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Farage a smoking, drinking, womanising, self serving UKIP Leader!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 23/03/2014

Farage a smoking, drinking, womanising, self serving UKIP Leader!TITLE

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
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is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Nigel Farage a smoking, drinking, womanising, self serving UKIP Leader with a track record of dishonesty, irresponsibility, infidelity and lack of gravitas!

Now described as ‘in a rage’ at the truth being presented!





let us first look at some facts & then consider how Nigel Farage, a man in a rage or so the media claim (at being exposed for his corruption & inconsequentiality perhaps, and thus having his personal ambitions and lust fo riches thwarted?)

They say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and absolute power in UKIP is in the hands of just one man as he invents and dismisses policy on the hoof and happily lies and distorts in his own self defence with all the sociopathic conviction and credibility we saw in Bill Clinton when he so glibly lies about ‘I did not have sex with this woman’!

A Survation poll for The MoS now shows:

Labour on 35% (up 1% on their January rating)

Conservatives on 34% (up 4%)

UKIP on 15% (down 3%)

Lib.Dems. on 9% (down 3%)


These figures are from Survation’s first full scale opinion poll since the Tories launched their budget last Wednesday.

This clearly leaves the 2015 General Election catastrophically balanced , where election pundit John Curtice, of Strathclyde University, is on the record saying that the outcome of a General Election called on these figures call into question who could win.

I claim catastrophic as it would mean that with others the Lib.Dems. could continue to damage Britain by promoting their batty economic concepts, green fantasies and anti British surrender to foreign and particularly unappealing undemocratic EU central committee dictatorship of the so called ‘Post Democratic’ style of alien Governance, whether in collusion with either Labour or The Tories.

The survey would in fact, were it to be the outcome of the General Election of 2015 find:
Labour with 324 seats
Tories with 280 seats
Lib.Dems with a mere 19 seats
a rag bag of also rans with 27 seats

Do however note that at the stage of a mid term Government David Cameron’s Government has seen a marked upturn as a direct result of his party’s well managed economic policy to correct the disasterous economic illiteracy & irresponsibility of the 13 unlucky years of New Labour and the damage their self enriching & incompetent governance caused.

This is the first time since 2012 that Cameron can realistically see a way forward to win the General Election if they can maintain the trend.

The new survey is also a body blow to Nigel Farage’s party UKIP & his hopes of beating all three main parties in the May European elections. Though due to lack of political understanding & competent advisors, mainly as a result of how he selects his staff, he is unlikely to be all too aware of this since his ‘praise singers’ seek to hang onto their jobs and would not dare bring him bad news or challenge his position of absolute authority in his party – as Wil Gilpin found to his cost when he sought to professionalise the party as CEO!

Consider the facts in the form of the graph from Survation below:

How the gulf has closed

The media article in blue below has been fisked,
as shown in black, by myself as blog owner:

The rage of Farage: Over balloons of brandy, UKIP leader fumes at ‘drunk womaniser’ claim, and delivers icy riposte to transsexual MEP who savaged him

  • Farage spoke out about his recent gaffes, including alleged affairs
  • Views himself as ‘King Alfred the Great’, who will save the nation from EU
  • Believes if he wins a seat in General Election, Tory Party could collapse
  • Thinks Tories are trying to smear him as a ‘dishonest, drunken womaniser’.


UKIP leader Nigel Farage has vehemently denied having sex with his aide Annabelle Fuller and says he has not even kissed her.And he has dismissed claims that his 14-year marriage to German wife Kirsten is in trouble as a result of the latest headlines about his  so-called ‘womanising’.Controversial Euro MP Mr Farage spoke out after it was claimed in the European Parliament that UKIP press officer Ms Fuller was ‘his former mistress’

Most people will well recall the adamantcy of Bill Clinton’s claim ‘I did not have sex with this woman‘ and that Nigel Farage is a womaniser is not just a matter of public record, having carried on an affair during his first marriage leading to the pregnancy of that mistress and his subsequent marriage to Kirsten.

