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Archive for the ‘Rs;’ Category

#0015 – UKIP’s OFFICIAL WEB SITE ‘demands return to three Rs’

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 18/05/2010

#0015 – UKIP’s  OFFICIAL WEB SITE ‘demands return to three Rs’   

Clean EUkip up NOW  make UKIP electable!  
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  

UKIP’s  OFFICIAL WEB SITE ‘demands return to three Rs’!


From the UKIP official website:

UKIP demands return to three Rs

 Rs #01:

Clearly the primary Rs in the UKIP firmament as I said over a dozen years ago he was an excellent performer but lacked the gravitas, morality, integrity, probity and OQ to EVER become leader of UKIP and if he ever stood for the office he could count on my implaccable opposition as he would destroy UKIP – largely by surrounding himself with dishonest fools just because they told him he was wonderful and kept intelligent people away from him.

It is NO pleasure to be proved right as UKIP was our only lifeboat!

This is the Rs who spent £100,000 of Stuart Wheeler’s money and huge amounts of UKIP’s hard pressed resources on self agrandisement and stunts in Buckingham without spending so much as A Fiver on research OUTSIDE of the bars of Westminster! He was trounced by a relative outsider using a fraction of the resource!

I wonder will he have the integrity to quit after his catastrophic election failure and having lost any credible backers.

Rs #02:

An Rs in his own right – clearly as thick as a plank and a rather unpleasant underhand, duplicitous racist and Zionist Rs.

Dishonest, disloyal, self serving and undeniably corrupt – little wonder that Farage was able to flatter him into doing his bidding. It will be interesting to see if he is given a face saver and allowed to resign or will he be forced to admit his dishonesty, disloyalty and duplicity – will he try to save Farage by pretending that he himself orchestrated the collapse of UKIP and betrayal of the party or will he be too stupid to convince people that it was him!

Imagine actively campaigning for both Conservatives and Labour AGAINST recognised UKIP PPCs who had put in THEIR OWN hard earned money and time. Nigel Farage must be mad to think he can walk away from this style of slow motion train wreck strategy!

Rs #03:

A nasty smug self satisfied Rs this one is a bully and a liar to boot.

He was not even man enough to act honourably and resign when he stitched his colleagues up like a kipper – embroilled in his corruption.

You can watch Stuart Agnew a full scale Rs colluding with Lord Pearson and Nigel Farage to defraud the electoral system and break the law to criminally conspire together to launder money. Further due to his stupidity this Rs goes on to show and admit that Pearson, Farage, he and others had already colluded in money laundering!

Then this Rs goes on to boast on camera of having colluded with David Bannerman to defraud the tax payers for gain to fund or reward Peter Reeve unlawfully.

This Rs has not only dropped himself and numerous colleagues in it but has befouled the name of UKIP yet further.

Possibly the most astonishing display of this low life Stuart Agnew is that he felt in neccessary to ask whether he should resign! A low life without honour, integrity or morality!

Just another Rs in UKIP.

Rs #04:

Another complete Rs – David Bannerman is of course portrayed as a desk as this cheat and serial liar Rs that he is has lied about his ancestry and when all is checked out it would seem his only claim to fame is that his Father owns a desk that was at one time in Downing Street and since David Bannerman dishonestly claims to be in some way a DESCENDENT of a ex prime minister (I wonder if everyone in Britain called Brown will be clamouring to be recognised as related!!)

It does rather look as if David Bannerman’s alleged father was some sort of furniture dealer and due to the similarity of name bought the desk of Sir henry Campbell Bannerman ( no close relative) and maybe David Bannerman was conceived on it in India as to date he has failed to provide a birth certificate it seems.

In real terms no one would care if you were the illegitimate son of some Indian serving wench but when someone lies to deceive that is not just dishonest it is criminal. By all means one may use any name one likes but the provision which goes with that privilege is that you shall not do so to deceive or defraud David Bannerman has done both, criminally.

Further this Rs has cheated and lied to gain the position of top of the UKIP selection list and he has colluded criminally with Stuart Agnew to defraud the tax payers.

