has unequivocally endorsed THE PETITION for a EU-Referendum and features on the front page of a free distribution magazine being mailed out to between 20 & 30,000 activists, supporters and backers across Britain from the offices of Nikki Sinclaire MEP – this will do a great deal to firmly put UKIP on the map as a democratic party that can be trusted to endorse Patriotic issues not just self interest and navel gazing for the profit of the few.

Aspects of UKIP that Tim Congdon will do all he can to progress, moving away from the endemic corruption here to fore.
Britain is a cross party issue NOT a Dog In A Manger self enrichment scheme.
UKIP should be for and about Patriotism not introspective selfish Nationalism and personal profit for the few.
For more details of THE PETITION for an EU-Referendum and co-operation with The Pledge of the EU-Referendum Campaign CLICK HERE

Clear majorities of the British people want their country to leave the European Union. 
A recent YouGov poll found that 47 per cent wanted the UK out of the EU, compared with 33 per cent who preferred to stay in. 
Bizarrely, the latest Eurobarometer of public attitudes (financed by the European Commission) had earlier demonstrated a similar result. It showed that 33 per cent of its UK respondents regarded the EU as “a bad thing”, while 29 per cent viewed it as a “a good thing”. 
The current widespread opposition to the EU is hardly surprising, as EU interventions in our national life are now disrupting longestablished traditions, undermining revered institutions and damaging livelihoods. 
The Commission, the Council of Ministers and their secretariats have used the passage of the Lisbon TreatyWorking Time Directive on the efficiency of British medicine and the National Health Service last year as the pretext for further encroachments on the EU member states, including the UK. The last few months have seen a media furore over the effects of the
For many decades junior doctors have acquired experience – the experience which is essential if they are to be real doctors and not parrots of the textbooks – by working very long hours in real-world, often life-or-death clinical settings. Now, because of the Working Time Directive, they are prevented by law from this practice. 
With lives being put in jeopardy by an EU directive, the puzzle is not that almost half of British people want to leave the EU, but why a third still believe in staying in. More and more people are angry and resentful about how EU decisions are affecting them in their daily lives. 
There is a growing discrepancy between popular hostility to the EU and the willingness of successive British governments to hand over so-called “competences” to EU control. 
This discrepancy is dangerous. When people believe that politicians are out-of-touch and untrustworthy, and ignore what they want, the risk of civil disobedience increases. In a modern democracy politicians must respect the wishes of citizens and voters. The case for a referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the EU is now overwhelming. 
The 2009 Lisbon Treaty was undoubtedly a radical change in the constitutional arrangements of every EU member state, including the UK. All three of the main parties gave clear pledges in their manifestos at the 2005 general election to hold a referendum in the event of another big European constitutional upheaval. 
Yet all three of them then judged that the Lisbon Treaty was not important enough to justify the holding of a referendum. 

This is scandalous, an orchestrated insult to the intelligence of the British electorate. Britain must have a referendum on its membership of the European Union.

That referendum needs to be held as soon as possible, to stop more damage being done to our traditions, our institutions and our way of life.

To sign The Petition Right Away:

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate) .
to Reclaim YOUR Future 
Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
tel: 01291 – 62 65 62
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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 09/09/2010


Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  



I thought this might amuse UKIP’s decent honest members and show just how much they have lost by way of commitment and determination amongst their leadership team as they get left behind and scorned by Nikki Sinclaire who spoke 3 times in the Strasburgh Plenniary as far as I can work out – without the staff and the collective input from other UKIP MEPs, two days after she had been set up and duplicitously sold out to the press.

Two days after a story was planted by UKIP leadership who ruthlessly exploited the pathetic little Mrs. Dale’s Diary seeking favour with his ‘friend’ yet I was phoned by someone who had not seen the article about 4 minutes after it was posted! They would not tell me who had phoned and told them but it was pretty clear at that time of night that Mrs. Dale’s Diary had been had for a sucker (no pun intended) in posting the leak.

An over paid and trusted book keeper had made a false entry in the books in January claiming for a ferry ticket and an airline ticket for the same journey and having subsequently been reported to the police for other perceived discrepancy in May waited to announce his seemingly deliberate error immediately before the conference! Yeah an oversight NOT.

I believe that John Ison is duplicitous, dishonest, venal and corrupt he will prove a well matched adition to the visible parasites in UKIP Leadership.

Many hours of travel later, the hurt and anger that such a betrayal must be felt but yet Nikki Sinclaire delivers a robust and passionate attack on the dishonesty of The EU and its propaganda and the importance of THE FREEDOM OF THE PRESS and FREE SPEECH even joking with a comment about the over use of ‘Allegedly’.

That is why I support UKIP Members and Nikki Sinclaire because she represents what is good about the party.

Nikki Sinclaire is without doubt a hopeless speaker, her voice is terrible for either open or electronic amplification – but I seek out her videos on the internet, troll through the parliament debates, search on YouTube because there is an awsome truth in the morarlity of almost every clip.

No she is not a showman – a snake oil salesman – a performer but unlike Nigel Farage who is there is at least in Sinclaire’s speeches sincerity where the immense competence and delivery style of Farage just cuts no ice – it is clearly just a performance and were it the lines of Shakespeare or Hannibal Lecter he would be just as competent but which would he mean and even then would any but the naiive and the gullible believe him as he surrounds himself with garbage that do not challenge him yet he fails to realise their presence shows him as no more than a cockrell crowing on top of a farm dung heap as he has gathered not the shoulders of giants on which to stand but the excrement of midgets!

It takes courage and a sound moral compass to stand for square under attack and speak out for the liberty of your attackers. It takes an empty self publicist to attack some petty fogging unelected spineless official like Rumpoy – whatever his bloated title and endlessly attacking the idiotic Baroness Trash Can demeans the attacker.
Outsmart them don’t make a fool of yourself by being ruder or shouting louder!

Someone who speaks to Nikki would you mind telling her for me ‘I’ll teach her how to deliver her speeches and her voice and breath control – in exchange would she mind putting me on her mailing list’, I wouldn’t spend so much time searching the internet!

I wonder if wee John Ison would care to send this blog to John.Ungoed-Thomas@ the Sunday Times with his admission of corruption – it is astonishing, with years of practice, just how easy it is to get information – learn from the medievval armies never seek to enter a hostile castle through the front gates they are the best defended but seek passage with the cow herd at a side gate delivering milk!

As Mr. Ison will tell you the boss protects his information and uses his staff in accord with their salary but there is always some low life like John Ison who will part with information, too stupid to understand who they are supplying indirectly!

Only an idiot like McTrough or Croucher or Denny is such a fool as to believe the supplier of information even knows they are doing so – but that is why they are other mens’ parasites!

The TEXT of the Speech was as follows:

“I am pleased that the Commission acknowledges the important role of a free press in maintaining democratic integrity.

However, all too often, the political elite adopt the attitude that words mean what they say they mean. This is one of those cases.

Today, in this parliament, an article in the Løkkegaard report called for correspondents from the Brussels press corps to be organised in order to cover EU news in a more instructive manner. Journalists are there to inform, not to instruct.

More than anything else, journalists value their independence. If they do not have independence, then they cannot be considered free.

Already, the Commission exerts too much control over the media in Brussels , through financial incentive, and through coercion.

Europarl TV is talked about here as if it had some news value. It does not. Its content is nothing more than press releases with moving pictures. That is why nobody watches it.

The Løkkegaard report was actually voted through this parliament today requiring EU studies to be incorporated into the school curricula. Any journalist will tell you that there is no place for propaganda in a free and independent media.

