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Archive for the ‘Chn BENDT MEP’ Category

#0271* – The EU Position on TUNISIA & EGYPT Featured Nikki SINCLAIRE & UKIP

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 03/02/2011

#0271* – The EU Position on TUNISIA & EGYPT Featured Nikki SINCLAIRE & UKIP!

Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 

The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  
Baroness Ashton of Upholland, British politicianImage via Wikipedia

The EU Position on TUNISIA & EGYPT Featured Nikki SINCLAIRE MEP a Speaker & Delegate to Tunisia & UKIP in the guise of Gerard BATTEN for The EFD!!




Having listened to The Tunisia debate in The ridiculous EUropean so called Parliament tedious and ill informed as it largely was – It was rapidly noted that The EU was a Day late a EUro short and bereft of common sense with Baroness Ashton completely out of her depth and floundering, clearly reveilled by many of the speakers.

Most notable in terms of a Day Late the entire issue has moved on hugely before the debate even began and the situation in Egypt has seized center stage – today with Mubarrac’s thugs from the salary vote moved into central Cairo to create a beneficial crisis for Mubarrac’s forces to solve – it is clear despite the utterly stupid intervention of both La Ashton and even the idiotic posturing on CNN of Anthony Charles Lynton Blair the EU and Blair are just crassly wrong in their support of the corrupt dictatorships of North Africa.

One is forced to wonder if they find it impossible to side with ‘THE PEOPLE’ and institutionally imperative to support the dictatorship that denies the people the right of self determination, it being clear that they are, if not already, fast heading for the same problems, in that there is a limit as to how long peoples will suffer being forced to comply with the diktat of a central dictatorship be that in Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt or The EU – without the will and support of the people it is clear that such unelected regimes will fall – when it occurs in Britain may it be rapid and peaceful but I doubt it will be across the rest of dictatorial and undemocratic EU.

Baroness Ashton has been shown for the inept fool she is, gulping like a goldfish, whilst the evil self serving ineptitude of Tony Blair was plain for all to see on CNN where he showed himself yet again to be a dangerous fool.

Cohn Bendt highlighted the profligacy and the ineptitude of The EU wondering which of the dictators businesses and which of his family members had been best rewarded and funded with EU money. He went on to liken the handling of the matter in both Tunisia and Egypt to the catastrophic mishandling of the revolution in Iran when America so determinedly supported The Shah and Britain did little whilst it was France that harboured The Ayatolla* Khomeni and repatriated him!

Cohn Bendt took a 30 second question from a particularly gruesome Greek MEP Niki TZAVELA a  of Farage’s Pan EU Racist and anti Jewish EFD Group who clearly had little grasp of facts and less of history nor could she even remember who she was addressing a complete PawPaw – However Cohn Bendt most gentiley booted her into touch with great and practiced force!

Ms. Brand spoke eloquently of women in such regimes and advocated Baroness ashton concentrate on setting up a committee and conference on how best to both utilise and empower women in Islamic States – her clarity was almost humerous as she thus sidelined the idiotic and unelected ashton without realising how gravely she was insulting her by thus downgrading her to ‘Wimin’s Issues’!

Nikki Sinclaire managed to get a one minute slot at 17:20hrs. and commended Cohn Bendt for his highlighting of the failure of The EU, its unaccountable use of EU funds and she confirmed that as a delegate leaving for Tunisia the next morning, to aid in research towards an equitable outcome, she had asked for an accounting of in what way EU money had been spent to date – only to be informed it was invested in change to smooth the progress!

Full marks to Ms. Sinclaire, one of only two remaining honourable UKIP MEPs, that she refused to accept such a glib answer and pointed out it can not have been invested very wisely in view of the current debacle and could she have an exact accounting.

I do feel it may be a little sceptical of me but I feel hell may shortly be expected to freeze over in a plethora of global warming!

Nikki Sinclaire MEP Sole UK Rep On Tunisian Delegation
West Midland’s MEP, Nikki Sinclaire, is the only UK politician to have been chosen by the European Parliament to fly to Tunisia as part of an international delegation visiting the country this week. (From 3rd to 6th February 2011)

During the visit, they will assess the current political situation as well as hold talks with representatives of the country’s provisional government including prime minister, Mohamed Ghannouchi and members of the civil society.

Following the visit, the delegation will submit a report on both practical and financial ways for European countries to support Tunisia . Nikki also anticipates that she will be making several further visits to the country and is likely to attend as an observer when the next election is held.
Commenting on her involvement, Nikki Sinclaire said:
“The events we are witnessing in Tunisia and Egypt are on a par with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Our priority must be to help and support the people as they struggle to create their new, peaceful democracies”.

” I work on the parliament’s Human Rights and Women’s Committees and so I am acutely aware of the challenges that these societies are facing. It is absolutely vital that the EU concentrates on the people, and their needs, and does not try to score political points at the expense of those who have suffered so much, and who are now fighting to build new futures. We must also respect Tunisian culture and traditions.”

2 February 2011
Nikki Sinclaire MEP asks the question “Where did all the EU Aid Money to Tunisia go?”

About Nikki Sinclaire MEP
Nikki was elected as one of the six MEPs from the West Midlands Region in the EU election of 4th June 2009.
“The UK should leave the EU and be governed by our own parliament in Westminster” Nikki says.
Nikki objects to the undue influence of Europe in the West Midlands Counties.
“It is wrong that 75% of our laws are made by the EU – laws that are often problematic for our industry, jobs and our infrastructure.” Nikki says
As a Member of the European Parliament Nikki is committed to using her time to campaign on issues affecting West Midlands people, from jobs and the environment to human rights.

