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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 28/08/2010


 Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  




Not wishing to seem churlish but why is UKIP engaging an individual of such stature and cost in doing the job of a junior Consular official?

What was the case – am I not correct in saying that two ‘likely lads’, who were Arrested under a EUropean Arrest Warrant, set up a business in Hungary which not long after, due it seems to dishonesty and a failure to acquit their duty, went belly up owing numerous £thousands to the people they had decided to profit by – having chosen Hungary is SEEMED because it was a more ‘naiive ‘ marketplace and they were elligible for various ‘benefits’.

OF making an issue of this law that UKIP permitted passed without so much as a peep being heard in Briatain as it is so much more fun in the bars and whore houses of Brussels than boring old Blighty – Perhaps it would have been better to make more noise of the fact that some 700 people seem to be spiritted away to the EU a year or about 3 per working day as Andrew Gilligan tells us in The Telegraph CLICK HERE.

It would clearly have made more sense to make the noise in Britain and even perhaps feature in the serious media – but no perhaps to test the system our hapless Earl may be on just such an arrest warrant with his business partner young Hanson who may find at 49 his thus abandoned 24 year old Russian wife may have ideas of her own,  more in keeping with the way her husband earns his crust!

I would like to see the directors of Union Carbide dragged out of the USA and put before the Courts in Bhopal – just as we know that America is all too happy to haul a British citizen before its Courts who is autistic and has made America look extremely silly by entering their Pentagon computer and leaving anti war messages.

I would rathe like to have seen The US trash who were involved in the Abu Grabe abuses, right the way to their commanding General hauled out of America to face international courts for their crimes, as with Blair, Bush, Bremmer, Cheyney, Straw, Rumsfeld, Cheyney Brown and the rest of the pond life.

I believe that UKIP is as ever doing the wrong thing in the wrong way and achieving absolutely nothing of substance.

However one must perhaps consider the good Earl’s efforts in context as even a Multi Millionaire requires motivation – could it be that he fears arrest under the EAW by Spain for having exploited women and debased their fairly strict Catholic principles by being the Director of a Company making hard core porn movies in Spain with it seems an annal fixation and titles like ….lets leave that out…..! I wonder how Acid Rain will feel about her beamisher boy now not to mention his latest wife who I understand is a Murdoch cast off who has just sold a flat she earned in Australia for 13Million somethings – I doubt 13Million anal frames but who knows what some women will do when exploited and abused!

To be fair there are some in the perrifery of UKIP who have little or no moral compass and seem unable to differentiate between Liberal, Libertarian and Libertine – not to mention those UKIP MEPs only too happy to leave bordellos without paying and copulate with immigrant black prostitutes on the bonnets of cars in the street whether sober or drunk can hardly uphold Godfrey Blooms theory that they do it because they like it! One wonders why they have to march him to cash points since he is doing them such a generous service.

Nigel Farage’s comment when exposed in the News of the World as consorting for a whole night with a Prostitute who picked him up in his local pub when Kirsten, his wife, was unable to drag him home as she had two of his small children to cope with and could not collect him to take him home – his ONLY public comment was to have one of his dishonest liars place the statement on Anthony Butcher’s squalid forum stating that Mr. Farage wishes it to be known he has never paid a prostitute – wasn’t that what Godfrey Bloom was arrested for – how fortunate Farage has not been caught!

I do have this strange feeling that most UKIP supporters like me have not set up companies in foreign countries either to take advantage of the people and go bust subsequently legging it to another Country to avoid their debts, though I know this to be common practice in UKIP as Mark Croucher aided in Court by Paul Nuttall UKIP’s Chairman and Clive Page UKIP’s Press Officer were shown to have been unlawfully harrassing me and lost their case with UKIP owing me £12,500 yet they reneged on their moral AND legal liabilities in the false hope that I shall not be persuing them for bankruptcy – UKIP are indubitably filth as Mark Croucher, Douglas Denny, Mick McTrough, Paul Nuttall, David Bannerman, The Earl of Dartmouth, Godfrey Bloom and others have made most clear.

One has to wonder how many of UKIP’s supporters fear extradition under the EAW for making hard core porn movies in Spain and of course as an aside being taken to courty for failure to honour contractual obligations to those who made the films for some £350,000 I understand.

I wonder howmany UKIP supporters would emulate their MEP and default on a Bordello or copulate with a Black Street girl on the bonnet of a car in a public place – probably about as many as would lie and cheat and drag the party name in the gutter by boasting, after a night with a prostitute, that they have never paid a prostitute or like a liar such as McTrough that he was a PPC when he was not to cheat his colleagues and corrupt UKIP elections, or Douglas Denny who lied, cheated and corrupted the election Farage cheated in to get elected Denny was sacked by his colleagues on the NEC for his corruption and dishonesty as many will remember but there alone we have on the NEC a proven liar as Chariman, a proven liar and fraud currently uner investigation for corruption as Deputy Leader, a titled Pornographer whose company is in default of payment for work, hard done making extreme anal porn in Spain, a Leader who consorts with but does not pay prostitutes.

Is there a single solitary individual in UKIP’s heirarchy who is not filth?

Well actually no – they are all guilty of collusion in corruption without exception – liars and cheats to a man.

Didn’t the Earl do well!!!! The man is an IDIOT & clearly an embarrassment to UKIP – interestingly despite his wealth he has failed to feature as a party donor and would seem all too keen on his UKIP income.

However let us see what The Telegraph can do to help understand more details of the Porn King of Dartmouth and perhaps Spain on a more enduring basis! CLICK HERE

Greg L-W.

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