The NGO Reporters without Frontiers has already identified Italy , Bulgaria , and Slovakia as having noticeable problems with press freedom. France and Spain also fail to meet the standards that European citizens should have the right to expect. In the UK we already have a press that can be considered to be free. As we have seen here today, the EU seems to be moving in the opposite direction.”

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future   
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future   


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#0102* – UKIP – EFD & PERVERSION IN/OF The EU PRETEND Parliament

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 09/09/2010

#0102* – UKIP – EFD & PERVERSION IN/OF The EU PRETEND Parliament   

Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!



as is obvious I rarely bother reading the posturing and posing of the anti UKIP leadership claque and their parasites on’s dishonest and squalid little forum as it dances to the lies and orders of the corrupt and venal leadership of UKIP and rtheir paid & rewarded parasites and praise singers.

Just as those who have proved to be liars such as Douglas Denny, Mark Croucher, Mick McTrough and others like them are on auto delete on my incoming eMail. They used to send me eMails denigrating UKIP by their behaviour.

One need only look in the archive of Butcher‘s forum to identify the liars and the self seekers – can ANYONE find an intelligent presentation of thought and reason by any of those three that does not either leap into the gutter and abuse or outright lie and sneer about UKIP members and critics of the leadership and opponents of corruption. They endlessly bring UKIP into disrepute as they are clearly uinable to rebut the facts led and whether naming the meticulous attempts of Geoffrey Collier to establish probity ‘Old Mother Collier’ because he keeps raising the fact that literally £Millions would seem to have vanished from the funds of UKIP Members seemingly trousered by the leadership or used to bribe their parasites, without accounting.

Or the denigration of Niall Warry‘s 24 years of Military Service and his belief in probity, a vision, a plan and the exposure of corruption for which he is attacked and sneered at by scum of the earth like McTrough who has a proven track record of childish behaviour and outright dishonesty Michael McGough is a proven liar.

I note the style of Skeptyk this evening emulating that egregious piece of filth Mark Croucher a grubby little tick who has openly boasted of having details on his phone of Annabelle Fuller’s graphic accounts of her sexual relationship with Nigel Farage, a matter of common discourse believed to much underpin the two pubs he took over and proceded to fail to manage. Returning to befoul UKIP once more and promote The BNP at every opportunity.

I note the rehashing of his story about Junius advertising in advance that the big day was to be the 11-Jan-2010 watch this space. Why does UKIP leadership employ such filth – perhaps the claims of the recording are indeed true as it could not be on merit!

May I remind the idiots determined to destroy UKIP that Nikki Sinclaire made it very clear in the summer break to those close to her that she was not prepared to sit in the EU Parliament with The EFD – well lets face it they really are scum – Racist, violently Xenophobic, sexually intolerant active supporters of The New Constitution Lisbon Treaty, anti Jewish, Holocaust deniers. Who can blame her!

Interestingly I know for certain that had there not been a Leadership placement forced on Farage by Stuart Wheeler Niki Sinclaire would have led Mike Nattrass and Trevor Colman out of the EFD and any who would have followed. Trevor Colman had prior to the EU election been negotiating to join UKFirstParty immediately after the election so as to give them an MEP if he was elected – it was only the fluke of UKIP becoming the dustbin for the protest vote against Westminster corruption that gave rise to his reneging on his undertakings. UKIP had expected 3 or 4 MEPs in their own right, even with the lies and cheating that is endemic to UKIP Leadership.

Clearly Trevor Colman was intimidated by the protest vote that gave UKIP 13 MEPs and the 2 BNP MEPs that Farage and Croucher had done so much to obtain by ensuring their profile was kept to the forefront.

Sinclaire, Nattrass and Colman decided to bide their time until after the leadership election in the hope that Sinclaire or Nattrass would be elected and could lead the Party out of the EFD retaining integrity on behalf of the members. Meanwhile Mark Croucher took up the position of media manager promoting the racism, anti Judaism and violent homophobia of The EFD  and after the leadership placement promoting the contradictory Zionist interests and Islamaphobia of the crass new puppet leader Lord Pearson.

Little did the members realise just how crass Lord Pearson was to be but The News of the World soon showed all and sundry followed by his lies and dishonesty regarding Sinclaire’s low key agreement to leave the EFD and then the imbeciles disloyalty to the members as he promoted other Parties in the General Election without consulting the members – Little wonder he ran away having made a fool of himself and of the UKIP members!

Interestingly for any but an idiot the outcome was as plain as day long in advance and I published that Nikki Sinclaire’s position would be clear and she would leave The EFD and sit as a UKIP MEP independently and it would be announced at the first NEC meeting in the New Year – I made that prediction in early December, even I did not realise the full extent of Pearson’s stupidity and dishonesty.

Shortly after Christmas as I recall I publicised that Farage had been having a temper tantrum and had used his gutter sweeper Croucher to dig in the sewers he lives in to build files on each MEP with which to blackmail and bully them. It was then that Croucher with great glee pronounced that Sinclaire was a bankrupt – overlooking the fact that I had published the full facts years earlier when it was at least 1/2 way relevant!

I published the full facts yet again showing Sinclaire had been fully reinstated years ago and had she not been working away from home FOR UKIP the event would NEVER have happened.

About then I announced that Farage was so intimidated by Nikki Sinclaire and so angry at losing the money he personally made on her as a member of his group he would force her out at the first NEC meeting – Junius checked this out and puiblished the 11th. Jan as the date for an announcement. Croucher wake up the members know what the truth is and your spin and lies achieves nothing but damage for the party. Your betrayal of the party and these United kingdoms and their values is beneath contempt.

Mark Croucher you owe the £8,500 by order of the British Courts and you are too dishonest to pay and UKIP owes me £12,500 and they are too dishonourable to pay – Today I issued instruction to my solicitors to issue service on Mark Croucher towards bankruptcy and attachment of earning for his underhand dishonesty, harassment and default.

Much is made of the fact that I support the actions of Nikki Sinclaire despite the fact that her homosexuality is quite clearly a perversion – since I have absolutely no interest in the sexuality of others and have all my adult life actively campaigned for homosexuals to be permitted to conduct their perversions in a fair and moral society in privacy for as long as those perversions are within the framework of law and do not harm innocent third parties and under no circumstances do I believe they should be disadvantaged, beyond the natural disadvantage of their perversion and nor should they be persecuted or criminalised.

I do NOT believe the age of consent for sodomy should have been reduced from 21 for males and females alike and I believe there should be a law to protect against predation such that it should be by debate in our own parliament with medical advice that an age disparity of more than ‘x’ should be unlawfull if either party is under 21.

I’ve always been outspokenly in favour of Nikki Sinclaire for her loyalty and integrity – I also think her courage and determination on behalf of the cause has been exemplary, that does not mean I endorse her every action but I have NEVER seen an instance of personal or political dishonesty meanwhile the scum around her ankles endlessly seeking to belittle and bring her down have been vile people like Farage and the filth he has gathered to the leadership of UKIP.

There are times when I look at UKIP leadership and I very seriously wonder if we would not be better off ruled by the EU Dictatorship but then I think of the other 60,000,000 peoples of these United Kingdoms and the mood passes rapidly but they have most obscenely befouled UKIP.

May I commend Mike Nattrass for having also distanced himself from the racist, violently xenophobic anti Jewish homosphobic scum that are UKIP Leadership. He has had a long journey to make as I am all too well aware of his simplistic understandings of politics and his difficulties in moral terms distancing himself from the corruption that is UKIP leadership – but full marks he has made the tradition all bar a little tidying up.