And let us accept the undeniable fact that not only was Farage, since marriage to Kirsten featured large & energetically in the media in his embarrassing sexual stupidity with Liga Howells and the undeniable fact that his sexual relationship with Annabelle Fuller was a matter of common comment and considered an open secret and his sexual relationship with Aurelie Laloux having been subject of ‘in delecto flagrante’ having failed to lock the office door!

and he was using public funds to employ her and Mrs Farage, his £25,000-a-year assistant.
Let us not forget that in order to gain votes and thus be elected Nigel Farage gave a very public promise on Meridian TV that he and UKIP would never employ family members, a promise which he and others of his chums were soon to abrogate on.

In fact Nigel Farage NEVER changed this promise with the approval of his party and it was not until Daniel Foggo published the fact that Kirsten Farage was employed on a salary of just short of £30K in the broadsheet which he worked for at the time that either his colleagues or the party discovered his dishonesty, on this count. Even his own constituency office were unaware of the claim Kirsten worked for the party at the expense of the tax payers and could identify no work which she did.

At the time it was widely discussed and believed that the salary was paid as ‘Danegelt’ to his wife in return for tolerating his mistresses and her silence.
There is no opprobrium amongst many at infidelity and many believe that is a matter for the parties involved, this in the New UKIP presumably includes married men conducting clandestine homosexual relationships and consorting with prostitutes as we know these to feature amongst members of the UKIP leadership team! However to expect the tax payer to pick up a tab well into 100s of £1,000s is an astonishing concept! How can UKIP ever again criticise The EU or otjher politicians of irresponsibility, profligacy or dishonesty with OUR money.

Consider just how much it could cost the tax payer were every MP, MEP and public employee to expect us The Tax Payers to fund their sex lives be that deviant or conve4ntional! A bill for literally £Billions would become the outcome and when you consider that supplies of Viagra and cosmetic plastic surgery are a legitimate (all be it morally repugnant) right of MEPs!

Chatting in between pints, over balloons of brandy, Nigel Farage unleashes his torrent of rage of people who have wronged him in ope way or another

Chatting in between pints, over balloons of brandy, Nigel Farage unleashes his torrent of rage of people who have wronged him in ope way or another

I Did NOT Have Sex With These Women‘!

In his most candid interview ever, the man bidding to change the landscape of British politics in May’s Euro elections told The Mail on Sunday:

  •  The Tories are falsely trying to smear him as a ‘dishonest, drunken womaniser’.

    This may be true but I can attest that the Tories had absolutely ZERO input to the facts surrounding his funding his wife at the tax payers’ expense nor his mistress, nor the revelations from his long term friend and flat mate Godfrey Bloom that he was a womaniser and women were his weakness.

    Indubitably Nigel Farage has earned his own shoddy reputation as a womaniser.

  • More than one million extra immigrants will come to Britain in the next few years.

    A similarly unsourced and un-researched claim to his claim 29 Million Roumanians would arrive in Britain and we would be swamped once our derogation had expired on 01-Jan-2014.

    Without a competent or plausible research department almost all UKIP’s claims are unsound and implausible – consider the fact that Nigel Farage himself signed off and presented UKIP’s 2010 manifesto, drawn up by his personal placement David Bannerman MEP (now defected back to the Tories!) – Yet he denounced the entire document without ANY consultation with the party or even, I am given to understand, his own leadership team!

  • He sees himself as a new  ‘King Alfred the Great’, determined to save the nation from European domination.

    Strikes me that his main achievement is to burn cakes so far!

  •  UKIP is the political equivalent  of Millwall Football Club, whose unruly fans chant: ‘Everyone hates us, we don’t care.’

    I am unaware that Millwall FC ever won the championship and became a by word for bringing the entire game and British fans into disrepute world wide – much, it would seem that Farage does relative to the body politic.

    As I recall there was something rather more consequential than a little bad publicity in the relationship of Millwall & Juventas!

  • Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg, with whom Farage is about to go head- to-head in TV and radio debates, is ‘European at heart, not British’.

    Something of a statement of the obvious as an opening gambit between the mice that roared!

