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Archive for the ‘UKIP; EUkip; Paul Nuttall; Anthony Butcher; B.A.Ware; Independent UKIP;’ Category

#145* – EUkip Lickspittals & Low Life Lice

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 23/11/2008

#145* – EUkip Lickspittals & Low Life Lice

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

See also Junius’ Blog – link on the right

Junius’ Blog seems to have overlapping sources to this blog, particularly in London area.

there are a few minor ammendments relative to the Forum entry.
this is a lengthy posting please do not bother reading it if all you wish to do is whine about it. Stop here – IF you choose to continue do NOT blame me for your interest.;-)G.L-W.
[QUOTE=Independent UKIP;561533]I wasn’t really happy that Greg might be banned for a month for the reasons B.A.Ware suggested but couldn’t quite nail the exact words needed to reply to his post. As you acknowledge there was room for misinterpretation might we now assume that B.A.Ware, yourself and the other moderators as relevant have decided not to proceed as previously suggested?
As one of those who supported his return I very much hope that Greg will return to his more measured postings of his first few days back during which I saw no formal complaints or warnings or even the suggestion of possible warnings.
I trust he accepts there is a subtle difference in what he was posting then and some of what he has been posting today, for example. That really is intended to be helpful rather than criticism as I don’t want him to have to be banned from the forum.
I know you and B.A.Ware, for example, have to take decisions which are criticised regardless and I do respect both of you for it just in case anything above is thought by anyone to imply anything to the contrary. :)[/QUOTE]
thanks – this is all about POWER and EUkip attempting to excercise POWER to suppress freedom of speech.
My statement of ‘Anthony sold out’ is based upon the vexatious, threatening, bullying and mallicious pack of legal total nonsense from EUkip, not with integrity or common sense, direct to his ISP clearly seeking to cause Anthony as much harm and problem as possible.
The inexperienced and clearly inadequate little NuttAll showed right at the outset his insecurity by seeking to show how important he is (weenie waggling of the lowest form) IF he was of consequence he would have had the confidence to expect professional IT staff at the ISP would probably have photos of him his house, his CV and his relevance on their screens within minutes.
A further measure of inadequacy in legal terms was that I had made a statement of fact regarding a paid member of the EU staff, who has sworn an oath to the EU in return for a salary of around £36,000 pa. which diametrically opposes the core values of UKIP yet he perports to be its deputy leader – which is of course contra his oath and the spirit of EUkip’s own constitution.
The Factual statement I can not repeat here as I will be banned if I supply this truth again EUkip’s dishonest claim was that the FACT I led was not true because the chappie in question had a CRB clearance. This had absolutely no relevance to the FACT I had presented.
Need I go on? I am having to use weasle words skirting around the truth and unable to present the facts due to the fact there is now a limitation of Freedom of Speech on this Forum.
Anthony Butcher made a strong and sound rebuttal of EUkip’s vexatious harrassment.
I applauded and supported Anthony Butcher.
My contention that Anthony Butcher ‘sold out’ was that subsequent to his rebuttal without warning I was placed under WARNING without warning on the grounds that I had published the truth.
In normal parlance this is known as ‘Selling Out’.
It was not until AFTER I had received further warning AFTER I had placed a fact on the forum that I was made aware that Anthony Butcher had sold out on his statement – leaving those of us who took him at his word and backed him by standing our ground against the duplicity of EUkip suddenly facing an arbitrary and unannounced new set of rules controllong freedom of speech and Official Warnings in retrospect.
Perhaps you will excuse me for defining this sell out to accepting EUkip’s terms as a ‘Sell Out’, I would claim that is the normal nomenclature under such circumatances. Particularly when it disadvantages someone who had merely excercised free speech as previously apparent on a given forum.
It has been the accepted norm that anyone may libel, defame and lie about me – it has also been accepted practice on this forum that anyone may repeat anuy lie regardless of facts and data proving their contentions to be unsound – such facts are considered irrelevant by the posters and moderators when the same old lies and misrepresented by the dishonest.
