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#366* – An Open Letter On: The Lies of EUkip

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 09/03/2009

#366* – An Open Letter On: The Lies of EUkip


I have today mailed the eMail below to those named and to a large number of Blind Copy addresses.

I am becoming increasingly sickened by the bullying dishonesty of EUkip who are responding increasingly like rats in a corner, when confronted by the truth or facts they did not want exposed.

Mailed To:
Brendan PADMORE (;
BUTCHER Anthony (

Robin Page And Nigel Farage to appear on Sky TV

Today, 06:41 PM
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Bob FM (Bob Feel Martinis EUkip PPC Swindon!!)
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Originally Posted by Niall Warry

My God can you not just accept Nigel funked out of his appearance.

No Niall, because no one has posted any verifiable evidence that there even was one. Remember this Press Office insider revealed to junius that Nigel was to use his second article in the Telegraph to give both barrels to Page, when in reality it was no such thing and no mention of Page, so it was either fed to a ‘suspected’ mole, or made up.

To view the original of this drivel CLICK HERE


Could you point out to this idiot that neither Junius nor G.L-W. made any comment about the article he makes much of – as we KNEW it was not to be another dishonest attack on Page.

It was in fact Matt Davies who made the claim and where that invention came from I know not – maybe optimism on the part of the press office.
Maybe one of the many children supporting EUkip getting over excited.

Don’t hold your breath folks this odious idiot and serial liar Bob Feel Martinis is far too much of a coward to deal with fact and far too much of a low life to apologise – as we have seen time and time again.

We can however expect Brendan Padmore to do all he can to protect those attacking me or Junius and remove relevant links, whilst leaving libels and links to libellous and dishonest web sites seeking to demean us.

Sadly Brendan Padmore and Anthony Butcher have proved both biased and dishonest, corrupting the Forum.

One does wonder why the mildest of comments made about the ignoramous and offensive boor Bob FM incurs banning, deletion and criticism yet Mark Croucher, Bob FM, Denny, Croucher, Davies, stathan, Joshua Onyons (&His many sock puppets), McGough, Roger Thomas and their sordid ilk are granted license to befoul the reputation of many and use any defamation or abuse they wish regarding myself.

One can only view these people with the contempt they have so rightly earned for themselves.

As a point of record: To date, on my Caterpillars & Butterflies Blog, I have only made one single solitary factual error of consequence which, when it was brought to my attention with an eMail from one individual and a phone call from another, I corrected the error within 15 minutes.

It is astonishing the ease with which the dishonest, like those I have named, conveniently overlook facts and the truth – moral dyslexics with no understanding of integrity, honesty or ethics it would seem!

This will be made clear by their failure to post this eMail on their Forum and their failure to apologise and make the suitable corrections.

May I remind you that the recently resigned EUkip Chairman – a man of impecible integrity, no mean stature and impressive connections and qualifications – stated when he resigned from EUkip: he wished to disassociate himself from EUkip as to be associated was to put at rish your reputation, sadly he is so very right of what is now EUkip managed, controlled and supported at its top by some of the most unpleasant and dishonest traitors it has EVER been my misfortune to have dealings with.

It is now clear that a vote for EUkip is a vote for nothing that any individual could describe as ‘British values’.

ANY vote for EUkip under ANY circumstance is a betrayal of everything Britain stands for.

Would that UKIP had survived, so very many of us saw it as our lifeboat and a cause worth fighting for – now anyone of honour WILL NOT vote for EUkip and will take the lead of John Pratt and so many other honourable men and women, some silently leaving and others angry and vociferous at the betrayal.

01291 – 62 65 62

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