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Archive for the ‘EUkip;UKIP;John West;Paul Nuttall;Zucherman;Denny;George Curtis;Jeffrey Titford;Peter Reeve;Ron Whitmore;Bannerman’ Category

#138* – EUkip, NuttAll & Farage Exposed + others

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 18/11/2008

#138* – EUkip, NuttAll & Farage Exposed + others

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!



these memory sticks are really handy aren’t they contacts close to the leadership/NEC team can just walk past pop a stick in and the members are kept informed what their corrupt, incompetent, dishonest leadership are upto to silence whistle blowers and those trying to clean up EUkip and restore it to its members in a condition men and women of integrity could vote for.

Here is a letter exposing some of the truth of what is going on in the eastern region – clearly this information is substantiated by other published material and facts already known and proven.

You will also note I have earlier posted Nigel Farage’s hopeless and lightweight unelected puppet chairman Paul Nuttal’s post as referred to herein. His comments were idiotic then and palpably dishonest this letter merely shows just how dishonest Paul Nuttall is and how corrosive is the new post ‘Reichstag Fire’ moment as the corrupt and dishonest leadership peddle utterly risible accusations for the suspension of The Disciplinary structure and their own Constitutionshortly after the December NEC meeting which will likely vote unanimously to extend the corruption.

The aim is to seize dictatorial control for Nigel Farage backed by a favoured/rewarded claque.

EUkip is clearly so corrupt it is unfit for purpose – ANY purpose.

Read the facts and draw your own conclussions. Do phone me if you require additional facts or further substantiation.

Re: Your letterDate:
Mon, 17 Nov 2008

Copied to the

Dear Mr Nuttall,
Thank you for your

1. I was made aware of alleged criminal
activity and I reported it to the police.

This is my duty as a
good citizen; indeed it could amount to an offence not to do this.

Yet you claim that I have brought the party into
disrepute! I find it extraordinary that the chairman of a political party can
condemn a member for being a law abiding citizen and reporting the matter to the
relevant authorities.

I should add that I spoke to Chelmsford CID who
confirmed that I did ‘the right thing’ in reporting my concerns to them.
Obviously, you feel that that alleged criminal activity should be ignored if it
involves a member of UKIP.

You state that I had not a shred of evidence. I was
also not aware that you had direct access to police files. Also, why should I
show remorse for reporting an alleged crime that has now been passed to OLAF?
The police HAVE passed on the matter to OLAF. Fact.

I have spoken to Neil Thomson, Investigator, who has
confirmed that they are looking into this case. The case number for Jeffrey
Titford is OF/2008/0764. I would strongly advise you to withdraw your allegation
that OLAF is not involved.

2. I note that you seem strangely reluctant to
deal with the complaints that I have made.

I complained to you about the disgraceful behaviour of
Douglas Denny and Michael Zuckerman who both feel that it is acceptable to use
mental illness as a term of abuse.

Yet you did NOTHING.

I complained THREE times to you in my capacity as an
elected governor of the Suffolk NHS Mental Health Trust and every time you have
lacked the common courtesy to reply.

3. The NEC has a habit of ignoring

In November 2007, I organised a UKIP conference on
immigration. George Curtis, the Eastern Counties Regional Chairman, sent me a
letter about this.

In this letter he issued a veiled threat. This threat
concerned my interest in standing for the 2009 Euro elections. I sent a letter
to the Eastern Region Committee complaining about this. The committee never
acknowledged my letter nor issued an apology.

I then wrote to the NEC about Mr Curtis. I pointed out
that it was unacceptable for a regional chairman to issue veiled threats to a
UKIP member. Both the Leader and the Chairman ignored my complaint.

4. On the 9th April 2008 I was given permission
by the NEC to hold a UKIP conference on Law and Order.

Despite this Jeffrey Titford MEP sent an email, dated
28th April, to several hundred Eastern Region UKIP members . In this email he
attacked Chris Hudson and I for holding the conference.I immediately phoned John
Whittaker to complain about this.

I explained that Jeffrey Titford had abused his
position by using the Eastern Region membership database to attack other UKIP

I also said that I felt that this email was sent in a
deliberate attempt to damage both our reputations in the East. I asked John
Whittaker to get Jeffrey Titford to issue an apology and a full retraction. Mr
Whittaker refused to do this.

Following this, I complained to the NEC about Jeffrey
Titford’s abuse of the party database.

Although my complaint was acknowledged by several NEC
members it was never dealt with.

5. I complained to you and M. Zuckerman about
the behaviour of Peter Reeve and Ron Whitmore.

You did NOTHING.

My wife wrote two letters to you requesting that they
be brought before a disciplinary hearing for their conduct at a Suffolk Coastal

She also complained about Ron Whitmore phoning our
house at 7.25 am and making threats. You have not even acknowledged her letters.

I then find out – via Greg Lance-Watkin’s ‘blog’ – that
you have written to Peter Reeve endorsing his behaviour.

Indeed, you referred the matter back to him.

So you now allow the accused to judge his own case.
Even the EU have not yet thought of that one !

What angers me even more is the fact that I had to find
this out from GLW! You lacked even the decency to inform me personally.

Indeed, I am still waiting.

6. D. Denny and M. Zuckerman accuse me of
reporting D. Bannerman to the police.

I write to you pointing out that this is untrue. I
request an apology from them for making the allegation. You ignore my complaint.

7. I make a reasonable request under Section 7
of the DPA and yet you decline to provide me with the requested

By doing so you are in breach of the law. I have now
reported you and the party to the Information Commissioners Office. You only
have yourself to blame.

You and the leadership are now the subject of two ICO
complaints, one police investigation and one court action. And all this happened
because you and the leadership think you are above the law.

I had no alternative but to do this as you had failed
to respond to my reasonable requests.

8. I ask for an apology for the You Tube video
leak and yet not a single member of the leadership has had the courtesy to do

Indeed, Farage later appears in a pro-EU newspaper
supporting Fuller’s fantasy that she was forced out due to sexism!

I complain to you about this and yet you did

9. I have made complaints about several NEC
members and yet these very people will be allowed to judge me.

So the accused are going to judge their accuser.

Have they ever heard of a conflict of interest?

I am sure I will get a show trial worthy of Stalin’s
Soviet Union.

No doubt, I will be denied the right to legal
representation and will face accusations of links to the BNP.

When will I receive a copy of the indictment? Will
David Bannerman be writing it despite being the subject of a complaint made by

David Abbott only got his copy the Saturday before the

Can I expect the same shabby treatment?

10. You say I am being used by unsavoury

Who are you referring to?

Name them or withdraw your remarks!

How dare you claim that I am being manipulated! If
anyone is being manipulated it’s you.

I associate with decent men and women who want UKIP to
be represented by democratic, honest and above all moral people.

You, on the other hand, seem content to endorse
corruption, dishonesty and lies. You presided over a kangaroo court that removed
three NEC decent members.

You allowed David Bannerman to be the accuser and one
of the judges.

Don’t you even feel slightly uncomfortable with this?
As an historian I must say this sounds very, very familiar.

Remember Stalin, Napoleon and Hitler and their abuse of
the Law?

Is this the future you want for

Yours sincerely,
John West

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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