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Archive for the ‘EUkip; UKIP; Gawain Towler; Tom Wise; Bannerman; Andreasen; Ma Zucherman; Graham Booth; Godfrey Bloom; Gulleford; NuttAll;’ Category


Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 08/01/2009

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership
& NEC is what gives
the remaining 10%a bad name!


Now that EUkip has totally betrayed its electorate by doing the sum total of ZERO to get Britain one step nearer leaving the EU, failed to make a single solitary serious contribution to opposing the Lisbon Treaty, which in all but name came into being 9 days ago regardless of Democract and the Irish & Chec failure to ratify it yet.

The New Constitution was voted down by 61 Million French, 16 Million Dutch & then had its name changed though the content remained nmuch the same so that Brain’s Government could lie about it and duck a referendum they would clearly have lost – Ireland voted under the new name and 4 Million Irish voted against the Lisbon Treaty.

What did EUkip do? Oh they dressed up as chickens!
Not a single solitary consequential action opposing the newly named Constitution Lisbon Treaty!

Failure to do anything is a long term habit in EUkip – the finances are so clearly utterly discreditted with well over £1 Million seemingly trousered, well unaccounted, now to go with the discreditted accounts EUkip has found and appointed a discreditted and corrupt accountant.

Without any rational thought and seemingly no intelligent consultation Farage’s cronies parachuted in Marta Andreasen @ £36K+ pa rather than have a pro bono credible accountant from Britain. The UK Independence Paryty went further EU Native and hired a self seeking and untrustworthy alien rather than a competent British accountant!

Well they do say follow the money and it would seem that is one attribute the present leader has – Most Parties in Britain elect their leader but Farage gained the title through corruption, lies and dishonesty by the gaggle of sychophants who were on the payrole.

Since dishonestly gaining the leadership the party has all but collapsed loosing activists and long term supporters and Farage has had to be reliant on bribery and placemen to stay in office.

High on the list of useless placemen is the Mussollini/BNP look alike who has colluded with Farage (well he had to Farage owns him because no one voted for him!) this little man who has prostituted himself or had no integrity to stary with has lied, bullied and cheated for Farage against the interests of Justice, UKIP or any value that anyone of moral repute would call British.

A revolting little man so out of his depth shouting abuse and threatening to hit people at NEC meetings – so inexperienced and incompetent that he had to call the police to try to restore order at an NEC meeting.

The weak and morally challenged anthony Butcher having failed in UKIP as unwilling to cow tow to Farage but too inept to confront him has now buckled to collude in the dishonesty of EUkip’s bullying and dishonesty.

Not only did he for a second time ban me on their instruction but he did so on dishonest grounds. Further he has continually provided a platform for dishonesty and lies, misrepresentation and corruption, when it has suited him.

As a failure in EUkip I expect this wanabe to move on choosing to fail with Declan Ganley next – Ganley has already chosen failure on a number of fronts and has little interest beyond Ireland though much ego to satiate and various ways to capitalise on raising his profile.

It is noted that to comply with EUkip’s requests and bullying little Anthony has seen fit to snip perfectly legitimate comment about the hapless and dishonest Gawain Towler – he was all too willing to lie about others to suit his needs yet clamours for bias in his favour now that his wife has published details of his pecadillos on her blog!.

Strangely little Anthony has buckled to censorship – what a surprise! Anthony is clearly gutless and without even the vestigase of understanding when it comes to integrity or morality as he has NEVER set such standards in defence of myself or various others! Why now is Butcher defending this odious and unpleasant man?

The blog of The Towlers said it all for a brief couple of hours but has now been wiped – though the record remains and is in the hands of The Tories and various Journalists.

No doubt Joslin Towler’s Views Of Her Husband will be well aired in Court, dragging EUkip’s name further into the gutter – and his activities will be featured in future exhibitions of her childish and talentless ‘Blue peteresque’ playschool daubings.

As is so often in EUkip the vile behaviour of its staff or MEPs is never seen as cause to resign to save the party further ignominy NO rather attack the messengers and threaten them!

I understand from my contacts in the EU offices that the puppet NuttAll in BNPesque style is seeking not only to bully people but now is trying to close down the truth from people like myself, Junius, Niall Warry, Geoffrey Collier, Dr. Eric Edmond, Dr. David Abbott and others for his patron Farage.

Farage – if, since you had to depend on dishonesty, lies and corruption and abuse of UKIP to take control of EUkip and befoul the party when does it become the time when it is better to admit you failed and face the truth rather than escalate the dishonesty?

