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Archive for the ‘Nuttall; John West; George Curtis; Andrew Smith; Brown Shirts;’ Category

#116* – Gollom’s Tarnished Pressssiousssss!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 11/11/2008

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

#116* – Gollom’s Tarnished Pressssiousssss!



Gollom, yet again, excels himself as he slithers around duplicitous as ever – an unpleasant and cowardly creep always ready to do something in his own interest.

He has proved in the past to have the honour and integrity of a snake and the personality of a stoat. Both untrustworthy and vicious in his self interest – willing to mislead and back stab along with the rest of that which has floated to the top of the septic tank of EUkip politics.

By the way – thanks to my source who mailed these eMails to me through a third party, after a brief conversation – How these eMails were floating around outside of Gollom & The Reeve’s Region is difficult to trace, fortunately 😉

Anyway – make of this what you will and I will, not un-naturally, interject 😉

It is to be hoped that this takes little clarification as on my first skim reading I was disgusted at the depths these odious people will sink to to stab each other in the back.

We MUST SOOOOOO HOPE they are never elected as their duplicity and willingness to corrupt common morality is so redollent of the methods of The National Socialist Movement of Germany – as they used witch hunts and intimidation – first interpreting their Constitution to suit their aims and seizing control of the levers of power – it was after Kristall Nacht that The Reichstag Fire was exploited, just as is the crass imitation so badly bungled by Farage’s evil claque of last Monday, is being used.

Right down to the flexing of muscles by his bully boys and the willingness of the old and the weak to fall in line.

EUkip’s own version of the horrors of the build up to war and the persecution of the honest is of course but a pathetic imitation but no less evil for all that!

Ladies and Gentlemen are you not ashamed that you stand by and permit this evil to take place under your noses and with your acquiescence?

Look closely at the tone of the eMails that follow and consider them in the context of Farage’s Reichstag Fire moment engineered with care last Monday – yet accidentally exposed by my earlier predictions and the astonishing fact that AllAboutUkip Blog posted the outcome of the NEC meeting seemingly before it commenced and The BNP had posted the details before the NEC meeting ended!

Even that early Clive Page from EUkip’s Press Office was spinning to keep up – TRYING to imply there was no connection between Farage’s corrupt dealings and the shoddy attempt to link his BNP based Reichstag Moment to the kangaroo Court dismissal of Dr. Abbott without defence or warning and Dr. Edmond who had been told that he was not allowed to defend himself, from 9 pages of trumped up drivel from the liar, cheat and fraud David Bannerman.

The old grass roots honest UKIP members must be so ashamed to be associated with such shamefull behaviour from the bully boys!

—– Original Message —–

From the unelected enforcer instructing Farage’s puppet Reeve how to distort Justice to dishonestly seize control:

Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2008 18:02:30 +0000
Subject: Open letter as discussed on phone – Should that read ‘PLOTTED’?

To whom it may concern:

However it would SEEM that the victim is even yet not informed, as clearly a kangaroo court functions best when the target is surprised by the events ‘PLANNED’ for them!

On 12th August, at a Committee Meeting of the Suffolk Coastal branch, a vote was taken to expel John West from all branch activities of the Suffolk Coastal branch.

The Committee Meeting was called without warning, only members likely to acquiesce to corruption were invited (Resignations were resultant from honest men of integrity!).

The victim John West was dishonourably ambushed by the corrupt Chairman acting in collusion with the bully boy Reeve – an individual without morality, integrity or value to our Country as he has no understanding of Justice or decent values – but favoured as one of the new crooks determined to form the new Brown Shirts!

The branch had the authority to do this by way of rescinding the agreement of the branch under Article 2.3 of the Branch & Constituency Association Rules March 2008, which states that:

Even the lowest of such scum does not pore over the rules AFTER the event to find duplicitous ways to justify their dishonest and corrupt behaviour.

Party members may, on request, become a member of another branch, subject to the agreement of the receiving branch committee.

Even having acted in this despicable way they are having to dishonestly go against the spirit of their own law to justify their odious actions.

