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Archive for the ‘UKIP; EUkip; Constitution; lies; libels; defamation; corruption; Farage; NuttAll; Zucherman; Denny; Police; Dr. abbott; Dr. Edmond;’ Category


Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 12/02/2009


Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership
& NEC is what gives the remaining 10%
a bad name!



this posting is something of a carry on from the last CLICK HERE and of course the two that preceded that – in fact there is a connection in the corruption, lies and incompetence exposed in the preceding 290 odd articles in this series – with so many facts all ‘stood up’ with documentary provenance, witnesses, press articles and the like it is astonishing that the loyal UKIP members of principle do not get more angry with the corruption, bullying and general BNP style of The Faragista Fan Club dragging the party into the gutter with them.

Whether fall down drunk or consorting with Latvian Prostitutes, whether cheated by the discreditted Marta Andreasen or betrayed by the fraud and lies of David Bannerman.

To date although my every single blog has been scrutinised by lawyers it would seem that not a single solitary Blog I have written has been materially inaccurate and I have NEVER been asked to correct a single fact put before those who read it.

The only action to date is one of attempted extortion by an ex EUkip member and funded member of The Faragista Fan Club.

Consider this worthy drivel that follows from EUkip’s unelected puppet chairman, especially minded of how little relationship to the published and unchallenged facts in this Blog and that of Junius his fantasy article has.

Here is page 2 of The Faragista Fan Club come Trainspotters’ Comic – I challenge the honesty and also the clear dishonesty:

Letter from the ChairmanPaul NutAll

I would like to start by wishing you all
a very happy New Year.

In February!! So much for communication with members!

A bit like the advert for the meeting in Peterborough 10 days ago when this comic came out AFTER I had written the report and published the meeting HAD happened and was like so much else a flop!

We have
entered the critical year when the
UK Independence Party has to fulfi l its
potential and break the domination of the
‘big three’ parties. We have done it before
and if we get our campaign right this year,
we can do it again.

May I quote Farage ’10 or under would be a failure’ in another broadcaste he stated he would ‘resign if EUkip didn’t do well’ so if 10 or under is a failure one assumes that 11-15 would be about OK but to do well EUkip would require 16 or more.

Clearly less than 16 MEPs and Farage has undertaken to resign his seat and leave the party.

Since that seems now to be an inevitability would not a gentleman of honour stand down to give a chance of ressurection to UKIP so that it can restore integrity, principles and honour and stand a chance of representing these United Kingdoms rather than a small claque of self serving, self enriching low lifes?

I am very impressed by the campaign so
far and I can assure readers that this will
be the most exciting and professional
campaign UKIP has ever fought.

I guess we all have our standards but with what do you compare the debacle you are trying to control as I do not recall you were of ANY significance in earlier elections and your last measurable result was Alison McManus in Thameside who despite the aggressive and abusive support of her partner John Cooke managed to only gain 33 votes whilst your friends in the BNP topped 800.

They do say of a salesman that he is only as good as his last sale – does that not leave you, Farage, Bannerman and the restof your team with only one honourable course of action – to resign and give UKIP and these United Kingdoms a chance?

We have
been working on strategy and logistics for
months now and it is all beginning to fall
into place. Steve Allison will look after
logistics and the Elections Committee, and
Ken Irvine has been appointed by the NEC
to oversee overall strategy.

Can you define strategy and do you have any idea of what tactics are let alone logistics. You will be minded that your sordid little oppo Peter Reeve has stated that the cost of the election address alone in the Eastern Region will be £30K+ and on best estimate there will not be enough money and so like other regions there is a clandestine plot to garnishee the funds of the Branches to fund the campaign in the South East and that of the fraud Bannerman.

Working with Steve and Ken has given
me real confi dence that we are on the
right track and are well ahead of the other
parties in terms of planning and strategy.

But Steve has a track record of not doing very well in EUkip except his personal campaign – didn’t he mastermind Nattrasse’s campaign which was such a catastrophy with him making the party look like idiots with his picture in a bikini!

No wonder Nattrasse believes he hasn’t a prayer of getting back in unless he blows £50K of his own money to buy his way back in – what so that he can dance on tables in a drunken stuppor with Tom Wise some more or turn up at NEC meetings and F & Blind and leak eMails to the national press to oust his colleagues to make sure he can continue to feed from the gravy train.

As for Ken Irvine what use is he? He is just another serial failure from The Tory Party who came over to hold Bannerman’s hand as Bannerman was hopeless in the Tories and is just desparately looking for an easy number and an income – do go away and study the frauds CV it is a joke!

We are impressed!

Financially we are not in a perilous position
because unlike other parties we are not
burdened with huge debts.