  • If he wins a seat in next year’s General Election, the Tory Party could collapse and disappear overnight – just like its Canadian counterpart a decade ago.

    Then again pigs could fly! There is no realistic expectation of UKIP doing well in domestic politics in 2015 as they consistently struggle in domestic elections where even in the last nationwide local elections UKIP’s results in some 1,750 seats amounted to a risible 149, of whom a considerable number have already been fired mainlt for overt racism and anti homosexual intolerance,

  •  He once acted as chauffeur to Enoch Powell.

    Farage’s spin machine rather over eggs this cake – as ever – in that Farage was asked to give Enoch Powell a lift and it is not even certain they even spoke beyond banalities, in fact it is unlikely!

Interviewing Nigel Farage requires stamina.

We met at 11.15am on Friday at his Mayfair campaign HQ, (one floor above PR man Max Clifford’s office and directly behind Claridge’s Hotel) and parted at 3pm.In between, we chatted in his office, continued over pints of London Pride ale in the suitably patriotic Iron Duke pub over the road, and adjourned to the nearby La Petite Maison French restaurant for lunch with two bottles of red wine between us and two brandies each.
Sitting in the sunshine on the restaurant’s pavement terrace enabled Mr Farage to indulge in two of his many politically incorrect pleasures: smoking (he got through half a dozen cigarettes, breaking off to buy another pack after the main course, complaining ‘bloody £8.80 that cost me, outrageous!’); and taunting climate change zealots – he cosied up to a giant patio heater, blamed by many for adding to global warming, scoffing: ‘People like Prince Charles talk such nonsense.’

Annabelle Fuller, who worked in UKIP press office, and was the alledged mistress of Nigel Farage

Annabelle Fuller, who worked in UKIP press office, and was the alledged mistress of Nigel Farage

The ex-stockbroker was wearing his trademark blue blazer (he buys his suits, all Italian-made, from John Bray tailors in London’s Jermyn Street), pressed pink shirt, cufflinks (his favourite pair has a Spitfire motif) and tightly knotted club tie. Does he ever undo his top button?‘Weekends, of course, but not at work. 
‘That’s what posers like Dave (Cameron) do to show they are a man of the people. It’s all cobblers.’With forecasts of a major UKIP success in May, Farage has panicked the main parties, in particular the Tories, into attacking his party and its notorious ‘fruitcake’ candidates. 
He trumpeted: ‘We’re like Millwall Football Club, “Everyone hates us and we don’t care!” The penny’s dropped, the great British public knows we cannot have our own immigration policy and stay in the EU. 
We’re on the edge of the biggest migratory wave yet – it could be a million plus over the next few years including a huge number from Romania.’He derided attempts by David Cameron’s hard-hitting Australian born election campaigns chief, Lynton Crosby, to undermine UKIP.‘Mr Crosby and his gang can paint me out to be the biggest, most dishonest, drunken womaniser or whatever they blooming well like, but they misunderstand why they’re in trouble.Tories won’t vote for them again because they don’t see Dave as a Conservative.‘I accept that in the early days UKIP had all sorts we’d rather not have taken home to meet mum for tea.

‘The Canadian Conservatives disappeared overnight – we could do the same to the Tories’

But we now have thousands of decent men and women, ex-Conservative, ex-Labour, policemen, school teachers, businessmen.’ 
He’s been called the ‘heir of Thatcher’ but seems more Denis than Maggie to me. ‘He was a top chap!’ erupted Farage with boyish glee. 
‘Wow! If I’m compared to Denis Thatcher – he fought for this country in the war, was decorated, made vast sums of money, was respected and lived well into his 80s – sounds pretty good to me.’

