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The move was made effectively at the end of May 2010 at the end of UKIP’s catastrophic general election campaign that had brought them no nearer to a seat at Westminster and their leader had come third in a two horse race beaten by John Bercow and a chap wearing a dolphin suit!
It was on the day of the election that Nigel Farage was involved in the crash of a light aircraft where thankfully he was not materially injured physically – as to mentally one has to wonder as shortly after he was presenting himself as some sort of messiah spared as ‘the chosen one’ to lead Britain!

Unfortunately Justin Adams (the pilot) was quite severely injured and together with the vicious attack on him by Farage & sock puppets it seems he was clearly a damaged individual physically, mentally, emotionally and financially who was further humiliated by Farage!

UKIP with its unprofessional and incompetent, self seeking leadership sadly has an extensive track record of abuse, lies, distortions, defaults and witch hunts of both supporters and others who see through their shallow scams and seek to clean-up the party to make it fit for purpose not just fit for the enrichment of a small clique supported by a vociferous claque of parasites and the utterly gullible!

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