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Archive for the ‘Graham GILLIS’ Category

#0463* – UKIP EXPOSED by Graham GILLIS aka gillig

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 06/05/2011

#0463* – UKIP EXPOSED by Graham GILLIS aka gillig
Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  
UKIP is EXPOSED by Graham GILLIS aka gillig!
‘A society, party or individual’s degree of civilisation is best judged by how they treat their opponents’!!



An Anti-UKIP blog by a member of UKIP

A blog that has been fascinating me for some time is ‘Junius on Ukip’, which by all accounts has been setup by disgruntled members.
Attack blogs detailing sordid details of different political parties have been around for a long time. But they have been usually been run by opposing parties, taking pleasure in some misfortunes, internal strife and rows.
But this one is actually been run by a member who seem to know all the battles, affairs, resignations and financial shennanigans.  Members of parties who have become disillusioned mainly leave the party. But this blog seems pretty determined to bring the party down.
If only half what is said on this blog is true, then its surprising that the party is barely existing.

46 Responses to An Anti-UKIP blog by a member of UKIP

  1. The Junius bloggers are anti-UKIP, they’re not members. At least one of them gets information from the EU and is clearly in their employ. Most of what is written on that hate-blog is entirely made up or takes something that is true, embellishes it so that it’s 90% made up and turns it into a personal attack on someone.
  2. Gary Cartwright
    Hilarious site, isn’t it? It’s all fake news, but I actually get paid to do the job. I work in the European Parliament with former UKIP MEP Nikki Sinclaire. That’s what I do all day long – invent nutty stories about UKIP. I love it.
  3. gillig
    @Gary Cartwright.
    So my tax money goes to you?
    • Anonymous
      I think you two have been fooled. Gary has not posted that nor does he invent stories or have anything to do with the junius blog
  4. Hi,
    I can vouch for the FACT that Junius are supporters of UKIP and if only the parasites and maggots feeding from the crumbs that fall from the troughs on the Gravy Train in self interest supporting UKIP’s utterly venal and completely unprincipled leadership would wake up and clean up UKIP they MIGHT once again provide our lifeboat.
    For as long as you have fools like Stuart Parr, Mark Croucher, Annabelle Fuller, Gawain Towler and the anonymous cowards UKIP will NEVER be fit for purpose as no party can survive self seeking liars.
    I assure you that the postings claimed to be by Gary are NOT genuine they are the level of childish behaviour EUkip parasites believe to be politics as they try to smear Nikki Sinclaire MEP who has out performed ALL of them.
    My posting is genuine – my phone number is a matter of public record and I will stand by every word I publish in any Court of Law YOU choose.
    My blogs publish provable, honourable FACTS and never ONCE have they been shown to be materially wrong.
    01291 – 62 65 62
  5. mhayworth
    Wonkotsane is correct here.
    Just look at the use of capital letters in Greg L-W’s post – not to mention the bizarre concept that ‘you’ might want to choose the particular court of law for him to prove himself in :-) Greg and his pal Junius post their anti-UKIP messages like little 12 year old cyber-stalkers and seem to concentrate obsessively on the woes of Nicky Sinclaire (who probably is Junius).
    Lets face it – if Junius and Greg L-W were either real UKIP members or even adults, they would see the bigger picture and stop smearing the only party that plans to get us out of the increasingly undemocratic EU.
    As political parties go, UKIP is still fairly new and has certainly gone through some growing pains. However, the current leadership team seems to be addressing these shortfalls and is clearly moulding UKIP into a more formal and hopefully more formidable political force.
  6. Hi,
    Gillig your logic is rather profound for the parasites seeking personal gain in UKIP!
    By all means phone me.
    Alternatively phone Nigel Farage and see what his spin is – it certainly won’t be as childish and ill informed as mhayworth and I doubt he would so idiotically lie as does Stuart Parr aka wonkotsane.
    Act like UKIP and be spoon fed toxic baby food or act like a grown up and check the facts.
    mhayworth seems to know staggeringly little about UKIP and its foundations and history – nor does he seem to kave much understanding of The EU.
    As 12 year olds go check out some of my blogs for the facts as with:
    and follow the links.
    Interestingly were I a 12 year old my involvement with UKIP would have been a pre birth experience! Clearly you know VERY little of the Party or its history, its aims or its corruption.
    • gillig
      I will not be phoning you. I have looked at your site once again this morning and as usual found no facts, just personal insults. If you have any archived facts, perhaps you could put them together in a sentence and save us parasites some valuable career time.
      My communications with Nigel Farage and his staff have been answered promptly, intelligently and with curtsey. Do you see no value in an organisation presenting a united front? After you have found the appropriate help, it would be more productive to devote your energy to helping the country get its own government back.
      I f you hold the moral high ground on an uninhabited island; you will never lose an argument. A noble mission would be to put together a discipline system within UKIP. Start with voter right of recall. It is wrong that we taxpayers have to fund MEP’s who won’t represent the party that got them elected. If I vote UKIP I have a right to be represented by UKIP and not pay for a turncoat.
  7. I am delighted that somebody considers me such a threat that I am continuously attacked in this way. So I am Junius, am I? I remember that once Piers Merchant “was Junius”, but after he passed away the lie was simply transposed onto another. It tells me a great deal about the people we are dealing with here. Liars and idiots all.
  8. wow, it looks like I have opened up a real can of worms here!
  9. gillig
    No doubt my point that errant MEP’s are dishonestly taking taxpayers money by not standing down and allowing the voters to have their chosen reprasentative will be the next subject of your deep and insightful comment.
  10. Hi,
    fortunately gillig it is still a ‘relatively’ free Country.
    You may do as you wish – even ignore the 1,000s of facts published as you clearly wish to.
    You may support racism, extremism, anti Judaism and violent anti homosexuality – that is your prerogative as a supporter of the discredited UKIP and its extremist EFD chums.
    UKIP can not complain when its honest MEPs quit the dishonest group yet look how loudly they crow when UKIP attracts a turncoat from The Tories etc.
    Your position is more than somewhat hypocritical.
    It is childishly easy to dismiss as insults hard facts of corruption, dishonesty, perversion, abuse and extremism – Unfortunately your cover story does not alter the facts.
    IF you are sufficiently interested to clean-up UKIP to make it worthy of the votes of the informed and decent folk you have the choice to phone me if you wish – IF NOT don’t bother.
  11. Hi,
    nebonebo – you may be aware of the American political trueism:
    ‘In politics if you intend to open a can of worms be darned sure to have a bigger can’.

