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Archive for the ‘Thomas Crown Affair’ Category

#0417* – UKIP – White Lies, Lies & Outright Lies of Omission & Commission!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 13/04/2011

#0417* – UKIP – White Lies, Lies & Outright Lies of Omission & Commission!  
Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!


UKIP – White Lies, Lies & Outright Lies of Omission & Commission!
When Will They Stop Telling Lies?




just a quick RoundUp on a few items:


It does rather look as if this blog was right from the off – a Shakespearean Style Tradgedy – along the lines of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ and clearly we were right when we first commented and said it was in our opinion a mental health issue that had got out of proportion!

The Jury having withdrawn on only the second day of the trial would indicate from all the evidence in the public domain that it is indeed much over egged.

That said, one must feel sorry for Justin Adams as his world quite literally crashed whilst his passenger was able to profit from the publicity and even saw himself as some sort of Mesiah having survived (in his shaving mirror!).

No one should expect Farage not to have been very scared by Justin Adams who was not someone he could control.

We are only on the second day of the trial and for details read the various (numerous) entries on this blog by putting Justin Adams into the Search Box at the top of the right sidebar and also CLICK HERE


Well it is a matter of record that after waiting some time to give UKIP a chance to get its act together and act honourably with regard to John Bufton’s health collapse finally after almost 2 months of vitual inactivity in Wales – where to be fair John Bufton had donated £900 from his Massively Expensive Pay and had £215,000 or so in staff allowances there was no one of stature, no one of note and no competent campaign mounted by his staff for the recent risible devolution – not even a mention on UKIP Wales’ web site!

It was almost back to the bad old days of Jim Carver when he was far too busy to do anything worthwhile for UKIP. One assumes the inadequate Regional Organiser of today is of much the same ilk – too busy plumbing the depths, attacking supporters and making a fool of himself in public!

Eventually it was unavoidable as someone had to mention John Bufton had taken a leave of absence due to a stroke that kept him off work for several months.

We then note the UKIP Wales Local Election launch which was laughable! Did Nigel mount the launch on the balcony of K.T. Rajan’s flat or in the field nearby?

The key players of any note in Wales were absent – as we noted at the time.

The week previous John Bufton had returned to work cashing in on his daily allowances in Brussels yet unable as The Welsh MEP and leader of UKIP in Wales he was unable to attend the launch.

Kevin Mahonney wasquick off the draw with his spin, that he was unwell and that there were only 5 people because of some other cock and bull rubbish – the sad little man is such a predictably unpleasant and gratuitously offensive little chap one knew instinctively he was, as so often before, failing to tell the truth.

It was only recently that my suspicions were confirmed that Kevin Mahonney was telling lies again with all the finesse we have come to expect of the odious little squirt.

For his information John Bufton was in Brussels this week I believe and the week before he was in Strasbourg. The reason John Bufton was not at the launch had nothing to do with his health we gather it was due to the fact that arbitrarily the party dictator Nigel Farage has changed UKIP policy to suit his ambitions.

We have always known John Bufton to be duplicitous and not someone I personally would trust nor do I have any respect for the man but I do know he is opposed to membership of The EU and totally opposed to the concept of Regional Devolution.

Unlike Nigel Farage John Bufton actually believes that the National Ass. should be dismantled and unlike Nigel Farage John Bufton has both local Government experience and experience in and of Wales.

It would seem that John Bufton did not attend the launch as he did not agree with Nigel Farage’s new policy of apeasement and the policy of The EFD to seek to reform The EU whilst campaigning for its continuance and working to support The EU by promoting Pan EU Political Parties. One MUST respect John Bufton for not prostituting UKIP to suit his income however he may prostitute himself.

Presumably the split, which is fundamental, will be hidden by the absence of John Bufton for much of the campaign however one would expect him to act ethically after the election and regardless of the outcome disassociate himself from the unpleasant concept of being in a pro EU Pan EU Political Party as with The EFD Group – setting aside the racism, xenophobia, anti homosexual and anti Jewish stance of Farage’s choice of Groups.

Let us hope his stroke has not undermined both his confidence and his ‘spine’.


We note the New Lottery to raise funds for the party which it seems is being funded by Alan Bowne with:

a first prize of £1,000,

second prize a wet weekend in Cornwall (well a cottage in Cornwall)

third prize Flying Lessons (all be it in a glider one has the scarey feeling this will be more Oxford Crown Court than Thomas Crown Affair with Ms. Faye Dunaway!)

4th – 13th. Prize is signed copies of Nigel’s book

ps.  In view of the claims of Justin Adams’ in Court this week it makes both Prize THREE and Gerard Batten’s comment about Farage all the more apposite!

One is minded of the joke of First prize is a weekend with ….., Second prize is 2 weeks with …….. .


01. Absolutely no action wouyld seem to have been taken to censure the bufoon Godfrey Bloom who is clearly determined to drag the name of UKIP into the gutter he inhabits – whether getting banned from Hotels for urinating in the plant pots when drunk, copulating with prostitutes on the bonnet of a car on a public highway, being arrested for seeking to default on his debts in a bordello and then claiming diplomatic imunity as a representative of UKIP and Britain in Brusells or merely refering to the African leader of an African Country as a Baboon.


02. Without any sign of a disciplinary hearing and without ANY suspension or inquiry Nigel Farage suspends a loyal UKIP member and local government candidate on the say so of ONE highly dubious member.

More of this shortly as it is clear that all is not well in Mr. Hogan’s branch region!
A story set to run and run, where many may rue the day we started digging for the truth but start HERE

What has happened to UKIP that for almost 3 months the leadership lied, colluded and squirmed to defend the fraudster Tom Wise yet its leader outright lied to defame Nikki Sinclaire and Godfrey Bloom was censured by The President of the Parliament for his derogatory remarks and abuse of Nikki Sinclaire.

Yet when clearly in a hole what does UKIP leadertship and the maggots and parasites sycophantically seeking status just keep digging, whether in their own names, as with the idiots Malcolm Pearson, Christopher Gill, Mick McGough, Godfrey Bloom and the cowards and low lifes too ashamed to put their name to their defamatory lies like Skeptyk, Baron von Lottsove and the rest of the filth that seeks status at UKIP’s expense!

Considering the many £Millions being given to UKIP MEPs and the amount spent on staff and also PR & Press – how come they arer so very low profile in the media with such incredibly infrequent press coverage of any substance or gravitas.

Little wonder that with Farage in Court and dependent on Stuart Agnew, Mick McGough as the briefed mouth pieces the NEC had absolutely no idea how to deal with Mike Nattrass on Monday.

They have dug a very deep legal hole for themselves and it is increasingly clear that little Crowther lacks any idea what to do and beligerance from lame brains and blagards like the thief Stuart Agnew and the low life excrecence McGough the partty is more likely to make the position worse than better as clearly Derek Clar is out of the play as he can’t hear most of what is going on!

How can UKIP welcome back Sinclaire after their attrocious behaviour and having been found guilty in Court already – yet dare they dump Nattrass as that would mean they would have to remove Trevor Colman from the party also!

So it is to be a discrimination case is it? Where Sinclaire can prove she negotiated and agreed her withdrawal from the odious EFD Group with the leader Malcolm Pearson only for him to renege on his word and put his lies in written form! Whilst Nattrass and Colman merely left the racist, xenophobic, anti Jewish EFD Group Farage chairs!

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate) .
to Reclaim YOUR Future 
Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
tel: 01291 – 62 65 62

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