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#0732* – UKIP Leadership & Professionalism Is Measured!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 23/01/2012

#0732* – UKIP Leadership & Professionalism Is Measured!

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  

UKIP Leadership & Professionalism Is Measured by their TRUE Results!!!



I do feel that it is worth keeping tabs on just how well UKIP is actually doing  not as fantasised in their blogs nor even as speculated in opinion polls but by actually measuring the FACTS as shown by REAL poll results in REAL Elections so here is the full measure of their achievements which reflect their professionalism, leadership and actual achievements.

These figures are calculated from the very REAL results in each and every by-election during the closing month of 2011.

The conditions were the same for EVERY party and the results reflect the true opinion of peoples of these United Kingdoms.

Neither rain nor storm, special pleadings nor single personalities of THE candidate reflect over all these elections – just how the British people believe they are best served based upon actual policies, actual results and the professionalism and competence of the party’s leadership team as they have present6ed themselves to the REAL voting public!:

35.4% Conservative
30.4% Labour
15.1% Liberal Democrat
6.7% Green
5.7% Nationalist
2.6% Independent
1.0% UKIP

3.0% Others

You will note UKIP came 7th. on average with 1/15th. of the votes cast for the Lib Dims.

Sadly these irrefutable FACTS bear out EVERY FACT & EVERY WARNING presented again and again on this blog.

The stature and credibility of UKIP has clearly been terminally damaged by the behaviour, lies, corruption, bullying and dishonesty of the thieves, charlatans and rascalls that lead UKIP and their many idiotic and corrupt claque many of whom are so ashamed of their own behaviour they shelter in cowardice behind false identities and fake names!

Just consider the dishonesty of Mick McGough, Annabelle Fuller, Stuart Agnew, Gerard Batten, Derek Clark, Tom Wise, Stuart Parr, Mark Croucher, Christopher Gill, Malcolm Wood, Hugh Williams and many others and then consider the self serving and divisive corruption of the likes of Godfrey Bloom, Paul Nuttall, Nigel Farage and the other maggots gathered to feed on the corpse!

ADDITION AT 0930hrs. 24-Jan-2012: 

FOR MORE DETAILS, Facts and cross references on the personalities who have so damaged UKIP, so betrayed its electorate and so befouled EUroRealism use the right sidebar Index on this blog and the search facility provided at the top of the right sidebar & draw your own conclusions on the FACTS & opinions provided!

I note the team at Junius have dealt with this issue also rather more colourfully! to view their comments CLICK HERE

I felt compelled to add to the veracity of their blog by making the following comments:


sadly there is nothing more depressingly true for genuine patriots that the ONLY viable party claiming to represent the best interests of these United kingdoms as alleged EUroSceptics has so comprehensively betrayed its electorate and our Country.

The results paint a grim picture which belies the contrived commercial polls!

Whatever the polls may falsely claim or UKIP leadership and its self serving parasites in the claque may claim ACTUAL ELECTION RESULTS are abysmal.

The bullying, squabbling, racism, anti homosexual gender abuse of the garbage that has risen to prominence in UKIP is a selfish, self serving, self important, self aggrandising, self deluding leadership cult that has proved hugely damaging to Britain in general and EUroScepticism in specific.

In a society that presents with a clear majority wishing to LEAVE-The-EU that their only political route has so spectacularly failed to gain their trust or credibility serves our peoples and the future ill.

The divisive nature and jockeying for position at the top of UKIP and amongst their parasites is clearly self serving treachery.

Whether UKIP leadership and the scum gathered around them act out of utter stupidity or pure malice is for YOU to decide but judging by the behaviour and criminality of many of those involved I regret I can only come to the one conclusion.


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