Rs #05:

 What an Rs UKIP’s PPC for Meridan was Barry Allcock

Rs #06:

 This is the Rs Marta Andreassen who lied about being a whistleblower was suspended from her job with the OECD, lied to get her job with the EU by omission of the fact she had effectively been fired for ‘irregularities’ in her previous job abd also allegations of racism.

This is the Rs from Barcelona who cheated and lied to become an MEP for UKIP, This is the Rs the Courts found against and upheld her dismissal for failure to do the job she was hired to do – seemingly this Rs was hired as a senior bean counter to produce a set of accounts, establish where the weaknesses in the procedure were and suggest to the Commission how to improve security.

This Rs was a complete failure and has proved serially dishonest since CLICK HERE & for her trial CLICK HERE

Rs #07:

 This geriatric Rs is an untrustworthy and self serving liar. This is the Rs who trumped up a kangaroo Court with the Rs Douglas Denny to try to hold a show trial of a long serving UKIP Regional Chairman based on absolutely no facts and no evidence. The two liars tried to force the case ahead totally dishonestly seeking to prevent Peter Baker providing proof positive that this Rs and Douglas Denny were both liars.

Eventually this Rs was left looking the dishonest fool he is, as was Douglas Denny.

This is the Rs who boasted at a public meeting in Derbyshire how he defrauded the EU!

He is the Rs who was sent on a jolly to Romania and signed an agreement that Britain would be subject to GREATER Subsidiarity to the EU and then the Rs signed an agreement that UKIP would work with the EU in committees to strengthen EU control over Britain and other vassal states.

There is no end to this Rs’ stupidity and he is currently under investigation for defrauding the tax payer to fund unlawful staff we understand.

Rs #08:

This is the Rs who colluded with Tom Wise and Roger Knapman to orchestrate a cover-up of the criminal behaviour as eventually charged against Lindsay Jenkins & Tom Wise MEP the UKIP member who was sentenced to 2 years in prison for defrauding the tax payer and fiddling his expenses. 

This is the Rs who to get support lied claiming he would act to clean up UKIP and expose Farage once he was elected as an MEP. This is the Rs who plotted dishonestly and duplicitously behind UKIP’s back to help set up the idiotic UKFirstParty run from his chum Tom Wise’s office. This Rs was part of the attempt to damage, even destroy UKIP set up by Lawson, (UKIP’s untrustworthy self seeking failure of a bean counter), Peter Cole Tom Wise’s office manager and Del Young the ridiculous token black fella for UKIP, who either couldn’t or wouldn’t produce a credible CV or background and was USED by UKIP as an ‘Uncle Tom’.

What a FARCE and this Rs PROMISED to join it after the EU election when he had his seat. He is an ex/retired senior plod _ guess that explains why he is duplicitous and you can’t trust him. He was going to, having reneged on his PROMISE to UKFP, was going to refuse to sit with Farage’s racist, anti Jewish EFD group last September – he seems very much at home with them!

An unpleasant, dishonest, untrustworthy self serving Rs.

Rs #09:

A grubby little Rs without integrity, morality or seemingly ability. A low life and serial failure who seems in his element skulcking to hide from his debts in contempt of British values, honour, duty or respect for the British Courts and Justice he hides in the EU where he ferrets around in the sewers of mankind, at home digging out nuggets of scandal for Farage to try to defame and control his enemies. 

This Rs of a person is an excrecencepromoting Racism, anti Judaism, pro EU membership, sexual intollerance of the extremist EFD group as their PR spokesman and media front/manager – a vile little man believed to be behind many of the more revolting web sites and fake names that bring shame on UKIP with their lies and misrepresentations to try to prop up Farage and the corruption that surrounds him.

When he was responsible for UKIP’s press presence publicity was very low and usually bad, known amongst journalists and the better press as a liar and cheat. This Rs was behind the dirty tricks campaign that befouled the leadership election when Farage seized power based on the lies of Croucher, Fuller, Lott, Moran Carver and others. 

Rs #10:

More a fool than much else this Rs built his so called career as a Tory MP based upon the skills of previous generations that gave him the money to take up politics – was largely ignored by his party and is it seems only really known for his final surrender and voting for Maastricht to save his job Party before Country clearly, unlike Knapman he wasn’t even rewarded with so much as a junior whip position for the betrayal of Britain!

