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Archive for the ‘Libertarian Party’ Category

#0498* – UKIP Placeman The Little Steve CROWTHER Floundering!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 21/05/2011

#0498* – UKIP Placeman The Little Steve CROWTHER Floundering!
Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
UKIP Placeman The Little Steve CROWTHER Floundering!
The Unprofessionalism of UKIP is both an outrage and a betrayal!!




having noted the foolish opportunism of Steve Crowther and his clearly unprofessional amateurism in diving in both feet on behalf of his master – UKIP is clearly yet again demeaned.

It is wise, and if UKIP had anyone of any leadership talents or had they a vision or even strategy they would have realised, that it is wise to stand back and permit people the room to solve their problems whilst PRIVATELY holding out a hand of comfort and support.

But NO – in yet another display of amateur hour by UKIP they lept in boots and all to make fools of themselves.

I believe the time has come for Steve Crowther to spend some quiet time and reflect on his position he is so clearly completely out of his depth and lacks one shred of professional ability.

We have watched the crass debacle of the badly managed Local Elections where UKIP lost more seats than ever before and managed to have, out of 9,300 seats up for election 9 seats elected! This is in itself risible and leaves UKIP with less than 30 seats elected out of 19,500 in British politics – A catastrophe after 18 years!

Sadly a widely cautioned against catastrophe!

To then make fools of the Party and try to spin such a disaster as some sort of achievement just makes UKIP seem not amateur but dishonest amateurs.

The Party was further denigrated by the utterly ludicrous antics of the fools in the glorified Parish Council of Ramsey with under 10,000 inhabitants including I gather the residential local college – 10,000 out of approaching 65 Million!!!

Then we had the tasteless antics of the dishonest and self serving Marta Andreasen – However you will note not one word of fact has been led to gainsay her sadly all too accurate facts!

Again Steve Crowther wheeled out his incompetence and unprofessional behaviour by deliberately leaking/publishing his private letter to Marta Andreasen on what is to all intents and purposes a public Forum – IDIOT!

This left Marta Andreasen, who was originally so very wrong footed, with the moral high ground as she was now empowered to riposte to the OFFICIAL letter of UKIP – a task she performed with a scalpel evicerating the leadership.

Then we see the yet more amateur behaviour of the dishonest and discreditted Hugh Williams engaging in a mud wrestling competition in the gutter and finding himself further befouled by the support of the liar, cheat and low life Mick McGough.

Again Marta Andreasen was tacitly authorised to wield her scalpel providing more damage to the sad spectacle of UKIP’s failed leader and his parasites.

Every time these issues are raise by amateur idiots like Steve Crowther the original comments are made more clear – Little has been made of the serial OLAF enquiries that UKIP seems unable to resolutely rebuff, there has been now explanation of UKIP’s irrefutable failure in the local elections, no serious consideration has been given to the huge costs incurred by UKIP leadership in fatuous Court Cases.

Let us for a moment step back and consider the lies and distortions that led to a Guilty Verdict against Nigel Farage, Godfrey Bloom and UKIP in the handling of the self inflicted stupidity brought on the Party by the duplicitous behaviour of UKIP Leadership, its racism, violent anti homosexuality and anti Judaism in the leaders chosen trough on the gravy train with the Pan EU Political Party slime of The EFD with their pro membership stance and desire to reform The EU. A stance that has it seems lost 25% of UKIP’s MEPs as followers of their foolish poppinjay of a so called leader.

Correct me if I am wrong, but you may recall I wrote in about January of how Steve Crowther on behalf of Nigel Farage was going to try to persuade Nikki Sinclaire to rejoin UKIP – The party which by din’t of lies, corruption and dishonesty had debarred her and had gained UKIP yet another Guilty Verdict and also censure of Godfrey Bloom for his childish and tasteless jeerings over the well known fact that Nikki Sinclaire is a homosexual – that she made it very clear to the electorate that she practiced this perversion long before she was elected as an MEP more than wrong footed the idiot Godfrey Bloom.

Bloom was censured by The EU Parliament yet I have never seen his open and unreserved public apology!

One is forced to wonder if Steve Crowther has given up as Nigel Farage’s emmisary seeking an accomodation or is he even yet 5 months later still in his amateur way trying to coble together some sort of deal that isn’t worth the paper it is written on – The first step regardless of the attempt at cobbling a deal together would, were they professional, be to see published a proper and meaningful apology – binding Farage, Bloom and the party to more adult and professional behaviour in the future.