Hardly surprising as I doubt there is anyone fool enough to lend EUkip money with its Court record, fiddled accounts, obfuscation and the discreditted and clearly dishonest political prostitute Marta Andreasen grossly over paid as a sham front yet having little or no knowledge of what is hidden in the accounts – no wonder they needed Hasslam out of the way – he was an honest man and was showing signs of disgust at the state of the accounts.

Here I would
like to thank everybody who has donated
money, and I promise your money will be
used wisely, and will be solely directed at
getting us out of the European Union.

That would be a first!!!

Membership remains steady and, contrary
to what some of UKIP’s critics have been
saying and writing of late, it is actually
growing in a number of regions.

Which area might that be? Long lapsed, duplicate or dead members are no substitute for the honest, sound, hard working activists who have left. Well meaning geriatrics and school kids are no substitute for competence, contacts and experience.

There were 30,000 members when EUkip was hijacked and now you lay claim to 15,500, a figure which there is every reason to believe is grossly massaged by Andrew Fear one of Derek Clarke’s EU funded staff – who is in fact the Membership Officer and stand in for David Challice – no wonder OLAF are investigating and have asked for convenient dates to gather statements for the case against Derek Clarke (READ BACK through my blogs for further details of the enquiry and the number etc. you will find most of that which you need but it is burried in the text of a blog. I’ve got it in note form and in my indexed backup – Happy hunting!

I expect membership to rise substantially
over the next couple of months as we head
into the campaign. Overall, I would say
we are in a far stronger position in January
2009 than we were in January 2004, which
bodes well for a successful election result.

Then sir I would say you are a fool!

I would now like to address some internal
party matters. You may already have
received your ballot papers for the NEC
elections to take place in February. If not,
they are on their way.

The count is on the 18th. but I would suggest the members don’t waste time filling their ballot in as it has incontravertibly been proved that EUkip ballots under NutAll and Farage are corrupt, dishonest and rigged. They subscribe to the belief the members are idiots – they toss correspondence in the bin and they appoint who they like.

There is no point voting as the makeup of the NEC is rigged to favour the nodding donkeys and the corrupt and there are few on the list who would stand up to the corruption and if they did they would be forced out like:
Del Young
Dr. Abbott
Martin Hasslam
Anthony Butcher
Tichard Suchorzewski

Ian Gilman

Petrina Holdsworth

Gerard Batten

Gill Chant

Bruce Lawson

Geoffrey Kingscott

Linda Guest

Many more – sickened in the main by Farage’s behaviour, contempt for members and fundamental dishonesty and lack of morality.

This has been proven beyond any and all doubt – read my posting #170* for a start!

I am extremely
impressed by the calibre of candidates and
I believe all of them would be welcome
additions to the NEC.

By God you are easily pleased – no one would be foolish enough as to try to blagg their way into convincing ANYONE with more than 2 brain cells that there is a single solitary candidate worth voting for – look at the liar and coward George Curtis who consistently gets 3 or 400 votes from nursing homes yet when he ran against the first timer West he was resouindingly trounced by West.

Most of them will be around 70 in office!! Then you have that duplicitous and untrustworthy lad from University who was so conveniently malleable as he wants to gain experience on his CV but has no loyalty that can be trusted – look at his lies about Del Young and when he had done his knife job he then achieved the square root of naff all. He didn’t even update his web site for almost a year UNTIL I puiblished the fact when his ambition had put him in the frame as another muppet on the NEC.

He is almost as useless as Lisa Duffy – just consider her salary and the promotion of her grubby little boy friend Peter Reeve another blagger. EUkip proudly claims that it has EUkip Yoooof for members under 35 and when it comes to it Lisa The Duff claims a membership of 70 – is that because all the other members of EUkip are over 35? Howmany had Delboy recruited and in how long – try for accuracy and then howmany a month average at what cost did Ms Duff recruit!

Yeah now you start to realise why I am angry at the betrayal of those of us who are dedicated UKIP supporters who have been ripped off by sheisters like Bannerman, Irvine, NutAll, Reeve, Malcolm Wood, Farage and the rest of the low lifes that are EUkip.

I am also happy to
announce that Malcolm Wood has kindly
agreed to be the Returning Offi cer for the

Yeah I gather he took it on when Bufton ducked out in the realisation that the Returning Officer is irrelevant as the vote will be rigged like the last one. The Returning Offiver circulated his reporyt to EVERY NEC member and without exception they dishonestly and corruptly colluded in the lies, cheating, bullying, rigging and scam.

I am not surprised Malcolm Wood accepted the task he is a serial liar and as trustworthy as a rattle snake as you will know – but I am informed even he has dropped out.

