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#143* – Farage DOESN’T Pay Prostitutes!!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 22/11/2008

#143* – Farage DOESN’T Pay Prostitutes!!
Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

Correction for EUkip I presume:

Dear Greg Lance-Watkins,
You have received a warning at British Democracy Forum.Reason:——-Inappropriate Language
Greg, Having just had a major complaint to the hosting company, I would have hoped that you would have toned down the attacks on UKIP a little (or at least phrased them less aggressively). Please try to restrict your comments to relevent criticism to make our lives easier.——-Original Post:

Originally Posted by Michael McGough

PeterC;Not sure where you get your figs from, but they don’t sound right to me;was there not a period of several months bfore Reeve took over? In any case are you supposed to be releasing confidential info on a public forum? What I do know for a fact is that before Reeve became our Regional Organiser we had no District / Borough Councillors and no Member of Parliament in the Eastern Counties. We do now! (and we would have a lot more if it weren’t for people wasting time, running the party down and attacking the elected leadership).Hopefully the ‘mess’ (a bad choice of word) will be resolved in February.You did say at the hustings that you were not sure which party you would vote for in June,have you decided yet?

do you think that in the light of the failure of Nigel Farage’s attempt to create a ‘Reichstag Fire’ moment at the last NEC and the fact that the meeting was such an abject failure where NuttAll, Nigel Farage’s unelected untrustworthy and self seeking little puppet so lost control of the meeting that the Metropolitan Police had to be called to restore order will have any effect in view of the corruption that is clearly endemic in the Eastern Region in EUkip?
You claim Nigel Farage was elected leader but this is downright dishonest to claim. Farage’s staff and cronies in the party like Fuller, Croucher, Lott, Moran lied and cheated with numerous corruptions of the process in fact Douglas Denny was voted out of the role of Returning Officer for his lies, dishonesty, cheating and corruption seeking to favour Nigel Farage.
How can yo possibly claim Nigel Farage was fairly elected – he became leader by corruption and exploitation of corruption.That having failed with the ‘Reichstag Fire’ moment we note that his Bully boys and brown shirts are already mobilising to create fear and intimidation – earlier this evening his sad little muppet NuttAll issued an utterly dishonest threat

to Anthony Butcher, this forum and individuals to desperately try to pretend that the liar, fraud and cheat David the desk Bannerman had been libelled when it is clear he was not.

Similarly stating the irrefutable fact that Nigel Farage is a serial adulterer, drunkard, bully and who consorts with [SNIPPED] can not for a moment be construed as libel as it is true and can hardly damage his reputation his reputation lies in the gutter along with his behaviour, his party and his publicity.
Risibly a part of this odious bullying is the pretence that NuttAll could be considered other than treacherous.This Nazi style behaviour has failed this time due to EUkip’s endemic dishonesty and stupidity.Do you feel that the agenda being drawn up by the odious treacherous, corrupt and dishonest Derek Clark aiming to set aside the constitution on the pretence of infiltration that you have shown is designed for EUkip’s own ‘Kristall Nacht‘ a night of the long knives where the corrupt, including liars like yourself can remove those who stand in your way standing on principle, integrity and honour.Aren’t people like you, Andrew Smith, David the desk Bannerman ashamed to behave so dishonetly?Have you no morality, integrity or shame?
In some contempt at such odious people.
Warnings serve as a reminder to you of the forum’s rules, which you are expected to understand and follow.
All the best,
British Democracy Forum


Thanks for your REQUEST Anthony as clearly since this is not a Warning merely a statement of your wish rather than the rules of the Forum as I have understood them it is merely a request.
Please can you advise what inappropriate language I have used in some detail so that we all know where we stand – rather than selectively PMing me on a public matter.
Please can you advise the extent and reason why you do not wish the truth to be posted on your Forum.
This is a political Forum and this is, I understood the correct section for discussion of UKIP – that I have stated the truth and facts as I see them over my signature and am able to substantiate those facts should EUkip wish to take action and discuss the possibility of my telling lies for them and suppressing the truth then it is for them to do so – they know where I am and who I am.
I am speaking for myself and over my signature and believe that every comment I have made is true and accurate – and I amm happy to provide provenance.
As with my statement that I believe Tom Wise has committed fraud based on the fraudulent documents he and Lindsay Jenkins signed to ‘obtain’ money and the fact that his bank account was deliberately set up to mislead and that he embezzled money which is all clearly visible in the hard copy evidence I have supplied to the police and have offered anyone sight of if they contact me.
You may well recal that the very first time I accused Tom Wise of fraud I offered you sight of the relevant documents.
I note you have seen fit to censor my post perhaps you will explain why you removed the word, which as I recall was ‘fraudulent’ – perhaps you can explain why you want the fact suppressed that Derek Clark acted fraudulently and boasted of it at a public meeting at which one of your own Moderators was present.
I may have said he was duplicitous, dishonest and underhand which is easily proven or that he had betrayed the peoples of these United Kingdom and the agreement he signed undertaking to work towards greater subsidiarity of these United Kingdoms to the EU is readily available on the pro. EU Ind.Dem.Group web site, as is the fact that Nigel Farage colluded in this betrayal of the peoples of these United Kingdoms.Perhaps – having taken a robust and honest line in response to the corrupt and dishonest bullying of EUkip you might care to explain why you seem to have become their errand boy.
Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62
I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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