I submit that without such a public pronouncement then any deal will be worthless even if any kind of negotiations are ongoing which I doubt.

I get the impression that it was just a cynical maneuver to avoid embarrassment and a High Court Action during the election and now like small children UKIP’s inadequate leadership are hoping that it will all go away!!

Next we see the idiotic Steve Crowther posturing and posing to TRY to exploit the current problems of the Libertarian Party – At this stage whilst LPUK or UKLP struggle to sort themselves out all UKIP might gain would classify as toxic waste – those their Party will be glad to see the back of – consider would UKIP be in ANY way enriched with foul mouthed filth like chris Mountsey, laterly of UKIP subsequently of LPUK and consistently of his own obscene and childish shock smear blog.

Amateur as UKIP clearly is never having put forward a vision, an organisational structure, strategy, tactics nor even so much as a structured cost benefit of leaving The EU – in fact having totally lost sight of their aim which was to Leave-The-EU, now based on personal ambitions they have slid into the trap of trying to be a credible Political party and the outcome is clear for all to see:
Less than 30 seats out of 19,500
9 seats out of 9,300 in the recent election
25% of their MEPs departed
2 MEPs sent to prison
several MEPs ordered to repay large sums of money falsely obtained.

LESS than 400,000 votes gained in the recent elections!

What a disaster UKIP is proving to be with no competent leadership, befouled by smear tactics of its parasites like Skeptyk sheltering in cowardly anonymity or liars, cheats and low lifes like Hugh Williams, Godfrey Bloom, Mick McGough, David Bannerman, Gawain Towler, derek Clasrk etc. etc.

I appreciate that UKIP in general and clearly Steve Crowther in particular haven’t much of a clue what ‘Libertarian’ means and it was all too clearly an amateur bit of opportunism to act as distraction but here is the current status of The Libertarian Party – let us hope the knowledge helps UKIP grow up and act rather more professionally as it seeks a competent leader to lead UKIP forward to Leave-The-EU.

NCC Emergency Meeting

An emergency meeting of the NCC was held last night at 9.00pm in order to appoint new party officers. It was necessary to do this in order to avoid the possibility of deregistration following the resignations of the previous Chairman, Treasurer and Party Leader.

Following these appointments, the NCC is currently constructed as follows.

Chairman      Gavin Webb
Party Leader      Tim Carpenter
Treasurer      Simon Fawthrop
Membership      Simon Fawthrop
Communications      Ken Ferguson
NE Coordinator      Liam Hillman
SW Coordinator      Simon Slade
EA Coordinator      Flemming Aarenstrup
NW Coordinator      Stuart Heal

It should be stressed that these appointments were an interim measure to satisfy the requirements of the Electoral Commission and nominations for all NCC positions are invited, and a new NCC will be elected, at a Special General Meeting to be held at 12.00pm on Saturday 18th June in central London (venue to be announced).

All members, past members and supporters are warmly invited to attend this meeting and proposals regarding amendments to the constitution and operation of the party will be welcomed for discussion and voting.

The only other piece of business conducted at the meeting last night was to deal with a request from Andrew Withers that he have a right of reply to the recent allegations made against him, and this was agreed unanimously.

Thanks were minuted to Simon Fawthrop for his outstanding contribution to this process.

Ken Ferguson

Communications Director

I think most sentient individual will feel that UKIP is in sufficient of a mess without structure, leadership, achievement, training, vision, strategy, tactics or even a clear exit and survival strategy and clearly with no one of probity or political sense.

Ambition aplenty of the self serving I will not gainsay but doing endless half baked rewrited of unrequired so called policies and childishly drawing up new constitutions and manifestos as work making fools no one of any experience, competence or ability – it is the sort of ‘work making’ one expects of children and the inept.

Clearly the sort of behaviour no organisation of competence with leadership would waste its time on – just how often will UKIP rearrange the deck chairs on The Titanic with footling constitutions, tinkering with manifestos yet to date NEVER ONCE producing a training programme.

Amateur hour run riot – forget trying to poach Libertarian members try building a Party with sound foundations, structure, ethics and integrity.

UKIP is currently unfit for purpose and will – at present progress rate – fail to deliver ANYTHING of value within the next century.

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate) .
to Reclaim YOUR Future 
Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins
tel: 01291 – 62 65 62

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