Since John West does not reside in the area covered by Suffolk Coastal branch, rescinding this agreement required the appointment of a new temporary secretary for Suffolk Coastal branch. Mrs. Larter stepped into the vacancy temporarily.

I understand John West – who clearly has more morality in his little finger than is shared by the sordid claque that have by their actions brought EUkip into disrepute – Whitmore is, for his own gain, acting with liars and cowards like George Curtis and Andrew Smith who I gather will be used as the scapegoat for Farage’s crass handling, with him, that would seem likely to cost EUkip between £500,000 and £1,000,000 by their irresponsible and dishonest behaviour.

The meeting was unlawfully constituted, without agenda or notice. The claimed interpretation of the Constitution is bunkum on ANY interpretation of decency or Justice and counter any British values of integrity.

The reason given by the branch for taking this action was that it was felt John West had breached Article 4.5 of the UKIP Constitution, which states that:

“Members shall accept the Party’s constitution and rules made in accordance with this constitution and do nothing to undermine the reputation of the Party or to bring the Party into public disrepute. Nor shall they act in a manner intended to cause, or actually causing, damage to the Party’s interests including by breaching confidentiality.”

Thus these duplicitous bully boys show their dishonesty – he stands accused under one rule they managed to find, but is brutalised and ambushed under another – Shame on these evil people that are tying to hijack the Party.

This was in relation to public allegations that John West had made against the UKIP MEP for the Eastern Counties, which were proven to be unfounded.

This is to my certain knowledge untrue, false and a lie – as I have spoken with the Police Inspector. I also spoke with the Police Inspector regarding the breech of The Data Protection Act and also with The Data Protection Agency as a complainant. I understand from associates that Mr. West has also spoken with them in detail.

John West was not happy to accept this branch decision.

One can not be surprised that an honest man seeks to uphold honest principles in the face of corruption of any sense of due process.

Accordingly, the matter was referred to the Regional Organiser, who was present at the meeting of 12th August as a guest of the branch to discuss campaign activities.

Clearly a lie as he changed his own story twice and neither was in accord with the spin put about by Whitmore!

This referral took place under Article 7.1 of the Branch & Constituency Association Rules, March 2008, which states:

Let us hope there are enough honest members left in EUkip to see through this intimidatory twaddle.

“Instances may arise when differences within a branch threaten its proper functioning. Every effort shall be made to resolve these at the local level, either by the branch committee or at a full meeting of the branch. If this does not succeed, the dispute shall be referred to the regional organiser, acting on behalf of the Party Chairman.” In upholding the branch decision, Peter Reeve was therefore acting on the Chairman’s behalf.

Clearly Peter Reeve had driven some 100 miles to act as an enforcer in bullying through this duplicitous and underhand behaviour.

It is becoming clear that together with the lies and dishonesty of the leadership election, the dishonesty of the placement of Duffy & others on the NEC, the openly published Returning Officer’s report of corruption in the selection of candidates and the criminal cases being brought in the Courts by the Judicial Review, the Data Protection Agency, The Data Protection Commissioner, OLAF, The British Police and even claims in The Small Claims Courts.

John West further alleges that the branch has a duty to hold an Annual General Meeting, claiming that this currently falls due. Article 4.2.1 of the Branch & Constituency Association Rules, March 2008, states that:

“The Party’s year ends on 31st December. The AGM shall normally be held between 1 January and 31 March and between 10 and 14 months after the preceding AGM.”

Which clearly this abuse of the constitution has failed to take into account as we can be certain the manipulation by the Brown Shirts fails to address the period exceeding 14 months in direct contravention of the rules they seek to abuse.

Since the primary motivation in the rules for the date of the AGM is that it should take place after the end of the party’s financial year, it is the view of Suffolk Coastal branch committee that it is reasonable to delay the Annual General Meeting of Suffolk Coastal branch until January 2009.

It is clearly not the view of the Suffolk Costal Branch duely elected Secretary, whose duty it is to uphold the Constitution that the dishonest bully boys are seeking to kick down, to suit their grubby interests!