Is the ballot valid as he is listed on the ballot – which particular piece of pond life have you dredged up to front the scam this time? How about Andreasen she is discreditted and without honour.

I wouldn’t put it past Farage to con some crooked old liar like Gill to do it or Malcolm Pearson perhaps as since I understand he is seriously dyslexic it would be easier to fiddle the numbers!

Alongside the NEC ballot papers, you will
see you are being asked to vote on changes
to the UKIP constitution. I will not discuss
these changes in this article as I do not
want to prejudice the result.

I don’t think I will discuss it again either as it is one of the most disgustingly dishonest actions by NutAll & Farage that I have ever witnessed in politics. We know that Farage is totally ammoral and without principles but how has he gathered such a revolting collection around him, who say nothing out of greed and self importance.

Shame upon all who are involved in this Faragista Fan Club that brings the entire body politic into disrepute.

Shame on the duplicitous like Toby Mickelthwaite regularly phoning around for tittle tattle to pass to his masters. Shame on the NEC to a man.

One of the problems I have encountered
since becoming Party Chairman is the
lack of communication within the party.

Indeed and it is of your own making as you regularly refuse to reply to letters, when you do send letters they are frequently lies and distortions and when the truth comes out you even write to people telling them to stop communicating – who do you think you are fooling? Farage just tosses letters from members in the bin. Alan Bown couldn’t even be bothered acknowledging Vic Webb’s detailed report.

So many of the communications are dishonest and back stabbing – just think of the lies of George Curtis and I’ve got a pack of lies from Smith I must publish soon.

Oh I nearly forgot all the lies i’ve got from Titford & Bannerman and all the details of Witness Intimidation and Criminal Intimidation of Plaintiffs.

Then of course Niall warry has a sound case for making a claim of Witness Intimidation particularly as the membership officer would seem to be the one orchestrating his abuse in disregard of the rules – funny how it would seem he may well be one of the planks of the OLAF investigation of Clarke.

Bye the Bye: Did you know Brian Ferry is still in prison awaiting trial without bail for alleged attempted witness intimidation.

Need we go on?

believe the Press Offi ce, Head Offi ce, the
Brussels-based team, Regional Organisers,
the leadership and branches all need to
be in constant contact. We all need to be
aware of what the others are doing and
‘singing from the same hymn-sheet’.

Team – don’t talk wet. There are no two of them trust eachother, they are endlessly trying to find out who does what and trying to hack into eachother’s computers – It is hardly surprising the antics that are going on and the comments my various contacts in the EU pass on to me.

Then we have Tom Wise surrendering to bail on the 26th. and we know he has been singing like a canary to try to stay out of prison. Why do you think they extended his bail from June/July to end Feb? That is a long time to be under arrest!

Tension must be mounting!

Be carefull it is a good sounding mantra but it was just such an effort for communications and transparency that had all the predecessors I named above hounded off the NEC to protect Farage’s scams one must presume!

Where is the money that was stolen from the Ashford income – or at very least disapeared unaccounted? Over 85% of the income never reached UKIP and you have the outrageous gall to boast every penny piece will be…..etc. NO ONE is stupid enough to believe you.

How much was collected with Farage’s lies about the electoral Commission with John Moran in bucket – where is it clearly accounted.

How much was stolen of the Ramsgate money?

What happened to the money from the 5 unlawfull, unregistered lotteries that Clark moved out of the licensed zone when he was Party Secretary?

How much of the £170,000 in the Welsh election was laundered from the IDG and then trousered as there was no sign of a legitimate spend of that size nor seemingly receits. The correspondence I hold of Robin Collett speaks volumes.

I understand this is diffi cult, but the NEC
has granted me the power to set up the
party’s fi rst Internal Communications
Committee to achieve this goal. The new
committee will meet in January for the fi rst
time and I hope positive results will follow.

You’ll need a committee to see who is allowed to talk to whom there is so much to hide – consider the dishonest committees that have been set up without a vote and then are so bent they don’t trust eachother and insist on SIGNED secrecy agreements all the better to dupe the members!

Then of course there is the Political Committee which acts as an executive committee and keeps no minutes – Farage is the only member – it even caught NutAll on the hop to such an extent he tried to explain it twice as the verbatim minutes of the Ugley meeting shows – you can red the full minutes on this blog and shortly you can read the spin NutAll dishonestly put on the facts and compare the fact with his fantasies!


We have already taken a positive step
towards improving communication, and
Jonathan Arnott, our General Secretary,
has overseen the creation of UKIP’s own
Members Forum.

And what a joke it is I don’t bother reading it often as it is so censored and bland – a total waste of space.

