Se we did out thing and Konnor Kevan Collins has no CGC, MC or even the DSM – He could not be found on the list of RSMs in the Paras at RHQ and having google extensively the London Gazette could not find evidence of him receiving the CGC.


Here are all the CGC recipients just in case our man had changed name or identity. All but 8 names have been identified.

We contacted four other ex Parachute regiment officers and through all four battalions 1, 2, 3 and 4 and yet none have ever heard of this guy. Which is very strange as claimed to have been awarded “councillor Kevan Konnor Collins MBE, CGC, MC, DSC


Even claiming on a legal claim form


My goodness!!
Is very own councillor Kevan Konnor Collins MBE, CGC, MC, DSC the most decorated living veteran in the whole country?

We checked the historical data base at the Parachute training school and of P Coy………..guess what, Yep WHAT A CUMPER! Bets his ears are burning now and what fire it must be!


News of our new page is fast and we are still going strong despite our little hiccup. Please spread out link far and wide


The Sun



After a few months of keeping his head down he got a friend to post an apology on his behalf. He stipulated we would need to remove our post exposing him and all reference to his walting. Obviously we refused due to the fact he had since Jan to do it. Since then we heard his loyal supporters wereclaiming it’s fake and not from him, despite Collins friend providing the correct answer to a validation question that only Collins would have known.

Here is the apology

“Dear Walter Mitty hunters Club. As of yesterday I instructed a trusted friend to post this on my behalf due to ill health.
You recently published a page alleging that I fabricated service in the Parachute Regiment and that I had inappropriately displayed medals which were not awarded to me. This became a story in the national press to which I am very ashamed and I would like you to post a sincere apology.

I can confirm I have never been a member of the Parachute Regiment. A Regimental Sergeant Major or that I was never awarded any of the medals that I had claimed as my own on several occasions, both in private and social functions in my civic duty’s . I cannot explain why I did it other then I am a fool that let things get carried away.

I am very unwell and I would like the matter to be drawn to a close so I can recover in peace. I have withdrawn from public duties and wish to be left alone.”

Konnor Collins