With recent successes of the UKIP party, Farage has caused worry amongst the three major political parties, especially the Tories who have had major attacks on his 'fruitcake' candidates

With recent successes of the UKIP party, Farage has caused worry amongst the three major political parties, especially the Tories who have had major attacks on his ‘fruitcake’ candidates

How will he tackle Europhile Mr Clegg in debates, starting this week? ‘I’ll say, “Come on Nick, tell me why you think British people want the EU flag, anthem and Mr Rumpy Pumpy [EU President Herman Van Rompuy] – I’m all ears. Clegg’s European at heart, not British.’But his grin turned to a glare when I raised a different type of ‘rumpy pumpy’ – former UKIP ally Nikki Sinclaire’s bombshell claim in the European Parliament that Farage employed his wife Kirsten and ‘former mistress Annabelle Fuller’ on his MEP’s payroll.Mr Farage and Ms Fuller, 32, issued statements denying they had an affair, but his initial apparent failure to do so meant the rumour mill kept turning. 
Ms Sinclaire added insult to injury in last week’s Mail on Sunday, calling him a ‘bullying, hypocritical, preening show pony’. Farage’s frog eyes bulged with fury.‘You normally rely on people on bail for fraud charges, do you?’ he scowled, leaning forward aggressively. 
(Ms Sinclaire was arrested in 2012 in connection with claims concerning alleged expenses fraud at the European Parliament. She denies any wrongdoing.)It’s obviously got under his skin. 

It is of course worthy of note that Farage, who himself was fired by his French employers when in The City, for, UI understand, serial drunkeness at work found when his party fired Nikki Sinclaire she took the party to Court and won the case – just as when she was fired from UKIP for refusing to join their racist, anti homosexual extremist EFD Group in the EU took the matter to Court and won on the grounds of abuse and sexual discrimination.

It is also worthy of note that Nigel Farage has a proven AND indisputable record of fraudulent behaviour relative to the public purse whereas Nikki Sinclaire was arrested and bailed in 2012 as a result of dishonest claims from an employee who had not only managed her accounts but had been removed over a matter of missing funds and was found to have unlawfully and seemingly maliciously made false entries, seemingly in cahoots with one of Nigel Farage’s clique with a record of financial incompetence and dishonesty.

In 2 years the police would seem to be at a loss how to remove the ‘egg from their faces’ having been set up by those close to Farage, who are consider5ed to have been unlikely to act without his approval – just as when Annabelle Fuller lied regarding data protection breeches and posting a confidential party video on You Tube to deliberately try to discredit a party Branch Chairman John West.

You will find numerous similar examples as a matter of unchallenged accuracy on this web site in one of the more than 2,000 blogs I have written, all of which I am happy to attest to and none of which have UKIP been able to show to be inaccurate in ANY consequential fact or detail.

Interestingly it will be noted that in an independent accountant’s audit of Nikki Sinclaire’s accounts as an MEP, appointed by her solicitor it shows that there is no identifiable act of fraud against the tax payers or the EU in general and that until she quit UKIP as a result of the lies of Lord Pearson, Farage’s puppet leader for a short term and other efforts by UKIP to damage Sinclaire she4 was a notable donor to UKIP funds and it can also be shown that rather than Farage’s spurious claim of fraud that Sinclaire has used in excess of £100,000 of her own money in pursuit of her duties as an MEP with a probable sum of around another £100K likely to be spent, of her own money, to gain a footing for her WDARN Party to continue her constituency work and promote the cause of Leaving The EU.

Further OLAF who investigate fraud in The EU have neither investigated nor are they interested in investigating Nikki Sinclaire’s use of public money, unlike Nigel Farage who has been investigated at least once and has been found guilty and ordered to repay considerable sums of money he had fraudulently obtained from the EU!

Similarly I am aware that of Farage’s MEPs in UKIP Tom Wise was investigated and sentenced to prison for his crimes in which Farage colluded, Derek Clark was investigated and found guilty and ordered to repay money he had perloined, so also was Jeffrey Titford, Graham Booth and Farage himself. Whilst Mike Nattrass was not cleared but as thwe FoI document showed OLAF’s decision was to take the matter no further, however I understand he was embroilled in other fraud involving an employee of his who went to prison yet whom he re-employed at the tax payers’ expense, I am told, on his release from prison and I understand Nattrass was ordered to pay a sum in the region of £100K for his involvement in what I am given to understand was in connection with some sort of mortgage & valuation irregularity!

