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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 18/02/2011

Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
 Ex UKIP MEP Nigel FARAGE, Now EFD in The EU, On The SEX OFFENDERS REGISTER With Other Well Known Politicians!




I gather Nigel Farage also featured with Yvette Cooper, Vincent Cable and Michael Hesseltine on The Sex Offenders Register!

I did not watch Question Time as I do not watch TV nor have I as yet been able to provide a link to the iPod of the programme for others to watch it.

However several people have phoned me up and I gather Nigel Farage was on form. Some thought he put in one of his best Question Time performances to date – amongst other subjects discussing The EHRC and prison and The Sex Offenders’ Register.

I gather he also held his own and in fact dealt Michael Hesseltine something of a blow at some stage.

I know no more than that I’m afraid, but I have ALWAYS said Nigel Farage can be a very good performer when on form, it is just such a tragedy that he gathers such odious people around him – he thus ends up looking like a strutting cockrell on a dung heap, where sadly he has reduced UKIP leadership team to being the dung heap piled high to show he is UKIP’s only visible asset.

That Farage has convinced anyone of the wisdom of associating with the filth of EU politics seemingly just so that he can personally make more money as leader of the vile Pan EU Political EFD Group I find amazing as they are vile and it demeans the decent folk in UKIP who are left.

Clearly Farage is without ethics, morality or any sign of Officer Quality and lacks even the basic understanding of leadership – it is a tragedy that UKIP has NEVER had a leader with a moral compass or basic ethics – Just think what UKIP could have achieved had it attracted an individual of stature as a leader who could have made much of Farage’s undoubted abilities as a showman and soundbite salesman.

Lets face it had Farage had a leader who prevented him surrounding himself with the pond life of politics and a string of parasites masquerading as his favoured staff and advisers he would not have dragged UKIP into the gutter and competence rather than cunning would have been the measure of the leadership.

One can only hope UKIP is redeemable as our lifeboat but I fear it is unlikely for as long as it adulates the idiocy of Farage as a leader, the sleaze and pernicious trash of such as Mark Croucher, Annabelle Fuller, Mick McGough, Andrew Smith, Douglas Denny,, Stuart Parr, Gawain Towler, Peter Reeve, Don Ranson – then there are the MEPs and lets face it they are WITHOUT EXCEPTION trash and between them there is not ONE who represents any ethics, morality or fundamental competence I even begin to hold in other than utter contempt – liars, fools and cheats to a man and as for the Spanish charlatan!

Once again I am happy to praise Farage as a performer when on form though at times he shoots himself in both feet by presenting himself as a fool but that is for lack of sound advice from the trash around him and his massive insecurity that so desperately needs reassurance and praise from the dishonest rabble of paid praise singers.

If only UKIP had a leader and someone who had some idea of ethics, morality and probity they could have done great things! I believe they could have led Britain OUT of The EU but I regret they have and will continue to fail for lack of leadership skills, basic morality, fundamental ethics and a visible lack of vision no clear strategy and clearly no acceptable tactics.

It is astonishing that the Party has held onto office in the light not of their amateurism but their endemic dishonesty, corruption and utter incompetence.

I will revisit this posting when I have located a URL for the iPod of the Question Time for 17-Feb-2011 where you can see Nigel Farage and others on  The Sex Offenders’ Register and a number of other subjects!

Here is Nigel Farage on the Sex Offenders’ Register.

He makes a very good fist of defending his position and to be fair so does Michael Hesseltine but there is no doubt Hesseltine just looks shifty – nothing new there then!

To see The Full Sex Offender’s Register CLICK HERE

You will find the balance of the material listed below the screen when you have seen the Register section!


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