I must say I was quite impressed by Nikki Sinclaire’s courage in standing tall and speaking out on behalf of homosexual relationships, clearly not because she shares the perversion as she openly admits but because time and again I have when watching speeches in the EU Parliament I have noticed she speaks with integrity and with passion and principle.

It is NOT easy to stand up and openly state that you are a pervert and it takes courage to put yourself in the public eye when quite clearly you are disadvantaged by your stature and health.

Yes I admire what Nikki Sinclaire has done and achieved and I can honestly say I have NEVER been aware that she has not tried to help people less fortunate and less confident than herself as she did with the creepy little John Ison who I stated I believed one should trust as far as you could kick him – how right I was, but he has bought his position in Farage’s gutter I see.

There is never a wrong time to do the right thing and I will not be intimidated by the filth that is UKIP’s leadership – merely consider the source as they endlessly bring the UKIP of the members into disrepute.

This was excellent for an inpromtu interjection speech and you notice that even inpromtu Sinclaire slid the knife into the concept of membership of The EU.

So would someone tell that oleaginous, dishonest, corrupt, duplicitous little squirt Mark Croucher that is why I have a lot of time for Nikki Sinclaire and consider him to be less value than that I would scrape off my shoe in his self serving betrayal of my country and its values by his revolting behaviour.

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future   
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future   


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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 06/09/2010

Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!


as a matter of record I AM aware and have managed to confirm that

  • John Ison was responsible for the paperwork and accounting of travel in Nikki Sinclaire’s Office.
  • John Ison was responsible for travel claims upto and including all in January
  • Nikki Sinclaire ceased to be a member of Farage’s Racist, Xenophobic, anti Jewish and largely pro EU group The EFD at the END of Hanuary effective at the Strasburgh plenniary.
  • The entries claiming for road travel to Strasburgh were made by John Ison.
  • John Ison KNEW Ms. Sinclaire DID NOT drive to Strasburgh on that occasion.
  • John Ison was removed from access to cash and accounting matters when discrepancies were identified.
  • John Ison quit as a service provider to seek to harm Nikki Sinclaire as a UKIP elected MEP standing as a PPC
  • Certain documentation was found to be missing subsequent to John Ison’s departure.
  • John Ison stood as an unknown on a UKIP ticket as a PPC with Allcock in the ajoining constituency.
  • John Ison attended hustings on behalf of Allcock who was seemingly preoccupied
  • John Ison was rude and abusive at hustings seeking to embarrass Ms. Sinclaire.
  • John Ison was forced to withdraw libellous comment at least once by embarrassed chairmen.
  • After the election was over Sinclaire or a senior staff member reported the thefts to West Midlan Police.
  • West Midland Police made preliminary investigations but advised it would be difficult to obtain a conviction.
  • Sinclaire let the matter lie.
  • On Friday at an approved Fring Meeting attended by Sinclaire, her staff and UKIP ex Leader Roger Knapman efforts were made to disrupt the meeting by UKIP personelle.
  • Godfrey Bloom was abusive and insulting to staff.
  • Peter Reeve tried to embarrass both Knapman & Sinclaire and showed himself for an ill mannered, ill informed fool.
  • It was leaked by UKIP NEC that a whistleblower from Sinclaire’s ex staff had reported financial irregularity last January whilst he was responsible for certain areas of accounts.
  • Sinclaire, at the first opportunity, contacted OLAF to report a problem and seek to instigate a full independent check on her accounts by OLAF to establish if a member of staff had fraudulently misrepresented fact in her accounts and whether there were other hidden ‘time bombs’ planted to embarrass her.
  • Sinclaire is seeking a full meeting at OLAF’s convenience.
  • Sinclaire I am reliably informed will be advised by OLAF as to procedure.
  • Sinclaire is expected to seek a right of reply from the Sunday Times in the clear understanding that The Sunday Times report was accurate but misleading as it inferred deliberate fraud.
  • The expenses by car to Strasburgh are approximately €800 and by air €263 fare + £80 to airport & £80 return No claim for fare from Basle to & from Strasburgh as the City of Strasburgh makes so much money out of the EU’s presence it lays on a fleet of limos for MEPs as something of a bribe to keep the business (paid by the tax payer!).
    ie: Road about 800 air about 450 – potential gain!
  • Sinclaire DID state that an MEP can make a gain of 500,000 over their period in office – Farage has personally admitted he made £1M each term of office, over and above expenses.
  • Sinclaire did respond on a test video to a question asked in her office by John Ison that there was loads of money in the EU or some such. The test video was removed from her office without authorisation and an edited was placed in circulation on YouTube and as I recall featured by Mark Croucher on Butcher‘s squalid Forum which attacks UKIP supporters on behalf of the UKIP Leadership.
  • On Friday last spokesman for West Midlands police stated there was no record of a complaint lodged against Ms. Sinclaire
  • On Friday last I understand OLAF denied knowledge of any complaint against Ms. Sinclaire.
  • If there is/was an error in the entry for which John ison was employed in January it is reasonable to ask did he make a false entry in malice or by accident.
  • Did John Ison realise at the time that a ferry ticket had been purchased and travel plans altered.
  • Did John Ison intentionally enter a ferry ticket AND claim for air travel deliberately.
  • Why has this noble whistle blower, subject of a removal of responsibilty.
  • Possible theft of a video.
  • Possible theft of documentation.
  • Subject of a police complaint in May.
  • Why has this service provider made no effort to bring it to the attention of his employer at the time but waited to announce at UKIP conference7 months later that he wittingly made a false entry in Nikki Sinclaire’s books whilst in her employ.
  • Let us see what OLAF have to say in assisting to clear Ms. Sinclaire’s name.


It is understood that the referrence to over payment of a 17 year old is Joshua O’Nyons – showing a gross annual salary of £30,000.

However there is no claim that he was paid £2,500 per month regularly.

It is entirely possible that for book keeping/claim purposes additional payments were included over and above the 18 hours it is claimed he officially worked for other work done.

Interestingly £30,000 a year is the amount paid by Nigel Farage to his wife, yet his Constituency Office in Britain had absolutely no idea what, if anything, she did for UKIP!!

Assuming the report of young Mr. O’Nyons’ income were completely accurate it would seem he is doing almost 1,000 hours of work a year more than Kirsten Farage!

Assuming the very worst Sinclaire is being profligately over generous with her allowances with her loyal staff!

At the moment it looks as if this story is a malicious but let us see what OLAF make of it.

At the end of the day either John Ison has acted maliciously, maybe even criminally – maybe Sinclaire HAS over claimed, however it does seem that she has made every reasonable effort to make her accounts transparent for her constituents and she has even had them auditted and published in public. It would be so much easier if you wanted to fiddle to do as Farage does and refuse to answer questions, lie to your members and pay your wife on the side.

Remember this:
On July 25th 1999, Meridian TV’s ‘Seven Days’ programme, put a straight question to Mr Farage, and received in response an unequivocal answer. An answer that has now come back to haunt Nigel.


Reporter Phil Hornby: Is there something, Nigel Farage, a touch hypocritical about you flying out on these free flights and enjoying the restaurants and so on of the parliament here, and enjoyng the gravy train, so-called, life of an MEP? How do you square that circle?

Nigel Farage: You will remember that right through (the 1999 Euro campaign) that we said we are not going on the gravy train; that we are the only people who are intending, annually, to publish so that the public can inspect them, our expense accounts, our allowance accounts, and the excess that we get – the excess that we are forced to take – particularly on travelling allowances, we are going to be putting into a trust fund and that money will be used to help victims of the European Union in our country, so I do reject the allegation that we’re on the gravy train and there’s certainly no chance of the three of us going native.

