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#0610* – UKIP Leadership Lacks Any Competence

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 01/08/2011

#0610* – UKIP Leadership Lacks Any Competence

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  
~UKIP Leadership & the Jackasses they have gathered around them Lacks Any Competence or understanding of Professionalism!

They lack probity, transparency, leadership, vision, plan, strategy, tactics or even basic ethics!

UKIP are currently clearly unfit for purpose – liars, cheats, rogues and nere do wells interested ONLY in their personal gain and prepared to lie and stab eachother in the back for profit!



one has to wonder just how such a shower of crass incompetents and liars as UKIP under its present duplicitous and befouled leadership team can be so unprofessional and so dishonest and yet so hugely enrich themselves without a single one of those who remain as UKIP MEPs making ANY donation of substance from the Millions they control save a few £1,000 towards their own personal re-election.

Just one year’s pension, which they will all receive annually for their whole retirement, outstrips their financial commitment to UKIP!!

Havimng warned UKIP in many postings and with a full blog of details at CLICK HERE set up to keep UKIP and the media informed after many vile outbursts from Mario Borghezio, Umberto Bossi, Timo SoinniMorten Messerschmidt, Francesco Speroni, and the rest of the extremist pond life Farage considers suitable allies for UKIP.

I guess it is little wonder that only the scum of The EU would want to be associated with the liars, cheats, bullies and low lifes in the leadership of UKIP self serving scum like David Bannerman, Derek Clark, Marta Andreasen, Godfrey Bloom, Mick McGough, Annabelle Fuller, Stuart Agnew, Tom Wise, Mark Croucher and sadly for all his dapper insecurity and lack of any officer qualities the self enriching, self serving Nigel Farage who has happily condoned the extremist racism, outright xenophobia, vile anti homosexuality, sordid anti Judaism, violence and advocacy of murder by members of The EFD Group he co-chaired for the money!

Having condoned and colluded with the criminality of The EFD it was only when this blog and Junius were finally picked up on what we have been saying all along and the story went international in the press that Farage reacted with his mealie mouthed attempt at damage limitation CLICK HERE

On the 28th. I received an unprofessional and idiotic letter from one of Farage’s muppets but whereas I had received substantive confirmation of the other facts I had received Steve Crowther’s letter from an anonimised source and I never publish material I can not prove and trust – however now that the letter showing the complete untrustworthy and unprofessional nature of UKIP has entered the public domain – I feel it is safe to publish:

Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011
Subject: Norway

Dear All

NIgel Farage has issued the following statement today:

“As co-president of a Group in the European Parliament that stands for Freedom and Democracy, I find Breivik’s actions and ideology of hatred totally repugnant. Anybody who would try to praise the political ideology of this mass murderer is morally and politically misguided.”

UKIP dissociates itself from the remarks of Mario Borghezio – as has the Lega Nord itself. The Lega Nord is considering the issue, and we will await the result of their deliberations before discussing implications for the EFD.

Regards, Steve.

Stephen Crowther, Executive Chairman, UK Independence Party
Eastacombe House, Heanton Punchardon, Barnstaple, N Devon EX31 4DG.
Phone 01271 813844. Mobile 07775 787579. 

The response from Mike Nattrass at least shows I am not alone in believing UKIP to be utterly unprofessional untrustworthy, duplicitous and crass:

From: mike nattrass
To: NEC3 ; john kelly
CC: gawain ; duncanbarkes
Sent: Thu, 28 Jul 2011
Subject: RE: Norway

Sorry Steve.

But your email below is a classic.

Most UKIP MEPs are currently seen as “Birds of a Feather” in a Mickey Mouse Group of Nutters (including way out Italian Nutters) called the EFD Group and we are about to vote for the next stage …. more of it (Pan European Parties) … on Nigel’s recommendation.

Nikki, Trevor and myself have left the Group (detailing the records of these people) and David Campbell-Bannerman could take no more …… yet we are voting on PEPPs. Am I missing something here? Is this the destruction of UKIP we are looking at?

I would like to laugh but the members are starting to cry.