  12. Dear McCoy,
    we note Captain Kirk never used truth serum on board the star ship!
    For the record Junius is more than one source and does obtain a great deal of information through The EU and work.
  13. gillig
    My point that errant MEP’s are dishonestly taking taxpayer’s money by not standing down and allowing the voters to have their chosen representative remains unanswered.
    Your assumptions about what I support are irrelevant.
    I ask as a taxpayer and voter.
    Not on behalf of any party.
  14. Hi,
    gillig – do you hold to this concept at Westminster and on Councils also – that would of course be completely anti democratic.
    I do however believe that we should have a very clear system of recall at every level in Government and public service. However we do not.
    IF your suggestion were to be carried forward clearly Farage, Andreasen, Bloom, Agnew, Nuttall, Bufton, Clark, Bannerman, Batten (ie the rump of UKIP who have betrayed the electorate) would needs perforce to stand down as they are in persuit of a reformist agenda and associated with extremists, racists, xenophobes, anti Jewish, violent anti homosexual pro EU membership colleagues in The EFD antipathetic to the wishes and aims of those who elected them.
    Was it not Walter Scott who warned:
    ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive’ in his epic poem Marmion of The 1513 Battle of Flodden Field.

  15. gillig
    Yes; voter recall should apply to all elected political positions.
    Voter recall is in UKIP’s manifesto.
    Please read the above again.
    It what is called “answering a question.”
    What justification can you give for MEP’s who have rejected the party that got them elected continuing to take taxpayers money?
  16. Hi,
    do TRY to wake up – the question you asked was very clearly answered and indeed I do believe having betrayed the electorate those I named should be subject to recall.
    Sorry my response was too complex for you to follow.
    I am glad you agree that voter recall should apply to all offices publicly elected, I note you have also noticed UKIP have added the idea to its utterly irrelevant manifesto.
    They overlook the irrefutable fact that they are clearly unfit for purpose as an extremist reform group and with only less than 30 elected out of 19,500 let us face it almost every vote was predicated on ONE policy Leave-The-EU no one cares what their other policies are hence they never get anywhere near serious office in Britain.
    Sadly they can’t even do ONE thing well what hope they might ever make progress – the tragedy is our only obvious lifeboat has been seized by self seekers and clowns.
    To make it VERY simple for you, you asked:
    What justification can you give for MEP’s who have rejected the party that got them elected continuing to take taxpayers money?