Then of course we have Stuart Agnew and David Bannerman who admitted to fraudulent use of public funds and are still, I gather, under investigation by OLAF. There is also the matter of Clive Page, Nigel Farage’s Press Officer who was found guilty of consequential benefit fraud, whilst Ashley Mote was, as an MEP, sentenced to 9 months in prison for benefit fraud.

Then of course we need to note that Nigel farage has recently admitted on Andrew neill’s political programme that he has fraudulently used tax payers’ money to the tune of well in excess of £100K by using EU expenses to pay for the ‘party political’ services of his wife, which is clearly against the rules of The EU!

This of course does not include consideration of his employment in one way or another of Annabelle Fuller and Aurelie Laloux and possibly other sexual partners he has rewarded with generous funding at our expense!

Farage is equally dismissive of critics who say UKIP¿s widely predicted success in the Euro elections will melt like spring snow in next year¿s General Election

Farage is equally dismissive of critics who say UKIP¿s widely predicted success in the Euro elections will melt like spring snow in next year¿s General Election

‘What gets under my skin is that the BBC decided it was headline TV news,’ he shot back, nostrils flaring.He maintains Ms Sinclaire held a grudge because Ms Fuller was picked ahead of her as a UKIP press officer in 2006.Farage trades on his colourful character to win votes, so he can’t complain if other aspects come under scrutiny.Has he had sex with Annabelle Fuller? ‘I don’t think we should go into the grisly details.’Has he slept with her? ‘No.’ Has he kissed her? ‘No. When you work in a tight team, I understand why people might get the wrong idea.’
Why hadn’t he denied it immediately in the European Parliament? Farage falls back on his best weapon: wit.
‘There’s an old saying, if you pick a fight with a chimney sweep you get covered in soot!’
Twice-married Farage does not deny he had a fling with a 25-year-old Latvian woman eight years ago: ‘I put myself in a very bad position there. I am not saying I am beyond stupidity and yes, I’ve made mistakes.’Kirsten, 39, mother of two of his four children, is ‘pretty cheesed off’ with the claims about him and Ms Fuller, but he insists their marriage is not on the rocks.He is equally dismissive of critics who say UKIP’s widely predicted success in the Euro elections will melt like spring snow in next year’s General Election.‘In 2009 we came from nowhere, like a horse on the rails, in the European elections. Everyone said, “Jolly well done Nigel, now bugger off back to the pub, you’ll never achieve anything in domestic politics.”

‘Protestors smashed in my car when I was driving Enoch Powell’ 

‘And blow me down, last year we got nearly a quarter of the vote in the English county council elections.’He boasts UKIP could win up to 20 seats in 2015 and plans to stand as a candidate, probably in his native Kent. 
‘The Canadian Conservative Party disappeared overnight – we could do the same to the Tories here over Europe. Believe me.’ 
As he downed a fourth large glass of Chinon red wine a passer-by, Steve, a hedge-fund manager, approached and told Farage how much he admired him. 
Farage invited Steve to pull up a chair and vigorously debated with him for half an hour, a common event for man of the people Nigel.

Farage has also been described as 'not a compassionate man', who during the period of his interview, ignored a Big Issue seller on the street

Farage has also been described as ‘not a compassionate man’, who during the period of his interview, ignored a Big Issue seller on the street