As Party Chairman, I am convinced that the proper procedures have been applied by Suffolk Coastal branch. Accordingly, I have made the following decisions:

As Farage’s Puppet it is clear that as so often stated EUkip like fish is rotting from the head down – this is the man who so badly chaired the NEC meeting that the Police had to be called to restore order last Monday (3rd.)!

A shaven headed Liverpool Scally utterly out of his depth unable to control the braying of his own immature and irresponsible claque on the NEC of EUkip.

1. That Suffolk Coastal branch has acted in accordance with the UKIP Constitution and Branch & Constituency Association rules March 2008 in removing John West from his position as Branch Secretary.

If this is your opinion Nuttall clearly you are unfit for office as it is the decision of a small time nebbish, dancing for his corrupt and discredited puppet master. Your action brings The EUroSceptic Movement into disrepute and nothing but shame on EUkip.

2. That the Branch secretary of Suffolk Coastal branch is now Mrs. Larter, acting in a temporary capacity until the next AGM of Suffolk Coastal branch.

So this is the first of the provincial show trials! Shame on the sad old Larter that she accepts the position, when better men have resigned it leaves only the scum!

3. That Suffolk Coastal branch should hold its AGM in January 2009.

Are we to understand that Farage’s hapless little puppet is acting as Gaulleiter with Dictatorial authority in breech of EUkip’s Constitution and any moral concepts of natural Justice?

Yours faithfully,

Paul Nuttall (UKIP Party Chairman)

Nuttall your low life behaviour and lack of morality may be acceptable in the gutters you frequent but in the real world you have sealed your fate and branded yourself as a dishonourable Chav on the make, for ever more.

Shame on you for such underhand behaviour being used like a throw away nappy by your master.

Your actions are yet again beneath contempt as you move towards the destruction of UKIP which was the hope of many honourable men and women.

—– Original Message —–

DCB ; andrew smith ; stuart gulleford ; george curtis
Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2008 11:50 PM
Subject: John West no longer Secretary of Suffolk Central.

For Info. We sent notice to the branch today upholding Suffolk Coastal committee’s decision to remove John West as their branch secretary. He had since that meeting sent a letter to all members calling an AGM on 25th Nov against the wishes of the branch chairman. Will keep you up to date on this as things occur.

Well done Mr. West at least one person is acting honourably – a course of action clearly that which has floated to the top of EUkip’s septic tank has no cogniscence of – it is interesting to note that a Branch Secretary has legal responsibilities – Just imagine if EUkip had someone elected to office in June 2009 just how they would betray these United Kingdoms.

Interestingly whilst the bully boys went around intimidating people one of my contacts in head office informed me that as far as they were concerned John West was still the Secretary and being mailed as such!

Do you think the chavs are out of control? Just like the Brown Shirts on Kristall Nacht!

I have been asked to contact every suffolk coastal member by phone to confirm our action and explain why they have received the false letter from John West. (as well as asking for donations! LOL)

If you want a lie spread about seek a weak man and bribe him! One wonders if your abilities to fund the Party will be commensurate with your ability to organise the meeting in Capel St. Mary!! Who would fund EUkip other than someone trying to buy position EUkip’s accounts stink and any money will most likely have to be used to pay fines and damages!

Do be minded that as John West has still not been notified (unless he reads my blog) of their filthy underhand coniving he was acting in good faith as Secretary and after many years as a trusted member he has his own list of members accrued whilst working WITH members not for himself and money!

(Note he is still currently Chair of Ipswich North & Suffolk Central branch. – but this at least should solve the problem for Ron Whitmore and get their branch moving forward again & out leafleting) There may be wider implications to John West’s actions in contacting these members as he had no right to use the database or the title. Will wait to see what fuss he makes for next step.

Be minded Reeve that unlike you Mr. West was elected you are merely a pawn in a filthy game – a prostitute to Farage & Bannerman’s dishonesty.

Pete Peter Reeve
Regional Organiser
UKIP Eastern Counties

—– Forwarded Message —-

From: Stuart Gulleford
Subject: Fw: John West no longer Secretary of Suffolk Central.

It seems that at least some action has been taken!

S (Slime perchance?)

Action that will no doubt please Gollom as he slithers around hated by many and deceiving others.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:LEAVE THE EU

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