    ELECTORAL LAW – got it?
  17. gillig
    UKIP’s MEP’s are doing their jobs with the support of the people who voted for them.
    The clue here is “voted”, it’s what counts here on planet Earth.
    You don’t get to decide who deserves recall.
    The law you quote to justify your traitors screwing us taxpayers is EU electoral law. Q.E.D.
  18. Hi,
    since those I named have betrayed the electorate how do YOU claim that IF THERE WAS a recall they would be exempt – NO ONE voted for UKIP to be racist, extemist, corrupt, anti Jewish, violent anti homosexual or reformers pro EU membership.
    Well maybe YOU did but YOU would clearly be in a minority.
    Clearly you know little of UKIP either historically or present and seem to have even less comprehension of politics be they EU or British.
    IF I can help you understand just call me and I’ll try to explain for you.
    At least have the common sense to check you facts rather than just bray the propaganda you have been spoon fed.
  19. gillig
    AS an ordinary UKIP voter I feel I can speak for the main body of the party.
    Nigel Farage and the other loyal UKIP MEP’s are clearly the head.
    You however describe them as the Rump.
    From your position, you would inevitably have this view.
    It does happen, so the party must need an arsehole.
  20. Hi,
    gillig as a long term supporter of UKIP with intimate knowledge of the party I believe you are wrong – clearly you speak for yourself but it seems in either complete ignorance or at best very limited knowledge.
    That you demean UKIP by using foul language to cover for your ignorance speaks volumes of the validity of what is left of UKIP consorting with prostitutes and copulating on the bonnet of cars in public, dragging UKIP’s reputation in the gutter – how can you perceive your insecurity and inability to debate in an adult manner can do anything but harm UKIP – Little wonder that you are too ashamed to put your full name and contact details to your ignorance.
    It is sad that you and others like you so demean UKIP and drag it into the gutter you have chosen as your natural style.
    There is NEVER a call for the lies and dishonesty so prevalent amongst those with no reasoned ability to debate. That people like you, Stuart Parr, Mick McGough, Douglas Denny and the leadership of UKIP have such low moral standards and such palpable greed may well explain why UKIP has never had more than 30 elected to public office out of the 19,500 seats available.
    The suicidal tendency of self engorgement and lies has rendered UKIP unfit for purpose.
    At least Nikki Sinclaire, Mike Nattrass & Trevor Colman have had the moral fiber to stand up for the grass roots UKIP members not the showboaters and self seekers.
    You must be so ashamed to act like this and befoul UKIP and betray its members.
  21. gillig
    It’s not UKIP I am calling an arsehole, it’s you.
    So far in this exchange you have thrown plenty of critical words into your rant;
    parasites, maggots, dishonest, corrupt, perverted, abuser, extremist, violent anti homosexual.
    All this to unsuccessfully defend TRAITORS TO UKIP sponging off us taxpayers.
    My knowledge of the anatomy of UKIP has been greatly enhanced by your diatribe.
    You excrete large quantities hoping some will stick.
    Boasting about how much you know about UKIP impresses no one.
    The collective genius of Nikki Sinclaire, Mike Nattrass & Trevor Colman has come up with the earth shattering, original and proven success of an idea to ask for a referendum. I can tell you that taxpayers, voters and UKIP supporters are really impressed.
    Put a comments section on your webpage and see how impressed we are.
    You expect me to compromise my privacy, while JAnus hides and censors comments.
    • gillig
      I posted the following comment on Hugh J Anus website early this morning.
      “The collective genius of Nikki Sinclaire, Mike Nattrass & Trevor Colman has come up with the earth shattering, original and proven success of an idea; to ask for a referendum.
      They are traitors to UKIP .
      They are using taxpayers money.
      Taxpayers and voters who voted UKIP.”
      It has yet to appear.
      Greg_L-W. thinks HE has the right to decide who is an MEP for UKIP. If anyone knows who he is, could they please show some sympathy and help him understand that UKIP and their supporters decide this.
      • Hi,
        foolish foul mouthed little chap – NO I do not believe I have the right as a voter to ‘decide’ however as a long term supporter of UKIP using my own name and aware of the background, history and present situation in UKIP with many years experience I do have the right to voice my opinion and back it with factual data.
        Only the low lifes and parasites of UKIP feeding off its incompetent leadership sink into the gutter and demean the party with abuse and an inability to reason.