To this day Farage has failed to honour that promise in any meaningful way!

I believe that Sinclaire has taken the right and responsible action by seeking the intervention of OLAF to check there are no further time bombs that have been deliberately hidden in her accounts.

Also it may well be apposite for OLAF to establish that John Ison’s position in this is legitimate as it does look as if he deliberately made a book entry which he knew to be false claiming a ferry ticket and car travel when he KNEW his employer had flown. Was Sinclaire even aware a ferry ticket was purchased in her name?

Fortunately on such matters British Justice is still hanging on by the skin of its teeth and both John Ison and Sinclaire are innocent until proven guilty and that is initially a matter between Sinclaire & OLAF. Clearly there is a need in any organisation for an element of trust to ensure the primary task, in this case campaigning to leave The EU and making the people of Britain aware of the benefits of leaving The EU are carried out.

In my brief awareness of John ison I have become increasingly aware of reasons to consider him untrustworthy and duplicitous and ambitious in his own interests at the expense of all else.

I have been aware of Sinclaire for some 15 years and of that at least 16 of them she seems to have been under some kind of attack from Farage and the pond life he has gathered around him – that she has without exception shown that actions made against her have been made in malice and has proved same in the High Court would lead me to believe she has habitually endeavoured to act ethically and within the law at all times.

I understand some years ago she even presented to a returning officer on the day of a General Election top offer her resignation as that day she had been served with bankruptcy papers – for her integrity the returning officer at the count officially waived her need to be humiliated by resignation – the bankruptcy was eventually fully resolved and her reinstatement made public yet Mark Croucher supplied the information from the gutter where he lives for Farage to try to use to Bully & Blackmail her into remaining with his racist, anti Jewish, creepy EFD Group.

We are aware that at the Conference Farage was so totally out of step with UKIP members when he endeavoured in debate the gains of forming a Pan EU Political Party called The EFD and abandoning UKIP – it does look all too clearly as if Farage has no desire to leave the EU and the same is true of ALL UKIP MEPs as they are ALL part of this vile group except Mike Nattrass & Nikki Sinclaire who have both refused to compromise their position.

I understand that having lost the debate and been trounced in the vote Farage was seen to sink his head in his hands and state to a confidante that just cost ME a Million a year! Though I can NOT confirm this as it is reported speech.

I might add that a few days ago I gave some details of the 4000 account money and in its enhanced form as a Pan EU Party this may well be the amount it would be possible for an unscrupulous leader to trouser!

You will note the Sunday Times speaks of a €76,000 sum in staffing which may well be those monies but here The Sunday Times is in error as an MEP sitting in splendid integrity as an Independent receives only €40,000 paid direct where Farage as a party leader receives the sum of €76K per MEP centrally! Seemingly unaccountably!

Let us hope Sinclaire can ammicably negotiate a right of reply with The Sunday Times – who would be churlish in the extreme were they to deny the right on the pretext that they had given it when out of the blue they sprung a loaded question on her for her response as published!

Let us hope that Farage and his parasites do not dream up any more stunts as such behaviour is clearly VERY damaging to the interests of the British peoples who seek liberty – let us regardless of UKIP Leadership and its unpleasant parasites ensure that NOTHING damages our Petition which Sinclaire is both personally funding AND fronting at this stage pending some heavy weight support arriving.

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future   

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future 


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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 05/09/2010

Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  



I gave up trying to see if there was a copy of the alleged attack on Nikki Sinclaire MEP and UKIP member by UKIP leadership via what increasingly seems to be a plant in her office angling for a place on UKIP’s selection list for MEPs next time around, by which time Farage will be looking for people to stand against Sinclaire in the West Midlands and to replace Jill Seymour who will for Farage have fulfilled her use.


For Previous Articles on THIS Subject CLICK HERE & Also HERE

Being unwilling to pay for articles on the internet when there are and always will be so many free sources – I have not bothered with The Sunday Times and no other paper seems to have the story.

[All Good Things Come To He Who Waits! I have been sent a copy and have pasted it at the end below]

In a final hunt a comment on the subject – seemingly having picked up on my blog, it has materialised on Sinclaire’s FaceBook account.

Here is the direct comment from FaceBook which was in two halves due to character restrictions

I am told that claims have been made and have read on Internet blogs that it is alleged by a disgruntled ex aid that I have put in a false claim for travel.

In January, John Ison was responsible for My travel and related paperwork.

I have no idea whether the error was accidental, or malicious, as shortly after that I withdrew his access due to discrepancies, that I personally had identified.

 2nd. part:

I have contacted OLAF, the EU’s fraud office, and have arranged for a meeting to instigate a full and independent investigation ‘as to whether I have been fraudulently set up or this is a genuine error’.

One of the beauties of being independent and publishing open and transparent accounts, as I do, is this is obviously not a deliberate exercise in fraud on my part.

Here endeth the lesson!

At a guess this was typed on her phone to let her staff and constituents know first hand what is happening. The spelling was a bit odd (even by my standards) so I have corrected it and added some punctuation and clarity!

I was unable to leave any comment as I only ever post on the internet in my own name and I personally do not have an account in my name on FaceBook.

I must say I’m rather pleased as the investigations I have done with various inside contacts in UKIP and elsewhere have done me proud AND my readers!

We seem to have been spot on with the news – way ahead of any other source – won’t Mrs. Dale’s Diary be miffed!!

Clearly Mrs. Dale’s Diary was, to put it bluntly, synically used – but I guess it is used to that having failed totally in politics and now reduced to being the Westminster Village Gossip!

I gather The Sunday Times article has more ‘Allegedlys’ than any other word and despite its efforts utterly fails to to in any way damage Sinclaire but takes a kak handed swipe at all MEPs using this latest non story as an excuse. Let us hope Sinclaire’s efforts start to highlight just how corrupting an influence all that money can be for the level of scuzzy people UKIP leadership attracts – whilst she gets on with doing something usefull UKIP leadership can go on fighting like ferrets in a sack!



An MEP who claimed that politicians could make “half a million” from five years in the European parliament faces an official investigation into her expenses.

A whistleblower has come forward to allege that Nikki Sinclaire, 42, a former UKIP leadership candidate, regularly claimed nearly £840 for driving the 1,200 miles from her home in Birmingham to the parliament in Strasbourg.

According to the whistleblower she travelled by plane, which for a round trip can cost as little as £260. It is alleged she pocketed the difference, a “profit” of as much as £500. It is also claimed the car for which she claimed the expenses was not even roadworthy.

The allegations have been made by one of Sinclaire’s former employees who has complained to the West Midlands police and OLAF, the European anti-fraud office. Sinclaire, who has lost the UKIP whip, denies the allegations and says she is the victim of a campaign. She said yesterday she was referring the matter to OLAF for investigation.

The controversy comes despite increased scrutiny of politicians’ expenses following scandals in Brussels and Westminster. A secret report into MEPs’ expenses in 2008 found “extensive, widespread and criminal abuse” of allowances worth almost £100m a year.

The whistleblower alleges Sinclaire claimed for the Strasbourg trip on at least five occasions since last November. The Sunday Times has seen documents which show that she travelled by plane at least once.

The MEP for the West Midlands submitted a signed claim for a car trip to Strasbourg in her N-Reg Ford Galaxy on January 18, when it is alleged the car did not have an MoT certificate. It was later scrapped.

An £85 ferry ticket on Norfolkline was also purchased, which had to be submitted to support the claim. She was paid €1,005 (£838) in expenses.

