It is being circulated by phone and e-mail that an East Mids.
Regional Committee will convene Monday evening next. I will trust the
messengers with this fact as provided. The former chairman as explained
above will become the current chairman. Slightly in the vein of Groucho
Marx one may concede.

The E.U. fraud investigators of O.L.A.F. efforts by way of protection of
our paid taxes and their use or missuse may well impact upon

Versions of explanations will be offered no doubt with endorcements from higher authorty.

Given that it is written by many that false accounting/moneylaundering
(theft and fraud) has taken place in one context (Europe) will
deliberations carry over to areas of financial mystery here in Britain ?
Our generous donations in many spheres must be reconsidered. Further
trends in actions are often worth considering.

13 national prize draws under the lotteries act unregistered anywhere.
Money sent to a unrelated private business address where Mrs Kirston
Farage had worked.

Three national call centres particularly Ashford where the bank
statements were sent to a private home (bungalow) as the call centre
appeared to co-exist with a private company. Ramsgate call centre was
rather abruptly closed down we recall.

UKIP Wine World and its destruction by the jailed former police officer
and UKIP MEP Tom Wise. He was ably assisted by a Midlands estate agent
recently in the news, whose copmpany baring his name appears to have
been liquidated.An interesting report that makes one wonder if
euphamisms were in use by the author.

£ 211,000 disappeared from one set of S.E. accounts as “other costs” 55% of gross turnover that year.

The Bath council flat used for receiving money, the £ 250,000 claimed
for street collections of names/addresses, the £ 11,000 destined for The
Metric Maryters of Sunderland that has mystery attached to its
whereabouts, and so on.

Whilst external forensic audit is the goal for many one can only wonder
if the four arrests in Birmingham and police bail said to extend now
from February until October thus allowing for a protracted investigation
will have any effect upon the meeting. Evidently it has expanded beyond
an almost trivial case if the number of officers now employed on the
case is to be beleived.

Further the existance in Birmingham of the British police central
specialist accountancy/fraud/moneylaundering/audit squad who are said to
always gain a prosecution should a case file arrive within their
department. Reputations they consider are to be maintained thus breeding
a little fear.

Mr Clark was our national party secretary in Birmingham during a period
of particular generousity by the volunteer membership and with his
administrative assistant saw the membership grow and monies aplenty roll

We all understood that NEC membership and perhaps even regional
committee membership may entail a certain ‘jointly and severally liable’
status of obligation to the membership.

Thus officers had serious responsibilities to the membership with
sanctions including civil litigation or the dredded class action
litigation should a largly pensioner based membership be defrauded.Audit
could prove that this is not in fact the case.

So perhaps Mr Clark chairing this committee may approach matters as
though the ongoing Leverson enquiry does where startling revelation may
cause more than the current four arrests, ( Leverson/Wheeting/Tuleta has
seen 43 arrests currently).

Then surely the East. Mids Regional Organiser will have protected the
members with any knowledge that he gained about wrongdoing and areas of
financial mystery, as he soberly sought the grow the membership, and
branches and encourage donations. Indeed with the R.O. in attendance and
his lady wife too as secretary to keep proper records, keeping it
within the family so to speak, he can advise of any time, date and
location when he was briefed about fiscal malpractice and just exactly
what he did to protect the membership.

One can only wish well on those playing the parts of Leverson/Wheeting/Tuleta as they pursue the truth ( and our money).