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Archive for the ‘EUkip; UKIP; Bruce Lawson; Neil Herron; Tom Conti;’ Category

#94* – The Little Wriggling Worm?

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 23/10/2008

#94* – The Little Wriggling Worm?

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

What a pratt Bruce Lawson is & not even man enough to apologise

Attn: LawsonThe sad little man sent me this reply:

>> GL-W So you have not got the guts to ring me.. neither has Nigel Farage … please delete me from your rant list and stop wasting my time..

What a pratt Bruce Lawson is & not even man enough to apologise for his ill informed, ill conceived blustering and bullying threats.

I stated that he had absolutely nothing to say from which I could learn and that I would not phone him until he was man enough to admit he had made a fool of himself, yet again, and publish an apology!
Nor shall I for which he should be thankful as he obviously isn’t very bright and he might also care to check the time – he would be the first to bleat at being called at 4.00am.
Bruce Lawson you have made a fool of yourself as all who know me will confirm – I have no fear of little men who make fools of themselves like yourself and I have nothing to fear of men of stature and morality, I fear no man – I can not speak for Farage as to why he won’t phone you but probably he is doing no more than live down to my expectations of him as a leader.
Bruce Lawson you have sorely disappointed on every count – you were going to do great things until your courage trickled down your leg – stop showing your ineptitude, you incompetence, inadequacy of judgement and silly views of British Justice, law and leadership.
You would pretend to forming your little company with poor old discredited Geoffrey, who had his moment of trust when appointed Returning Officer and showed he was unfit, too weak and unwilling to acquit his duty – it was even rumoured that he was bought off with dreams of preferment.
Whichever way Geoffrey Kingscott failed totally to acquit his duty and thus presided over a totally corrupt election that became the coronation founded on lies, which has destroyed UKIP and denied us a party that anyone of integrity could vote for – now a claque of spivs, charlatans, fraudsters and those who have openly and irrefutably colluded in fraud, corruption, dishonesty and slander.
Including David the Desk who lied to gain his position, Farage who rode on the lies of others including his staff to titular leadership, Trevor Colman who betrayed us all and befouled his Queen’s Commission by orchestrating a corrupt cover up of the criminality, fraud, embezzling, money laundering by Tom Wise in collusion with Lindsay Jenkins as exposed in the media and for which he has been arrested and is on bail – Colman would seem to have kept his mistress in work and has now obtained preferment to befoul our Country’s stature as a dishonest and venal rogue in office – EUkip’s stature being beneath contempt having been dragged in the gutter so often by its leadership that it is likely to lose all 12 seats it once gained.
Bruce Lawson face fact you are not nor have you ever been nor are you likely to be a leader of any description – go back to your counting house and count peoples money for them as you have shown you have neither the talent, the skill nor the ability for leadership.
By all means set up a consortium of the failed and endlessly have little meetings at which to discuss who will bring the cake for the next meeting and what to fail to achieve next.
First it was Grass Clippings, then Ashes, then Fringe what will it be in November, ‘Compost’ – each meeting yet more aimless and more insignificant than the previous.
Read my eMails with care and try to learn something of politics and consequence and realise that YOU had the opportunity to clean up EUkip and you totally failed.
Lawson – be man enough to publish an apology or just drift off aware of the damage you did by your personal failure.Perhaps you would care to make amends and rent The Victoria Rooms in Bristol or The Town Hall in Stroud or Marlborough and ensure a substantial audience and I will be only too happy to debate the issues with you on a public platform and give the reasons why Britain must leave the EU and explain why neither EUkip nor the BNP will EVER achieve this patriotic aim. You bluster and talk of cowardice – let us see how much of a man you are, rise to the Challenge and I WILL be there and will face questions from ALL COMERS.
Rise above your prissy little failures and act with Patriotism can you rise to the Challenge I KNOW I WILL – I will speak out on behalf of my Country in the face of any attack anywhere.
I seek NOT to change the EU as espoused by Farage and seemingly EUkip & all the MEPs of his group the pro EU Ind.Dem.Group but to leave it – they are NOT a body where appointments of parasites concerns me I do NOT recognise its authority over me or my Country as it was dishonestly implemented and corruptly and duplicitously maintained.
Unlike Farage’s claque I seek NO APPEASMENT & NO RAPROCHMENT from within.
I value my Country – do you Lawson? Do YOU value it sufficiently to rise to my Challenge?I suggest before you make more of a fool of yourself watch:
& then either put up or shut up.G.L-W.

—–Original Message—–From: greg glanceback [] Sent: 23 October 2008 02:42To: FW: #934 – Consider Just HOW do the Caterpillars Help?

—–Original Message—–

From: Bruce Lawson [] Bruce Lawson []
Sent: 22 October 2008 09:04
Subject: Re: #934 – Consider Just HOW do the Caterpillars Help?

So you have not got the guts to ring me.. neither has Nigel Farage …
please delete me from your rant list and stop wasting my time..

—– Original Message —–
From: Glanceback
Sent: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 5:05 AM
Subject: #934 – Consider Just HOW do the Caterpillars Help?

#93* – Consider Just HOW do the Caterpillars Help?