In fact, Sinclaire flew from Heathrow to Basel. A boarding card reveals she returned on January 21. The return flight cost just £263.

“There was even a courtesy car from the European parliament to pick up her from Basel,” said a source. “The claim in her expenses that she drove there and back in her Ford Galaxy is totally wrong.”

Sinclaire is a controversial figure. She took UKIP to court after being sacked as a head office manager in 2001. She then took legal action in 2003 to overturn her disqualification from the party’s national executive committee.

She also had the whip withdrawn this year after claiming that a group to which UKIP was affiliated contained racist and extremist elements.

Sources in Sinclaire’s office claim she was frank about the huge sums that could be made from the European parliament. In a clip on YouTube she says: “If you play the system right, in five years as an MEP you can make half a million clear.”

Besides the allegedly false travel claims, police and OLAF are being asked to investigate irregular payments to her staff. It is claimed that a 17-year-old working an 18-hour week in Sinclaire’s Birmingham office was being paid £2,500 a month — equivalent to £34.70p an hour.

Sinclaire said last week she had been critical of UKIP’s finances and her own were audited. She said she had never submitted any claim fraudulently, but if errors had been made money would be paid back. Her comments about making money while in parliament had been taken out of context, she said.

The MEP said that on the January trip she had flown to Basel, although she admitted the expenses form and pay docket appeared to show she had claimed for mileage and a trip on a ferry. She admitted that a ferry ticket had been purchased in her name but could not recall buying it.

She said one possible explanation was that she might have changed her plans at the last minute. An inaccurate claim might then have been drawn up by her office.

“If I’ve taken some money that I was not due to have because of a mistake, then I will reimburse it,” she said.

She denied regularly claiming for mileage to Strasbourg when she was in fact flying. She said she could not comment on the amount paid to her staff but some staff members might receive inflated wages in one month that were related to extra work on a specific project.

Despite a clampdown on expenses claims after a series of scandals, MEPs can still claim a generous range of allowances. They have £76,000 annual salaries and staff and office allowances worth £210,000.

The source who complained to West Midlands police said officers wanted OLAF to check the documents. A police spokesman declined to comment.

Wow that is tedious! It doesn’t seem to say mucvh of substance and as for allegedlies they could have halved the article if they had taken the tenuous link with Sinclaire out and removed the allegedlies!

How coincidental I just noticed the last word above!
That rather shows the validity of the article and it does rather confirm my theory that UKIP sets out to make itself a laughing stock by shooting itself in the foot each conference!

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future   
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future   


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#0091* – Whilst UKIP FIDDLES £Millions Sinclaire’s Staff Fudge €500 – it seems.

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 04/09/2010

#0091* – Whilst UKIP FIDDLES £Millions Sinclaire’s Staff Fudge €500 – it seems.   

Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC i
s what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  

Whilst UKIP FIDDLES £Millions Sinclaire’s Staff Fudge €500 – it seems.!


I gather that The Sunday Times will be running with a story very damaging to UKIP this week.

Just as previous conferences have been overshadowed by the lies of disgruntled staff who managed to blackmail Farage into supporting their lies (Fuller’s forlon pack of lies in The papers on Conference weekend will be remembered as the gutless and dishonest support she received from Farage!)

This time it would seem to be a malicious attack on Nikki Sinclaire raised out of all reason by UKIP via a disgruntled ex employee.

I gather there is no way to confirm or deny that on the week of 18-Jan-2010 Nikki Sinclaire MEP UKIP attended Strasburg Plennary by air via Basle or by road – it being a Saturday.

You will be aware that Sinclaire is the ONLY UKIP MEP publishing fully audited accounting of her income and expenditure.

An MEP handles approximately €350,000 of expenses money on behalf of the tax payer.

To ensure clarity and so that they get on with the job they are elected to, the responsible MEPs place the money beyond their personal reach and have staff handle the payments and have this overseen by their accountant who produces the accounts to audit.

You will be aware Nigel Farage has been unable to account for several £Million which he makes much of his accountant handling.

This is an identical situation.

I understand from contacts that at the time John Ison, who I hazarded would be behind this unpleasant piece of mischief yesterday was responsible for Ms. Sinclaire’s travel claim.

I have known Nikki Sinclaire for 15 years and have absolutely no doubt that if there is a discrepancy it will have been a completely disassociated claim made in error by a staff member.

I just don’t have the access to the mind of an ex employee with whom Sinclaire parted company when on a point of ethics she refused to sit in the EU Parliament with the racist, anti Jewish, anti homosexual and pro EU membership EFD Lobby/Group Farage is Chairman of – as would ANY ethical UKIP MEP or their parasites.

€500 or so as an admin error does seem rather insignificant when you consider how much of her salary & allowances Sinclaire has sunk into UKIP projects and donations in the past and NOW she is personally funding The Petition from her money.


What has UKIP leadership done in 17 years that moves us one step nearer leaving The EU – Full marks to Sinclaire both as a donor to UKIP in the past and to this Petition now.

If YOU are interested in Britain Leaving the EU help make sure the Petition achieves its aim.
Don’t join in with UKIP’s sordid attack to hide their squalid embarrassment.

DON’t be distracted from the cause with UKIP leadership’s desperate spin and childish in fighting to protect their personal income stream.

Wait for the stunt from UKIP probably midgit brain Mark Croucher the in house fixer and criminal will have a pump up toy, funny chicken outfit or similar as a spoiler – which seems the full extent of UKIP’s achievements in 17 years with 3.1% of the vote and out of 19,000 electable offices less than 30 earned by UKIP!!

Clearly That Says it All!

I understand Sinclaire has already tried to reach OLAF to ask them to hold an independent inquiry into this staff member as it does look as if he may deliberately have planted a time bomb in her accounts as a bargaining chip with UKIP.

Sinclaire is I understand hoping OLAF will conduct a full inquiry to ensure no other nasty surprises have been hidden in her accounts and will be passing her book keeping over to an external accountant if OLAF advise her to.

A measure of this plant, as it would seem, was that in my fidhing for info I discovered from one associate that John Ison WAS NOT AN EMPLOYEE he had I gather made a very strenuous case for being ‘A SERVICE PROVIDER’ which is perfectly within the rules and thus launders money througjh a Limited Company – this device can be used to avoid paying his ex wife higher levels of maintenance for her and his two children that would reflect his higher income.

Why are we not surprised – this is a sum being the difference between an air fare and a road journey this is not the £1/4 Million plus that went missing from UKIP’s last petition – this is not the £2 Million Farage can not account for but admits receiving nor the £211,000 that went missing as ‘other expenses’ from his office in his constituency – this is not the apparent £Millions that seem to have gone missing from Ashford set up & scams – this is not the £1/4 Million paid into a private account in the UK from Ashford – nor is this the £1/4 Million paid into an off shore account.

€500+-!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow
Farage spent well over £100,000 on himself in Buckingham
I understand!

This is the difference between an airline ticket and a road journey which will be some sum somewhere between €400 & €600 at a guess BIG DEAL.

Is I believe Farage’s
Sinclaire is driving the Van wherever possible
& she doesn’t spend tax payers’ money on a Limo or chauffeur

That an employee has made a false claim on behalf of his employer would seem to be the situation here whether it is a genuine accident on the part of the employee or a malicious act we will probably never know suffice to say it was that very day that Nikki Sinclaire officially withdrew her support from Farage’s disgusting personal money machine the EFD.

Sinclaire also removed Ison from the handling of money shortly afterwards due to discrepancies SHE found in her petty cash – it was then that Ison quit and in breach of his employment contract set out to attack her on hustings despite the fact that to this day Nikki Sinclaire MEP is still a UKIP elected MEP although sitting independently as does Mike Nattrass.

