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Archive for the ‘Richard Watt’ Category

#0649* – Even a Lawson Love In by UKIP Fails to hit the spot

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 05/09/2011

#0649* – Even a Lawson Love In by UKIP Fails to hit the spot!

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  
~Even a Nigel Lawson Love In by UKIP’s Nigel Farage Fails to hit the spot!!



Richard Watt has posted an interesting if somewhat contrived blog.

I say contrived because surely UKIP can not be so grossly out of touch with British politics as to have only just realised this!

One appreciates UKIP has very little presence in Britain with its leadership dedicated to The EU dream and crano rectally retentively riding the gravy train for all it is worth – surely they must have been tipped off by someone more astute or at very least more awake to the fact that Nigel Lawson has had at very least grave misguivings about The EU since he left office in 1989 22 years ago.

Nigel Lawson, like Norman Tebbit and even Margaret Thatcher would seem to admit they had Damascene convertions AFTER they had any income or influence in Government.

Now at almost 80 Lawson is able to put his impramature on his belated prognostications on The EU but sadly at 80 that is a little late as with the octogenarian Norman Tebbi – sadly Margaret Thatcher would seem to have had her outspoken moments long after their delivery was consequential as when she offered her advoce and support to Nikki Sinclaire in opposition to The EU.

It is a change to see UKIP leadership involved in a story of some consequence in the run up to their EFD Conference at the end of the week. Though with the Michael Heaver story they have achieved something of an own goal showing how unprofessional and fractured the party is CLICK HERE

Though even that is better than endless article about their leaders testicals and the drunken antics and theft by his staff.

There has been little for UKIP to present having spent almost an entire year navel gazing and squabbling, or should that not be ANOTHER year!

Considering the many £Millions trousered by its leadership and the miniscule donation level they have displayed save in their personal re-election campaigns – it would be interesting to see a dossier of facts materialise around the liar, and general low life, Derek Clark as with the compilation of documents presented by Derek Hunniken recently CLICK HERE to which I have added some verifiable ammendments of fact.

Anyone wishing to compile such a dosier of facts about events or details regarding UKIP and its antics can of course with pleasure lift any articles from this and my other blogs, best accessed via the links on the Right Sidebar – you will note there was little new in The Hunniken dossier but for all that I am grateful that he could find the time to pull the documents together.

At least since my blog has been in the public domain for scrutiny as published and has been legally verified you can be assured of its accuracy as never once has anyone found a witting or willful error or misrepresentation you will be pleased to know and obviously any item is as published and in the public domain for reproduction with the usual courtesies of sourcing you are welcome to use it.

I believe the same can be said of the blog produced by the Junius team at CLICK HERE or that of the UKIP NEC elected Dr. Eric Edmond which can be found if you CLICK HERE

Anyway contrived as the publicity may be you will I’m sure enjoy Richard Watt’s blog below:

Lord Lawson invited to join UKIP after he challenges David Cameron on EU

Former chancellor at odds with prime minister as he calls for Britain to throw out further European integration altogether

Ex-chancellor Nigel Lawson

Lord Lawson of Blaby, the former chancellor, was invited to join UKIP today after he called for an ender to greater EU integration. Photograph: Martin Argles

With impeccable timing, the UKIP leader Nigel Farage today wrote to the former chancellor Lord Lawson to invite him to join his party.
Farage fired off a letter after Lawson called on David Cameron to use any future EU treaty negotiations, in the wake of the crisis in the Eurozone, to call for an end to greater European integration.
In an article in the Times, Lawson wrote:

To be precise, the notion that “more Europe” must always be promoted, that there is no acceptable end to the process of integration short of a full-blown United States of Europe, and that the watchword must always be that of “ever closer union” has to be explicitly abandoned.
And this requires not merely a declaration to that effect, but its embodiment in a full-blown constitution that sets out the entrenched and unalterable competences and responsibilities of the member states of the Union – the very reverse of what is contained in the anti-constitutional Lisbon treaty.

