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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 02/04/2011

Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
This is the 3rd. Week The Sunday Times Insight Team Has Exposed Corruption!
There have also been other articles exposing EU Corruption for Nikki Sinclaire Independent UKIP by Mari Woolf!

Look them up



yet another vote of thanks to The Sunday Times for doing UKIP’s job for them.

Once again The Insight Team.

It is hardly surprising that UKIP get so little coverage of anything they do – so little of it is of any consequence and you can hardly expect The Sunday Times to be falling over themselves when endlessly UKIP’s parasites are insulting The Sunday Times and its journalists – that is when they are not trying to take them to Court and threatening them – such a good way to make friends especially when UKIP Press Office has called its own MEPs ‘complete F*** Wits’ and openly and deliberately lied to The Sunday Times and its journalists.

Almost a training manual of how to make friends and influence people in the style of The John Cleese Rank Xerox training films – which required a Monty Pythonesque understanding of black humour!

Cash-for-laws row may force MEPs out of second jobs

In an emergency meeting on Thursday, the parliament’s main political leaders voted to beef up the MEPs’ code of conduct

Bojan Pancevski

Published: 3 April 2011


Former Romanian deputy prime minister Adrian Severin tabled an amendment for payment (STO)

Euro MPS could be barred from taking outside jobs as the parliament brings in tough rules to combat corruption in the wake of The Sunday Times cash-for-amendments scandal.
In an emergency meeting on Thursday, the parliament’s main political leaders voted to beef up the MEPs’ code of conduct and to overhaul the rules governing lobbyists.
The move was prompted by this newspaper’s disclosures that MEPs had attempted to change laws after being offered payments by undercover reporters posing as lobbyists.
A working group will be set up to bring in rules governing MEPs and lobbyists. Among the proposals to be discussed is whether MEPs should be forced to step down from outside jobs if there is a conflict of interest with their work in parliament.
Some MEPs are asking for the reforms to go further and prohibit all outside jobs. “We are being paid well by the public to do a job in the parliament and there is no reason why we should be able to keep parallel employment that could lead to a conflict of interest,” said Monica Macovei, an MEP and anti-corruption activist.
Many of the proposals were put forward by Jerzy Buzek, the parliament’s president. He said last week: “We need to look very closely at the question of what we expect from MEPs, both in terms of their own behaviour and their contacts with outside interests of various kinds.”
The rules are likely to mean that MEPs are forced to update their entry to the register of financial interests every month, rather than once a year, which is the current requirement. MEPs may also have to record a “legislative footprint” that will list all outside organisations advising them as they prepare new laws and reports.
One immediate change has already been enforced following this newspaper’s revelations two weeks ago.
From now on lobbyists will no longer be able to move freely around the parliament with a yearly pass.
They will have to register each time they enter the building and state the names of people they want to meet. A mandatory register is being proposed for all lobbyists and others who wish to influence legislation.
“It is fair to say that we have been prompted into action by The Sunday Times but the changes will eventually benefit the parliament and the European Union institutions in general,” a parliament official said.
Leaders of parliament’s main political groups also gave unanimous backing to the action taken against the MEPs named by The Sunday Times: Ernst Strasser, an Austrian former interior minister; Zoran Thaler, a Slovenian former foreign minister; and Adrian Severin, a former Romanian deputy prime minister. Strasser’s home in Austria was searched last week.
Strasser and Thaler have resigned but Severin is staying on as an MEP despite being ousted from his group and his party.

To view the full article and watch the various videos (are you on them?) CLICK HERE


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