It is increasingly clear that EUkip is a spent force – utterlly dependent on liars, cheats and the corrupt – where would you expect to meet so odious a group of low lifes and liars as Mick McGough, Andrew Smith, Gerard Button, The Desk, NuttAll, Ma Zucherman, Dippy Denny, Bob Feel Martiniz, Gollom, Reeve, Titford, Malcolm Wood, Derek Clark, The Ox, Up The Duff, George Curtis, Towler etc. etc. – when such a group are gathered in a common interest I regret it clearly can not me an honest common interest.

I no longer believe that the leadership and NEC of EUkip could care less about OUR Country – they clearly care only abouit themselves or they would not act so revoltingly in their own self interests – attacking and seeking to debase honest decent individuals, and trying to kick to death in true Fascist style the messengers. There are aspects of EUkip’s leadership and inner sanctum supporters that make Zionism and Hitler, Mussolini and the Bader Meinhoff look decent and sane!

Individuals like the Foul Mouthed Annabelle Fuller, the obsessive and idiotic Bob F-M., the weak and venal Butcher, the liar & cheat McGough, the fraud and liar Bannerman, the ridiculous and duplicitous Mark Croucher, the uinderhand and dishonest Malcolm Wood, the self seeking & weak Trevor Colman, the sychophantic Denny, the farcical Ma Zucherman, the bullying puppet NuttAll, the treacherous Clark & his betrayal, these and others leading EUkip and backing its corruption are no less than evil.

Consider this revolting old man – he rode on the backs of others to gain office based on lies. He promised to stand down on set dates but reneged. He has taken advantage of every ‘jolly’ going, he has earned more in one year out of EUkip than he earned in 5 when he worked – his accrued EUkip pension way exceeds any salary he ever earned and he has destroyed UKIP in the East Midlands for his personal gain, dragging the party name into the gutter in which he resides.

This sordid little man betrayed those who elected him and in his guilt manoeuvered to oust them such as Geffrey Kingscott, Ian Gilman, Del Young, Tony Elwood, Andy Parsons and he even went so far as to lie and trump up charges in a Kangaroo Court where no thanks to his dishonesty the proceedings against Peter Baker collapsed.

Clark is the odious man who has betrayed Britain to please his master by betrayoing not just UKIP but his electorate and his Country signing up to GREATER subsidiarity to The revolting and undemocratic EU and advocating working WITH the EU to strengthen the control of its committees over Britain and other vassal states.

This revolting man not only lacks the shame to stand down but lacks the integrity such that he seeks to stand again! Having brought UKIP into disrepute he lies and ponstificates as something other than a petty crook!

This pathetic little man continues to drag the reputation of UKIP in the gutter with his lies and fraudulent misrepresentation. – with less than 6 months to go having dishonestly hijacked the top position on the Eastern region list this liar fraud and cheat is only hanging on with lies and duplicity – no doubt promising largesse to those who support him!

What post has been offered to the revolyting old liar McGough such that he is so willing to display his dishonesty and vindictive nature for all to see?

We note yet another re-launch of EUkip Eastern Region’s EU campaign is bue at the first there were about a dozen and then at the main launch they had some foul mouthed woman Rowe displaying her lack of talentand ability and competence whilst Peter Reeve found himself reported to the police for common assault! Andrew Smith left early and the meeting was a farce with a salary/staff contingent of about 12 and an audience of members and guests of 28!

Well who would cross a road, let alone a village to listen to Bannerman, Smith, Reeve, Rowe, NuttAll, McGough, Gulleyslime, Curtis or their ilk and everyone has heard Farage’s 3 speeches who is interested!

A childish and insecure little man – a measure of the extent to which he holds EUkip, its members and the people he represents in contempt is that he was prepared not only to represent them on the floor of the EU’s sham parliament but to have the film posted on You Tube of him trying to deliver a set piece speech drunk!

What a self important selfish fool!

Is it any wonder that EUkip is struggling for funding with not a single backer of repute – its greatest hope being some Z List Celeb to drag it out of the mire and raise its profile.

Desparate to sink the ship if he can’t get his own way and get re-elected it looks as if Farage will persuade the reprehensible Gawain Towler to stay on to damage the cause in The South West – already he plans to shut down the offices and set up some sham for away days in London!

