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#0354* – IF UKIP MEPs Were This Active & Had Competent PR!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 13/03/2011

#0354* – IF UKIP MEPs Were This Active & Had Competent PR!
Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 
The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 
is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!
IF ONLY UKIP MEPs Were This Active & Had Competent PR!
But it is NOT that simple – One Needs Political Nouse, Hard Work & Professional PR!
The other help is a nose for the story and the Liberty To Act Competently, Free of the glory seeking of others and not aligned with racism, xenophobia, anti homosexuality and anti Judaism in The EFD!




Nikki Sinclaire particularly and Mike Nattrass to an extent are now being taken seriously as they are no longer just makeweights for Nigel Farage’s ego and bank account.

To date there is absolutely no doubt that Nigel Farage has been UKIP’s greatest asset – in fact it could be argued – ONLY asset, just look at the incredibly low caliber of those he has gathered around him to ensure that he is the colourfull cockrell on the top of a dung heap.

It is however clear that he is utterly without morality, bereft of probity, seen as untrustworthy and disloyal and prone to thinking and planning with the wrong part of his anatomy – Thus his insecurity becomes obvious and little more than showing off – the master of the cheeky chappie sound bite but respected by no one of any stature.

It is sad that in 18 years he has absolutely failed to build a team of speakers and competent political brains around him and has had endlessly relied on deliberate dishonesty and outright corruption to achieve his very personal goals and enrichment.

In the last couple of months Nikki Sinclaire has achieved more good publicity for EUroScepticism than EVERY UKIP MEP put together or looked at differently more good publicity in the press than Nigel Farage has in the last 10 years!

I freely concede that Nigel Farage can be good on TV – but he can also be a liar and a cheat which undermines any trust and makes him look like a cheap spiv.

Just think what UKIP could have achieved with a competent leader USING the skills of these two and bringing out any skills amongst the other MEPs who to date just look like weak, venal, dishonest, thieving fools.

Is the incredibly low caliber of UKIP MEPs and leadership team BECAUSE of Farage? Since he has been in situ for 18 years it is hard to concieve otherwise as he is a staggeringly insecure little man never leading but ever manipulating – rarely thanking others but always claiming the achievements (such that they are!) Never man enough to say sorry, never man enough to take the blame – but why should he, he is a performer and not a leader.

Just think what UKIP could have achieved with a leader and team builder – someone who could have professionalised the party, proclaimed a vision, structured a strategy and implemented sound tactics – Someone who could have built a structure and devised an Exit & Survival strategy for Britain whilst milking every frip of the skills from people in the party like Farage, Sinclaire and the like, who had something to offer.

You may recall I posted a clip of Sinclaire which I had watched during a debate in The EU pretend Parliament, on Positive Discrimination and Insurance – it has been picked up by the British Press and also now, together with the story on lightbulbs, the scam of signing in, the rip off of medical privilege they have ALL in a matter of a couple of weeks led to articles in the press around EUrope strengthening the British EUroSceptic position – hard core articles, not just soundbites on radio or TV.

Spain, Mallorca, Poland, Portugal, Latvia and all in a matter of a couple of weeks – it is sad that due to dishonesty from John Islon and the apparent intervention of Nigel Farage and his amateur PR company from The Tory Party the second double page spread in The News of The World with 7,000,000 readers ended up being spiked by UKIP’s efforts!

Never mind there is a lot more in the can!

Lo ‘políticamente correcto’ encarece el seguro de coche a las mujeres

Por: D. Rossell
el 13 marzo 2011 

Being ever so kind to you – Here is the translation from the Spanish!!!

Well as close as I could manage!

The ‘politically correct’ expensive car insurance for women
By: D. Rossell
March 13 2011

Are you a woman under 30 years and has a car insurance ? Well, you should know that because of policies favorable to women allegedly carried out by the European Union, your insurance will cost you a minimum of 25 percent more in the future.

MEP denounces as Nikki Sinclaire, the common European position in favor of equality has led to the outlaw rule allowing insurance companies to charge prices based on accident statistics .

According to these studies, as women have fewer accidents than men, they paid less. But the European Union, in favor of abolishing all discrimination , has asked the courts to speak out against this differentiation. So now not be possible to charge differently for men and women. However, failure to outlaw age discrimination : if you have 26, pay insurance more expensive than if you had 27. But the EU is only interested in issues of discrimination on gender and not age.

Nikki Sinclaire says that “equality between the sexes is incredibly important , but this decision in practice discriminates against women, who were best insurance rates to be better drivers. Once again, the European Union shows their ignorance and lack of common sense just to get things done politically correct. This time the insurance industry, which 250 years ago applied the statistics to set insurance premiums, has been stuck in these disputes. What’s next? “Asks the MEP. 

To view the original CLICK HERE

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