This is clearly a true story but the background is far from clear and looks much as if UKIP have shot themselves in the foot at their conference once again. Were UKIP a responsible or remotely professional Party they would have spotted this and ensured it was corrected but ever the idiots it was deliberately leaked by the corrupt scum on their NEC to cover up the recent totally dishonest internal election which was in breach of their own rules to place the people they knew they could count on as liars, cheats and the ambitious who will lie and fiddle on their behalf.

As a story to cover internal fiddles UKIP must be desperate to do this.

Let us hope that UKIP do not manage to damage the ONLY action of substance in UKIP to come out of 17 years of posturing and self enriching by its corrupt leadership.

Let Us Hope UKIP have NOT damage The Petition for a debate in Parliament just to cover for their internal corruption – Britain is too great a good to be damaged by UKIP’s corruption and a malicious attack on an MEP who has by acting honestly embarrassed them and exposed their scams, fiddles and dishonesty.

For Sinclaire this is an accidental accounting of ‘small beer’ that can be rectified – if it needs to be on Monday when the office is open – just another cowardly attack by UKIP leadership scum. Shame on UKIP to behave in such an underhand and duplicitous manner.

At least no one is expected to pay for Sinclaire’s sex life and she is unlikely to have mistresses on the staff or run out of bordellos without paying or get arrested having sex on the bonnet of cars in a public highway with a black prostitute.

This alleged admin error of €500 is nothing like the stolen money Farage received from the proceeds of Tom Wise‘s criminal fraud that put him in prison on a 2 year sentence – I understand Farage never did pay that money back although he does know it was stolen and does know it was from Tom Wise – could that be why he never acted against Tom Wise in any real way or did he just want the 4000 account overide of about £70,000 he received each year on Tom Wise as a member of his group – who knows and one would expect Nigel Farage to lie to cover his obvious dishonesty – he lied and then paid his wife (Kirsten Farage) £30,000 a year for doing what?

No one in his UK office even knew she was milking the system!

I see a serious contender for the leadership turned up to appeal to the Homosexual vote in fancy dress – we can only assume that Batten may well feel in the pink but reaaaaly is Tim now her/his fashion guru and will Mrs. Dale’s Diary be nagging Farage for a new image too, to go with his pretty blouse?

Dumb & Dumber
I See Batten’s Spine shows at the front too!


 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future   
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)

to Reclaim YOUR Future   


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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 04/09/2010

Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name! 


Campaign website:

For more general data CLICK HERE


You may have noticed that yesterday evening I featured rumours being spread by Parasites in UKIP that eventually surfaced through Nigel’s ‘chum’ on Mrs. Dale’s Diary – you may well remember that saccharine and sickly article in GQ that showed Farage as a complete light weight which is more well known than this latest offering!

Seems like such unrequited love must be fed the odd tit bit to buy its favours!

Revolted by the tought I just can’t see Nigel Farage as a Homosexual icon but he has featured in GQ – I asked some of my female friends and without exception they saw him as a homosexual icon each of them say ‘as they couldn’t imagine him being appealing to women’ – this MAY have some merit as he ensures their fidelity by ensuring they are unatractive to men , which I gather is common and is then predatory on the gullible and those shallow enough to put a value on his access to tax payers money – all rather makes sense when you put it that way.

Also do bear in mind it may explain why he can not form relationships except with people he controls and can disgard – people who put income above integrity.

It may also explain why he is so vicious when he is challenged – he is no alpha male he is bereft of all the talents of leadership and he is clearly not a man one can trust or respect on any level.

Yesterday evening (Thursday) I published this report:


An interesting if not unexpected attack on Nikki Sinclaire has been reported to me from the NEC – as the slime on the NEC largely cheated or were dependent on a clearly corrupt election to achieve their status and no effort is likely to be spared in seeking to damage Nikki Sinclaire’s Petition out of embarrassment on the part of the really staggering level of filth that is UKIP’s leadership – I convey this information but I look forward to hearing details of the assault on Nikki by her fellow UKIP members.

Let us see what Nikki has to say and what the details of the claims against her are.

There is every reason to believe, based upon track records, that Sinclaire has NOT offended against any rules and EVERY reason to believe members of UKIP’s leadership, NEC & parasites are yet again telling lies – that has been their habitual behaviour to date.


From my phone calls during the day I have established that The West Midlands Police have absolutely no idea what I was talking about and were happy to confirm that no such complaint had been made, as also from The Met. I gather from a friend in the meeeeja, one of my TV friends checked with with OLAF as did a press contact and they disclaimed knowledge of any complaint.

I have absolutely no doubt that Farage will seek to ensure his fingerprints are nowhere near the instructions but do bear in mind Farage’s insecure tantram and attempt at bullying when Sinclaire decided to leave the revolting racist, anti Jewish and pro EU membership EFD Group which Farage chairs.

Sinclaire had negotiated an honourable withdrawal to UKIP’s advantage with the then Party Leader Lord Pearson – a measure of his leadership was when Farage completely ignored his undertakings and set his sewer rat Mark Croucher to see what dirt he could dig up on Sinclaire – Mark Croucher was, as ever, utterly incompetent and failed to provide anything of substance.

It does seem that although Pearson being a weak and venal man of no integrity, which will come as no surprise to those who know him – he is after all a placeman having achieved nothing himself in life from his placement by Daddy at Eton onwards – he is now all but broke and clearly glad of his expenses as a peer as Rannoch Estate he inheritted may be very valuable but even a small estate like that costs a great deal to maintain and it is not long before one is dependent on handouts from the State, The EU or some trust or another – as dependent as a junkie on benefits and methadone!

We note only recently Pearson was flipping properties and encashing on his London house, no doubt with liquidity in mind to stay afloat.

If Dan Hannan, Nigel Farage, Marc Glendenning as the more money motivated political prostitutes believe the new scam will be any better than previous ones to milk Pearson for cash I believe they are even more stupid than I thought.

I do understand that the aim is claimed NOT to be a rival or spoiling operation for Nikki Sinclaire’s efforts at a cross party petition to lobby Parliament – yes ours, what is left of it – to hold a debate towards an in out referendum for the British peoples.

The Petition kicked off on the Conference fringe meeting trail and did hugely well at the first on the list with UKIP where well over 10% of the people attending UKIP’s conference came along and many signed up.

This was all the more astonishing when you consider UKIP leader’s lunch was on at the same time and although UKIP doesn’t have anything looking remotely like a leader for years – some might say if ever! It was noted Malcolm Pearson failed to have the common courtesy to attend – most probably advised not to risk discovering just how much he had let the party down by his betrayal, weakness, incompetence and outright dishonesty. I would imagine he would have asked everyone he met until he heard the advice he wanted to hear!

I do however expect the loudest volume was his protective and much brighter wife and Bridget Rowe – not unkindly nick named Death Rowe in press circles I gather!

Back to The Petition and we find the faintly ridiculous and utterly dishonest Peter Reeve turned up to show off the size of his mouth and his brain – he was very very successful as he always seems to be.

Peter Reeve made some vitriolic public comments to show off how little was in his brain attacking Roger Knapman a past leader over The Maastrict Treaty and Roger was able very rapidly to sho that he really was as much of a fool as we have always held him to be.

Sad little Reeve never one to miss an opportunity rounded on Sinclaire as he had an obvious bloody nose from Knapman but dozey as Roger is he had made Reeve look incredibly stupid (Reeve no longer has need of a mirror!) – His ploy with Sinclaire was to belittle the Petition but we all know UKIP leadership is working for themselves and not to get Britain off their Gravy Train!

