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David Soutter on Victoria Ayling – In Grimsby

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 19/04/2015

David Soutter on Victoria Ayling – In Grimsby


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David Soutter talks to a panel re. Victoria Ayling and the National Front etc., & her responses – In Grimsby !

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as I have already recently stated I have been rather busy on other issues recently and realising that Ukip’s position in this election was, as I have always predicted, was increasingly irrelevant in domestic elections even after 22 years!

That said I do believe it is my duty to maintain the archive on Ukip as I have during almost 3,000 posts on this web site.

With that in view here are some details regarding Victoria Ayling, Ukip’s outspoken PPC for Grimsby, and the comments of Ukip’s executive staffer David Soutter – Besides the mainstream media article republished below I have 3 MP3 files recordings of the meeting David Soutter addressed regardimng Victoria Ayling’s involvement with the national Front and her seemingly totally dishonest claims regarding her son’s involvement in military action in Afghanistan and her claims of his having been injured!

Her answers, as recorded, are most ‘interesting’!

I shall add these files to this posting as soon as I can puzzle out how to upload MP3 files to this site! As you are no doubt well aware I am almost totally TechNoCrass – any offers of help would be welcome!

IF you have the ability to load these files to You Tube or some other site, for public use, (with a referal back to this post) before I have managed to work out how to load it, do contact me and I will supply a copy of the files for your public use – Just send me a request by eMail with your verifiable name and phone number (confidentially) and I’ll contact you with a view to supplying the files.

Here is the 8GB sound file of comment by David Soutter and the efforts of Victoria Ayling to justify her behaviour:




Thanks for any help you can provide. Also for any further information YOU may feel should be added to the archive to assist people now and in the future who may be thinking of risking a vote for Ukip as a protest against the more responsible available parties.

‘Send them back home’ Ukip candidate’s ‘false claim over son blown up in Afghanistan’ 

  • Victoria Ayling said she spent five months nursing son back to health 
  • Lieutenant Colonel Ron Shepherd has launched investigation
  • He raised questions over whether she misrepresented her son’s situation 
  • She is running for the key election seat of Great Grimsby and denies claims

The Ukip candidate exposed by The Mail on Sunday after calling for all immigrants to be sent home is at the centre of a row over claims she falsely said her son was injured in Afghanistan.

Victoria Ayling, who is running for the key election seat of Great Grimsby, made the comments after being confronted by her local party over her non-attendance at Ukip meetings.

After saying it was because she had spent ‘five months nursing her son back to health after being blown up in Afghanistan’, Lieutenant Colonel Ron Shepherd, the leader of Ukip’s North East Lincolnshire group, launched an investigation.

Scroll down for video 

Row: UKIP politician Victoria Ayling, with party leader Nigel Farage, who is being questioned over claims about son

Row: UKIP politician Victoria Ayling, with party leader Nigel Farage, who is being questioned over claims about son

Astonishingly, he has raised questions about whether she has misrepresented her son’s situation. Mrs Ayling denies that is the case.

It is the latest controversy to hit the 55-year-old, who in 2013 was caught on camera calling for all immigrants to be repatriated, saying: ‘I just want to send the lot back.’ She claimed her remarks had been taken ‘out of context’.

Mrs Ayling fought Great Grimsby at the 2010 Election as a Tory, coming within 714 votes of a shock victory against Labour veteran Austin Mitchell, who is now standing down. The seat is high on Ukip leader Nigel Farage’s hitlist.

Controversy: Victoria Ayling on front page of Mail on Sunday

Controversy: Victoria Ayling on front page of Mail on Sunday

Lieut-Col Shepherd set out his findings in a memo dated Monday December 8, which read: ‘I understand her son Anthony Bowles is stationed in Woolwich as part of the 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment. I have spoken with the Adjutant of 1 RA who cannot release details to me. Anthony’s grandmother Brenda has stated he’s not been blown up.’

Shortly afterwards, Mrs Ayling was confronted by local Ukip councillor Matt Stinson about whether her son had been injured. The incident took place at a meeting attended by David Soutter, whose job is to vet Ukip candidates.

Mrs Ayling fought back, saying: ‘It is a private matter and nothing to do with you, Matt. My son had problems in Afghanistan and is recovered and back in service.

‘If anybody in the Army is giving out mistruths or anything about my son I want to know their name – they have got no right to talk about another soldier’s private life.’ 

Last night, this newspaper was called anonymously by a man who said he was a soldier who had served alongside Mr Bowles. The unidentified caller said Ukip’s Grimsby party had been unfair to Mrs Ayling – because she had kept the matter quiet to protect her son.

He added Mr Bowles had been caught up in a ‘very bad situation’, which he declined to describe.

Lieut-Col Shepherd said last night: ‘You’ll have to talk to Victoria about that.’ Mrs Ayling said: ‘This is a private matter.’ 

The MoD declined to comment.

UKIP Councillor filmed saying she wants to ‘send migrants back’


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