***CUT – not relevant to the maunderings of Lawson***
A bit off frippery that clearly shows EUkip has lost sight of what matters – I received the following eMail and fortunately, bored I was about to dump some 1,400 spam eMails and noted this on my other computer:

—–Original Message—–
From: Bruce Lawson []
Sent: 21 October 2008 16:06
To: Greg Lance Watkins
Subject: UKIP – Your email 21st October

Dear Greg

Please retract your remark about me on your posts within four days, i.e. ‘Agnew, Lawson, etc. low lifes, trash, etc.’ and phone me personally (01686-668004) in addition. My inclusion in your list is totally unjustified, and I will sue you immediately for defamation if you do not act.


Bruce Lawson

To be fair and giving this little chappie a right to reply I presume that he means the following portion of my eMail #92* of the 21st. which stated:
>>Virtually without exception the EUkip MEPs are some of the most revolting, ill educated, dishonest chavs it has been my misfortune to meet I do so agree with Robin’s assessments above. Sadly the pond life that has gathered like parasites and leaches around them are the only thing that makes them look good – Croucher, Denny, Fuller, Moran, Carver, Zucherman, McGough, Smith, Bannerman, Duffy, Andreasen, Wood, Lott, Williams, Mickelthwaite, Kingscott, Agnew, Lawson etc. low lifes, trash, spivs, climbers and beneath contempt in their dishonesty – as proven by the mess the party is in!
Many will recall the lies of Farage during the hustings and the lies of his supporters and staff to ensure they kept their snouts in the troughs.


May I suggest if he is so fragile that he is, as he has substantively proven, completely out of his depth in such an arena as EUkip, may I advise he withdraws from any public role – no I shall NOT bother phoning as I do not believe that Lawson has anything from which I could learn – however I will reconsider that judgement when he issues a public apology for having YET AGAIN shown what a pratt he is by YET AGAIN threatening me without valid grounds.
Lawson I added your name to the list advisedly – it is clear to all but the dumbest that my comments were not each and every one applicable to each person – do by all means advise which YOU believe fit your behaviour and incompetence – I am happy to publish your own opinion of your behaviour in leaving EUkip mid term as The Treasurer without completing the years accounts, your behaviour in failing to ensure the exposure of areas considered corrupt in the accounts by many members or draw up accounts that were adequately transparent as to bear investigation by members, or in what way it was responsible to present your first business meeting without comment on the preceding accounts abandoned by Andrew Smith in a totally unprofessional and disgraceful manner.
Perhaps after leaving, that you published your internal confidential maunderings between you and your employers in a particularly dishonerable manner on your so called UKIP Branch web site, by all means explain in what manner I should portray such a betrayal.
Then of course you might provide a more apposite soubriquette to your own behaviour when you had such an opportunity to act with integrity and clean up EUkip’s accounts and accounting procedure to TRY to make EUkip electable not just an apparent scam for self enrichment at the expense of the tax payers and members.
By all means do be more specific in language of contempt to more relevantly suit your abrogation of duty and care.
You may also wish to explain whilst you are apologising for your behaviour for having raised such hopes that you would provide the details at meetings in Bournemouth sufficient to satiate the needs of the audience for exposure when in fact they sat in serried rows listening to your indecisive unincisive mumblings of ‘um’ & ‘er’.Lawson – your fatuous outburst this time is almost as risible as the last time you threatened me without sound grounds.
WHEN the cap fits may I suggest you quietly wear it, maybe with a grimace, hoping not to be noticed whilst seeking ways to improve your position and your behaviour based on the lessons learned.
You are welcome to print this out and frame it as a reminder of how you have failed both in terms of being an adequate complainant of any credibility and also as a reminder that you will need far more lessons to be able to pass yourself off as an individual of stature, credibility, plausibility or at least as a Gentleman of integrity which could of course be achieved in some part by your apology both for this most recent incident of threat by you and also for your previous burst of foolish braggadocio for which to date you have proved not to be man enough nor adequately a gentleman to apologise.
Have you thought of book keeping as an occupation as you may find it more within your competence than dealing with people where clearly you lack the skills requisite.
Be advised that should you ONCE again threaten me groundlessly without first apologising that constitutes, under law, harassment and is as such a criminal offence. May I suggest you send a copy of your apology to a competent lawyer so that he will be prepared to act for you should you require competent defence in the future.
PLEASE HELP US TO CLEAN UP EUkip and restore it to the people as UKIP in a fit and proper condition that men and women of integrity could vote for it and if that can not be done PLEASE HELP US ensure not one single MEP is elected from amongst the scum that are listed. MOVING ON – to Grown Up Issues 😉
PRESS RELEASE: IMMEDIATE Tom Conti and Lord Lucas launch the Motorists Legal Challenge Fund … Britain’s motorists encouraged to join the fight. … the Court case that could lead to £millions of parking tickets being cancelled. Movie star Tom Conti, and Lord Lucas of Dingwall and Crudwell are leading the charge to raise a fighting fund initially for a court challenge to parking tickets and to then include legal challenges on other matters affecting Britain’s motorists.