Reeve however, being more stupid than most made that VERY obvious and as a recovery position scrambled to what he thought was high ground again belittling the Petition as standing no chance as UKIP had launched its own – this gave Sinclaire a perfet opportunity to point out it was NOT a UKIP venture – had he not heard Pearson had left UKIP and Dan Hannan had never been a member – she was also able to point out, much to Reeve’s embarrassment, but he is too stupid to understand embarrassment for long! She made it clear that The Referendum pressure group was NOT a Petition was complimentary to what The Petition is aiming for, and to cap it informed Reeve and the audience that the Referendum Group had approached her to see how they could help and the previous day she had met with their Campaign Manager.

Reeve clearly has little brain input to work his mouth but that does not stop him stuffing his foot in his mouth with consumate ease again and again and again.

One has top wonder just why UKIP keeps employing these low lifes but I guess the MEPs employ them and like Elizabethan ladies kept a monket in tow for comparison so they were thought of as beautiful it seems UKIP MEPs hire idiots so that the MEPs might look intelligent.

The meeting played to a packed room and received a great deal of support and promises of continued support.

Since this is without exception the very first visible activity from UKIP that has been entered into with thought, a plan and honestly that is working towards leaving The EU rather than a favoured few stuffing their pockets.

Good luck top the petition despite UKIP leadership clearly seeking to damage this positive effort to oppose membership of the EU – something UKIP leadership only ever talks about and has a track record of abject failure – criminality and lies.

Not to mention their efforts to harass people who oppose the EU openly, oppose The BNP openly and seek to clean up UKIP as supporters of UKIP to TRY to make it electable when you consider after 17 years they only attract 3.1% of the vote of the electorate and out of 19,000 seats available for election at various levels they have less than 30 people elected in UKIP.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. So many decent people betrayed by the scum that has risen to the top – many corruptly and now criminally enriching themselves in the manner of other UKIP MEPs before them!

There is no depravity to which Farage and the filth he has gathered around him will not sink to seek to protect their income stream.

Further just look at the line up on the EU Referendum group and other than the obvious political prostitutes out for personal gain who would YOU be brave enough to trust. I am in touch with them as they have contacted me seeking clear water but it will take some convincing to me that they are not merely on the make and the take for their own gain – at least 4 of them I would not trust in my home alone and the other two would need to prove themselves and on the face of it I have my doubts – so cut no deals, these are people who are largely without ethics, clearly without principles and who would renege on an undertaking on a whim.

We have all seen Malcolm Pearson lie through his teeth, seek to dishonestly publicly defame and then go on to betray every principle on which UKIP was supposedly founded and he had a good master to teach him in Farage.

One is judged by the company one keeps and just look at the pond life of UKIP leadership.

Perhaps YOU could list the achievement over many years on a high salary as a political prostitute that has been achieved by ANY of the 7 so far known to be in this new group – not one would you wisely trust with the petty cash from a whelk stall.

Unlike previous petitions by UKIP this petition has a proud public aim to be presented to Paliament when it has the legal minimum signatures to engender a House of Commons debate to strive towards a full fledged National public debate and a referendum on leaving The EU.

In the interim it is intended to deliver Votes cast/petitions signed every time we have another 25,000.

Unlike the last UKIP petition, which seemed to have been a scam, as it did not have legal paperwork, was funded directly to the tune of £250,000 by the tax payer and was NEVER CARRIED OUT, leaving many in the belief that David Lott, Nigel Farage, Mark Croucher and maybe others had possibly trousered the money for their personal gain.

This Petition has been funded personally by Nikki Sinclaire from her personal allowances.

The documentation has been checked.

This Petition is NOT a dishonest spoiler for someone else’s efforts.

Though it is early days 

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

totally endorses this Petition and its aim to have a debate in Parliament and a Nationwide Referendum on IN or OUT of the EU.

September 3rd. The Toorak Hotel, Chestnut Avenue, opposite the conference centre.

To be held during conference lunch break. Approx 1.00 pm.

The campaign for a referendum on membership of the EU.

Speakers will included:

Nikki Sinclaire MEP

Roger Knapman, former UKIP leader.

& A Free buffet.

Campaign website:

For more general data CLICK HERE
They clearly chose the right day and venue as the Saturday is expected to attract 350 – 400 UKIsies with their stale platitudes and obvious loss of direction abandoning their core message for lack of leadership over many years as they have blown like dandelion seed in a tornado.

Since there are so few (IF ANY) individuals with any notable education I hardly want their views on it and their transport views are utterly irrelevant as are their pretences at fiduciary policies and even were Prof. Tim Congdon to be elected – which he will not be their economic theories would even then be as little use as flatulence in a huricane.

The aim is to leave the EU not ponse around being pretentious in the delusion but anyone other than a political numptie or a child has ANY interest in UKIP policies when they vote.

UKIP has NEVER understood politics as Steve Uncles made so clear in his little sketch!

Without exception UKIP has a leadership of political fools without one wit of understanding of the pragmatism of politics.

You do not drive a lumbering bulldozer at 5mph at an enemy that can scatter at 15mph – you use the technology and you use a laser lance to eviscerate.

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future   


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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 27/08/2010


Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

It Does Rather Look Like This is Malcolm Pearson’s New Hobby! 


well if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck …………
could this well be Malcolm Pearson’s next hobby?

It all looks like failed UKIP to me and to fail in UKIP takes some doing, when you consider the unpleasant, liars and dishonest garbage that is prevalent in both its new and existing NEC and leadership team.


The EU Referendum Campaign is a brand new organisation based in Westminster. It is made up of a team of experienced campaigners, With an excellent advisory board drawn from all wings of the political spectrum and unrivalled resources to fight the war against European Union domination.
Chief Executive James Pryor
(Failed Campaign Manager who halved the vote every time he was fielded in South African Politics and was conspicuence by his stupidity in the General Election for UKIP save when invisibly licking boots)
James has worked for over twenty years for various political parties and governments, both in Westminster and globally.  He has headed up some of the most important political campaigns worldwide.
Director of Communications Bridget Rowe
(Conspicuous by here near invisibility whilst on the Farage payroll, reveilled by much of the media and only despised by the rest, her only noticeable action was to register Declan Ganley’s Veritas UK Party name for Nigel Farageto spite Ganley for not letting Farage run the party for him, it seems!)
Bridget has edited  two National Newspapers as well as a variety of high circulation magazines. She has also been Communications Director for National Magazine Company.
Campaign Director Marc Glendening
(Marc has been around for years as a salaried anti EU campaigner with The Democracy Movement. With no new entry on the DM blog since 07-Jul-2010 does this mean Marc Gelendenings great ‘Campaign’ has ground to a halt? It rather bodes ill for this new one – one may be tempted to think – Particularly as Pearson’s hobbies tend not to follow through!)
Marc has been director of the all-party Democracy Movement, which came out of the Referendum party. Before that he worked for the BBC’s Political Documentaries department.
EU Referendum Campaign
Studio 64
95 Wilton Rd

I guess we know what it is about but don’t forget we were lied to by The Tories and so this line up is deeply underwhellming with its Tory background and UKIP foreground so planted in the Tories.

Then not only did The Tories lie to us but UKIP sat on its hands and did absolutely nothing in Britain to oppose the New Constitution Lisbon Treaty, until it was all done and dusted.

We shall no doubt see – In the meantime for those who wish to be thoroughly deprest at the prospects of UKIP ever achieving anything visit NEC – UKIP which you can click straight to from the link in The Right Side Bar.