But he had no time for the homeless man who tried to sell him The Big Issue, ignoring him completely.After the bedraggled toothless chap eventually gave up and trudged off, Farage quipped: ‘That’s the first Big Issue seller I’ve come across for a while who isn’t a Romanian immigrant!’ 
He doesn’t ‘do’ compassion.By the time we had progressed to the Napoleon brandies, Farage ripped into Cameron’s handling of the Ukraine crisis. 
‘Egged on by reckless Dave and (William) Hague, the EU has incited the Russian bear and surprise, surprise, the bear has hit back. 
‘What’s Dave going to do if the Scots vote for independence, send troops to Edinburgh? Madness.’Farage prefers Right-wing Tories like Enoch Powell and briefly acted as his chauffeur in his 20s.‘He had spoken at my school and I was later asked to drive him to a by-election rally, I think they chose me because everyone else available had a Morris Minor and I had a Merc! It was scary. 
‘Protesters smashed the back of the car when we arrived but Enoch didn’t blink.’Powell’s ‘rivers of blood’ immigration rhetoric made him a hate figure: naughty but nice Nigel is more Ronnie Corbett than Oswald Mosley.Farage found new inspiration when he visited Athelney in Somerset during the floods.Athelney is where King Alfred the Great hid before defeating the Danes in 878.‘From a few flooded acres of land Alfred beat the Danes and created what we now know as England,’ he said with misty-eyed fervour, swirling the brandy in his glass.‘If it wasn’t for him we would have been taken over by the Vikings.’UKIP’s King Nigel is just as determined to repel the EU.

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#0038 – Breaking LAWS & Tom WISE

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 29/05/2010

#0038 – Breaking LAWS & Tom WISE    

Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!




It was stated in The Cambridge News newspaper online at the end of an article rehashing the NotW feature on Tom Wise:

>Mr Wise was last year suspended by the UK Independence Party after being accused of claiming £36,000 for a researcher who he was actually paying just £6,000.

Mr Wise was cleared of any wrongdoing by a European Parliament inquiry, but still awaits the outcome of an investigation by the EU’s anti-fraud chiefs OLAF.<

This is unsound, unchecked and untrue! I don’t wish to be pickey but:

‘Mr Wise was last year suspended by the UK Independence Party
Wise was NOT suspended – there was the comment loosely bandied around, of no meaning, that he had had the whip withdrawn – this is fallacious as Ukip do not hold a whip nor do they sit as Ukip in the so called Parliament in the EU but as Ind.Dem.Group at the time, of which they were a member and Nigel Farage was co-chairman. You will note that up until Saturday evening prior to the NotW article exposing his behaviour Tom Wise was both a member of the group with all Ukip’s remaining MEPs and listed therein as a Ukip representative and MEP for EUkip.

You will also note that Tom Wise was accorded an uncorrected attribution, as with Nigel Farage, on The London Swinton Circle’s web site as a Ukip MEP despite repeated warnings they lept into Tom Wise’s gutter witjh gusto and gave him a platform as a speaker in Westminster.

You will also note Tom Wise’s web site AND eMail addresses at the time were both as hosted by Ukip making something of a lie of Nigel Farage’s dishonest claims on the main party web site!

The provenance that Ukip had taken no effective action to distance themselves from Tom Wise’s corruption is extensive and that they acted likewise in many areas is indisputable Nigel Farage unsatisfied with his salary paid Kirsten his wife £30,000 a year, despite promising nepotism would NOT exist in Ukip. To date Farage had not shown what work Kirsten could possibly have earned her that kind of salary with 4 children 2 of whom being babies! Particularly in the light of the fact that his constituency office had no idea she was on the pay role and being paid more than they!

‘after being accused of claiming £36,000 for a researcher who he was actually paying just £6,000’.
Tom Wise together with a Tory on the ppc list, at the time, drew up documentation constituting a ‘false instrument’ to then carry out a fraud transferring some £36,000 of public money initially into an obfuscated account called STAGS controlled by Tom Wise at Co-Op bank – I provided documentary proof of these claims to Bedfordshire Constabulary as prima facie evidence of fraud and money laundering more prosaically termed embezzlement or theft, signed and authorised by Tom Wise and his assistant Lindsay Jenkins!

These documents can in part be seen on the internet CLICK HERE

‘Mr Wise was cleared of any wrongdoing by a European Parliament inquiry,
This was unsound and may I ask what provenance anyone had of this statement?
I understand that Tom Wise deliberately selectively quoted from an EP letter to formulate this untruth, when this was done on the Party web site for and on behalf of Wise I understand that the EP demanded it was removed as it misrepresented their letter which stated appx. ‘having received the repayment of much of the money subsequent to exposure of the fraud in The Sunday Telegraph we do not intend to take further action at this time having passed the details to OLAF…’ or some such!