It is noted from the self seeking political prostitute who has hawked herself around most parties to try to get her snout back in the EU troughs that £10,000 a week is needed for a London Office – the call was for £20 donation from every member, donations are needed from 12,500 members!!! Some accountant! can someone point out to her that there aren’t 12,500 active members and such calls rarely have a high hit rate!

How soon will savings be made shutting down the present head office and will that do anything other than what Farage is unavowedly good at – make enemies?

Is it wise to set out to steal more money having failed to account for huge amounts via The pretend Petition, the £211,000 unaccounted properly through ‘other expenses’ at Lyminster, the £170,000 that was seemingly trousered in Wales, the 100s of £1,000s that were perloined via Ashford in its various clones then ‘son of Ashford’ at Ramsgate and now a new scam Call Centre, no doubt with some petty crook creaming off the profit as with Jophn Moran who has proved willing to collect money on one pretext and then squander it on another!

No wonder there are few who will donate – and less who will help because there is always the chance of falling foul of the great man’s ego and being deliberately set up by Farage as was the long term UKIP benefactor Martin Hasslam. Perhaps, after hard work and dedication, you might find yourself used as a scapegoat for some dishonest Reichstag Fire moment to try to trump up a case for Draconian changes to the constitution to introduce Fascist and centralised authoritarian EU style powers for the leader to add to the corruption, as with the EU.

Please donate lots to EUkip because they face an awful lot of litigation in the next few months and it would be unfair if they sheltered behind some corrupt scam of Limited liability set up by Ma Zucherman to avoid their liabilities for having befouled and besmirched the reputations of honest decent men and women. I gather Ma Zucherman has not managed to keep himself out of the spotlight of the Courts this week facing them in his own defence!

Not to mention the various croiminal cases that are still outstanding where damages may well prove high. Then there are the various OLAF enquiries such as derek Clark, Jeffrey Titford, Tom Wise, Nigel Farage and possibly others – also the various Police cases when they re-emerge nearer the election as they surely will.

I gather the Judicial Review, which could cost EUkip between £1/2 & 1 Million making it technically bankrupt. Also the assault case against Peter Reeve if it proceeds could prove costsly for EUkip as he was acting in his official capacity.

Then EUkip could well have to pay a great deal in damage limitation in distancing itself from the Towler ‘business’ which could become very ugly and is now largely likely to be damaging as Farage seem almost to hope it will be – was that why he NEVER did anything to resolve the Tom Wise case which falls due in February (towards the end).

EUkip may also have need of finding compensation money for the likes of David Challic, Sue Palfrey and their ilk if they mishandle their redundancy – as with Malcolm Wood, who is loathed by many for his dishonesty and treachery but is like The Old man of The Sea placed upon Sinbad’sd shoulders since his continued employ was the edict of the revolting, foul mouthed and utterly inept Basil Fawlty from his bungling 1950s hotel that Booth inherited from his Father.

We all saw the measure of that man’s duplicity as he attempted to parachute his totally inappropriate neice into EUkip office one presumes as a part of her redundancy package from book keeping in his hotel!

One really has to struggle to think of someone (anyone) one would wish to have as either an employee or a friend amongst EUkip’s Leadership, NEC, staff or sychophantic vociferous supporters. No wonder attendance at their meetings these days is so low and their funding so thin.

It is understood that there is a POSSIBILITY that there could be a General Election on the same day as the EU elections – since EUkip’s selection process for EU candidates was unsound, dishonest, corrupt and should be run again by an outside agency we note from NEC minutes no effort will be made to make internal elections honest OR trusted!

How many Council Candidates are lined up? There are local elections on the same day!

Do be minded that out of 19,500 elected seats in Britain EUkip currently has about 5 + a few turncoats!


Politicians are failing to tell the truth, but so are almost all wanabe Politicians and Snivil Cervants.

The fact is that even if EVERY British MEP wanted change in The EU it would achieve NOTHING.

Every single British Politician, of EVERY Party, elected since before we joined the EUropean Common Market, has promised to change The EU’s CAP – In 40 Years they have achieved absolutely NOTHING!

To try to put a value on OUR Freedom is as futile as floccipaucinihilipilification and as odious as the metissage of our societies, as we rummage in the ashes of our ancestors dreams, sacrifices and achievements, the flotsam of our hopes and the jetsam of our lives, consider the Country and Anglosphere which we leave our children and the future!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62


I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country.Deny the self seeking & meaningless wanabe MEPs the Mythical Mandate for which they clamour. Diktat is imposed from The EU but Law should be made at Westminster, for our Country & our Peoples.

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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