        You may by all means post a reasoned opinion politely presented anywhere you like.
        The second you are abusive and foul mouthed and display a clear lack of knowledge tou bring UKIP into disrepute – No wonder you are too ashamed to be identified.
    • Hi,
      those posting on Junius are have opted to use a collective name and are not just foul mouthed idiots bringing UKIP into disrepute.
      I note you on the other hand are too ashamed to put your name to your ill informed comments and abuse.
      I am indifferent to your childish name calling but the moment you take the lid off your garbage can you demean and denigrate the cause you PRETEND to espouse.
      As for the views of others I care little – I am all too well aware there is NEVER a wrong time to do the right thing and clearly Nikki Sinclaire, Mike Nattrass & Trevor Colman have done the right thing by distancing themselves from the extremist, racist, anti Jewish, violently anti homosexual pro EU membership views of The EFD Group which Farage runs.
      UKIP MEPs were elected to work to WITHDRAW from The EU as are the three named NOT to Reform The EU as with The EFD.
      Do try to debate like an adult not an offensive troll.
  22. gillig
    What’s left to debate?
    My comment has not been posted on JAnus. No names forthcoming.
    You really should get a comments page on your site; you are clearly unused to public opinion.
    You are unable to defend that the behaviour of the errant MEP’s without insulting me, UKIP, its leadership , members and supporters.
    UKIP need politicians, if MEP’s are unable to do their jobs because they can’t mix with people of different political views, they should stand down. We need people who can remain loyal to the party. Not traitors.
    Experience and party history count for nothing if you are disloyal and your opinions are prejudiced.
  23. gillig
    Many thanks to our host Degwm.
    I have enjoyed being able to locate the anatomical position of ‘Junius on Ukip’,
    A loose sphincter surrounding an anonymous group of disloyal members.
    Thank you for the opportunity to show that they will not publish comments from real people.
    Greg_L-W’s. language for debate, requires an advanced sense of irony; especially when he accuses you of dragging the party into the gutter.
    It has long been a concern of mine that new and potential members will be drawn to this site, and not realize it is abhorrent to most UKIP supporters.
    Shit happens in all organizations. The successful ones deal with it in private and present a united front.
    Having said that, JAnus are entitled to free speech and to live with their own consciences.
    The latest plea for a referendum is pure farce, despite the evident lack of humor in these guys.
    The obvious question left is; If UKIP is so bad, why don’t you get off the pot?
    Don’t ask Greg_L-W. The record is stuck.
  24. mhayworth
    You hit it on the nail Gillig. If Junius and Greg_L-W. had any intention of ‘fixing’ what they perceive to be issues within UKIP, they would do it behind the scenes and with dignity. The fact that they run a public blog full of gossip about Farage’s private life and one that leaps from embellishment to conspiracy theory on a myriad of non-topical information, tells us that they are either a bunch of losers bent on revenge or just members of another party bent on destroying UKIP . Either way, it isn’t working. I saw their blog on my first search for info about UKIP and thought it was just one of those spoof sites managed by students.
  25. Hi,
    I can only assume that Graham Gillis is both young and naiive with very little control over his foul mouthed comments, little perception of which posting he is responding to and a complete ineptitude when it comes to adult debat of politics – about which he clearly knows even less than he does about UKIP, ethics, morality, probity and duty.
    Let us hope he grows up soon and takes a more mature approach rather than so clearly befoul UKIP with his comments.
    Reading his comments here and elsewhere the chap is very clearly gullible and obviously has a very limited understanding of what is happenning in UKIP and The EU let alone politics at large.
    However this is none too surprising as having ventured into the political diasporra quite recently he hasn’t even learned lesson ONE – you have two ears with which to listen and one mouth to inform – why is it that the ill informed most clearly use them in inverse proportion to their knowledge!
  26. Hi,
    in response to another fool who felt boot licking to Farage was a substitute for politics Mike Nattrass gave a fairly coherent retort – let us home the kids in UKIP have the intelligence to understand the posting:
    Subject: Petition
    Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2011 23:01:37 +0000