This is what Farage says:

Nigel Lawson has come to the conclusion that the very approach of the EU is against Britain’s interests, and is calling for the concept of ‘Ever Closer Union’ to be struck from the Treaty.
He calls for a new Constitution that makes explicit the limits of EU power. He is also wise enough to know that his proposals have not a cat in hells chance of being accepted by the other 26 countries of the European Union.
What Lord Lawson leaves unspoken is what happens when inevitably the EU rejects his idea. If the changes he calls for are not made, then Britain must reserve the right to leave the moribund European Union and strike out as a free-trading good neighbour of the European Union.

As a loyal Tory, Lawson will probably be horrified at the prospect of joining UKIP. But Farage is clever to invite Lawson to join his party because David Cameron and George Osborne will not accept the ideas outlined by the former chancellor in today’s Times.
Lawson will struggle because the prime minister and chancellor have abandoned one of the central tenets of Tory thinking over Europe over the last 20 years. This view held that Britain must fight hard to avoid the creation of what is called a “two speed Europe” – an inner group, led by Germany and France, and a more detached group led by Britain. This approach explains why John Major always left open the possibility of British membership of the euro after negotiating a British opt-out from the single currency in the 1991 Maastricht treaty.
Cameron and Osborne are making clear they would have no qualms if the 17 members of the Eurozone decide to introduce greater fiscal co-operation to underpin the single currency. This is what the chancellor wrote in the FT last month:

The eurozone…needs to demonstrate commitment to greater fiscal integration and governance arrangements that avoid moral hazard and entrench fiscal responsibility.

Some pro-Europeans regard the Cameron and Osborne’s decision to embrace a “two speed Europe” as a reckless gamble that will severely diminish British influence in the EU.
Cameron and Osborne have a ready response. They say:
• Britain, which would not be part of the new eurozone arrangements, has a vital national interest in ensuring the survival of the euro, the currency of Britain’s largest trading partners. Poor implementation of the growth and stability pact, which was meant to prevent the sort of borrowing that has inflicted such harm on Greece and Ireland, is to blame for the current crisis. Stricter rules should, goes the thinking, help prevent a repeat of the mess.
• New rules for the eurozone would present a golden opportunity for Britain. The necessary treaty changes would have to be approved by all 27 members of the EU. The prime minister told the Tory 1922 committee before the summer recess that he would use the treaty negotiations to repatriate powers in three key areas – legal rights, criminal justice and social and employment legislation. But there would be a coalition bust-up on this. Nick Clegg rejected the Cameron proposal when he said that the euro crisis was no time to demand a “pound of flesh”.
In his assault on the euro, Lawson failed to mention his support for the warm up for the single currency – the European exchange rate mechanism. The former chancellor resigned from the cabinet in 1989 after Margaret Thatcher refused to distance herself from her late economic adviser, Sir Alan Walters, after he described the ERM as “half baked”. As I blogged last month, Lawson explained to William Keegan in 2007 why he supported the ERM but not the single currency.

I must say it is sad that still these elderly political war horses are but Plastic EUroSceptics in that they almost to a man talk of reform thus redefining the true logic of EUroScepticism which in the hands of the honest make it very clear that reform is not on offer – now, in the past or ever in the future.

Can it be that they have read the treaties and honestly not understood them?

Surely after so many years climbing greasy poles they can not have become so stained with grease that they loose sight of the very thing that in the first place gave them office and then kept them thus employed.

Yes indeed a structure designed to maintain the status quo.

The only option available if we are to survive as a Nation and a people even some might say a genus is to with care withdraw from membership and with compassion assist those he realise the folly of their involvement to withdraw also.

ANY other action even the inevitable collapse of this arcane and failed experiment could all too easily end in 200,000,000 deaths across EUrope in the wars of disassociation and from the resultant famine caused by the folly of The EU which has so damaged food production with the CAP & CFP together with over regulation that for the first time in modern history EUrope can not feed itself at just the very time the damage done by EU financial policies and red tape have come together to starve us of our markets to earn the money by export to buy the very food we need – hence the invention of Carbon Credits as the new ‘Fetish’ to ward off the man made scam of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Much as I respect the Lawsons, Tebbitts, Thatchers and some of their colleagues and predecessors it would be refreshing to hear one tell the truth and not emmulate the ‘party line’ of the politicos as Plastic EUrosceptics aiding and abetting our betrayal as Judas Goats.

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