Meanwhile how about actually doing something CLICK HERE

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
LEAVE-THE-EU to Reclaim YOUR Future 

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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 27/07/2010


Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!


Nikki Sinclaire MEP : The ‘People’s Petition’

If there were any further proof needed of what UKIP’s MEPs could have achieved if they were free of the shackles of Faragism and his revolting anti Jewish, racist and pro EU membership aspirations as the leader of the Pan EU Political Party EFD grouping who advocate killing African immigrants, set fire to children and hunt down and drive out homosexuals – yes these are UKIP’s new friends with Farage in charge and why since they have clearly gone native I often call the Farage Party EUkip.

No wonder Mike Nattrass and Nikkie Sinclaire refused to remain in such vile company and clearly UKIP’s other MEPs feel at home stuffing money in Nigel Farage’s pocket and acting to help racists, anti Jewish Holocaust deniers, and convicted criminals!

This new initiative by Nikki Sinclaire is just what UKIP should be doing.

Do you remember when David Lott, Nigel Farage and Mark Croucher set up a fake petition to gather names seemingly to scam for money with their crooked and dishonest chum John Moran, and others, via the Ashford scam where over 85% of the money went missing and was never accounted for to the members but £250,000 WAS deposited into a private bank account!.

I’m sure you remember the scam as they stole £250,000 of tax payers money to run the petition and never did and no one ever knew where the money vanished – seemingly trousered but not long after David Lott retired to France and Mark Croucher opened a couple of pubs, where due to everyone else’s fault but his own unpleasant character, dishonesty and vile manners the businesses both failed and he returned to promote the corruption and racism of the EFD.

With their funds disappearing into Farage’s coffers, without any knowledge of what their money is spent on, UKIP’s MEPs have achieved precisely nothing.


Nikki Sinclaire, however, by leaving the corrupt EFD group, has not only published regular and fully auditted acounts which no other UKIP MEP has done, despite the promises and lies of Farage and others.

She has also used her resources to create a campaign designed to force a debate on continued membership of the EU in the House of Commons. Using the same web site she personally supplied for UKIP when Farage, Lott and others ran their scam through it – if it was NOT a scam where did the £1/4 Million go and to whom was the petition presented, where and when =- Personally I think it looks very much as if Nigel Farage, David Lott, Mark Croucher and others colluded to steal a very large sum of money and if they did not where is the petition, what happened to it and why was it never openly and freely accounted – It WAS public money!

Farage’s disciples should take note they were elected to strive to get Britain OUT of the EU not feather their nests, buy flashy cars (did you know when Graham Booth retired and was no longer paying so much for ‘accomodation’ in the EU, he bought himself an Aston Martin I am told!

I note the indollent oik from Liverpool has bought himself a drug dealer’s car  to fit in as he skulks around his constituency  posturing but achieving absolutely nothing of note as chairman of UKIP towards getting Britain out of the EU and colluding in Court with Mark Croucher to try to intimidate, harrass and bankrupt me vile little creep that he is – not content with his dishonesty in stealing the lead position as an MEP candidate. This worm walked off a stage in Britain because he refused to share it with the duelly elected British MEP from the BNP and then as Chairman of UKIP dragged the name of UKIP in the gutter by leaping into bed with the pro EU membership, sexually intollerant, violent extremist anti Jewish Racists of the EFD!

UKIP under Farage really are scum aren’t they!

 So deperate for publicity they have followed their Zionist titular leader in an attack on British citizens and visitors who are Moslems and choose by faith to wear a burqa.

Nikki Sinclaire having left the EFD is at least making strides not only in probity by publishing her accounts but it seems she is using her own money to start off a major petition.

She can count on my help any time she likes as I have supported UKIP for about 15 years and it is good to see some signs of it re-emerging from the squallor of Farage’s EUkip with the pond life he has gathered around him. I wonder when he will have the integrity to pay me the £12,500 for which he is clearly morally indepoted to me as the actual leader of UKIP.

I’m not holding my breath for Nigel Farage to act morally or ethically as there have never been signs of him doing so before as he stuffs his pockets and drags my County’s reputation in his gutter.



Here is her Press Release

West Midlands MEP Launches ambitious 100,000 ‘People’s Petition’ in Birmingham and Stoke
Campaigning West Midlands MEP Nikki Sinclaire has today launched a ‘people’s petition’ calling on the coalition government to hold a referendum on European Union membership
Said Nikki ‘It is a disgrace that no-one under the age of 53 has had the chance to say whether they want to be part of the European Union and yet it spends £45m of our money every day’. Nikki is using a campaign ‘battle bus’ to visit ‘every town and City in the Midlands over the next year to collect signatures. Said Nikki ‘I aim to collect the petition over the next year or so and have also launched an online version at
Nikki said that the battle bus also doubles as a mobile surgery and gives her a chance to meet ‘my employers’ i.e. constituents at first hand. Said Nikki ‘Although I have massive reservations about the European Union I do never the less want to use my time helping people and I am issuing an open invitation to people to talk to me about anything that concerns them from job security to Housing problems’. Nikki regularly receives enquiries on a broad range of concerns and has a high success rate resolving problems working in association with local Councils and Parliament
PRESS NOTES: Nikki starts her campaign in Stoke town centre on Wednesday the 28th of July 2010 and will also visit Birmingham City Centre for interviews and photographs

CONTACT POINT: For details of times, locations and photo opportunities contact: Josh O’Nyons on 0121 359 5933 or 07538 311334.

To contact Nikki directly


 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future   
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future   



#0020 – It is Pleasant To See Someone Elected By UKIP NOT JUST SHOWING OFF

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 23/05/2010

#0020 – It is Pleasant To See Someone Elected By UKIP NOT JUST SHOWING OFF   
Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

#0018 – It is Pleasant To See Someone Elected By UKIP NOT JUST SHOWING OFF!




UKIP is so busy trying to RIG the succession and ensure a coronation bypassing the members to ensure they get their planned Tory plant in place – the dishonest, corrupt and creepy David Bannerman who can be relied on to do as he is told by Farage until he too jumps ship for a better seat at the troughs in November with the EFD Party.

With Lord Pearson in Purdah in Perthshire it does look all to clear that UKIP is incrementally fulfilling every single prediction made by this blog and associates at Junius back at the end of November.

I think my only error was to over estimate the % of the vote at the General Election by about 1% and having taken my shoes and socks off to get the maths right I wasn’t far out with the amount of money squandered on lost deposits at around £1/4 Million!

I see Political Gossip has woken up not just on the odd one off but here is another posting from this well informed insider:

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Has UKIPs Leader Resigned?

We must add, this is only supposition at the moment.

The rumour doing the rounds is that Lord Pearson has resigned his leadership of UKIP and is hiding at Rannock on his Perthshire Estate, hoping no doubt, to be able to hide in a cloud of volcanic ash and not be able to fly back.

If this is the case, the difficulty is, who will replace him?

It may prove difficult for Farage to return as everyone realises that the policy of trying to help the Tories at the General Election was his – a repeat of the battle he had with Natrass and others at the previous General Election. (He may also not wish to be tainted should UKIP declare Bankruptcy after the Appeal hearing next month) but he must still control the Party. They surely would not want an election at this stage in case the wrong person wins.

We believe, that as Deputy Leader, Farage sock-puppet (No. 2) David Bannerman will be annointed as caretaker. If the ship sinks, he will be seen to have been at the helm. If successful, they may keep him in post, or more likely front someone more appealing and charismatic as Leader next year.

Either way, no real change at the top.

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future   
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future   


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