    I have seen your idea of an advert for yet another petion.

    Don’t you know that The Express delivered 1/3 million petitions to Downing Street recently, and were politely told to take them elsewhere?

    Please would you spend your money on supporting the activists who actually got you elected.

    Ian Proctor

    From: mike nattrass
    Sent: Sun, 1 May 2011 13:11
    Subject: Petition


    This is a petition which was initiated last September by Nikki Sinclaire and has 60,000 plus signatures due to West Midlands UKIP member’s hard work in Market Places etc.

    It went into the Daily Mail on Saturday (next to Royal Wedding photos!) and is already getting a great response.

    The Express came to Nikki last year to see how is was being done and took the concept into their paper, with a great result. We have no problem with that as it increases awareness to Express readers, but what about the other readers?

    The matter needs to be exposed nationwide and not just the in the Express.

    This is all about a promise from the Government that petitions of over 100,000 would be considered in the Commons.

    As you are well aware EU money cannot be spent directly on the Party so this is legally spent in an approved manner on our major objective, because it is “information.”

    Please explain how this does not help the activists, when this is our objective for which we have worked for more than 15 years? Also how you would expect the MEP’s EU budget money to be legally spent? All suggestions very very welcome!

    As for helping activists I do anyway, but not via my EU budget as that is illegal.

    Sadly we could not use our UKIP Logo in the advert because Nikki (one of the three MEPs involved) is currently banned by the NEC from using the UKIP logo!

    I hope this explains our thinking.


    Seems fairly straight forward to me – do not forget that Nigel’s utter incompetence as a leader with the imbecilic Godfrey Bloom led to a guilty verdict against them and UKIP for their public abuse and lies relative to Nikki Sinclaire.
    Even yet Nigel’s errand boy is trying to cobble together a deal to keep him out of the High Court and substantial damages.
    Unfortunately Farage’s utter lack of leadership skill has put him deep in the hole and digging furiously.
    You will note from stupidity Farage IF he is Leader has recently opted to spend about £30K maybe substantially more of members money having wittingly recruited a BNP member yet unlawfully removing him and refusing to meet the paltry damages of £500!
    Do TRY to wake up!
    I would suggest foul language, lack of knowledge and ill mannered abuse serve UKIP ill when you try to defend them.