Highlighting the waste and influence of the EU. Nikki says “The EU takes £40 million a day of our money – money better spent in this country, where we need it most, on our hospitals, on our schools and supporting our pensioners.”

Amongst the following speakers Gerard Batten of the Extremist and Racist EFD spoke soundly to the clear issue of similarity of The lack of democracy that had led to the uprising in Tunisia and Egypt and likened it to the likelihood of just such an uprising in Britain when the British people eventually refuse to be denied a right of self determination oppressed by The EU without a say as in Tunisia and Egypt.

A point well made but bereft of stature or gravitas as just another extremist in The EFD already shown for fools by the previous speaker his speech was completely lost – that Batten sabotaged it himself by turning around to a chum seeking approval with a wide grin on a matter of gravity totally negated his comment sadly – it was not followed.

Further speakers contributed, one even praising The EU for backing the various dictatorships and a British MEP spoke out seemingly in support of such support after it was made clear Blair had made a vile prune of himself on CNN – out of step with the Civilised world.

Sinclaire blue carded him and was granted 30 seconds in which she asked the MEP if he actually applauded Blair for his stance backing the Egyptian dictatorship and its oppresive rule? – The response was a study in prevarication and obfuscation.

I watched on for a prolonged period but the MEPs were so woefully ill informed that there was little to learn from their prattle and with Pottiger making a speech clearly designed to impress but based on little understanding and a clear lack of sympatico or empathy it looked like all down hill.

I fear The EU is likely to continue its stance of a Day Late and a Dollar Short with a completely incoherent and inept policy – we already see France, Germany and Britain making separate and somewhat contradictory official; statements.

That said, Nikki Sinclaire having been the ONLY Brit. invited on the 9 man delegation I feel her command of the brief and tenacity may well help the people in the long run – if for no other reason than that she has already made the point that for Tunisia to have any prospect of a meaningful democracy it must ensure it retains its Independent National Sovereignty as democracy without liberty is a sham – as the British peoples are finding out.

Would that Gerard Batten was rather less of a dweeb and had the moral fiber to stand on his own feet rather than being brow beaten into colluding with extremists, racists, xenophobes and anti Jewish and violently sexually intollerant EFD Group as he does – were he to have the ethics and moral fiber he might perhaps be taken a little more seriously.

Even Andrew Bronz of The BNP spoke more convincingly and was attended to more readily!

Good luck to Sinclaire who I understand is leaving in the morning to return for a debriefing on Monday as I gather from a member of the delegation.

Monday could prove interesting as I gather Mike Nattrass is being called before the utterly corrupt bunch of clowns and liars, boot lickers and parasites that form UKIP’s NEC – for he has been a very naughty boy and denounced the corruption of Nigel Farage and refused to aid The EFD by giving it the credibility of his sanction – clearly a wise and moral move.

It will be amusing to see the outcome – will he be sent to bed without his cocoa as to fail to remove all UKIP support and without withdrawing the whip and openly censuring him Farage will be fatally damaged in both the Employment Tribunal which his party was too incompetent to address (and they want to run a Party, let alone a Government!!!!).

More embarrassing and infinitely more costly than the £5-10,000 costs they have irrevocably incurred with the tribunal due to their incompetence they will have hugely damaged their position in The High Court Case where there is every probability of consequential damages being awarded and costs well in excess of £50K.

All because Farage & Pearson chose to bully and lie to drive Sinclaire out of UKIP believing no doubt that the idiot John* Ison would aid them by stealing documentation from Nikki Sinclaire’s offices and fomenting problems to ingratiate himself with the bufoon Paul Nuttall whilst seeking to dupe Nattrass and others.

I gather despite promises he found his new friends were not so wonderfull and although PUT on the disciplinary committee by way of reward he has not been made regional Organiser nor does it seem he can fast track himself to MEP and will find Jill Seymour is likely in any honest vote to top him by a mile on the candidate list at the next election.

There would seem to be little honour between friends to judge by the messages I have received that John Ison published and as for honour amongst theives I understand he has not even been rewarded with the 30 pieces of silver he was promised – I gather Farage’s lame excuse was that his party didn’t have 30 pieces of silver and could not afford this – yet another debt of honour.
It is interesting to note just how dishonourable UKIP is as it still has not honoured its debt to me as recorder via The British Courts and the honourable payment of £12.1/2K has been reneged on as has the egregious piece of filth Mark Croucher reneged in contempt of Court on the £8.1/2K he owes. Sordid people gathered in a sordid, corrupt, dishonourable and dishonest party conjoined in extremism with some of the most vile political scum in The EU.

As a last aside I gather a story I have been involved in is likely to materialise in The Sunday media with a good coverage and a follow up the next week so keep your fingers crossed for some ‘FUN

Sorry about the delay but we have been out for dinner with friends! I just didn’t have time to post it before we went!

Hi – my English spelling is usually none too wonderfull as I rarely have time to re-read ‘stuff’ as I have a limited time and frankly only an ill mannered frustrated school marm would make an issue of it – actually checking this posting clearly my Arabic spelling is lamentable! I must say even with 2 bottles of wine and at 03:00hrs. Iatolla looked wrong at the time 😉 Fortunately only an idiot would have had a problem reading it and I never was paid as a secretary!

* Sorry I must pay more attention I had just be doing an article about another worm Steven Milne related to The Hollie Greig ‘STORIES’ who hides behind the name John Taylor as his comments are also such self serving drivel he sends them anonymously under a false ID – a bit like the underhand dishonesty of John Ison – or was it Steven!

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