You will excuse me I am sure Brendan if you consider the treatment of me that Anthony Butcher has tollerated, in fact encouraged if I state that I feel he has ‘sold out’ and thus not only betrayed my support but acted for EUkip in a dishonest and all too EUkip style betrayal.
I have ONLY published material which I have been certain I can not only defend but substantiate in a court of law should anyone be foolish enough to seek to take that route. I have been meticulous in matters where there may have been coinsequentail and dishonest claims of libel seeking to ensure I have been Advised.
You are correct that I came on this forum to address matters more consequential than EUkip’s indisputable corruption. I had intended to reduce my eMail News Letter Caterpillars & Butterflies and address politics through this forum.
I became increasingly annoyed at the duplicity of moderation prior to my being asked to rejoin. You will have noticed the ill mannered ill will of Anthony Butcher when the poll showed beyond doubt how he should behave morally.
I had intended having established the point not to rejoin but EUkip in a frenzy of fear at the truth I might post and the exposition brought in their little bully boys and lick spitals who commenced bad mouthing me and demeaning me .
Who I am or am not is a matter of no consequence, other than to my friends, I seek no office, I am paid no money from ANY organisation for my patriotic political endeavours.
Unable to gainsay the facts I led you will note the barage of dishonourable and dishonest claims about me by some of the clearly scum that run errands on this board – it is noted no effort was made in my absence to moderate responsibly by the owner of the forum, there was a clear lack of honourable behaviour of a standard I have rarely seen in a prety varied life.
I returned and made political postings letting the scum attack and hiss and spit in the hope that the owner of the forum would step in but he was happy to see his forum dragged into the gutter by the revolting type of people who support EUkip and corruption.
When it was found that after numerous attack they had not detered me I started to retaliate to defend myself. Both by increasing the facts supplied damaging to EUkip – this led to palpable frenzy amongst those who increased their gratuitous attacks and reposting of misrepresentations long since debunked.
It was then that in self defence I went into attack on those who had hitherto enjoyed free reign aided by a total failure of morality on the part of the owner of the web site.
It was then that a group of individuals set up a blog to defame and attack me and publish lies in defence of EUkip’s corruption.
I now have a blog – if they wish to play that game. I too can play hardball with these naiive and self seeking fools. There is absolutely no claim they can make or spin about me that does not harm them. I have nothing personally to gain or to lose by their dishonesty.
Interestingly I have had calls from two national journalists of repute today who have followed the Forum and my blog. In view of the FACTS I have led and the risible vexatious harrassment from NuttAll they are looking to see if anyone is remotely interested in EUkip or as The Times has already stated they are irrelevant politically, which is clearly true.
Interestingly for next Sunday they will also have the documentation of a past leader signed by him with a series of undeniable and witnessed lies but to save this forum the embarrassment of publishing facts I shall publish it elsewhere – despite having the hard copy in my hands.
However insultingly Anthony Butcher saw fit to try to justify his behaviour by first trying to turn my serious comment into a tasteless and unfunny joke about his payment. Then he tries elsewhere by debasing my legitimate consideration of his behaviour by saying he is fed up with my complaints.
I am rather fed up with his dishonest and underhand behaviour but I am sure he will prove to have some fortitude and start to behave more fairly. Personally I have no interest in even bothering with those who are corrupt enough to seek to support EUkip and its endemic corruption as shown and proven. To support or campaign for votes for the corrupt is to collude in corruption and be yourself corrupt.
What is patriotic, honourable or morally acceptable about supporting and aiding corruption – perhaps someone can explain that! A vote for EUkip is a vote against the values of these United Kingdoms – an act of treachery.
Should EUkip’s little army of lick spittles and sock puppets wish to continue their inadequate weenie waggling they could just find they end up as political castratti.
Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62
I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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