This website contains
campaigning material which branches can
order, as well as general UKIP discussion
allowing members to share ideas and to
keep up-to-date with all the latest UKIP

Rubbish its like children’s hour – bland and childish with everyone mincing around praising the propaganda. Interspersed with the odd journo who I know checks it out and keeps anything that might be interesting for nearer the election or phones me to see if I can caste some further light on it.

Apparently some of the Journos have started calling Mine and Junius’ blog The Dead Sea Scrolls! I’m told it is because all the facts are in there but it takes ages to scroll through it 😉

It is an excellent tool and I would
encourage as many members as possible
to use this resource. You will be asked
to input your membership number and
password to log on.

Like I do and as the journos do – I wonder howmany of the readers are genuine its like little Joshua Onyons and all his false identitiess of what was the UKIP Forum.

I must also mention November’s eventful
NEC meeting at which the Metropolitan
Police had to be called to remove an
intruder. At the meeting, UKIP’s NEC
rejected an offer of an electoral pact by
the British National Party (BNP) and two
members of the committee, who the NEC
deemed had clearly broken the rules, were

I would like to make it clear that the
NEC has the right to remove members
of the committee under rule 17.8 of the
constitution, and it did so in this instance.
Finally, I would like to thank all members
for their hard work and commitment to
the cause. We will have literally millions
of leafl ets coming very soon and it will be
down to us all to get out on the streets and
spread the word. We all need to be ready
for a big push this year and I am sure
together we can do it.

Yes it is clearly very childish but one must remember the rump audience he is left with and drunk or sober his puppet master had to understand it!

I was more concerned by the BNP syle attempt of this poor man’s strutting Mussolinni with his shaven head – I presume this Liverpool scally when really set up for blagging has a Staffie or a pit bull terrier – actually in view of his size he may well have a Rottweiler!

You will have noted the way in which he excused the fact that as a Chairman he had to have the assistance of The Metropolitan Police to retore order at his NEC – It is a lie that the police had to escort the speaker Nigel Farage had invited to address the NEC from the room – no one escorted Buster Motram out despite the threats to hit him by NEC members.

Nor did Ma Zucherman ecxell himself with his racist abuse or his derogatory and demeaning comments about the medically handicapped – a style followed by the odious little Douglas Denny.

The particular dishonesty manifest by Farage’s little puppet in deliberate and libellous conflation of Farage’s guest Buster Motram, whom he ASKED to speak, the fact that NuttAll commands so little respect from his fellow NEC placemen that the police were needed to control them and restore order and then the dishonesty of seeking to include Dr. Eric Edmond & Dr. David Abbott as in some way involved in the utter cock up NuttAll had orchestrated and Farage had arranged.

There is no doubt that there is no link between these events but it is clearly deliberate as an attempt to defame, libel and besmirch the reputation of elected members of The NEC by failing to include punctuation and placing the three incidents together in 3 columns of self serving and dishonest propaganda.

There is absolutely no doubt that this was a deliberate dishonesty seeking to defame Dr. Abbott, Dr. Edmond & Mr. Hasslam as their presence and the underhand dishonesty of Farage in orchestrating a trap for a long term and very generous friend of the party and the shamefull behaviour of the low lifes and liars on the NEC is clearly in the public domain as even the sanitised Minutes re-written for the benefit of a corrupt EUkip spin show clearly who you are alluding to.

Just as one final detail Please be so good as to source section 17 article 2 of The Constitution and publish it to substantiate you slurs and your claim NutAll as I believe you are a liar – as the last hard copy of The Party Constitution and all references readily available on the internet do not have a section 17 article 8.

Would you care Mr. NutAll to ellucidate and provide the source of this not insignificant detail or perhaps appologise for the lie and resign from the party having brought it comprehensively into disrepute yet again.


Politicians are failing to tell the truth, but so are almost all wanabe Politicians, the MSM and Snivil Cervants.

The fact is that even if EVERY British MEP wanted change in The EU it would achieve NOTHING.Every single British Politician, of EVERY Party, elected since before we joined the EUropean Common Market, has promised to change The EU’s CAP – In 40 Years they have achieved absolutely NOTHING!

To try to put a value on OUR Freedom is as futile as floccipaucinihilipilification and as odious as the metissage of our societies, as we rummage in the ashes of our ancestors dreams, sacrifices and achievements, the flotsam of our hopes and the jetsam of our lives, consider the Country and Anglosphere which we leave our children and the future, with shame!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62


I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country. Deny the self seeking & meaningless wanabe MEPs the Mythical Mandate for which they clamour. Diktat is imposed from The EU but Law should be made at Westminster, for our Country & our Peoples.

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


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