  27. gillig
    @ Greg LW
    I have tried to be kind as you clearly have mental health problems.
    You toxic view of the party means you cannot possibly be a member of UKIP.
    If you had double the political knowledge you pretend to, you could never be a politician. I suspect you know this and that is why you are so angry.
    You show an unhealthy interest in UKIP youth and people should be warned not to respond to your requests to phone you, a strange person on the internet.
  28. Hi,
    I see Graham Gillis has demeaned himsel and UKIP in hisfailure to present coherent facts and clear argument – how sad.
    It is also clear that he has not one shred of factual evidence to back his fantasies – merely depende3nt on the playground level of abuse.
    I think Graham’s childish and ill informed postings with his use of foul language and lies tells you all you need to know about those who are aspirant in UKIP.
    How very sad that due to lack of training, lack of leadership, lack of discipline and lack of vision UKIP which was at one time our only lifeboat has fallen into the hands of its present inept leadership and the parasites in their support.
  29. gillig
    @ Geg LW
    FACT; you are not a member of UKIP.
  30. Hi,
    Graham Gillis:
    FACT – I believe I have made it abundantly clear why i am NOT a member.
    I do NOT support Racism UKIP DOES
    I do NOT support Xenophobia UKIP DOES
    I do NOT support anti Judaism UKIP DOES
    I do NOT support violent anti Homosexuality UKIP DOES
    I do not support Holocaust Denia UKIP DOES
    UKIP supports The Pan EU Political Party EFD Group morally and financially.

    Further I do NOT support a Party with a liar as a leader UKIP DOES
    I do NOT support corruption UKIP DOES
    I do NOT support obfuscation of Accounts UKIP DOES
    I do NOT hold British Justice in Contempt UKIP DOES