This Rs has proved duplicitous, cowardly and dishonest he backed Richard Suchorzewski to win the leadership of UKIP meeting with him to plot the way forward at David Rowland’s golf course in Monmouthshire – but never had the guts or integrity to openly declare his prefference.

This weak and dishonest Rs was responsible for the utter debacle of the selection process for MEP lists that he made such a complete mess of he vanished from sight to shirk the blame he earned.

This Rs of a man announced to all and sundry his popularity as an individual after so many years could well win him his old seat – his political antennae led to his lkosing his deposit – Not even his old supporters trust him!

Rs #11:

This Rs may have been appreciated by Farage and numerous others but it was this Rs who was running around the countryside and accosting people in public toilets to spread lies and slander against candidates standing against her Nigel in the leadership errection.

A sad foul mouthed insecure spectacle with clearly little more to offer than the obvious.

This particular Rs was the one that was responsible for the theft and posting of the video of John West on YouTube and also for the utterly ridiculous cock and bull story of taxi drivers going to Morrocco to load ONE video of her lap top and then returning it to her – a sad besotted liar, who had best make what she can of her sorry Rs now before gravity loses her such appeal as some unfortunates seem to find.

It was this pathetic Rs and her implausible dishonesty that cost UKIP its chairman and saddled the party with Farage’s puppet.
Rs #12:

 This Rs is utterly untrustworthy and a grade a creep to boot. Judging by his moral values it seems wise that he has restrictions on his access to children!

An unpleasant Rs with little in his mind beyond self serving duplicity.

Rs #13:

This vile little Rs is best known I understand as the unpleasant party hopper from The vale of Glamorgan who was fortunate enough to capitalise on the foundations laid by Niall warry, UKIP’s first Chairman in Wales and then the efforts of Richard Suchorzewski who hugely raised the profile of UKIP in the region.

This Rs is rightly too ashamed to use his own name on the internet and passes himself off as Stathan on forums where he has an uncalled for vituperative tongue which does UKIP much harm as was reflected by the results of UKIP in wales where a mere 2.4% of the electorate voted for them though as Regional organiser he did manage to concentrate efforts on his own constituency to capitalise on those who had built it up by laying sound foundations.

Still he managed to loose his deposit even at the cost of other constituencies – clearly a sad little chap a complete Rs without any leadership or team building skills.

Rs #14:

This nasty little Rs is both a liar and a coward – all too willing to lie about people behind their backs and try to defame them yet too great a coward to back his dishonesty with fact or appologise when exposed as a liar and betraying and defaming people for his personal gain.

A sordid and untrustworthy Rs with some deeply unpleasant associates, unsurprisingly!

Rs #15:

 This Rs is with Farage and David Lott the Rs primarily responsible for the Guilty verdict and to date forfeiture and costs of around £3/4 Million (QUOTE Farage) – the eventual outcome is likely to be around £1.2 Million – directly due to the dishonesty and unprofessional behaviour of this weak and incipid little man when he was UKIP’s bean counter and passed himself off as a competent and trustworthy accountant!

This Rs if he had one shred of integrity would make it very clear that UKIP is guilty as charged and not only is it most clearly NOT a case of the Courts picking on the smallest boy in the playground but the irresponsible incompetent Barrow Boy leading UKIP and the useless staff gathered around him like this particular Rs are personally guilty.

This Rs is in a position to admit that The Electoral Commission made (I understand) some 60 approaches to UKIP by phone, eMail, letter and face to face to give and assist UKIp to regularise the position.

As John de Roeke can confirm I personally pointed out to Nigel Farage, David Lott and John de Roeke that Alan Bown was clearly NOT on the electoral role having seemingly deliberately removed himself and it was I who SPECULATED that he had done so because he was in the throes of a divorce and living with one of his betting office staff. I well recall a conversation with him on the phone whilst he cooking some vegitarian food and telling me all about how he was a Christian – Some Christian!


Minded that UKIP’s Official Web Site only requested 3 Rs – I trust they will appreciate my generosity of spirit but there is Rs upon Rs upon Rs in UKIP’s upper echelons as well the public know from the complete Rs UKIP made of itself in the General Election.

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future   
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future 


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