‘but still awaits the outcome of an investigation by the EU’s anti-fraud chiefs OLAF’.
Indeed Wise did await, at that time, the outcome of OLAF who have passed the file and details to Bedfordshire Constabulary for further investigation. An investigation that was ongoing but as no charges had at the time been made against Wise or Lindsay Jenkins, despite prima facie evidence, and neither party had at that time been interviewed though statements of fact and evidence had been gathered from others with pertinent evidence such as myself, The Chairman at the time, Daniel Foggo and also from those with hearsay evidence such as Ian Gillman, Dennis Brooks, Trevor Colman and others. The case was thus not ‘sub judice’.

That Stuart Gulliford, known by many in UKIP for his personality as Gollom, was seeking to distance himself despite his embroilment is shown by false statements he has made regarding the matter – Hardly surprising that he sought to promote himself as he was angling dishonestly to take Tom Wise’s seat on the gravy train encouraged so to do by Jeffrey Titford, who although he was still the EU’s UK Eastern Assembly Region MEP lived in Sussex; I understand leaving the gerrymandering of party lists and the dishonest attacks on other wanabe gravy train passengers in the hands of his neophyte Gulliford, who colluded in the dishonesty and lies of David Bannerman to position himself on the list in the corrupt selection process.

For details of the corruption see the Report of UKIP’s own Returning Officer CLICK HERE

One reasonably expected Robin Page to be expediently de-selected from the list and surplanted by a dishonestly imposed candidate – ever hopeful of a preferential chance alongside the dubious and dishonest David Bannermann, to be seated at the troughs in EUrope! And so it transpired.

I shall refrain from being over gleeful in reminding you that I provided you with the bulk of this story many many months ago, shortly after a piece of particularly sloppy journalism in the Cambridge paper which failed to check one fact in a PR handout printed as a story in support of Tom Wise!!

It is interesting to note that eventually Tom Wise was brought to trial though never did UKIP terminate his position, despite the lies of Nigel Farage, who clearly personally benefited from the money stolen. Tom Wise resigned from the IDG on the eve of the NotW sting when advised by the paper of its data and he eventually permitted his membership of UKIP to lapse at its due renewal date in March 2009, declining subsequent requests from UKIP that he could renew.

Tom Wise was eventually proven guilty and admitted to his criminality and further proceedings were dropped against Lindsay Jenkins in November 2009.

Tom Wise was sentenced to 2 years in prison for his criminality and shamefull abuse of public office yet astonishingly we note he would seem to have been released in May 2010 having served a mere ¼ of his sentence, released to live with his wife on the massive pension he did absolutely nothing to earn, as was made abundantly clear in the interview with The News of the World. He would seem not only to have stuffed his cellar with over 1,000 bottles of wine from his ill gotten gains but also to have stuffed his pension fund with over £1/4 Million in just 5 years.

One is forced to wonder whether he has had preferential treatment in stealing tax payers’ money whilst in public office, elected to a position of trust, or is it now Government policy to release all criminals when they have served a mere ¼ of their sentence.

Such a policy could be considered staggering as it could well leave certain rapists, murderers and child molesters who have been held on remand in a position where they could well be released from custody before their victims had time to get home from the sentencing Courts!

Is it perhaps that so many Politicians have stolen public money such as David Laws as revealed today who stole some £40,000 expecting the tax payer to fund his sexual perversions so that his deviancy profited him and his partner in the purchase of houses whilst concealing their homosexuality from his electorate. The man is not just a pervert, which is both legal and common amongst politicians but is a fraud, a thief and a liar – not to mention a Cabinet Minister!

One assumes that it is this low level of probity and moral turpitude that we have come to expect from our politicians that leads to them having show trials and show sentences – as with Tom Wise – but being released as soon as possible once out of the public eye as they are after all politicians and therefore expected to be corrupt!

I trust this information to which I am more than happy to attest is of some help and you can now print an accurate story showing Tom Wise for the greedy, self seeking, self serving crook he irrefutably is! No doubt you would wish for balance to include David Laws and the many other criminals we have in politics.

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