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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 06/09/2010


Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,   
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name! 



So it seems little is new – first the leaks about Eric Edmond which you will note this blog did NOT run with in detail as we could NOT confirm that the NEC had actually fired him as a UKIP member and actually doubted the leak passed our way!!

We now believe our instinct was right and Dr. Edmond has NOT been fired by the NEC – we understand that it has been decided that Dr. Edmond should be suspended pending a disciplinary hearing – Clever that as it means he is debarred from the leadership contest anyway and MAY feel a need for some constraint pending his hearing. I think their plan is much predicated by Michael Zukerman’s position but more of that in a moment!

I also hear that Elizabeth Burton was also commenting and there is absolutely no doubt she was opening envelopes at the count and no doubt discounting votes ‘according to the ruling on the day‘ which precluded more than one vote in an envelope, as from husband and wife, yet found it acceptable to count votes not just filled in in accord with Godfrey Blooms utterly corrupt instructions but even when they included his instructions in the envelope.

Clearly this vote was completely ultra vires to the rules, democracy and natural justice – not to mention common sense.

We note that Elizabeth Burton has refused to deny the fact that she was even counting her own votes in another room – we are expecting her eventually to leak a rumour that having helped smooth out a few votes in the main room she took a dog for a walk!!!! I doubt anyone on UKIP’s leadership or NEC to have the integrity to stand up and tell the truth as I do not believe there is anyone in UKIP’s leadership team and parasites WITH integrity – or we would have been told in an open and transparent manner why Michael Zukerman did not attend the count – more of that in a moment!

I see the timetable for the election is on the verge of leaking out without fanfare but more in keeping with UKIP like silent flattulence – so much that UKIP does is little more than malodorous and offensive – more of that in a moment!

The closing date is to be 27-Sep-2010 and the result will be announced on 05-Nov-2010.

I just couldn’t help laughing!!

Have you spotted the UKIPism?

Of course you have – there is absolutely no mention of a vote, how very UKIP and it may explain why people like Burton, McTrough, Curtis and the other completely useless NEC members are elected – in UKIP NEC stands for No Evident Competence!

The discussion regarding Michael Zukerman was interesting but as I have said from day one he had  No Evident Competence – more of that in a moment!

I hear that there is no truth in the rumour that for a fee Kirsten Farage is to act as Returning Officer for the leadership placement. I am however certain Michael Zukerman will not take on the task – he was an abysmal failure in the NEC election failing to present a trustworthy result and thus as Party secretary, Returning Officer and a solicitor seemingly colluding in undeniable corruption – more of that in a moment!

We also note that the liar and all round UKIP bad egg (malodorous?) David Bannerman is performing like a circus poodle and has jumped up to perform its tricks and jump through hoops for there is nothing he likes more than turning tricks in the ring – as with the last leadership selection David Bannerman dragging the corpse of someone’s long dead distant relative in his desk around the room (Maloderous? na, just tastless and dishonest!).

David The Desk has come into the leadership selection as a spoiler for Farage and when he loses, as is the plan, Farage will make him Deputy Leader de ja vu all over again. You will remember the last leadership placement when Farage was put in place there were all sorts of rumours that Farage & the liar Bannerman were not on speaking terms because Bannerman had attacked Farage in a speech – I gather usually when people are attacked by Bannerman the police are called but even the women eventually do not press charges and the Acton calls also tended to fall through I am told.

I wonder who will be their next puppet chairman – McTrough perhaps he has proved a reliable and consistent liar and endlessly brings the party into disrepute – more of that in a moment!

Sorry folks another task has just come up as a result of a call from Strasbourg.

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