Is it any wonder the British electorate see UKIP as little more than a comedy act?

Do remember it was not just Mario Borghezio in The EFD that praised and or condoned the actions of Anders Breivik and do remember that when a spokesman of The EFD was published as advocating killing North African immigrants UKIP & Farage stayed silent and continued to represent The EFD in Parliament and share offices, committees, travel, 400 budget and other perks of supporting The EU.
It was not until his position with his snout in the trough was threatened by Press comment around the world that the duplicitous Farage emerged full of ‘p*ss & wind’ and made a statement! – How on earth did UKIP get embroilled in this mess, some may ask, simple they prostituted UKIP taking the money and lept into bed with anyone who would have them and thereby have probably destroyed UKIP’s credibility for ever!
Let us hope in this act of betrayal there is still hope and it leads to the clean-up of UKIP with a new leadership and the removal of the filth stacked high from the shoulders of which the present leader struts and preens.
If UKIP does not remove between 50 & 100 of its leadership and leading parasites within the next couple of months then it is clear they are unfit for purpose and a part of the problem with no sign of being a part of the solution.
Now let us look at actual elections after 18 years:

Sadly for Britain in many ways this is a true reflection of what the British public think of UKIP in terms of domestic politics.

Ok a generalisation but UKIP usually gets between 2 and 8 percent WHERE IT STANDS in domestic elections.

In EU elections where the British electorate are well aware that MEPs are as much use as a soup sandwich and only there for the ride on the gravy train – unable to effect anything whatsoever – the electorate use the system to show their contempt.

Little wonder that when opposition to the EU is raging and Westminster has betrayed these United Kingdoms that UKIP manages, largely based on dishonesty, to get MEPs elected.

Yes dishonesty – you will remember the pure and outright lies told by Mark Croucher, Marta Andreasen, Nigel Farage, Stuart Agnew, Derek Clark, David Bannerman and others including dishonestly rigging elections and selection processes and inventing BNP fantasies – to get ANYONE selected and elected.

The result in Stanmore Park with a bare 2% with 48 votes is lets face it a true reflection of UKIP under its present leadership, as it squabbles and postures with not a single solitary MEP of integrity left as they prostitute the party by association with the utter slime of EU politics in The EFD and now wish to help The EU destroy National politics by enriching themselves in a PEPP!

Little wonder that out of 19,500 seats this bunch of low lifes have never managed to get more than 30 elected at any level!

Am I being unfair?

I think not – just how could UKIP’s greatest achievement be getting the much vaunted Mare of Ramsay wow – control of little more than a village council with less than 10,000 inhabitants amongst the 60 Million + of Britain.

Declared as being on a roll we note the true role was total disaray with Bufton refuding to participate in the elections as Farage invented assinine policies on the hoof without consultation because lets face it he has an NEC of liars, cheats, fools and idiots.

The results were across Britain so catastrophic even his great placement the liar and fraud Marta Andreasen called for Farage’s resignation!

The outcome is clearly reflected in Stanmore Park on the 28th. – Published for the world to see on Google Alerts on the 29th.:

Mariilyn Ashton, Conservative, 1395
Niraj Dattani, Labour, 509
Eric Silver, Independent, 299
Sylvia Warshaw, Liberal Democrat, 98
Lynda Robinson, Green, 53
Herbie Crossman, UKIP, 48

There are even now some racist idiots trying to portray this as acceptable on the basis that Stanmore Park is not ethnically British – so it becomes clear that for all its braying UKIP is a racist party!

Were the statement true it seems not to have hampered the votes of Marilyn Ashton who won and who sounds very ‘ethnically British’, only one candidate sounds to be other than caucasian.

I incline to applaud the result of Niraj Dattani without whose ancestors we would most probably have lost WWI and most deffinitely WWII and the EUscam would have gone ahead almost a century ago – how flattering that so many people from the sub continent of India have chosen to live as British citizens and how clearly many of them oppose membership of The EU.

I would hazard a guess that well over the 2-8% of the electorate amongst the Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Tamils, Jaynes, Budhists and others from India and Pakistan are actively opposed to membership of the EU!


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