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Archive for the ‘EUkip; UKIP; Peter Reeve’ Police; Common Assault; Brendan Padmore; Anthony Butcher;’ Category

#184* – BUTCHER’S FORUM BACKS EUkip & Reeve’s Lies

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 09/12/2008

#184* – BUTCHER’S FORUM BACKS EUkip & Reeve’s Lies

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!


This is merely the response and reply to the comments made in the earlier article regarding the Forum managed by Anthony Butcher, which has consistently been proven to be unfair and corruptly biased in favour of EUkip and dishonesty – never having the morallity to censor lies and attacks on those who oppose the corruption and seek to clean up EUkip.

Not only are the lies and attacks of Bob Feel Martiniz left in place but statements of fact regarding Michael McGough are removed, thereby adding credibility to his distortions of truth. Anthony Butcher has consistently shown his ability clerically but he and certain of his Moderators would be unlikely to recognise ethical behaviour or fair play if it bit them.

You will note the attack made on the statements of fact I had made in the earlier article
and my reply here is the rather sad reflection on little Anthony’s Forum in their reply:

QUOTE Brendan PADMORE titled B.A.Ware!
Greg your original post was deleted and your new thread has been moved to the moderator’s section (not by myself) You have not produced any substantive evidence that your accusation against Peter is true and you have not retracted your statement (I am assured the police have confirmed that no complaint has been made)

You have until 5pm to substantiate or retract your statement.
Thanks Brendan

Clearly he has not read my reply. Further we note that he fails to state who gave him the assurance – would they even know, and if so how! He is clearly unable to provide substantive proof merely some hear say, without fact or detail. He does not even state which police have been approached or by whom for this so called ‘assurance’ nor who the ‘assurer’ is!

This is however sadly the standard to which this Forum has sunk. Yet those he accuses of being a liar he expects to provide his arbitrary levels of provenance when EUkip can substantiate NOTHING – merely repeating lies and weenie waggling – sadly this intimidates and misleads the weak!

My reply to Padmore’s contentious response is:

No wonder you wish to run this as a kangaroo court behind closed doors. I also would wish to conduct a dishonest attack in such a way if I was too ashamed to make it public. I have provided a factual reply yet you in shame remove it from the public domain.

I have answered your initail false allegations against me in detail. May I ask why you see fit to libel me by your clear implication that I have lied?

Your initial contact on this matter was ill mannered and accusatory based on absolutely no fact – merely an aggressive accusation. I note that as ever instead of words like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and common good manners you escalate to ill mannered aggression. Similar in style to most of your postings on the forum where if you can escalate any conversation with me to comply with your ill founded aggression and ill manners you seem not to avoid your self indulgence.

I have provided you with fact – make up your mind whether you are calling me a liar and if so be man enough to do so in public IN FULL, not skulking in secret ashamed of your behaviour.
I have as you note stated I apologise if I have been lied to which I have no reason to believe I have.
Brendan you have already stated you find the task of Moderator difficult – I am not surprised!
I am assured that Peter Reeve

committed an act of common assault and a complaint has been made to the Police by the victim of the assault with 2 or more witness statements.

May I ask why you see fit to accuse me of having lied?

No wonder you do so in private – yet you take the word of EUkip who have proved repeatedly to be liars.

Quit stalking me – withdraw your accusation and act with some integrity, implementing a level playing field OR PUBLISH the fact that liars from EUkip will be supported and fact with detail will be penalised and those publishing fact will be attacked by moderators acting for EUkip who will be favoured with endless repetitive propaganda ad naseam on RSS feeds from official and unofficial web sites.

I look forward to your apology for your implication that I have lied and the fact that you have dishonestly chosen to overlook the very clear caveat and apology I made.

I trust you will be ensuring that Peter Reeve and EUkip can provide proof of their statement which I believe to be wrong, withing less than 12 hours or will you have no choice but to ban EUkip and cut all their propaganda feeds.

It is clear that Butcher and his crew are being manouvered and shown to be the weak and foolish asses they are – way out of their depth ethically and morally willing to buckle to sabre rattling of liars, cheats and bullies which is all that EUkip’s leadership and NEC seem to be made up of at the moment.

How pathetic.

Is it any wonder they wish to conduct their behaviour privately, when they are so clearly dishonest and corrupt!

This is just more witness intimidation by EUkip and I will publish the Police Number when it is issued – I understand witness statements are likely to be made this Friday. I understand one witness commented that it was just what he would have expected at a BNP meeting – ‘some shaven headed thug seeking to manhandle and intimidate people!’
How right he was in his description of the new unarguably corrupt EUkip.

My ‘opinion’ of the probable outcome is an official caution for EUkip’s Regional Organiser Peter Reeve for Common Assault.

This however is a recordable criminal issue and one wonders what reaction The EU and OLAF will make of one of its employees acting in this manner at a political promotional meeting. Esspecially since The Cambridge Evening Post (?) has agreed to feature the story when it comes to fruition.

I wonder what The EU will make of their staff member Bannerman when they discover he is a fraud a liar and a cheat!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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