They are patrons of the newly formed Motorists Legal Challenge Fund which has been set up to fight the corner of Britain’s beleaguered motorists and will be formally launched today.

Tom (66) has become involved because he’s a founder of the Motorists Action Group in London, where he is a long-term resident. He has put some of his own cash into the fund, which is backing the challenge which could impact on fines issued by councils across the UK.
The Scottish-born actor, who starred in the film Shirley Valentine and TV series Donovan, became a campaigner after he suffered “an unpleasant incident with some bailiffs” over a ticket and because he thinks the treatment of motorists is extremely unjust.
He said, “I just hate unfairness in government and there’s a vast amount being perpetrated against anybody with a vehicle — and that’s an awful lot of people. “The local authorities are supposed to be there to help the people rather than harass them, but at the moment people are being harassed.”
He doesn’t consider himself a political person but admits his high profile can help the cause.“
Politics and the whole right-wing, left-wing thing is nonsense. There’s only common sense really and an understanding of what human beings are — and they do not want to be dictated to,” he said.
The first case is being spearheaded by Sunderland campaigner Neil Herron, who runs the website .

Neil (45) has remortgaged his property to raise £60,000 for the fight and start the action says Tom Conti’s and Lord Lucas’ backing is vital.

He said, “I think Britain’s motorists have reached tipping point and are fed up being treated as a cash cow. The case needed to be lodged within three months and the only way to get the action launched was to effectively put my home on the line.

Tom Conti and Lord Lucas have helped launch the Fund which will ensure that we can take this case forward and act on behalf of Britain’s motorists. It is essential that such matters are brought before the courts because the individual motorist faces such an inequality of arms when trying to seek justice.”

Britain’s motorists are urged to support the Motorists Legal Challenge to ensure an equality of arms for this and future battles. Herron is no stranger to campaigning and his most recent David against Goliath success has been with the Metric Martyrs Campaign which has forced a very public Government u-turn on enforced metrication and the concession that no-one else will be prosecuted for using imperial measures.

Parking enforcement has been used by many councils as a revenue raising stealth tax. The

Lord Lucas who also chairs the Enforcement Law Reform Group, and the London Motorists Action Group recently told the BBC Radio 4’s PM programme that the enforcement of incorrectly signed parking areas “…is something that seems to me to be close to theft, and it probably would be adjudged as theft if one could ever get it to court.”

“So it is extremely difficult to get local authorities to behave properly on this. There doesn’t seem to be an ombudsman who will take this seriously and central government really just treats this as part of the tax-raising system.”
“It just generally makes people’s lives that bit more miserable”

The CaseThe case of Herron v The Parking Adjudicator challenges the independence of the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (formerly the National Parking Adjudication Service).

It is maintained that because the service is administered and funded by the councils with the adjudicators appointed by a committee of the councils then it cannot be perceived to be independent.
This could impact on every ticket issued in England and Wales.
The second pillar of the case is that many parking tickets are invalid because of flaws in the regulations that cover Controlled Parking Zones. CPZs were designed to cut down on parking sign clutter by having a notice at an entry point that applies restrictions to several streets but because councils have deviated from the strict definition where only single yellow, double yellow or parking spaces are allowed in CPZs then parking tickets could be rendered invalid.

Individuals, businesses and motoring groups have welcomed the action and the Motorists Legal Challenge Fund.

The Chairman of the Association of British Drivers, Brian Gregory said:

“As with speed cameras there is no one regulating the regulators in order to keep them honest.
Some local councils have proved the old adage that absolute power corrupts absolutely, especially where there is the financial incentive of retaining the proceeds of decriminalised parking enforcement.”
“If it is going to take Consumer Power to make the authorities toe the line, so be it. We are right behind Neil and his case and we shall be making a donation to the fund.”
Edmund King, President of the Automobile Association says:
“The AA says motorists rightly expect the highest standard of accountability and compliance with the law and guidance regarding de-criminalised parking enforcement. It is unacceptable that some councils, which are granted parking enforcement powers by the Department for Transport, break the rules themselves.”
“If they persist in breaking laws and rules after being advised of their errors they deserve to be challenged. However, the AA says things must be kept in proportion – we do need fair parking enforcement but some local authorities taint the good authorities that recognise and honour their responsibilities to the parking public.”
Grant Davis of the London Cab Drivers Club says (watch his video clip here)
“We have just donated £500 … and we should all stand up to be counted and get behind the Motorists Legal Challenge. Where is the bulldog spirit? Come on, let’s wake up and let’s stop the abuse of motorists by local authorities issuing parking tickets to raise money. Get behind the campaign.”
Register for updates by e-mailing
Anyone wishing to find out more can visit
Donations can be made to:
PO BOX 62228
N8 1AG
Simon Aldridge Mob. 07973781655
Jim Douglas Mob.07785918411
Neil Herron Mob. 07776 202045
PHOTO / INTERVIEW … HANDING OVER OF A ‘LARGE CHEQUE’ TO LORD LUCAS BY LONDON CABBIES 4.45 PM WEDNESDAY 22ND OCTOBER 2008 AT: Fielden House, 13 Little College Street, off Abbey Gardens near the car park, SW1P


Greg L-W.

01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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