    Despite Graham’s foolish inference I have NEVER claimed to be a member of UKIP.
    Had you a point you were trying to make Graham?
  31. gillig
    No, no more points.
    It is a good sign that when you are presented with a single simple statement of fact, that you are able to produce a coherent train of thought.
    The content is of little importance, as must delusions can be dealt with by this method, in time.
    Time I have not got and the history in your case shows a steady deterioration.
    Professional help is available.
    For everyone who has contacted UKIP with their concerns.
    Stalking activity is monitored. Gaining access to sites such as young independence with false information is an offence which would normally only be prosecuted in conjunction with an ongoing investigation.
    We have UKIP activists being chased with knives by Muslims in Leicester. Abusive non members like GLW are as relevant as someone who takes a dump on the floor at a Town Hall Meeting. A valid contribution from a LibLabCon politician, however GLW is not a politician.
    Time is far better spent banging on doors and campaigning!
  32. Hi,
    Graham Gillis – your tone, your language, your lack of knowledge and your only line of debate being to insult speaks volumes of your values.
    Do YOU believe such behaviour in some way assists UKIP as I would hazard a guess you are very much in a minority.
    It is clear that you demean UKIP with your childish and self serving defamatory posturing.
    It may well explain why out of 19,500 seats up for election in British politics UKIP has never risen above 20!
    A tragedy when UKIP has so clear a performer as Nigel Farage and so popular a message as Leave-The-EU that it so lacvks vision, competence and leadership that it is largely held in the contempt such as you work so hard to earn.
  33. gillig
    So, if I stop pointing out that you are bonkers, will you vote UKIP today please? Yes to AV also!
  34. Hi,
    Graham as with all else you completely lack any sign of evidence to back your fantasies – not a good grounding for your political aspirations.
    On AV NO I will NOT vote in favour as I have no taste for endless tactical voting and the resultant compromises.
    I do not want Government of the comic opera proportions of Italy which is the natural outcome of the risible deal making surrounding the tactical voting AV is dependent on.
    UKIP sadly, although our only lifeboat, is quite provably rotten to the core and not fit for purpose – with 25% of its MEPs sitting as Non Escrit and others likely to also leave Farage’s cosy EFD Grouping of EFD racists, anti homosexual, pro EU membership, anti Jewish EU Reformists – HIS INCOME is becoming ever harder to justify.
    With 14 elected Councillors thus under 25 elected seats out of a potential 19,500 one has to wonder where they went wrong – but not for long as it is self evident.
    I believe UKIP may well make net gains on today but to put that in perspective The BNP have markedly out performed them on the domestic front which was an obscene tragedy but UKIP with its self enrichment and lack of vision, strategy, tactics, training or professionalism has never achieved as many elected seats as the 26 The BNP have lost since the last election halving their strength!
    UKIP will continue to bump along the bottom dependent on one performing monkey until it has a thorough and radical clean up to restore it to probity as an ethical party willing to lead Britain to Leave-The-EU – NO OTHER policies are legitimate, legal or required.
  35. gillig
    You don’t belong to a political party
    You don’t vote.
    You are not a politician.
    Your arguments are dull, repetitive and lack any credible foundation.
    UKIP do well despite you, so if you want to do something constructive, make a donation.
  36. Hi,
    more misinformation from Graham. Inventing self serving scenarios may place you well but lets face it out of 19,500 electable seats and offices UKIP’s performance after 18 years has been catastrophic.
    It is sad when they had such potential, were our ONLY lifeboat and the majority of the public supported their core message of Leave-The-EU.
    I have conciously used my vote in every possible election and NO I have NEVER joined a political party – nor will I.
    I have actively campaign on political issues almost continuously for over 50 years.
    I have NEVER lied nor wittingly misled yet you have crammed abuse, lies, distortions and misrepresentation into this thread alone – just reread your odious comments and ask how that has helped the cause of Leave-The-EU or UKIP.
    I would reassess your role in life if I were you.
    Start by trying to stick with facts rather than spin, foul language and fantasy.
    Graham Gillis may the truth be of service to you.
  37. gillig
    @ Greg_L-W
    If you have conciously used your vote in every possible election, and wish to leave the EU, who do you vote for?
    The unconcious party?
  38. Hi,
    for many years I have consistently done the ONLY honest thing I can and written >Leave-The-EU< on my ballot paper.
    There has been no honourable alternative as a vote for UKIP would indisputably be support for corruption and dishonesty and the enrichment of a small claque at the expense of these United Kingdoms.
    You will note UKIP’s utter disinterest in the elections as shown by the fact that not ONE of the blogs of anyone on the web site has mentioned the election in any constructive way.
    No doubt we will hear Farage blaming the electorate for their failure leading to the catastrophic results his leadership have delivered consistently in British Domestic politics!
    The main web site features the blog of some chum of his which I read on 27-Apr-2011 praising Farage – NO WORD of thanks, no words of encouragement, no apologies – NO RESIGNATIONS and in fact no mention of the local elections nor of the unmitigated disaster of having less than 30 elected individuals out of 19,500 seats.
    Get real – UKIP has just become a scam for a claque to self enrich at Britain’s expense whilst stuffing themselves, their bank accounts and eachother in the pleasure domes of Brussels and Strasbourg.
    They can not even put forward a defence and use faceless slime to abuse, denigrate, lie and defame those who seek better for our Country.
    Churchill as a young man said:
    ‘The level of civilisation of a Country may be made by judging how they treaty their prisoners’ – I believe he was wrong because clearly some need execution!

    However I do believe:
    ‘The level of civilisation of a country, party or person is how they treat their opponents’.


    Perhaps you would care to consider though I doubt you will have the perspicacity to apologise.


 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate) .
to Reclaim YOUR Future 
Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
tel: 01291 – 62 65 62

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